Đồng nghĩa của intertwined

Alternative for intertwined

intertwines, intertwined, intertwining

Đồng nghĩa: braid, interlace, weave,

Tính từ

Able to be related to something else
joined bound fixed together hinged involved linked married merged tied twinned united yoked accompanying affiliated affixed allied amalgamated associated attached banded blended bracketed cemented combined confederated conjoined conjugated connected coupled entwined federated fused hitched interlaced intermixed mingled mixed paired related touching unified wedded welded akin cognate inseparable interallied interclasped interdependent interfused put together stuck together correlated interrelated interconnected correspondent interwoven banded together linked together tied together relevant to each other concomitant corresponding relatable joint reciprocal complementary incidental knit together tied up dependent in touch with germane relevant mutual pertinent enmeshed incident attendant concurrent collateral coincidental accessory resultant coexistent coincident coexisting resulting kindred ancillary synergetic following attending consequential consequent fellow in league integrated similar cooperative auxiliary incorporated ensuing associate subsequent successive sequential contemporaneous simultaneous parallel synchronous mutually beneficial symbiotic coeval coetaneous indirect secondary in partnership coterminous contemporary analogous syndicated leagued supplementary added subsidiary subordinate like belonging partnered equivalent adjuvant synchronic synchronal coextensive due to sister alike circumstantial additional in alliance affiliate mutualistic extra partner supporting co- of the day of the time twin contingent supplemental appended with add-on coinciding sub roundabout contextual background unintended at the same time as at the same time appurtenant adjunctive understandable consistent intelligent inferable accidental tributary subservient flow-on trickle-down derivative derived subsequential succeeding coming associative follow-on isochronal synergistic adjoining concordant agreeing coordinate coefficient satellite isochronous contributing corollary associated with coupled with conjoined with in time in tempo confederate comparable cooperating homologous aligned connate wed friendly agnate in cahoots hand in glove

Tính từ

Complicated and confused
tangled complex complicated involved confused knotty convoluted intricate messy jumbled chaotic involute labyrinthine scrambled baroque byzantine complicate daedal devious elaborate labyrinthian maze-like sophisticated tortuous involuted mixed up mixed-up difficult interwoven ravelled raveled impenetrable confusing bewildering perplexing Byzantine baffling entangled Gordian tricky Daedalian puzzling detailed thorny unfathomable serpentine hard fancy obscure undecipherable fiddly inextricable problematical recondite abstruse inscrutable enigmatic mystifying problematic cryptic interlaced winding awkward mazy mixed troublesome tough difficult to understand full of twists and turns mind-bending circuitous drawn-out multifarious variegated heterogeneous long-drawn-out ramified muddled cumbersome advanced insoluble unanswerable high-tech dense knotted delicate subtle multifaceted refined esoteric fathomless Daedalean deep hi-tech incomprehensible confounding gnarly plotty long-winded indivisible inseparable mazelike taxing inordinate arduous labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthal labyrinthiform labyrinthic reticular formidable effortful uphill terrible composite compounded miscellaneous multiplex mosaic mingled multiple manifold multiform conglomerate motley compound indissoluble state-of-the-art challenging spiny insolvable hairy impossible to separate sinuous twisted ornate clever gimmicky new rococo nuanced thorough dark particularized painstaking extensive full particular studied disconcerting laboured exact precise perfected careful minute ambiguous mind-boggling above one's head hard to solve inexplicable profound vexing beyond comprehension rambling beyond one's grasp enigmatical unsolvable hard to explain mysterious paradoxical unintelligible abstract unclear hazy mystical thought-provoking opaque over one's head can of worms skillful prodigious labored circumstantial skilful imposing gingerbread weighty murky serious hidden concealed overworked particularised many-faceted overdone uncanny heavy worrying blow-by-blow untold highly wrought high tech as clear as mud hard to understand ticklish sticky sensitive prickly touchy catchy tricksy dodgy arcane unaccountable controversial nasty beyond one wildering occult trying dicey uncertain precarious vexed mystic befuddling Delphic cabalistic secret risky irksome demanding bothersome cabbalistic vexatious meticulous hermetic hermetical surprising concerning critical emotive nettlesome volatile little known misleading intense strenuous rarefied embarrassing dainty nice disorienting upsetting acroamatic orphic impossible dangerous unstable unpredictable uncomfortable rocky pedantic sibylline secretive bamboozling oracular recherché fine clear as mud out of one's depth layered weird strange unintuitive private perplexed amazing searching penetrating radical peculiar odd funny loaded vague stunning astonishing eye-popping staggering inner unpleasant bemusing frustrating hypermetric pluridimensional contradictory inconsistent daunting harassing ungraspable stupefying astounding magical tender contentious severe drastic disarranged disorganized muddling impossible to understand indiscernible fiendish roundabout indirect like herding cats provocative operose problem heated complete sweeping extreme revolutionary incognizable indecipherable sphinxlike unknowable oblique kid-glove Greek to me varied disordered full of surprises beyond you blurring unsettling echinated briery annoying stimulating pointed elite divisive scandalous veiled kittle inaccessible unsteady clear as dishwater multidimensional muddlesome mistakable major clandestine unstraightforward hard to follow shadowy devilish disorganised capricious temperamental mercurial chancy changeable kaleidoscopic inconstant fickle variable covert shrouded verbose lengthy overlong deceptive irreducible hair-trigger high-level higher-level perverse cunning devil of a very devil of a clouded cloaked finical fussbudgety choosy finicking choosey picky old-maidish exacting pernickety fussy fastidious finicky unrevealed top-level onerous fierce concentrated intensive grievous stormy te intolerable rough oppressive laborious harsh solemn grave nebulous anagogic cloak-and-dagger black difficult to follow touch-and-go little-known Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way inefficient heightened unwieldy wasteful undependable quirky nitpicking persnickety punctilious slow-moving slow badly organized

Động từ

Past tense for to twist or twine together (literally, physically or figuratively)
interwove interweaved interwoven interlaced entwined twisted intertwisted braided browden convoluted interwound inwove inweaved inwoven laced coiled connected crossed enlaced entangled implicated knit knitted knotted linked plied ravelled raveled snarled tangled twirled weaved wove woven wreathed writhed wrothe writhen interknitted interwreathed meshed plaited reticulated crisscrossed interconnected interleaved interlinked interlocked intermingled intervolved networked twined joined enmeshed winded wound intermeshed united criss-crossed spliced merged mixt mixed immeshed matted ensnarled pleached bound tied blended blent fused platted yoked netted coupled married fastened combined interspersed twisted together looped associated ensnared intermixed pleated mingled incorporated engaged threaded jumbled bounden hooked intertangled integrated fit together curled mated entoiled joined together spiralled spiraled lashed snaked corkscrewed disheveled dishevelled curved meandered tied up folded made a bow in made a knot in tied a knot in worked wrought grafted embraced surrounded intersected introduced encircled interworked included met dovetailed entwisted winded round coiled round twisted round wrapped round alternated enchained cohered hitched winded together twined together weaved together trapped thrid thridden interdigitated muddled kinked secured darned snared complected cued bound together scrambled tethered entrapped tousled jammed gyrated wrapped wrapt homogenized melded amalgamated interfused unified fixed together synthesized consolidated commingled commixed admixed coalesced zigzagged tied together tatted corded padded embroiled homogenised synthesised conjugated bended bent involved make fasted clenched laced up done up did up scrolled twilled lapped made a hitch convolved made a knot creased knitted together felt twisted and turned curled around felted made a bow sinuated snarled up rotated made serpentine caught up mixed up turned wrapped around fluted tressed tangled up tucked locked spired interplaited locken

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