Đồng nghĩa của unfathomable

Alternative for unfathomable

unfathomable /ʌn'fæðəməbl/
  • tính từ
    • khó dò, không dò được (vực sâu, sông sâu...)
    • không dò ra, không hiểu thấu (điều bí mật...)

Tính từ

Having no limits or boundaries in time, space, extent, or size
immeasurable bottomless fathomless unplumbed deep unsounded boundless endless horizonless illimitable immensurable indefinite infinite limitless measureless unbounded unfathomed unlimited profound unmeasured unplumbable abysmal eternal soundless unending vast never-ending inestimable incalculable inexhaustible interminable immense untold everlasting great no end of no end to incomprehensible without end cosmic countless perpetual numberless extensive indeterminate without limit ceaseless constant undying incessant enduring amaranthine abundant cavernous huge unceasing yawning continual immortal continuous unbroken uninterrupted monotonous undivided deathless overlong innumerable indeterminable abyssal unexplored mysterious enigmatic unknowable unrestricted enormous myriad tremendous unfailing very deep self-perpetuating unsurpassable multitudinous no strings chasmic gaping undefined unnumberable innumerous complete utter large abounding unconfined unflagging beyond measure unfading extreme wide open no holds barred priceless invaluable thorough impenetrable unspecified unknown precious uncertain unresolved undetermined unsettled undecided unfixed valuable prodigious chasmal unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained unconditional absolute unbridled plumbless sunken uncalculable unbottomed far down nonstop wide-open depthless total lavish lasting plummetless deep-set stellar permanent beyond price full persistent no catch round-the-clock not stopping having no end non-stop uncounted million all-embracing supertemporal sempiternal perdurable stupendous wide all-encompassing full-blown full-out full-scale all-out totalitarian universal no strings attached with no holds barred without number extending far down on tap ad nauseam without limits jillion umpteen massive colossal unmeasurable zillion unreckonable considerable uncountable crawling with alive with unremitting relentless continuing steady unrelenting sustained unabating perennial timeless dateless abiding ongoing imperishable unrelieved continued running unchanging unfaltering ageless repeated regular indestructible frequent recurrent immutable chronic prolonged unvarying unwavering habitual persisting consecutive unabated forever undeviating invariable changeless long-lasting around-the-clock long protracted recurring day-and-night always-on indissoluble solid lengthy untiring long-drawn-out indefatigable lingering unwaning staying repetitive inextinguishable durable unyielding never-changing reliable steadfast boring tedious oft-repeated without respite stable unchangeable extended round the clock long-winded dogged persevering unwearied tireless unswerving rambling connected aeonian interminate nagging indelible fast incorruptible dependable consistent lifelong periodic long-lived drawn out drawn-out fixed bountiful stretched out unalterable periodical never-ceasing successive spun out dragged out on a treadmill wearisome neverending termless unwearying undisturbed long-term dragging laborious ponderous assiduous diligent niggling lengthened meandering wordy verbose classic outstretched uniform standing even always immemorial ineradicable irreversible without interruption copious longish returning incomputable untroubled profuse numerous firm intermittent straight gnawing elongated strung out immovable manifold prolix many various several direct never dying longstanding old unnumbered without stopping day and night in for the long haul steady-going turgid immensurate unintermitted unstoppable without ceasing undiminished atemporal agelong remorseless unsparing inexorable closed unflinching memorable 24/7 pushy regularised regularized standardised unalleviated hard stern sedulous harsh static settled stationary unchanged fresh unspoiled youthful implacable sustainable maintained never-dying standardized deep-rooted surviving remaining long-standing inveterate supreme ingrained secure established undestroyed all day and all night at all times resolute soporific immeasurate yearlong annual yearly seasonal smooth unfluctuating real unended rhythmic invariant seemingly endless sound predictable inexpungible with no let-up for ever and ever without surcease without a break nonrandom traditional all day long progressive straightforward in succession unruffled through unbreakable death-defying ever living on an even keel all-year-round unbound looped dull very great phoenixlike undeadly extendable viable till the cows come home irreparable world-without-end shatterproof sure unsummed set infallible that will never die that will live forever resistant unforeseen erratic unpredictable unforeseeable capricious whimsical fluctuant chancy iffy haphazard hit-or-miss perduring renewable replenishable time-consuming omnipresent repetitious repeating reoccurring not to be reckoned heavy-duty hard-wearing toughened sturdy nonperishable non-breakable stout never-failing certain for keeps plentiful ubiquitous slow marathon going on set in concrete set in stone forever and a day voluminous diffuse fail-safe loyal surefire faithful true can't-miss unerring long-drawn adamantine infrangible wall-to-wall all-pervasive remote stretched tall stretch expanded delayed distant faraway stringy high stretching far-off elongate towering lanky gangling enlarged rangy lofty far-reaching staunch multifold rife generous superabundant bounteous rock-solid irrefragable nonbreaking inexterminable unwreckable reinforced made to last armored undestroyable undestructable unruinable armoured irrefrangible inextirpable 24-hour circumlocutory circuitous windy far same tried-and-true delivering there come-through trustworthy dyed-in-the-wool unshakable teeming diverse varied multiple legion assorted prevalent ample digressive verbal discursive pleonastic spread out periphrastic tiresome wandering maundering garrulous logorrheic familiar common overflowing liberal plenteous rich sundry multifarious multiplied reiterated multiyear multiday circumlocutionary ambagious redundant logorrhoeic tried and true rock solid tried and tested counted on thick on the ground miscellaneous well-provided large-scale motley populous mixed disparate rampant replete well-supplied reiterative thick iterated flowery millions of loads of a good many a great many very many quite a few lots of heaps of masses of quite a lot of occurring often dozens of hundreds of thousands of full of verbiage

