Đồng nghĩa của sonorant

Tính từ

Powerful or rich in volume and sound
full rich canorous orotund rotund consonant deep reverberant reverberating reverberative baritone loud resonant resounding sonorous carrying clear vibrant big distinct fruity robust throaty harmonious mellifluous mellow plummy ringing booming thunderous plangent thundering clangorous stentorian earsplitting powerful throbbing heightened intensified pulsing strident deep-toned electrifying enhanced roaring round blaring deafening golden clamorous piercing blasting echoing beating profound thrilling noisy pulsating slam-bang full-bodied low basso bass pear-shaped resonating sounding mournful plaintive melancholy pleasant pure cacophonous stentorious lusty reverberatory strong rambunctious raucous vociferous lively oscillating melodious riotous palpitating forceful fortissimo harsh overpowering intense boisterous dinning obstreperous aquiver clearly audible ear-popping full-throated very loud ear-piercing ear-splitting head-splitting ear-shattering full-voiced loud-voiced full-toned rumbling tumultuous heavy rowdy crashing low-pitched low-toned dull muffled muted hollow vibrating dead rounded thundery emphatic tremendous almighty cavernous grave turned up low-voiced shrieking filled trumpeting rolling shrill bellowing penetrating magniloquent grandiloquent imposing pompous flat toneless alto fulminating forte blatant turbulent blustering vehement uproarious pealing full-mouthed high-sounding sepulchral contralto mute mighty extremely noisy screaming overwhelming ghostly wakes the dead unwavering sharp clarion audible at full volume bell-like as clear as a bell

Trái nghĩa của sonorant

sonorant Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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