Đồng nghĩa của jumping

Alternative for jumping

jumps, jumped, jumping

Đồng nghĩa: bound, hop, hurdle, leap, spring, vault,

Tính từ

A feeling of positivity, satisfaction, or enjoyment
happy joyful merry cheerful delighted delightful ecstatic effervescent enjoyable fantastic glad heartwarming high jubilant pleasing pleasurable welcome wonderful cheery contented elated euphoric jocund jovial joyous overjoyed vivacious amusing blissful boisterous boon buoyant carefree chuffed enraptured exhilarated exuberant festive gladsome glowing grinning grooving hilarious humorous larking lively optimistic peaceful pleasant pleased radiant rapt rapturous riotous satisfied stoked thrilled upbeat uproarious winsome wrapped beaming beatific blithesome enchanted entranced frolicsome fulfilled fun hopeful lighthearted orgasmic paradisaic paradisaical paradisal paradisiac paradisiacal rejoicing rhapsodic rhapsodical rocking rollicking rosy rousing sanguine saturnalian smiley thankful triumphant untroubled well zappy zingy zippy blessed blest blithe captivated chipper chirpy comfortable content convivial entertained exultant gay gleeful gratified intoxicated jolly laughing light magical mirthful peppy perky playful smiling sparkling sportive sunny tickled up wild Panglossian in a good mood in good spirits cock-a-hoop in seventh heaven light-hearted on a high on top of the world at ease beside oneself with joy blissed out floating on air full of beans fun-loving in high spirits over the moon rip-roaring feel-good jumping for joy walking on air as happy as a clam flying high rose-colored starry-eyed tickled to death as happy as a sandboy like a dog with two tails tickled pink as happy as Larry as pleased as Punch on cloud nine looking good can't complain animated active bouncy snappy brisk kinetic high-spirited energetic vibrant bright frisky spirited full of life vital vigorous sprightly jaunty sparky airy springy pizazzy pizzazzy animate pert spanking jazzy racy bouncing hyper bubbly busy bustling dynamic swinging spry mettlesome bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim and vigour dashing jocular jocose buzzing scintillating stirring astir go-go enthusiastic nimble zestful breezy agile humming happening hopping alive flourishing abuzz thriving entertaining zesty abubble aboil peart keen alert eventful genial funny comical comic facetious carnival holiday celebratory unconstrained mad festal Christmassy hearty gala without a care in the world good-time back-slapping bold backslapping fiery passionate sparkly decorated feastly feastful carnivalesque wick ardent gritty as merry as a grig as lively as a grig full of energy fairylike strong mobile sporty quick valiant gingery peppery hectic avid barnstorming juiced up occupied hot sharp burning enlivened teeming swarming thronging crowded dexterous full of zip on the move dextrous eager deedful alive and kicking fresh forceful full of get-up-and-go on the go involved buzzy moving like Piccadilly Circus full of go full of commotion heaving bubbling ebullient full of pep industrious refreshing irrepressible vivid frolic lusty crank gamesome exciting brash full of fun bright and breezy happy-go-lucky full of the joys of spring excited positive transported unworried cheering lightsome good-humoured good-humored elevated of good cheer in raptures relaxed eupeptic canty good heartening gratifying giddy heavenly satisfying great on cloud seven sent enrapt heady promising glorious agreeable encouraging insouciant ludic full of hope exalted charmed amused serene diverting beside oneself with happiness beautiful auspicious debonair chucklesome charming propitious delirious pleased as punch hysterical confident ravished proud enchanting jokey roseate flying perfect friendly inspired carried away at peace willing crazy laughable grateful unconcerned felicitous in transports of delight frenzied interested perk golden gloating well pleased likely fascinating frivolous fair warm devil-may-care utopian complacent cheered uplifting made up placid easy-going prideful cordial wigged out tranquil slaphappy favourable reassuring gladdened enthralled flippant smug favorable appreciative resilient like a child with a new toy easy appeased encouraged enthused lovely droll idealistic divine splendid in transports engrossed gruntled beguiled fine floating energized magnificent exulting corybantic engaged assured marvelous marvellous cool crowing joshing ludicrous hung up daffy fervent waggish exhilarating delectable flipping glorying expectant dreamy antic energised delirious with happiness roused collected composed witty electrified seraphic diverted welcoming comforting unperturbed free and easy unflustered unruffled nice expansive sublime unthinking fascinated desirous enlivening cheerly volatile ridiculous amazing aglow farcical gladdening joking concluded achieved effectuated accomplished dispatched