Đồng nghĩa của oscillating

Alternative for oscillating

oscillates, oscillated, oscillating

Đồng nghĩa: hover, vacillate, vibrate,

Động từ

Present participle for to move or swing back and forth in a regular rhythm
rocking swaying undulating rolling vibrating swinging lurching pitching pendulating wigwagging wagging waggling swiveling swivelling wiggling swinging back and forth swinging backwards and forwards swinging from side to side swinging to and fro wobbling shaking quivering wavering wabbling tottering trembling seesawing jiggling teetering waving fluttering shuddering faltering quaking jouncing jerking jolting joggling quavering fluctuating juddering shivering reeling agitating convulsing jogging moving tremoring moving up and down moving to and fro heaving flickering see-sawing pulsating vacillating tossing twittering bucketing bobbling jarring weaving shimmying veering moving from side to side careening pumping floundering listing plunging alternating bouncing thrilling skipping staggering pitchpoling teeter-tottering hopping swishing stirring dancing bobbing doddering jumping around palpitating flapping dithering throbbing jittering moving back and forth waving to and fro nodding yo-yoing trilling swaggering warbling pulsing billowing springing twitching floating winking twinkling glimmering blinking waffling flourishing switching going up and down going from one extreme to the other rippling brandishing pushing and pulling moving backwards and forwards rolling about walking unsteadily whiffling moving unsteadily noting quailing flinching having the shakes quaking in your boots shaking in your boots flailing about moving side to side bumping flitting flaunting flittering commoving succussing whipping churning ruffling stirring up setting in motion putting in motion keeling labouring tumbling flailing chucking dumping ditching buffeting buffetting laboring tossing around letting fly rising and falling

Động từ

Present participle for to vacillate between conflicting opinions
equivocating dithering vacillating hesitating blowing hot and cold running hot and cold chopping and changing flip-flopping wavering fluctuating havering shilly-shallying faltering swithering dilly-dallying humming and hawing sitting on the fence teetering stalling staggering wobbling halting scrupling wabbling delaying hanging back pussyfooting around thinking twice hovering balancing alternating pausing seesawing hemming and hawing temporizing yo-yoing swaying temporising changing one's mind dawdling dallying hedging dillydallying tergiversating demurring boggling reeling getting cold feet doubting procrastinating keeping changing your mind wasting time wobbling about see-sawing faffing about tumbling trembling going from one extreme to the other bobbling quavering rolling lurching trifling dodging changing straddling fence-straddling swinging waffling rocking whiffling messing around hanging about hanging around umming and ahing changing mind having doubts lacking conviction harbouring reservations about wondering about expressing suspicions about having doubts about feeling uneasy about having reservations about harbouring suspicions about having suspicions about having hesitations about thinking something unlikely entertaining doubts about fluctuating on expressing reservations about feeling uncertain lingering waiting pussyfooting stumbling deferring deliberating stopping balking floundering mammering weighing hanging pondering debating baulking holding back shying away holding off pulling back thinking about sitting on fence prevaricating tarrying recoiling from shying flinching from shrinking from hanging back from vacillating about thinking twice about having scruples about having misgivings about having qualms about shying away from dragging your heels flickering pottering varying beating around the bush quivering straggling lagging paltering trimming shuddering loitering whiffling waffling killing time marking time whiling away time moving slowly playing a waiting game jibbing hanging fire sticking at baulking at staying in the background staying back shrinking back dragging your feet balking at sticking questioning demurring about worrying gagging demurring from stickling fretting boggling at wavering about disrelishing something minding doing something having qualms shrinking hesitating to scrupling about

