Đồng nghĩa của stretching

Alternative for stretching

stretches, stretched, stretching

Đồng nghĩa: distend, draw out, elongate, expand, extend, spread, strain,

Trái nghĩa: shrink,


The action or process of extending something or making it longer
extension lengthening elongation prolongation prolonging drawing out continuation expansion widening broadening development augmentation protraction dilatation distension continuing spreading out increase amplification stretch spread perpetuation enlargement diversification enhancement heightening deepening growth extent production lean-to reach denotation branch scope orbit radius arm sweep conservatory porch leeway allowance purview compass span additional room range area expanse breadth amplitude width space dimensions length field sphere ambit confines magnitude realm limit latitude distance bounds capacity proportions dimension territory size remit region volume gamut proportion horizon measure spectrum domain mass vastness scale measurement depth immensity circle province largeness bulk tract bigness plain limits boundary elbowroom greatness play jurisdiction amount ken swing margin waste extensity height intensity capaciousness diameter admeasurement interval coverage acreage parameters belt room run hugeness diapason vicinity neighborhood earshot panorama enormity sheet spaciousness gap weight run of substantiality way wideness degree neighbourhood competence sizableness wing preserve tonnage stature content caliber substance highness calibre body voluminosity sphere of influence terms of reference field of reference measurements section quantity footage strength square footage avoirdupois swathe register pale gauge bridge sea carpet blanket dimensionality gage tremendousness wilderness remoteness large space uninterrupted space umbrella authority influence department spatial extent separation turf bailiwick spacing spoke area of influence semidiameter remove interspace lead boundaries pilgrimage arena area of activity career dominion precinct circumference span of control void slack headroom clearance place bit fullness addition annexe annex legroom elbow room confine outlook extensiveness comprehensiveness good ways country mile far piece berth window accommodation bracket zone wiggle room breathing space time interval breathing room hearing order matter tune straggle trail sprawl


Testing of one's abilities
challenging demanding arduous difficult grueling gruelling tough ambitious hard taxing testing laborious onerous rough formidable rigorous rugged tricky burdensome exigent killer trying herculean moiling strenuous toilsome backbreaking hellacious stiff draining exhausting severe tiring grievous oppressive punishing stressful stringent back-breaking effortful exacting heavy uphill murderous sweaty tall Augean pick-and-shovel fatiguing wearisome crushing wearing harsh killing wearying sapping troublesome grinding brutal Herculean weighty tiresome excruciating knackering tedious irksome hellish operose grim persnickety labored laboured enervating fierce debilitating hairy thorny crippling bothersome painful harrowing torturous daunting toilful awkward worrying vexatious distressing energy-consuming ponderous bruising complicated enervative forbidding vigorous unsparing problematic knotty disturbing tortuous unforgiving agonizing serious relentless worrisome galling unpleasant no picnic unremitting intolerable puzzling agonising sticky unbearable depleting cruel complex painstaking problematical colossal upsetting distressful intricate extreme perplexing involved tough going unyielding cumbersome intimidating baffling strict bitter traumatic nerve-racking uncomfortable shattering hostile weary intense hefty mighty frustrating abstruse pressing upstream ticklish tense austere gargantuan impossible titanic unfathomable elaborate staggering critical spartan impenetrable merciless mean incomprehensible dubious questionable bewildering dodgy mystifying hectic hazardous wicked suspect chancy enigmatic awful iffy precarious really hard very hard slavish difficile immoderate embittering anxious excessive tight imperious steep inconvenient vexing drudging fraught pressured dire prickly delicate bleak hardhanded inhuman searing backbreaker murder immense boring confronting deep jarring high-impact exasperating agitating dangerous solemn superincumbent esoteric prohibitive sophisticated gigantic hard-hitting worksome perilous concerning dark disagreeable time-consuming obscure convoluted confounding confusing unfriendly ambiguous oblique opaque hard to follow inaccessible difficult to understand anxiety-ridden unreasonable powerful searching exorbitant prostrating unfair physical uncharitable unkind overwhelming withering strained prodigious monumental dour thoroughgoing mammoth unrelenting dogged major a nuisance responsible grave slow bad despotic domineering unrelaxing protracted lengthy hardworking disquieting Sisyphean an imposition wretched overburdening careful hypercritical thorough precise nit-picking drastic very difficult exerting large order heavy sledding carking energetic unjust overtaxing overpowering plodding headache perturbing no piece of cake busy by the book insufferable sensitive controversial uncompromising ominous racking chastening eventful savage hard-won not easy ferocious easier said than done vicious unnerving dicey torturesome drudgy high-pressure tormenting scabrous uphill battle unendurable marathon troubling problem like getting blood out of a stone almighty discomforting hard-line intellectual rarefied arcane cerebral recondite nagging lively hard-nosed heavy-handed shocking fancy recherché thought-provoking insoluble insolvable bemusing detailed elite inexplicable mind-bending unanswerable spiny gnarly tangled undecipherable reflective advanced debatable doubtful fiendish mysterious high-level higher-level unclear dubitable disputable provocative profound thoughtful confrontational paradoxical cryptic unaccountable suspicious shady fishy queer shaky uncertain doubtable equivocal top-level bamboozling wildering surprising oracular unsettled intensive insightful hard to understand beyond one labyrinthine moot up for grabs indecisive open open to doubt arguable pitiless ruthless draconian stern inhospitable intemperate inclement nasty terrible violent tyrannical hard-hearted rigid unmerciful callous annoying authoritarian unsympathetic flinty intractable repressive headstrong threatening unfavorable unfavourable sinister adverse dismal horrible horrendous horrifying stormy stark hard-boiled punitive swingeing comfortless rough going abusive inexorable miserable wild barbarous embarrassing disconcerting rotten unpalatable unsettling irritating great unfeeling hardheaded unsentimental suppressive firm inhumane heartless inflexible aggravating insensitive unbending obdurate remorseless stony ramrod pestilent hard-bitten afflictive hard-shelled straitened rumbustious filthy forceful Spartan bare-bones barren desolate summary confused concentrated te biting turbulent tempestuous tumultuous iron-fisted arbitrary tricksy touchy touch-and-go catchy a stinker of a barro very severe heightened adamant frightful disadvantageous niggling maddening infuriating poignant fearsome ghastly menacing plaguy pestiferous pestilential harassing maleficent brutish wolfish truculent sadistic barbaric charged uneasy heartbreaking heart-rending inordinate undue pesky discomposing troublous terrifying unwelcoming frightening negative foreboding yukky hurtful unwelcome unhappy sour distasteful yucky afflicting heartrending chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad cold cool tickly flustering discomfiting importunate icky sore mortifying strong unconscionable sharp overweening towering tyrannous intolerant dictatorial uncaring resolute untoward depressing unsavoury provoking offensive calamitous dolorous bumpy undisciplined rowdy infestive ungovernable alarming damaging ugly messy disorderly desperate refractory immutable pugnacious overextravagant extravagant overmuch overdue insane plethoric baroque devilish unpitying illiberal itchy incommodious distressed scratchy gut-wrenching stony-hearted two-fisted case-hardened robust causing discomfort ill-fitting cynical hard-shell hardened indurate hair-raising thick-skinned compassionless desensitized soulless cold-blooded pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners hard-headed ironhearted world-weary implacable indurated humourless sedate humorless staid sober sobersided lacking sentiment hard-edged hard as nails obstinate as tough as old boots toughened by experience desensitised as hard as nails inauspicious unsmiling no-nonsense uncomic astringent direful dreadful injurious cheerless morbid objectionable nightmarish parlous treacherous po-faced woeful poor execrable horrific appalling atrocious foul abominable horrid