actualized obtained executed crowned attained effected compassed consummated matured finished beside oneself craving inclined gung ho elastic outgoing delightsome aroused Pickwickian impish hungry agog ambitious appetent thirsty athirst solicitous longing amenable restive impatient disposed pining bullish flushed whimsical Elysian deliriously happy turned-on spellbound captivating good-natured bewitched hankering greedy covetous swaggering overwhelmed triumphal impassioned bonny killing boastful enchanté showy side-splitting absorbed trusting gone idyllic honored calm activated superb rewarding roguish hoping in heaven brought about carried out made good congenial flip noisy humoristic sidesplitting screaming hysteric comedic rib-tickling priceless triumphalist lots of laughs mesmerized hypnotized self-possessed fine and dandy Utopian engaging flattered wild with excitement skittish risible silly delicious in a frenzy keeping the faith groovy mischievous doing handsprings very happy looking on the bright side mesmerised hypnotised alluring honoured turned on looking through rose-colored glasses brought to a close zealous in a frenzy of delight intent heart-warming nonchalant poised pacific measured possessed commodious providential sober assuaged laughter-filled casual atingle thrilled to pieces thrilled to bits fun-filled graceful celestial sociable conversible companionable clubby social hospitable indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless stimulated benign exhilarative hushed sedate perf loving it high as a kite appreciatory rakish pleasure-seeking saintly amiable easygoing bucked popping uplifted mellow insubstantial unserious grand blissfully happy treading on air determined believing affable sunbeamy pushy self-assertive forward presuming supple invigorated in paradise in rhapsodies warming can-do go-getting redeeming loony chaffing bantering jollying nutty dizzy fanciful relieved consoled reassured comforted effusive inspirited puffed up proactive laid back celebrating romantic fortunate storybook traditional glamorous dazzling only too happy extremely happy fabulous revelling overexcited athrill in exaltation out frothy agitated gushing solaced soothed unmarred ravishing superlunary empyrean coltish sassy saucy in transports of joy in transports of pleasure attractive absurd privileged pacified jesting off-the-wall heated youthful up and about fond reveling wowed victorious happy as a lark happy as a clam teasing in fine fettle aware comfy homelike very pleased spectacular hopped up fired up set up kittenish sunny side up glass half full spaced-out harmonious vitalized wanton interesting enjoying oneself having fun in ecstasies soul-stirring slapstick pleasantly surprised gripped blown away prizewinning champion dominant lucky tongue-in-cheek prankish fay sportful elfish larky colourful colorful in ecstasy like the cat that's got the cream filled with joy smart clever frolicky pathetic derisive derisory preposterous grotesque cockamamie cockamamy zany acceptable commendable fetching peachy couthy mooi intoxicating choice irie darling lekker dulcet recreative relishable thrilling clubbable distracting revered venerated well-pleased esteemed dignified excitable motivated home-like feelgood imperturbable nonplussed together stoical healthy blooming espiègle ludicrous. laughable derisible in the twilight zone wacky camp flaky joculous gagged up riveted campy flakey boffo for grins held laid-back bursting awakened piqued rowdy euthymic successful copacetic stupid foolish preoccupied geeked hepped up hopped-up likable idealized halcyon ideal romping rumbustious roisterous fairy-tale rose-coloured absent dreaming absent-minded abstracted employed inattentive taken wrapped up caught up in daydreaming enamoured enamored unconscious oblivious moved tumultuous robustious rambunctious devilish pastoral rustic picturesque exquisite level-headed calm and collected full of promise self-controlled committed assiduous restless raring fanatical wholehearted devoted diligent anxious game breathless vehement dedicated voracious pumped habitual nuts antsy obsessed unreluctant diehard ready balmy venturesome trim natty hell-raising unrestrained unruly knockabout cavorting swashbuckling raucous uninhibited spruce doubtless implicit certain clear sure cocksure shining aflame on top of world ray of sunshine rollicksome thumping ripping loud rural unspoiled bucolic arcadian brilliant ridibund undoubtful secure disposed to look on the bright side self-assured in good heart self-confident smitten very funny extremely amusing hysterically funny sylvan unspoilt Arcadian gut-busting riot scream infatuated likeable scenic restful out-of-this-world idealised relaxing a scream killingly funny a hoot too funny for words out of this world realized perfected completed performed reached rewarded under a spell realised put into effect