Tính từ

Incapable of being fully explored or understood
incomprehensible baffling esoteric abstruse deep enigmatic indecipherable inscrutable profound mysterious obscure cryptic incalculable inexplicable mystifying puzzling impenetrable secretive unknowable arcane heavy incognizable uncomprehensible too deep clear as mud perplexing bewildering difficult complex recondite complicated confusing involved hard intricate unaccountable insoluble ambiguous opaque dark hidden strange occult secret convoluted unclear knotty mystic labyrinthine mystical unexplainable wildering unintelligible thorny enigmatical hard to understand abstract uncanny elliptical murky Delphic difficult to understand elaborate tangled unsolvable concealed Byzantine cabalistic equivocal beyond one involute odd peculiar elliptic weird involuted double-edged sophisticated tricky oracular cabbalistic nebulous undecipherable fuliginous hermetic beyond comprehension insolvable Gordian paradoxical vague hermetical veiled tortuous curious bizarre labyrinthian byzantine unexplained little known problematical covert sibylline fathomless oblique unanswerable over one's head coded baroque confounding inexplainable daedal tough mind-bending detailed Daedalian entangled fancy disconcerting surprising fiddly as clear as mud beyond understanding subtle challenging sphinxlike befuddling confused clandestine troublesome complicate jumbled problematic really hard serpentine dense impossible funny interlaced weighty serious ticklish full of twists and turns illegible taxing astonishing inextricable queer undefinable insuperable indescribable rarefied unresolvable unsolved bemusing unknown extraordinary unusual stupefying worrying disorienting bamboozling recherché orphic acroamatic awkward spiny inconceivable apocryphal evasive Delphian hazy very hard ramified mazy winding Greek to me muddled cumbersome high-tech mixed up clear as dishwater knotted mixed above one's head out of one's depth hi-tech gnarly Daedalean unreadable unrevealed metaphysical private amazing undiscoverable intense stunning eye-popping staggering inner unattainable hopeless unrealizable undoable impossible to understand mysterial ineffable tenebrous frustrating hypermetric magical astounding contradictory inconsistent untold ulterior arduous misleading beyond you trying fiendish little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way unascertainable unexcogitable muddling inaccessible hairy unexpected subliminal indistinct uninterpretable riddling full of surprises irresolvable unresolved unconcluded black indefinite ridiculous unbelievable technical incredible illogical indecisive mind-boggling uncertain teasing stickling doubtful stumping blurring unsettling far-out hard to follow secreted shadowy hard to solve vexing rambling beyond one's grasp advanced hard to explain thought-provoking ludicrous wild without a solution unable to be solved reticular formidable effortful uphill terrible muddlesome mistakable not easily understood answerless out of the ordinary unparalleled freakish freak freaky fluky unheard of rum spooky ravelled sinuous twisted circuitous unheard-of unwonted uncommon ornate multifaceted multifarious variegated rococo heterogeneous nuanced raveled can of worms maze-like long-drawn-out drawn-out off the wall unnatural stealthy cagey subjective elusive

