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Alternative for resonating

resonate /'rezəneit/
  • nội động từ
    • vang âm; dội tiếng
    • (vật lý) cộng hưởng


(of a sound) Tending to resonate, echo or reverberate
deep dull echoing heavy hollow low muffled muted resonant resounding reverberant reverberating dead ringing thunderous clangorous flat rumbling toneless sepulchral cavernous mute ghostly sonorous booming vibrant rich loud plangent deafening roaring blasting golden thundering sounding full piercing reverberative orotund clamorous slam-bang stentorian clear earsplitting rotund powerful round blaring consonant intensified pulsing strident deep-toned enhanced profound mellow thrilling pulsating sonorant beating throbbing heightened electrifying noisy carrying canorous full-toned strong ear-piercing ear-splitting baritone very loud bass full-bodied throaty tumultuous fruity intense vociferous rowdy cacophonous raucous reverberatory crashing stentorious low-pitched mellifluous low-toned robust loud-voiced ear-shattering ear-popping pear-shaped vibrating overpowering melodious dinning rounded thundery distinct emphatic big tremendous almighty lusty rambunctious forceful harmonious boisterous obstreperous grave plummy full-voiced turned up low-voiced shrieking mournful plaintive filled melancholy trumpeting pleasant pure rolling shrill bellowing penetrating basso magniloquent grandiloquent imposing pompous alto fulminating forte blatant turbulent blustering vehement uproarious pealing full-mouthed high-sounding lively oscillating riotous palpitating fortissimo harsh aquiver contralto mighty extremely noisy screaming overwhelming full-throated head-splitting wakes the dead unwavering sharp clarion audible clearly audible at full volume bell-like as clear as a bell


Effectively conveying thought or feeling


Present participle for to vibrate or sound, especially in response to another vibration
reverberating echoing resounding sounding pulsating reechoing vibrating booming oscillating ringing reproducing re-echoing thumping drumming pealing thundering pounding rumbling thrumming thudding rolling pulsing throbbing palpitating beating hammering quopping tolling chiming rebounding blasting humming roaring recoiling crashing murmuring blaring clanging banging clapping dinging exploding clinking smashing bursting slamming cracking ringing out filling the air pit-a-patting quivering fluttering trembling juddering pitpatting thrilling twittering going pit-a-pat reflecting repeating droning rippling bouncing back reacting redounding bonging bouncing clashing knelling ricocheting ricochetting jingling tintinnabulating springing striking belling chiming out ticking quaking pumping pitapatting quavering writhing racing fluctuating bobbing twitching undulating beating rapidly jouncing shivering shaking aching tingling boinging blowing going tooting playing going off clacking barking clanking creaking cackling rattling babbling buzzing squawking pattering wailing clattering chattering whining shrieking singing jangling operating jabbering snorting shrilling jarring shouting winding whispering moaning emitting setting off detonating growling bellowing whamming sounding loudly clamouring clamoring grumbling tinkling trumpeting lumbering storming deafening sounding out chinking dinning repercussing routing tanging shuddering panting heaving surging clunking palpating donging making a sound making a noise making noise chinkling strumming announcing calling signaling signalling ebbing and flowing rising and falling honking ding-donging whirring patterning trilling cannonading bombinating rustling ruffling beating heavily summoning hooting screeching advertizing braying making a racket


Present participle for to meet with agreement
agreeing according clicking cohering conforming correlating fitting harmonising harmonizing matching relating squaring tallying attuning chiming dovetailing concording correlating with falling in with going well with going hand in hand corresponding coinciding complementing assimilating comparing resembling answering equating suiting going checking concerting synchronizing parallelling paralleling comporting going together getting along with conforming to matching up synchronising jibing chording rhyming riming coordinating sorting integrating consisting fitting in reconciling combining concurring fitting together linking systematizing blending meshing arranging mixing partake of getting along adapting symphonizing proportioning adjusting bringing together systematising hitting it off interlocking gelling following bonding grooving vibing mirroring connecting reflecting associating affiliating joining corresponding to working well getting on according with agreeing with concurring with quadrating reciprocating amounting rivalling tallying with dovetailing with equating to equalling touching rivaling equaling coinciding with relating to approaching seeing eye to eye suiting each other jibing with tiing in with matching up with organizing homogenizing lip syncing conciliating setting tuning singing cooperating uniting making consistent composing synthesizing homogenising caroling toning in synthesising orchestrating unifying toning carolling sitting with sitting pooling ordering interrelating managing bringing in line going with chiming with bringing in tune keying accommodating regulating fitting in with bringing in line with bringing in tune with shaping up quarterbacking getting it together organising conducing directing

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