Tính từ

Incapable of being wearied
weariless tireless unflagging indefatigable untiring unwearied persevering inexhaustible energetic industrious vigorous enthusiastic unfailing unwearying resolute incessant active grind hyper perky steadfast strenuous eager hard-working ball of fire on the go dynamic spirited persistent unceasing determined forceful Herculean keen zealous unremitting dogged intense stout strong tenacious pertinacious unswerving unshakeable assiduous unrelenting uncomplaining long-suffering unstinting diligent busy occupied engaged working employed bustling constant staunch steady unfaltering sedulous laborious hopping productive dedicated devoted unwavering patient plugging firm go-go unstinted continuing indomitable unflinching undeterred fireball continued plodding busy as a bee tied-up in full swing eager beaver relentless single-minded unyielding stubborn purposeful obstinate driven obdurate insistent conscientious undeviating immovable committed fixed rigorous painstaking uncompromising intransigent unshakable earnest resolved enduring inexorable intent set studious inflexible bound and determined sure stiff-necked pigheaded importunate strong-willed bound decided implacable headstrong dead set on operose unbending unvacillating mulish unflappable adamant bullheaded persisting hard-nosed sustained pat self-willed aggressive attentive bold careful assertive thorough meticulous focused unfluctuating unhesitating punctilious perseverant particular never-tiring unshaken wilful abiding unqualified strict hard never-failing willful solid focussed rigid undaunted hanging tough brick-wall dead set stop at nothing wholehearted ambitious hardworking enterprising ultra-careful stalwart exacting full-blooded remorseless perverse steely ardent close searching elaborate minute swotty grim tough unstoppable scrupulous ruthless militant hell-bent unchanging even uniform consistent unvarying hardheaded adamantine inconvincible hardened ossified opinionated self-opinionated pedantic religious fussy invariant unappeasable regular meaning business strong-minded full of determination unabated decisive bent on go-getting iron-willed set in stone loyal unending unretiring restless passionate valiant gritty mettlesome involved faithful demanding daring radical unassailable accurate correct perseverative dutiful dependable resounding violent vehement muscular emphatic grinding whiz diehard game absolute secure certain well-founded merciless with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone cruel ingrained iron deep-dyed indelible irremovable red-blooded lusty vital pitiless unsparing stern cohesive monomaniacal hellbent obsessed stout-hearted cast-iron coherent rock-ribbed obsessive fanatical never give up tough nut unforgiving possessive sturdy spunky true unforgetful ironclad unsinkable out unquestioning harsh hell-bent on do-or-die hell-bent upon bent upon pig-headed intractable stiff mortal hard-headed unmovable iron-fisted pounding bull-headed heedful nose to grindstone contrary refractory bloody-minded indurate hungry competitive motivated slogging avid aspiring confident thirsty desirous stubborn as a mule cutthroat feisty ferocious sticky inspired progressive pushy bloodthirsty pioneering stringent assured going all the way gladiatorial defiant brutal fierce scrappy warlike self-asserting self-assertive hard-driving power-loving self-driven gung ho hang-tough get up and go high-reaching intensely competitive power-hungry high-pressure having killer instinct go for broke self-possessed self-confident in-your-face cut-throat self-seeking self-starting goal-oriented self-assured dog-eat-dog can-do fiercely competitive in for long haul like bad penny