Tính từ

Significantly large in size, amount, value or degree
cosmic huge immense vast enormous colossal massive infinite limitless measureless mega prodigious astronomical bumper humungous jumbo monster whopping astronomic boundless fathomless immeasurable incalculable whacking Brobdingnagian cyclopean elephantine galactic gargantuan giant gigantesque gigantic grand herculean heroic heroical Himalayan hulking humongous king-size king-sized leviathan mammoth mighty monstrous monumental mountainous oceanic oversized pharaonic planetary super super-duper supersize supersized thumping titanic tremendous vasty walloping ginormous grandiose catholic cosmogonal cosmogonic cosmopolitan ecumenical empyrean global intergalactic interplanetary interstellar king size space thumping great whopping great whacking great cosmical great stupendous towering large stellar epic substantial extensive Herculean big bulky very large gross very big hefty weighty heavy endless considerable oversize unlimited unbounded illimitable sizeable interminable brobdingnagian bottomless impressive magnificent wide celestial never-ending almighty sizable expansive untold inestimable inexhaustible inordinate broad imposing countless horizonless indefinite immensurable astral no end to outsize numberless outsized eternal handsome terrific staggering fantastic extraordinary blimp everlasting behemothic Bunyanesque no end of extreme lofty solar goodly ponderous mondo extraterrestrial without end voluminous princely excessive superterrestrial majestic formidable striking unending heavyweight generous tall overgrown mastodonic enduring without limit husky abundant spacious perpetual lavish largish biggish overwhelming dirty great high splendid marvellous innumerable solid awesome capacious titan commodious cosmological astrological astrophysical awe-inspiring barn door immortal behemoth Homeric extra-large marvelous multitudinous constant heavenly super-colossal august ample incessant amaranthine very great outer space magnific cumbersome massy exorbitant unwieldy great big whale of a starry remarkable strong star wonderful phenomenal outstanding appreciable significant stately astounding indeterminable cavernous monolithic fabulous unusual boxcar uncountable glorious roomy universal pythonic larger-than-life unflagging unceasing superb ambitious giant-sized man-size of considerable size man-sized giant-size noble terrible fine myriad exalted unnumberable innumerous palatial resplendent copious profuse kingly extremely large extremely big comprehensive rich regal eminent jillion unreckonable zillion incomprehensible imperial proud plenteous prolific whaling Cyclopean serious mortal ceaseless unsurpassable indeterminate unbroken continuous uninterrupted monotonous undying overlong self-perpetuating undivided deathless continual royal gallant baronial Gargantuan whopper unfathomed jumbo-sized cumbrous illustrious cracking lordly without number extravagant no strings beyond measure long mahoosive megalithic tidy socking great good-size good-sized super colossal full-size a whale of a superhuman lumbering lasting classic important historic memorable unforgettable Brobdignagian laborious daunting Moby bountiful amazing clumsy rip-roaring healthy ethereal large-scale excellent wicked pleasing awful good sky-high appalling dreadful distinguished transcendent epoch-making widespread elephantic plentiful superabundant frightful fearful startling exceptional miraculous expanded through the ceiling moving notable intense renowned irresistible dynamic bounteous profitable spanking abiding permanent stunning astonishing protracted extended pronounced mundo sweeping detailed swelled deep fair-sized family-sized family-size thundering fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized sensational spectacular flabbergasting breathtaking dramatic incredible unbelievable lank sempiternal million all-embracing uncounted supertemporal perdurable statuesque numerous bull lengthy decided fat prolonged major mind-boggling mind-blowing fantabulous abnormal far-flung spread-out all-inclusive stretched-out far-reaching elevated gorgeous superior unfailing wondrous incomputable umpteen unmeasurable sublime dignified ominous splendiferous haughty unreal full-out all-out full-blown complete totalitarian all-encompassing unconfined full-scale elaborate something else crawling with alive with in the heavens lunar in space in the sky wide open on tap ad nauseam opulent plush classy luxurious meaty fleshy strapping heavyset muscular thick muscly beefy chunky powerful brawny burly sturdy hulky stout thickset unconstrained unchecked uncontrolled unrestrained unsummed unnumbered liberal well-built swanky flash flashy unconditional absolute unrestricted unbridled Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy hunky unforeseen erratic unpredictable unforeseeable capricious whimsical fluctuant chancy uncertain iffy haphazard unfixed hit-or-miss complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' high-flying larger buxom greater zaftig total not to be reckoned full utter empyreal heliacal not inconsiderable roly-poly big and strong powerfully built muscle-bound solidly built broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed leading shining chief principal with no holds barred undefined uncalculable wide-open no