Động từ

Present participle for to turn or cause to turn or whirl round quickly
spinning whirling turning revolving rotating twirling wheeling twisting swirling pivoting swiveling swivelling gyrating rolling pirouetting circling pinwheeling swinging spiraling spiralling reeling gyring birling purling pendulating going round turning round going around whipping sheering veering negotiating orbiting arcking circulating arcing eddying circumducting going round and round coming round coming around moving in a circle going round in circles diverting redirecting deflecting turning around winding bending swerving deviating curving spinning round coiling corkscrewing furling twiddling transferring whirlpooling curling switching looping diverging weaving snaking skewing moving round spinning around bearing shifting averting detouring drifting turning on your heel changing changing course turning aside turning off slinging hingeing hinging adjusting swinging round bowling pitching lurching swinging around moving going waltzing whirring trolling circumvolving trundling shunting moving round in circles swiveling round swiveling around twining billowing rippling stirring undulating swishing turning on an axis turning over and over turning round and round writhing flowing streaming whorling swooshing surging wriggling rerouteing rerouting slewing tacking careering twisting and turning heading changing direction divagating sidetracking channeling channelling inclining zigzagging altering changing the course of modifying channeling away drawing away heading off branching off making a right dipping departing angling off digressing skidding going off course getting around making a left training off whirling around sheering off relaying reorienting

Động từ

Present participle for to vibrate or sound, especially in response to another vibration

Tính từ

Changing or varying at regular intervals
changing fluctuating erratic dynamic irregular unstable variable varying volatile alternating inconsistent shifting temperamental turbulent uneven deviating fickle fluid mercurial moving mutable unsteady vacillating whimsical changeable inconstant nonuniform spasmodic sporadic uncertain unpredictable unsettled wavering altering changeful episodic flighty haphazard irresolute random roving scattershot swaying undependable unequal unreliable capricious developing discontinuous episodical flaky flakey flickery fluctuant growing iffy mobile rambling skittish unmethodical vagarious waffling wandering ever-changing full of ups and downs vacillant evolving unsteadfast alterable in a state of change everchanging chameleonic protean fitful movable unfixed floating kaleidoscopic patchy unequable variational tottering shifty peaky slippery undulating up and down up-and-down staggering vibrating yo-yo blowing hot and cold two-faced bipolar interchanging rotating seesawing cyclical alternate cyclic swinging occurring by turns occurring in turns labile impulsive wayward quicksilver up in the air intermittent excitable moody chameleon-like irrepressible desultory giddy active elastic disconnected occasional spotty arbitrary freakish unsystematic jerky aperiodic casual flexible hit-or-miss choppy flickering spastic catchy indecisive indiscriminate versatile wild fluky fragmentary incoherent broken jumbled eccentric designless illogical shaky impermanent chancy indefinite dubious undirected incalculable bitty restless adaptable not fixed inexplicable tempestuous inexact polymorphous many-sided multiform stayless faithless unbalanced varied quirky not constant progressive checkered chequered irrational adaptive ephemeral transitory untrustworthy ungovernable faddish disjointed meandering directionless ambiguous unsound suspect weaving doubtful uncommitted undecided disturbed contradictory chance frivolous dicey nomadic disrupted fragmented scrappy crotchety free momentary transient fleeting vicissitudinous adjustable ever-shifting sketchy confused paradoxical transitional variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible hesitating of two minds ever-moving explosive knife-edge incompatible contrary conflicting self-contradictory interrupted broken up incomplete discordant incongruous irreconcilable subject to change likely to change discrepant short-lived periodic unconnected piecemeal warring lubricious dissonant incongruent irresoluteoscillating unsure not settled at odds chaotic disorderly on-again-off-again herky-jerky on and off off and on in conflict at variance hit and miss disorganized indeterminate out of step shaking trembling wobbling quivering scrambled uncontrolled non-linear frenzied disordered promiscuous entropic mixed up fractal scattered stochastic messy muddled aleatory disorganised all over the map all over the place infrequent aimless unpunctual unconsidered purposeless on-and-off off-and-on non-periodic