Tính từ

(alive with) Swarming or teeming with
alive abounding replete teeming bristling bustling crowded hopping infested overflowing overrun packed rife swarming thick thronged crawling lousy stuffed awash buzzing full heaving hoaching hotching pullulating full of jam-packed chock-a-block abounding in chock-full of bursting filled abundant seething fraught thronging flush crammed brimming brimful chock-full loaded rat-infested louse-ridden pest-ridden verminous jammed overloaded plentiful solid flea-ridden numerous fruitful pregnant multitudinous populous charged well-provided well-stocked glutted laden ridden plagued well supplied chocker well stocked well provided overrun by abundant in full to bursting supplied complete plenteous overfed luxurious lavish ravaged beset permeated infiltrated pervaded vermined buggy mobbed overcrowded overfull chockful fat congested chockablock wall-to-wall cram-full hoatching consigned bundled chock flooded compressed wrapped tumid filled to capacity overwhelmed arranged inundated saturated rammed packed like sardines up to the hilt bulging at the seams full to the gunwales like Piccadilly Circus full to the gills bursting at the seams up to the rafters full to capacity to the roof profuse bounteous copious generous bountiful superabundant ample liberal prolific galore rich luxuriant aplenty plenty opulent inexhaustible exuberant heavy cornucopian cramped great comfortable lank swamped bumper infinite thick on the ground prodigal overpopulated busy choked running over no end a gogo considerable large unstinting voluminous huge clogged full up crushed a dime a dozen spilling over crammed full fit to bust lush commodious full to overflowing substantial munificent packed out crawling with filled up huddled filled to the brim dense excessive deluged in abundance occupied flowing overpeopled massed extravagant stacked covered fulsome boundless stocked sizeable burdened overfilled superfluous riotous gorged sufficient bulging sumptuous handsome thick with jammed full topped up like the Black Hole of Calcutta populated flushed immoderate sardined elbow-to-elbow filled to the rafters extensive extreme profusive openhanded countless big alive with broad fertile productive lined innumerable well-supplied myriad suffused padded plethoric weighted lousy with wealthy affluent teeming with fraught with no end of in plenty at full capacity full to the brim frantic stinking with level with brimming with no end in sight full to the top loaded with replete with rich in entire surplus in excess overabundant extra groaning unabridged topfull overbuilt unsparing encumbered dripping weighed down gushing rolling weighted down whole full of commotion heavily populated overburdened effusive filled with thickset SRO clean vast immense spacious stinking roomy unrestricted expansive capacious plenitudinous fecund with inordinate open-handed gushy unrestrained whopping rank princely tidy moneyed mob scene full house sold out stiff with topped off decent proliferous knee-deep lacking overprovided overstocked oversupplied up to here standing room only mucho enough and to spare over the top flourishing thickly populated settled densely populated many multifarious peopled multitudinal legion several various stink with blocked plugged obstructed heavily settled knee-deep in gridlocked blocked-up impeded imbued impregnated stuffed-up stopped closed jam-full occluded mucous stoppered blocked up stuffy stopped up competent swimming unlimited appreciable enough improvident packed to capacity cram full completely full humming jampacked solid with people packed to the gunwales snarled up full of people scaturient inundant torrential inundatory close compact tight deep serried heaped cram-full of like sardines having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of overloaded with well provided with rife with crammed with brimful with awash with well stocked with crowded with jam-packed with chocker with chock-a-block with charged with swarming with jammed with bursting with stuffed with overflowing with packed with well supplied with solid with more than enough