holds barred singular rare unique strange out of the ordinary odd noteworthy uncommon preternatural acute bizarre out of this world marked unimaginable weird indescribable atypical brilliant magical substantive surprising unprecedented uncanny supernatural anomalous peculiar special eye-opening eye-popping profound conspicuous inconceivable aberrant uncustomary especial unparalleled extraordinaire portentous unwonted exceeding curious unutterable queer noticeable freak aberrated arresting fantastical unearthly respectable unheard-of far-out surpassing severe supreme momentous transcendental unaccountable supernormal roaring resounding impossible unfamiliar thrilling emphatic exciting unexpected prominent unnatural amazeballs decisive untypical unconventional insane jaw-dropping divine inexplicable dazzling signal prosperous immoderate mysterious irregular advantageous sufficient steep eye-catching lucrative entire unco fascinating consequential whole ridiculous unaccustomed plethoric overmuch conclusive enthralling commanding overextravagant oddball unheard of freakish unmistakable unqualified unthinkable worthwhile devilish refreshing heart-stopping unordinary out-and-out thorough beautiful utmost much splendorous reasonable incommunicable thunderous sky-scraping multistorey not to be sneezed at soaring outlandish critical urgent skyscraping paramount stiff eccentric uncommunicable absurd wild superlative improbable altitudinous funny crazy mad unlikely implausible material undue offbeat far-fetched other-worldly out-of-the-way unconscionable unusually good towery incongruous novel inexpressible intemperate ghostly distinctive overdue overweening intolerable unreasonable disproportionate preposterous preeminent deviant ludicrous prodigal extortionate superfluous confounding overkill overboard off-the-wall supermundane mastodontic never to be forgotten profligate heavy-duty atypic stupefying awe-striking uncharacteristic overabundant uncurbed off the wall captivating mind-bending enchanting unrepresentative sensorial bewitching too good to be true outré mystifying imprudent outrageous stirring palatine too many exquisite O.T.T. out of the way elegant too much OTT over the top solemn out of all proportion sumptuous queenly way out out there a bit much sightly adequate rewarding top maximum uttermost booming deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing thrashing paying crashing max shattering remunerative gainful very loud thaumaturgic OS devastating Olympian fierce harsh horrific particular desperate loud comfortable infrequent crucial vital bewildering invaluable priceless high rise high-rise supercalifragilisticexpialidocious humbling fair providential touching cherished perfect crushing paralysing decent arduous measurable paranormal prime wide-ranging marathon what extra special tolerable inconsistent baroque fancy unmerciful wonderworking numinous supranatural seldom seen paralyzing overcoming shocking wholesale pretty fundamental deviating exhilarating precious the what great metaphysical mystical otherworldly unworldly very long difficult to believe rising raised high-reaching unrelenting de trop unmitigated unyielding godlike non-typical divergent worth taking into account fab central pressing essential ostentatious the utmost valuable blinding heart-stirring deviate aberrational devious wide-reaching exhaustive mass puzzling airy spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate eerie pre-eminent occult deviative portly venerable ascending nationwide omnipotent bionic undescribable famous unorthodox jarring heteroclite foreign creepy spooky theatric some off-centre ultra earthshaking earth-shattering like a dream come true invigorating charming envigorating stimulating beguiling enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like far out enlivening blissful fabled dream-filled packed chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded across-the-board international awash first-rate first-class beyond price perplexing baffling bold showy arrestive awkward flamboyant catchy upraised alpine uplifted daggy wacko eldritch beyond human smashing primo salient unhandy ungainly avant-garde original breaking new ground loner cool eery spookish haunting unmanageable multiple manifold many rum freaky bizarro world class unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy legion inspired inexplainable very strange supranormal scary ghoulish secret high-priority overriding dire uppermost gilt-edged unspeakable zero cool private too many to be counted hidden unknown unexpressed ineffable indefinable undreamed of an incalculable number of an infinite number of telling of great consequence unmissable life-and-death earnest page-one grave cardinal capital burning newsworthy of great moment determining of import of great import of moment front-page unwarranted exaggerated meaningful very many gratuitous needless surplus wanton improvident forceful indulgent dizzying redundant wasteful dissipated fanciful dubious unrealistic unhampered overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent unfettered uninhibited doubtful nonsensical irrational self-indulgent over the odds uncalled for wacky comical foolish cockamamie zany gnarly forby hare-brained make-believe off beaten path more than human more than one can count most important

