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Tính từ

In a mess or a state of disorder
chaotic confused disorderly muddled higgledy-piggledy topsy-turvy cluttered disarranged disarrayed disheveled dishevelled disordered disorganised disorganized haphazard jumbled littered messed messy mussed mussy pell-mell rumpled sloppy tousled tumbled unkempt untidy upside-down shambolic in disarray in a mess in a shambles at sixes and sevens out of joint tangled haywire in a muddle mixed-up in disorder mixed up in a jumble in chaos wild out of order anarchic helter-skelter slovenly messed up mussed up every which way tumultuous disrupted upset out of place in a state straggly scrambled unsystematic disjointed orderless upside down in confusion riotous all over the place unruly in turmoil askew awry discombobulated ruffled snarled random dislocated overturned unsettled in uproar rampageous utterly confused harum-scarum scattered deranged lawless turbulent uncontrolled in pandemonium purposeless frenzied hectic convoluted unsorted like a bomb's hit it in a clutter muddly unorderly unfastidious slipshod like a dog's dinner unmethodical like a dog's breakfast broken stirred up unclear incoherent irregular untidied piled strewed crowded strewn tangly bedraggled dilapidated crude neglected rough worse for wear matted indiscriminate out of kilter out-of-place misplaced displaced shuffled tossed knotted snafu top uncombed windswept windblown ungroomed messed-up mussed-up all over the map all over the shop all over the lot inside-out upturned luxated unhinged cockeyed upended downside-up unorganized hit-or-miss slapdash unorganised erratic careless uncoordinated undirected desultory casual arbitrary unsystematized aimless unfocused systemless unthinking complex complicated unplanned intricate thoughtless unpredictable unpremeditated undisciplined unarranged heedless designless inefficient unstructured capricious offhand loose confusing blind hasty difficult tortuous badly organized without purpose inconsistent directionless fluky scattershot disconnected out-of-line out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained heterogeneous tumult unrestrained lax wayward unguided unselective catch-as-catch-can stray unconsidered incidental lost wanton fitful sporadic unprepared in pieces hit or miss screwed up without goal without direction irresponsible multifaceted anarchical without a goal unregulated fragmented scrappy slaphappy into disarray jumbled up into disorder multifarious manifold uncritical undiscriminating variable into chaos into a jumble into confusion toppled varied uncertain hit and miss illogical indeterminate whimsical dragged capsized spilled rambling in total disarray into a muddle kaleidoscopic many-faceted non-linear nonuniform promiscuous entropic fractal stochastic aleatory undiscerning undifferentiating sketchy chancy incalculable tipped over inconstant occasional spasmodic intermittent involved rioting rebellious unstable lawbreaking revolutionary knotty ungoverned misruled misgoverned mutinous off and on involute labyrinthine without law and order cursory perfunctory accidental chance labyrinthian sophisticated byzantine baroque maze-like elaborate devious daedal complicate out of control slack neglectful negligent remiss clumsy hit-and-miss imperfect botched shabby hurried unmeticulous shoddy threadbare unthorough faulty inexact junky inaccurate involuted poor inattentive lackadaisical lazy unprofessional unconcerned spontaneous sudden willy-nilly devil-may-care unexpected reckless fluke unconscious awkward tricky intertwined raveled ravelled interwoven slap-happy thrown together problematic any which way any old way