Tính từ

Very loud and unharmonious in sound
noisy clamorous loud deafening piercing blaring booming ear-splitting resounding tumultuous cacophonous clangorous fortissimo rackety blasting brassy clattering clattery dinning discordant raucous reverberating strident thunderous uproarious harsh blatant blusterous disorderly ear-popping earsplitting loudmouth rambunctious raspy riotous strepitous raising Cain turned up raising the roof boisterous rowdy thundering vociferous ear-piercing stentorian sonorous roaring ringing plangent slam-bang shrill obstreperous jarring reverberant grating loudmouthed turbulent dissonant screeching rough unruly wild powerful forceful voluble resonant deep squawking unmelodious carrying unmusical blustering squawky brash fierce rumbustious vehement full-throated echoing sharp vocal rich full intense screaming jangling ear-shattering vibrant rollicking roisterous penetrating insistent violent furious reverberative round vigorous rasping very loud shrieking robustious inharmonious rotund tempestuous throbbing heightened pulsing sonorant intensified deep-toned consonant vociferant enhanced mellow electrifying emphatic hoarse caterwauling outspoken crashing unharmonious lusty gruff frank orotund forthright metallic unrestrained golden plain-spoken strong squeaky candid open direct uninhibited shouting pulsating clamant demanding enthusiastic profound beating thrilling head-splitting loud-mouthed yawping yauping vociferating yowling knockabout high-pitched rude clearly audible rugged stormy thundery scratchy termagant lively raging rabid ferocious absonant forte grinding tinny confused restless agitated vulgar convulsive explosive hell-raising clear acute obtrusive screechy paroxysmal volcanic tremendous almighty overpowering reverberatory tuneless stridulous stridulant full-bodied stertorous jangly low stentorious clashing baritone disturbed canorous heavy loud-voiced rip-roaring mischievous unquiet gleeful rumbling mournful blunt intemperate rolling plaintive importunate maddening rootin'-tootin basso bass brusque melancholy bellowing big-voiced obnoxious bigmouthed guttural annoying vexatious irritating pear-shaped overwhelming mighty extremely noisy clamorsome high croaking aggressive blazing pleasant pure free-spoken scurrilous crying stridulatory fulminating big pealing wakes the dead high-sounding full-mouthed croaky at full volume piping zealous articulate expressive keen growling growly persuasive baying eloquent unvocal out-of-tune out-of-key off-key creaking astringent stridulent forcible buffeting air-rending intrusive treble shattering squeaking whistling earnest eager immusical disharmonic ill-sounding clinking sour unmelodic horrisonant facile plainspoken smooth-spoken glib fluent free venting excited ranting argute clanging thin distracting throaty harsh sounding husky passionate oscillating harmonious melodious fruity palpitating standup aquiver robust plummy full-on uncontrolled lawless full-voiced frenzied hysterical irregular in turmoil rowdydowdy unbridled energetic out of control atonal brazen braying saucy bold high-spirited wild and woolly boiling foaming impudent insolent choppy blustery arch cocky wise audacious fresh bold-faced cocksure impertinent cheeky forward gaudy flashy brazen-faced pert pushy sassy nervy brassbound angry storm-tossed bumpy knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts cataclysmal hot unstable cyclonic hammer and tongs roily disordered bang-bang squally seething unsettled cataclysmic barefaced jazzy showy garish weltering overbearing hard arrogant unblushing overbold unabashed flirtatious arrant shameless storming unmanageable stormful tremulous rebellious howling moiling stirred up bitter swirling ruffled destructive coarse windy presumptuous flip immodest smart-alecky bumptious smart contumelious malapert overconfident disrespectful lippy self-assertive unashamed flippant hubristic assumptive flagrant unembarrassed irreverent brass-necked haughty bold as brass pompous presuming supercilious overweening assuming high-handed lordly lofty uppity smug disdainful uppish discourteous boldfaced mouthy procacious self-asserting conceited boastful opinionated defiant patronizing cavalier insubordinate self-important familiar outrageous cool patronising imperious vainglorious high and mighty snippy proud egotistical pretentious self-confident vain superior unmannerly ill-mannered hifalutin undisguised highfalutin huffy chesty sniffy huffish brazenfaced toplofty toploftical swollen-headed unrepentant facetious high-and-mighty stiff-necked high-hat off-base inconsiderate cute crude confident contemptuous overfamiliar insulting swaggering overt mannerless smarty-pants smart-aleck peremptory affected hardened abandoned snobbish impolite bald-faced smart-arsed depraved profligate improper unconcealed bad-mannered snobby elitist dissolute incorrigible unprincipled full of oneself smarty reprobate snotty egotistic snooty condescending unchaste lewd immoral toffee-nosed hoity-toity stuck-up know-it-all self-assured smart-assed full of yourself as bold as brass out of line wise guy assertive without shame fearless offhand pontifical egoistic egoistical narcissistic prideful egocentric superficial impetuous hotheaded impulsive impolitic playful unconcerned jokey rash scornful thoughtless self-affected bloated selfish self-promoting self-serving self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-opinionated self-centered self-righteous self-contented self-adulatory swellheaded biggity self-glorifying mocking self-conceited self-centred unshrinking important wanton indecent transparent hotshot scoffing bigheaded orgulous sneering naked in-your-face masterful gritty snippety dictatorial shocking fancy-pants big-headed bragging biggety cold-shoulder bossy autocratic breezy meretricious puffed up stuck up ostentatious jumped up on an ego trip too big for your boots gravelly brave plucky crass gravel rusty amoral bell-like unpleasant corrupt bullish naughty ballsy presumptive impenitent remorseless feisty flighty impish unreserved domineering ill-bred officious abusive temeritous bantam spirited thrusting remote swanky tony pushful persnickety aloof meddlesome combative volatile weisenheiming sure uncivil positive tawdry spunky gutsy smart-mouthed certain jaunty self-satisfied high-flown throwing one's weight about putting on airs effervescent trashy pushing heedless precipitate headlong untactful incautious bright hasty vivacious maladroit coming on strong undismayed undaunted temerarious not backwards in coming forwards lacking civility bad mannered offensive smart aleck smart guy smarty pants out-of-line imperative magisterial ungracious unawed unflinching put down obvious poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed patent glaring manifest evident palpable unmistakable pronounced conspicuous sheer amusing jocular brass whimsical tongue-in-cheek straightforward bald outright sarcastic frivolous witty noticeable undeniable flaunting rank indisputable cut-and-dried striking unmitigated egregious gross bronze unsubtle shallow irresponsible carefree insouciant snazzy protrusive deliberate glitzy prominent in plain sight dismissive humorous funny comical throwing one's weight around puckish light-hearted made of brass