Tính từ

That cannot be unravelled

Tính từ

Giving the impression of vast, dark depths
cavernous huge vast commodious deep immense spacious capacious extensive hollow roomy yawning airy gaping large sepulchral voluminous ample dark enormous high rambling wide concave dismal echoing expansive gloomy resonant reverberant sunken alveolate broad cavelike chambered chasmal deep-set socketed curved inward abysmal great infinite limitless boundless open immeasurable big endless bottomless agape open wide wide open profound fathomless sizable generous wide-open chasmic abyssal unplumbed palatial sizeable comfortable widespread extended uncrowded very deep fully open giant high-ceilinged full massive substantial buried subterranean colossal expanded measureless cavernlike illimitable impenetrable unsounded unfathomed horizonless indefinite unbounded unlimited immensurable incomprehensible inestimable plumbless extreme plummetless unending never-ending extending far down gigantic tremendous considerable grand monstrous whacking great husky super-duper walloping mastodonic thumping man-size whopping goodly Bunyanesque megalithic swelled king-size cosmic elephantine massy epic thundering whopping great pharaonic lofty full-size titanic thumping great fair-size mighty excessive bulky galactic humungous family-sized mega oversize good-size ponderous jumbo supersized hulking gargantuan prodigious extravagant cyclopean ginormous outsize good-sized staggering monster great big stupendous oversized king size grandiose family-size socking great inordinate exorbitant humongous astronomical towering a whale of a whacking brobdingnagian leviathan tall monumental biggish mondo gross whopper outsized hefty economy-size mammoth of considerable size mountainous Brobdingnagian king-sized bumper handsome super colossal almighty largish supersize astronomic life-size overgrown cosmical man-sized magnific cumbersome unwieldy fair-sized dirty great tidy comprehensive economy-sized

Tính từ

Impressive and imposing in appearance or style, especially pretentiously so
grandiose magnificent grand imposing majestic monumental impressive splendid stately glorious awe-inspiring elaborate lavish resplendent striking superb august baronial classy epic gallant heroic heroical Homeric imperial large luxurious magnific massive noble opulent palatial plush proud regal royal flash flashy lofty swanky bombastic complex cosmic egotistic fustian high-falutin' high-flying impenetrable lordly overwhelming purple splashy theatrical vast dignified kingly distinguished great princely exalted sumptuous elevated fine sublime marvellous marvelous splendiferous commanding awesome elegant excellent gorgeous pompous spectacular extravagant ambitious beautiful illustrious eminent queenly stunning ostentatious solemn rich towering terrific posh arresting divine statuesque remarkable renowned supreme imperious big outstanding superior dazzling brilliant pretentious aristocratic venerable ritzy splendacious magnolious tremendous portly extraordinary prodigious bold splendorous formidable stirring ominous showy celebrated fantastic honoured honourable honorable acclaimed costly breathtaking first-class radiant deluxe esteemed large-scale first-rate smashing fab ceremonious magisterial staid dramatic staggering sovereign Olympian honored eye-catching mind-blowing powerful something else sensational fit for a king heavenly fabulous palatine amazing exquisite stupendous colossal celestial sightly wondrous considerable legendary mythological classical courtly high wonderful worthy high-ranking authoritative famous rarefied godlike respected fancy ample fit for a prince prestigious hallowed fit for a queen fit for a princess ornate famed tall in the saddle important expensive dynamite unreal haughty admirable super maestoso highly regarded resounding sonorous handsome eloquent high-flown portentous formal of repute of distinction noted bright triumphant long splendrous swank swish brave plushy effective unrealistic overambitious far-reaching on a grand scale extended classic high-minded highfalutin' well thought of of high standing cool immortal shining palatian forcible huge arduous Herculean magnifico flamboyant baroque moving mega exciting overblown marathon very good effulgent unforgettable solid gold out of this world transcendent something to write home about one for the book notable preeminent gratifying memorable adored well-known time-honored glittering immoderate immodest audacious larger-than-life very great very large very long exorbitant extreme exaggerated excessive outrageous disproportionate insane ballsy fanciful adventurous zealous unreasonable wild pleasurable delightful enjoyable grandiloquent Miltonian high-sounding enduring perennial evergreen time-honoured abiding traditional ageless timeless remembered fateful landmark momentous consequential eventful historic commemorated meaningful significant groundbreaking noteworthy pivotal fulfilling uplifting epochal good cheering red-letter material heart-warming rewarding pleasing satisfying paragon genius laureate storied

