Đồng nghĩa của unintelligible

Alternative for unintelligible

unintelligible /'ʌnin'telidʤəbl/
  • tính từ
    • khó hiểu, không thể hiểu được

Tính từ

Unintelligible and not able to be understood
incomprehensible unfathomable meaningless inarticulate incoherent indistinct jumbled muddled obscure cryptic garbled indiscernible unclear confused enigmatic impenetrable inscrutable mumbled slurred ungraspable illegible indecipherable scrambled senseless ambiguous equivocal fathomless Greek inaudible incognizable inexplicit opaque tenebrous uncertain unexplicit unknowable vague all Greek to me puzzling mysterious perplexing inexplicable baffling abstruse enigmatical nebulous arcane confusing indefinite mystifying bewildering Delphic mystic dubious occult doubtful hazy unaccountable deep questionable recondite indeterminate beyond comprehension double-edged sibylline dark murky esoteric elliptical clear as mud elliptic unexplainable imprecise fuliginous wildering strange insoluble unsolvable inconclusive oracular fuzzy paradoxical complex complicated hidden clear as dishwater peculiar odd unexplained difficult secret oblique inexplainable hard to understand amphibological inconceivable impossible to understand sphinxlike beyond one's grasp cabalistic over one's head hard intricate involved misleading ambivalent beyond understanding shadowy riddling muddy clouded abstract foggy sketchy mystical muzzy ill-defined unimaginable as clear as mud illogical undefinable indescribable beats me insolvable uncanny arguable debatable cabbalistic borderline dim indecisive obfuscated weird curious gnomic concealed blurred bizarre confounding inexact open to debate open to argument undecipherable convoluted clandestine veiled cloudy problematical coded woolly secretive profound hermetic hermetical imperfect hard to make out wooly unreadable unsound uncomprehensible polysemous polysemic polysemantic undiscoverable dense multivocal amorphous shrouded cloaked mysterial ineffable cryptical blear nubilous purblind imperceptive dubitable in question in doubt at issue chancy unsure problematic apocryphal teasing stickling covert evasive Delphian stumping bleary inappreciable imperceptible periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory suspicious circuitous contradictory elusive equivocating duplicitous blurry roundabout subtle gray grey loose little known remote weak uninterpretable insensible impalpable unusual generalized rough shifty open two-edged disreputable astonishing unparalleled freakish freak queer extraordinary technical incredible incomplete freaky fluky far-out invisible approximate superficial rum spooky Greek to me not easily understood tricky cursory unknown unheard-of off the wall unwonted uncommon soft low indistinguishable elaborate inadequate unspecified generalised iffy obfuscatory perfunctory non-specific mind-boggling sophisticated detailed troublesome mind-bending labyrinthine knotty above one's head hard to solve byzantine involuted involute difficult to understand vexing thorny rambling fancy advanced gnarly hard to explain entangled fiddly tangled thought-provoking full of twists and turns inane nonsensical silly absurd vacuous unmeaning foolish impressionistic fatuous ridiculous idle beyond one all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand beyond your grasp above your head all Greek to you unsettled undecided undetermined unresolved up in the air open to question faint moot undefined misty unconfirmed gauzy pending disputable pale dodgy formless out of focus nebulose ironic suspect indirect barely perceptible yet to be decided lacking definition smoky doubtable bleared in the balance inconsistent unestablished hard to see unascertained unsolved inconspicuous controversial in limbo open to doubt noncommittal shady speculative intangible devious unfocused shaky unanswered fishy incongruous unspecific general unformed double disputed up for grabs mixed conflicting improbable proving nothing deceptive cagey unfinished funny backhanded recherché cunning marginal unpredictable vacillating distorted irresolute unfixed muffled undependable ongoing bamboozling surprising neither fish nor fowl unconcluded contentious open-ended contingent challenging neither one thing nor the other to be decided on the back burner not definite in a state of limbo in a state of uncertainty hinky shapeless dual sly disingenuous inchoate unstructured unshaped structureless undisclosed crude twofold settling nothing concerned troubled worried anxious apprehensive disquieted befogged impossible unclassifiable unrecognizable unrecognisable unnatural fogged dull filmy some kind of insecure two-sided rarefied slippery peripheral frontier bordering low resolution precarious outstanding stealthy full of surprises beyond you vexed tentative self-contradictory anomalous oxymoronic subjective at risk shuffling not fixed pendent inaccessible not settled deceitful dissembling betwixt and between not decided waffling open for discussion not yet settled hard to follow sophistical on ice unlimited heavy muddling yet to be settled up for discussion unstraightforward casuistic false casuistical stonewalling elusory underhand in no man's land touch-and-go verbose lengthy overlong mazy undistinct unverified unprovable controvertible unreliable unproven blurring unsettling disorienting befuddling crooked bent inexhaustible indeterminable innumerable wide broad issuable negotiable in dispute perverse tortuous muddlesome mistakable spurious obscured ulterior shonky off non-committal under advisement flimsy under examination not obvious hypothetical open to discussion Byzantine good and bad sarcastic unlikely irregular implausible not quite right far-fetched not kosher difficult to follow sardonic tongue-in-cheek unconvincing unproved unforeseeable incalculable hesitant unsatisfying unsatisfactory resolving nothing unfateful uneventful lacking groundless unfounded deficient dicey wavering snide sneaky underhanded leaving matters open left hanging not yet established still open to question still open to doubt with tongue in cheek