Danh từ

An aggressive and violent physical act against a person or object
attack assault bashing beating violence aggression harm punching abuse offence offense assaulting impugnment knocking vilification whacking buffeting flogging mauling pasting slugging violation whipping battery belting boxing lashing oppression thumping thwacking totalling totaling battering drubbing hammering mugging rout bludgeoning denigration pelting plastering slapping walloping cuffing kicking licking pounding rape shellacking thrashing caning clobbering flaying hurt bopping hiding lambasting smacking strike striking tanning biffing harassment molesting pummeled pummelling beating up beating-up dirty deed doing over doing-over duffing-up physical assault physical attack physical violence rough handling roughing up sexual assault sexual interference sexual misconduct violent act working-over act of aggression act of violence actual bodily harm grievous bodily harm charge torment censure hounding offensive persecution condemnation criticism hate crime bias crime cudgelling clubbing birching cudgeling defeat trouncing injury mistreatment manhandling hitting chastisement horsewhipping bullying corporal punishment going-over overthrow annihilation slaughter loss trimming ruin misuse mishandling downfall conquest ill-treatment setback maltreatment damage ill treatment punishment whaling ill usage bad treatment ill use bullwhipping spanking brutalization lump concealment caching secretion stashing lathering larruping physical abuse injustice neglect cruelty torture ill-usage molestation smack thump whack wallop spank misapplication misusage ill-use misemployment massacre demolition crushing defeat overwhelming defeat repulse trap whitewashing nonsuccess downthrow trashing rebuff lacing debacle killing mastery fall destruction triumph KO break reverse embarrassment subjugation blow ambush count check waxing scalping failure insuccess vanquishment paddling defeasance breakdown extermination discomfiture collapse

Động từ

Present participle for to physically launch oneself into the air

Động từ

(jump off) Present participle for to physically launch oneself off a platform downward

Động từ

Present participle for to jolt, usually due to astonishment, shock or fear

Động từ

Present participle for to receive a fright

Động từ

Present participle for to move to a position in (a queue/line) that is further forward

Động từ

(of driver or a vehicle) Present participle for to fail to stop at a red traffic light

Trái nghĩa của jumping

jumping Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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