Tính từ

Having doubts or uncertainty (about something or someone)
undecided uncertain unsure doubtful dubious hesitant uncommitted irresolute wavering ambivalent dithering indecisive torn unresolved tentative equivocating floating shilly-shallying unclear vacillating vague wobbling distrustful hazy hinky iffy mistrustful sceptical skeptical split suspicious trustless unconvinced unsettled swithering equivocal in doubt noncommittal pendent unfinished waffling wishy-washy in a dilemma in a quandary on the fence blowing hot and cold not sure betwixt and between hedging your bets hemming and hawing in the middle in two minds of two minds on the horns of a dilemma running hot and cold hesitating indefinite halting ambiguous diffident neutral insecure faltering unconfident on-the-fence reluctant half-hearted delaying nervous shy stalling timid hanging back havering cunctatory having qualms dilly-dallying having misgivings uneager backward unpredictable lacking confidence slow averse lazy unwilling cautious doubting dawdling afraid humming and hawing apprehensive anxious undetermined divided fluctuating fearful uneasy cynical leery teetering questioning worried sitting on the fence wary uptight unbelieving troubled self-conscious edgy tense shaky jittery antsy jumpy shrinking chary ill at ease unsteady disbelieving weak timorous retiring hung up cagey self-doubting quizzical incredulous nervy unquiet goosey perturbed upset atwitter aflutter bashful fickle inhibited dithery unassertive queasy het up agnostic suspecting unassured confused wobbly queazy awkward disquieted embarrassed disinclined unstable agitated on edge concerned on tenterhooks meek mousy strained restless guarded stumbling gauche fidgety borderline faithless careful conflicting jealous circumspect muddled impartial shaking weak-minded contradictory negativistic broken stammering touch and go inconclusive without belief indeterminate self-effacing mixed uncomfortable not confident modest chancy unnatural sheepish untrusting disturbed perplexed scoffing keyed up introverted blushing reticent discomfited skittish pussyfooting frightened on pins and needles mistrusting unaffiliated changeable opposed vacillant independent unpoised scared cagy shamefaced twitchy non-aligned non-partisan volatile infirm undeclared debatable vacillatory not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive unattached aw-shucks watchful show-me distrusting wondering stiff weak-kneed been hit before lacking trust unable to decide up in the air hot and cold like doubting Thomas having reservations hot-and-cold bothered flustered variable tottery tottering irresoluteoscillating vexed dubitable unknown questionable dissenting freethinking aporetic doddery doddering staggering possessive shillyshallying flickering trembling quivering solicitous in a flap inconstant changing halfhearted withdrawn pendulous unimpressed unmoved unpersuaded fluctuant uneventful astraddle permission-seeking attention-seeking validation-seeking non-believing all of a dither out of place clouded reserved conflicted clashing warring opposing not definite open full of doubt unrelaxed restive on guard loath indisposed unsatisfied suspect rationalist irreligious nullifidian unassuming lacking faith unconfirmed jaundiced constrained unpresuming submissive lacking in confidence wimpy lacking assurance excited loth discombobulated fazed stilted affected mannered artificial ill-at-ease unsavoury untrusty fly-by-night unsavory unobtrusive without faith not born yesterday mousey scary fearsome fainthearted ashamed humble coy demure abashed recessive in question out of countenance unsure of yourself like a fish out of water agog quiet flinching rabbity mim blenching stuttering cowardly tremulous unenthusiastic grudging resistant imperfect approval-seeking alarmed neurotic panicky stressy trepidatious foreboding terrified stressed resisting antipathetic laboured disjointed frozen lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies in a cold sweat in a sweat worried sick having cold feet in a dither having a funny feeling angst-ridden non-fluent recalcitrant demurring bumbling inept unhandy lumbering ham-fisted labored ham-handed wooden clumsy claudicant maladroit uninvolved nonpartisan free nonaligned free-floating apathetic casual fence-sitting restrained free-spirited uninterested laid-back indifferent unforthcoming not involved middle ground middle of the road cut loose don't care Delphic touchy choked hanging by thread on thin ice