Tính từ

Lacking a coherent or logical sequence or connection
incoherent confused disconnected muddled disjointed disordered unconnected jumbled rambling wandering incomprehensible garbled inarticulate unclear uncoordinated illogical mumbled muttered scrambled wild choppy discursive disorganised disorganized inconsistent slurred stammered stammering stuttered stuttering inchoate breathless desultory discontinuous discordant dumb faltering incohesive incongruous maundering puzzling mixed up hard to follow all over the place muffled inaudible indistinct stumbling murmured faint low poorly spoken halting hesitating hesitant mumbling broken imperfect indecipherable unfathomable irrational meaningless weak ill-thought-out mixed-up haphazard random interrupted loose irregular uncontinuous distorted corrupted misconstrued scattered mangled twisted voiceless speechless mute tongue-tied vague reticent awkward obscure unvocal blurred clumsy fragmentary piecemeal incomplete bitty patchy fitful scrappy fragmented unsystematic erratic sketchy spasmodic intermittent uneven disrupted aimless disorderly dislocated displaced partial separated disturbed untidy deficient fractional varying variable ununified diffuse irrelevant nonsensical unsettled sporadic troubled monosyllabic clipped perfunctory dismembered superficial inadequate slipshod unpolished defective unfinished spotty severed disarticulated disunited patchwork fragmental discrete partially fitfully gradual intermittently half halfway thrown together staccato inconclusive part divided without unity split directionless in pieces by fits and starts little by little by degrees step by step at intervals stage by stage far-out jumpy unorganised spaced-out unattached jerky out-to-lunch out-of-it cool spacey unorganized fuzzy torn apart

Tính từ

Out of place or not compatible
incongruent absurd alien at variance bizarre conflicting contradictory contrary different differing disconsonant discordant discrepant disparate dissonant distorted divergent diverse extraneous fantastic fitful foreign illogical improper inappropriate inapropos inapt incoherent incompatible incongruous inconsistent inconsonant irreconcilable irregular jumbled lopsided mismatched out of keeping rambling shifting twisted unavailing unbalanced unbecoming unconnected uncoordinated uneven unmixable unpredictable unrelated unsuitable unsuited varying wrong clashing jarring out of place odd strange off-key inept infelicitous unhappy unseemly perverse unapt untoward amiss malapropos inapposite incorrect graceless unfit indecorous ironic at odds paradoxical like a fish out of water not in harmony sticking out a mile incongruitous in opposition standing out a mile ill-suited unbefitting inharmonious unacceptable inapplicable undue unfitting untimely unseasonable inexpedient inadequate ineligible ill-timed inadmissible irrelevant inopportune inadvisable ill-matched uncalled-for incompetent awkward ill-advised undesirable ill-assorted not good enough unprofessional tasteless unladylike ungentlemanly uncongenial unwarranted misplaced dissimilar unlike unalike unqualified ineffective lacking in propriety uncomely antagonistic unfitted ill-adapted opposed useless not proper distinct contrasting unattractive bad form no good unsightly not up to scratch plain unfortunate ugly-looking hideous ugly injudicious regrettable misguided unflattering tactless inexpert ill-considered ill-judged disproportionate clumsy immaterial gauche maladroit unproficient ill-fitted erroneous inaccurate imprudent abnormal preposterous inexperienced ludicrous impertinent in poor taste in bad taste out of order out-of-place out-of-season off-base insufficient ineffectual inefficacious inefficient inferior unworthy of unworthy objectionable unable hopeless uncool not designed ineligible for beside the point unequipped for not equal to unprepared for not up to snuff unsuited to inadequate for ill-suited to unsuitable for unfitted for inappropriate to not designed for not germane ill-adapted to variant deviating asymmetric off-balance unequal unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable various ill-fitting stupid slow dull immoral dishonourable illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical crooked false unscrupulous unhandy unfacile flat jejune inadept unmeet undexterous insipid banal dishonorable unprepossessing against the rules not cricket not qualified not suitable varied antipathetic insensitive off dissenting opposite antithetical unmatched dissident disagreeable interfering senseless indelicate out of character counter disagreeing unharmonious out of line left-field ill-chosen inconformable foot-in-mouth way off offensive undignified indecent unmannerly unallowable discreditable not good enough for invalid unreasonable unhandsome rough unfair ungodly tacky unlovely salacious impermissible forbidden prohibited precluded disallowed irrelative feeble unsatisfactory unadmittable not allowable exceptionable censored unadmissible ill-favored excluded unwelcome barred not acceptable banned unwanted remote inappurtenant garbage unskilful nothing to do with it neither here nor there not pertinent not appropriate ill-favoured deficient limited pathetic ham-fisted cack-handed lacking ability weak unskillful unskilled unproductive impotent broken flimsy powerless junk unadvantageous lousy futile defective worthless disqualified losing poor a dead loss unequipped naive inproficient vulnerable like chalk and cheese not up to something marching to a different drummer not know one's arse from one's elbow incapable unequal to the task like day and night not up to it poles apart not up to dependent like night and day frail not equal to something butterfingers leaving much to be desired not much cop out of one's depth worlds apart