Tính từ

Impossible to see or clearly distinguish
indiscernible imperceptible invisible impalpable indistinguishable hidden unapparent undetectable unnoticeable inappreciable unobtrusive inconsequential infinitesimal microscopic minuscule minute nanoscopic negligible tiny barely perceptible faint fine indistinct slight subtle undiscernible impossible to detect inaudible small insensible shadowy vague imponderable intangible insignificant inconspicuous inconsiderable gradual unobservable ephemeral trivial momentary evanescent imperceivable obscure unperceivable indefinite unclear hard to make out untraceable concealed teeny-weeny teensy-weensy undistinguishable shrouded unseen covered veiled cloaked elusive camouflaged ethereal surreptitious unexposed barely visible clouded disguised tenuous latent masked undercover eclipsed unrevealed immaterial screened undetected thin undisclosed out of sight not visible in the dark under wraps out of view odorless indetectable light unintelligible odourless buried incomprehensible unimportant trifling minor petty paltry withheld not obvious sheltered piffling exiguous piddling snug underground tect soft low inarticulate not on view not worth mentioning not worth bothering about of no account hard to understand illusive implied sheer inferred attenuate attenuated teeny wee atomic insubstantial indefinable incorporeal itsy-bitsy itty-bitty discarnate undescribable unbodied weensy microscopical teensy miniature eensy-weensy bitsy microminiature bitty weeny obscured extremely small titchy little-bitty very small tiddly delicate imperceptible to the touch hard to define airy imprecise unsubstantial mysterious hard to describe disembodied indescribable nebulous unable to be touched unseeable diminutive little bitty little unnoticed unobserved discreet secret nonexistent ghostly perdu unviewable gaseous covert vaporous imaginary invisible to the naked eye not in sight not in view nugatory frivolous measly picayune of no consequence niggling incidental nominal Mickey Mouse irrelevant fiddling footling meagre of no importance small-fry meager worthless pimping piddly nickel-and-dime no-account lightweight de minimis of little account foolish scanty peanut minimal meaningless casual chicken pointless nonessential inadequate insufficient derisory pitiful of little importance of little consequence pathetic mingy poxy small-bore puny secondary lesser inessential non-essential of no moment superficial miserable marginal mean dinky small-time ignorable silly beggarly trite token not worth speaking of base pettifogging purportless second-rate shoestring wretched sorry scant peripheral pitiable nondescript neither here nor there ungenerous mere shallow two-bit skimpy idle useless flimsy valueless cheap of minor importance minor-league of no great concern low-ranking shabby twopenny-halfpenny penny-ante slender senseless ineffectual all the same perfunctory hollow mild subsidiary symbolic smaller empty neglectable everyday commonplace toytown lilliputian wanky of no matter beside the point skin-deep vanishing trashy set common shoddy sleazy narrow unconsequential limited bush-league smalltime nothing uncelebrated unessential unnecessary extraneous scratch unconsiderable contemptible inferior subordinate lower junior inconsequent of little import unconsidered runt inappropriate wimpy shrimp abstract no biggie small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero untouchable non-physical dim bodiless aerial unembodied transcendental unreal unearthly phantom wraithlike spectral supernatural spiritual phantasmal disincarnate phantasmic uncertain abstruse rare hypothetical evasive unquantifiable indeterminate eluding evading unsure

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