Tính từ

Characterized by fullness, clarity, strength, and smoothness of sound
vibrant resonant resounding reverberant ringing sonorous reverberating cacophonous pulsating clangorous deep stentorious throbbing blaring booming carrying clear echoing full heightened intensified loud lusty orotund powerful pulsing rambunctious raucous reverberative reverberatory rich sonorant strident strong throaty thundering thunderous vociferous baritone canorous clamorous consonant fruity harmonious lively melodious noisy palpitating piercing plangent riotous rotund round stentorian aquiver blasting boisterous deafening dinning earsplitting electrifying enhanced forceful fortissimo golden harsh intense low mellow obstreperous overpowering plummy robust full-bodied deep-toned ear-piercing ear-splitting full-throated very loud ear-popping ear-shattering full-voiced head-splitting loud-voiced clearly audible mellifluous roaring full-toned slam-bang rounded beating profound thrilling pear-shaped sounding dulcet mellifluent rumbling big phat mournful resonating plaintive basso bass trumpeting melancholy tumultuous vibrating magniloquent grandiloquent distinct imposing pompous rolling thundery crashing bright eloquent expressive significant silvery smooth prominent spicy buttery heavy creamy fattening fatty succulent vivid oily potent pungent cloying calorific concentrated bold warm muscular plush heady rowdy low-pitched low-toned dull muffled muted hollow dead emphatic tremendous almighty cavernous grave turned up low-voiced shrieking filled pleasant pure shrill bellowing penetrating flat toneless alto fulminating forte blatant turbulent blustering vehement uproarious pealing full-mouthed high-sounding sepulchral contralto mute mighty extremely noisy screaming overwhelming ghostly wakes the dead unwavering sharp clarion audible at full volume bell-like as clear as a bell

Tính từ

A line or course having sharp turns in alternating directions
zigzag meandering snaking crooked twisting winding zigzagging curving irregular sinuous snaky squiggly tacking tortuous twisty undulating wiggly curvy deviating ogee serpentine sinuate wavy anfractuous flexuous meandrous serpentiform askew awry bent crinkled devious diagonal erratic fluctuating inclined indirect jagged oblique rambling serrated sloping transverse twisted waggling full of twists and turns windy circuitous curved bending crazy curling roundabout convoluted mazy curled coiling wandering turning spiraling labyrinthine spiralling ambiguous bendy slanted tilted looping uneven lopsided asymmetrical spiral aslant slantwise slanting skewed tipping atilt listing pitched cock-a-hoop intricate gyrating involved wriggly twisting and turning unsymmetrical kinked coiled cockeyed catawampus vermiculate skew squint misaligned wonky thrawn skewwhiff vagrant askance squiffy meandry turned off-kilter off-centre skew-whiff to one side out of line off-center cock-eyed out of true maze-like writhing entwined snakelike involute slinky lithe deviative flowing agley curly topsy-turvy knurly incurving kinky angular screwy crippled agee errant tortile out of kilter off course rippled crinkly asymmetric rolling undulated undulate bumpy undulatory plangent unstable waving undulant contorted distorted angled circling corkscrew swirling buckled deviant askant wrong divergent circular implied circumlocutory backhanded evasive at an oblique angle at an angle topsy-turvey off balance yaw ways on one side off centre periphrastic long-drawn-out sidelong unforeseen eventual subsidiary duplicitous long discursive complicated understood underhand sinister inferred out-of-the-way unplanned sneaky obscure sneaking long-winded tacit hinted at long way home curvilinear bowed excursive arched warped rounded hooked straying digressive sweeping loopy humped obliquitous arced twined ambagious arciform looped round collateral wavering wry jointed articulated curvilineal bowing arching twining veering warping wrenched remote detouring digressory misleading confusing removed confounding digressing diverting gnarled braided tangled wound knotty circumlocutionary non-linear misshapen desultory leaping digressionary digressional maundering taking the long way deformed diffuse stooped lengthy parenthetical tangent aberrant aberrative tangential excursional excursionary heteroclite disfigured pretzeled stooping hunched travelling traveling roaming nomadic slouchy droopy slumped wilted drooping limp crescent back road winding around long way going around doubled over out of shape long way around by way of vaulted arcuate falcate concave domed aquiline convex falciform curviform swirly embowed curvaceous arrondi enbowed elliptical biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural wreathed incurved compass incurvate circumflex

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