Tính từ

Not meant to be known as such by others
secret undercover covert underhand clandestine furtive underground conspiratorial hush-hush shrouded surreptitious sneaky stealthy backstairs closet private privy sly sneak sneaking stealth underhanded black shifty ambiguous backdoor clouded covered dark deep enigmatical mystic mystical obscure occult out-of-the-way strange surprise top-secret unenlightened unseen veiled behind someone's back behind-the-scenes cloak-and-dagger hole-and-corner hugger-mugger in ambush on the QT hidden concealed secretive wily cunning devious under wraps crafty under-the-table shady indirect artful disguised tricky slippery guileful duplicitous sub-rosa back-alley under the table foxy fraudulent dishonest unscrupulous unrevealed scheming skulking slinking cloaked unethical backstair insidious crooked dishonorable dishonourable designing subtle masked underlying calculating deceitful shonky evasive unfair treacherous undisclosed dodgy deceptive oblique unknown illegal hole-in-the-corner under-the-counter double-dealing mysterious ununiformed incognito enigmatic unapparent buried disreputable confidential obscured conniving dirty dubious two-faced slim slick Machiavellian disingenuous out of uniform plain-clothes murky intriguing illicit on the quiet clever personal shadowy inner repressed fly snide cautious internal quiet individual carny silent feline catlike catty noiseless ulterior mean corrupt two-timing camouflaged elusive fishy shrewd beguiling cute cagey cagy cheating smooth astute on the sly low-down dirty-dealing in secret unobtrusive unauthorized subversive shorthanded intimate unauthorised intelligence undeclared unprofessed contemptible slinky quick unbowed sideways sidelong unsuspected illegitimate spy QT dissembled incog double-crossing unjust cloak and dagger creepy circumspect suspicious seedy wrongful criminal unofficial on the side nefarious creep underneath hole and corner bootleg unlawful sub rosa scandalous suspect sketchy inglorious lubricious backroom under the counter questionable in holes and corners anonymous untrustworthy manipulative unidentified subconscious secondary unexpressed undivulged canny skillful bluffing dissembling ingenious illusory plotting captious smart sharp skilful nifty delusive traitorous nameless unnamed perfidious sinister false wormlike perilous ensnaring backhanded dangerous snaky implied unspecified faceless like a snake in the grass immoral unprincipled Janus-faced suppressed unsaid unsung cryptic unsporting unsportsmanlike below the belt cowardly yellow mystery bent snidey insincere hinted at indistinct ill-defined erring errant obliquitous gimmicky vague unclear under cover playing politics put on playing games restrained unexposed unrecognizable invisible shielded unrecognisable hooded screened roundabout not straightforward faking one out withheld held back

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