Having a large scope or range
expansive wide broad extensive wide-ranging comprehensive thorough all-embracing inclusive widespread far-reaching sweeping deep dilating elastic expanding extended far-flung inflatable rangy swelling cross-disciplinary distending enlargeable extendable interdisciplinary multidisciplinary spacious stretchy voluminous ample big capacious dilatant expansile great large roomy scopic scopious sizable sprawling spread-out unrepressed unsuppressed vast exhaustive all-inclusive global all-encompassing pervasive catholic across-the-board complete encyclopedic significant universal radical in-depth overarching immense encyclopaedic across the board far-ranging compendious large-scale wholesale blanket full overall outspread expanded boundless panoramic general profound lock stock and barrel major broad-spectrum umbrella wall-to-wall all-out eclectic worldwide thoroughgoing broad-ranging comprising all-around wide-reaching enlarged open widened unlimited uncrowded spread copious generous enormous all-round full-spectrum huge spread out long lengthy protracted massive prevalent humongous unrestricted hefty indiscriminate unexclusive important wall to wall momentous scattered total thorough-going generalized whole-hog unselective overstated bird's-eye generalised exaggerated overdrawn full-scale detailed out-and-out ambitious life-changing coast-to-coast nationwide broad-gauge countrywide cover-all broad-gauged embracive absolute all-in cyclopedic omnibus clean entire grand consequential influential weighty diffuse dispersed whole encircling containing intact infinite integral discursive plenary perfect synoptic compleat extreme of great scope the whole shebang in depth the works the big picture of moment of significance without end widely distributed of great import of consequence wide-stretching far-going fanned out far-stretched far-spread wide-extending far-extending


(of something soft or elastic) Present participle for to be made, or be capable of being made, longer or wider without tearing or breaking


Present participle for to draw or make tight or taut


Present participle for to straighten something


Present participle for to range or occur within a continuous spectrum


(stretch out) Present participle for to recline or lie down by extending one's body


Present participle for to damage (a muscle, ligament, etc.) by abnormal strain


(of finances or resources) Present participle for to be sufficient or adequate for a certain purpose

Trái nghĩa của stretching

stretching Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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