Đồng nghĩa của pulsing

Alternative for pulsing

pulses, pulsed, pulsing

Đồng nghĩa: beat, heart rate, heartbeat, impulse, pulsate, pulsation, pulse rate, pulsing, throb,

Tính từ

Characterized by fullness, clarity, strength, and smoothness of sound
vibrant resonant resounding reverberant ringing sonorous reverberating cacophonous pulsating clangorous deep stentorious throbbing blaring booming carrying clear echoing full heightened intensified loud lusty orotund powerful rambunctious raucous reverberative reverberatory rich sonorant strident strong throaty thundering thunderous vociferous baritone canorous clamorous consonant fruity harmonious lively melodious noisy oscillating palpitating piercing plangent riotous rotund round stentorian aquiver blasting boisterous deafening dinning earsplitting electrifying enhanced forceful fortissimo golden harsh intense low mellow obstreperous overpowering plummy robust full-bodied deep-toned ear-piercing ear-splitting full-throated very loud ear-popping ear-shattering full-voiced head-splitting loud-voiced clearly audible roaring profound thrilling beating slam-bang basso bass sounding resonating pear-shaped mournful plaintive melancholy pleasant pure full-toned rumbling tumultuous heavy rowdy crashing low-pitched mellifluous low-toned dull muffled muted hollow vibrating dead rounded thundery distinct emphatic big tremendous almighty cavernous grave turned up low-voiced shrieking filled trumpeting rolling shrill bellowing penetrating magniloquent grandiloquent imposing pompous flat toneless alto fulminating forte blatant turbulent blustering vehement uproarious pealing full-mouthed high-sounding sepulchral contralto mute mighty extremely noisy screaming overwhelming ghostly wakes the dead unwavering sharp clarion audible at full volume bell-like as clear as a bell

Động từ

Present participle for to beat, throb, or vibrate
beating pulsating throbbing palpitating vibrating pounding drumming hammering oscillating pit-a-patting thrumming thudding thumping quivering quopping reverberating ticking going pit-a-pat thrilling pumping trembling fluttering racing pitapatting pitpatting panting humming shivering twitching juddering twittering beating rapidly resonating bustling buzzing quaking beating heavily being busy undulating shaking fluctuating shuddering convulsing quavering writhing agitating jouncing whirling jittering dithering having an air of heaving surging roaring rising and falling ebbing and flowing palpating echoing resounding ringing bobbing strumming thundering booming re-echoing tapping pattering aching tingling droning murmuring rippling clattering rattling jerking jiggling bucketing wabbling jolting wobbling joggling beating irregularly clacking clacketing bickering skipping a beat beating weakly missing a beat exhibiting arrhythmia tremoring moving spasmodically working twisting crashing pealing banging rumbling exploding clapping detonating blasting cracking sounding growling bellowing grumbling reechoing clanging storming clamouring deafening clamoring bursting snapping crackling popping repeating making noise rebounding reacting rolling recoiling redounding going bang ringing out tolling blowing chiming blaring going tooting dinging playing going off setting off barking whining clanking slamming shrieking creaking singing jangling clinking operating cackling jabbering babbling snorting shrilling jarring shouting winding whispering smashing squawking moaning wailing emitting chattering

Động từ

Present participle for to sway to and fro
billowing waving fluttering flapping stirring rippling swaying swinging shaking undulating flailing flitting oscillating quivering swirling threshing trembling twirling wafting wagging wavering wobbling blowing flicking moving palpitating pulsating quavering ruffling sweeping thrashing twisting whirling curling flowing flying reeling rocking seesawing streaming wigwagging rising and falling ebbing and flowing moving to and fro catching the wind vacillating surging fluctuating swelling vibrating swishing waggling twitching brandishing wiggling jiggling agitating whipping flopping flourishing jerking joggling dangling wielding beating shivering heaving shuddering quaking convulsing wabbling raising floating tottering juddering jolting jouncing shimmying rolling bucketing moving up and down moving from side to side flickering tremoring hanging teetering flittering dithering twittering batting weaving see-sawing drifting switching flaunting bobbling tossing jarring moving back and forth doddering staggering waving to and fro winding displaying coiling motioning moving backwards and forwards pendulating rustling lashing waving around vaunting waving rapidly quaving faltering hovering gliding bustling handling swaggering writhing wriggling squirming swinging around windmilling wincing gyrating jittering having the shakes moving side to side having the quivers holding aloft bumping jogging commoving succussing churning changing putting in motion stirring up setting in motion shifting fidgeting jigging fiddling squiggling fidgetting winking twinkling glimmering blinking flailing about varying alternating swinging backwards and forwards swinging back and forth veering altering whiffling worming zigzagging mutating trailing slinging beating about flapping about moving erratically thrashing about snapping differing drooping dropping sagging yo-yoing coming and going going up and down plopping lolling hanging limply hanging loosely toppling floundering hanging down wilting slackening falling limply flagging falling down lopping

Trái nghĩa của pulsing

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