Tính từ

Involving secret work within a community or organization, especially for the purposes of police investigation or espionage
clandestine behind-the-scenes covert furtive secret sneaky underhand hush-hush undercover underground backstairs cloak-and-dagger hole-and-corner hole-in-the-corner private privy sly sneak sneaking stealth stealthy surreptitious underhanded under-the-table black hidden secretive under wraps closet concealed conspiratorial sub-rosa veiled wily cunning back-alley shifty shrouded on the QT under the table crafty skulking slinking indirect devious backstair artful shady cloaked foxy slippery scheming fraudulent tricky guileful disguised masked confidential dark top-secret evasive incognito behind someone's back under-the-counter unethical unscrupulous dirty unfair calculating two-faced duplicitous designing oblique silent feline catlike enigmatic catty noiseless insidious buried obscured subtle cautious snide shonky murky low-down slim dissembled quiet on the quiet surprise on the sly backdoor unseen in secret subversive shorthanded mean unauthorized contemptible slinky unauthorised unsuspected clever QT camouflaged ulterior incog illicit illegitimate illegal unbowed quick fly yellow cowardly carny sub rosa intriguing mysterious in holes and corners intelligence sideways sidelong ambiguous in ambush clouded mystic occult strange obscure unenlightened deep enigmatical unintelligible out-of-the-way covered mystical spy cloak and dagger elusive creepy circumspect deceitful treacherous dishonest hole and corner creep underneath double-dealing immoral dishonourable unprincipled disreputable conniving dubious crooked cheating Janus-faced unsporting unsportsmanlike two-timing dodgy below the belt shrewd beguiling cute fishy slick bent snidey cagey cagy protected behind the scenes offstage under one's hat tête-à-tête hushed intimate closed not for publication off the record inside in camera untold privileged not to be disclosed strictly confidential censored backstage restricted not open esoteric classified unpublished close to one's chest unknown non-public not for circulation discreet one-on-one undisclosed not to be made public nonpublic inconspicuous unofficial top secret unrevealed not in the public domain insincere erring dishonorable errant obliquitous gimmicky Machiavellian playing politics put on playing games not straightforward faking one out base nefarious despicable vile shameful ignoble degenerate wicked corrupt depraved evil sordid abominable execrable detestable unsavoury reprehensible disgraceful foul villainous deceptive bad unsavory unlawful dastardly abhorrent sinful low wretched odious nasty shameless iniquitous vicious heinous reprobate ignominious abject monstrous rotten scurvy scandalous not cricket inequitable deplorable cheap fiendish diabolical atrocious roguish shocking outrageous knavish wrong shabby scummy barbarous unpleasant criminal ungodly cruel unrighteous flagitious egregious dissolute infamous sinister beastly scoundrelly low-minded appalling discreditable unjust sleazy vulgar lame lousy grubby murderous diabolic unholy amoral malevolent malicious ratty scabby indecent crass graceless wrongful sorry horrible exploitative unconscionable conscienceless improper corrupted slimy hateful paltry dirty-dealing ruthless stinking rascally squalid unworthy no-good out of order currish degraded malfeasant unconscientious perverted good-for-nothing mean-spirited disgusting lawless self-seeking questionable off-color black-hearted morally wrong thoughtless bootleg despisable disagreeable stinky disingenuous double-crossing loathsome meanspirited disrespectful under the counter infernal unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for slipshod shoddy cruddy disdainable malignant devilish lubricious untrustworthy unwarranted off unnecessary satanic unspeakable dreadful opprobrious perverse flagrant glaring miscreant putrid gross not on out of turn wrongdoing good-for-naught meritless no-count no-account distasteful cutthroat venal a bit much perfidious casuistic selfish degrading recreant petty mercenary arrant over the fence a bit thick debauched tawdry low-life brutal merciless debased inhumane callous inhuman irreligious sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous fallen impure pitiless unfeeling rancorous licentious self-indulgent unkind vitiated disparaging delinquent forbidding hard-hearted libertine bloodthirsty heartless wrathful demonic scrofulous evil-minded vengeful felonious contemptuous grisly pernicious cold-blooded savage tyrannical incorrigible scornful maleficent objectionable decadent brutish defiled despiteful bestial sadistic harsh virulent profligate inexorable wanton vindictive gruesome disdainful spiteful offensive godless notorious beggarly ungentlemanly uncharitable sullied undignified tainted unbecoming warped worthless peccable deceiving unsportsmanly lamentable caitiff servile obscene inelegant menial scungy ill-gotten against the rules

Tính từ

Close together

Trái nghĩa của hugger mugger

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