Đồng nghĩa của creaking

Alternative for creaking

creaks, creaked, creaking

Đồng nghĩa: creaking, screak, screech, skreak, squeak,

Tính từ

Worn out or ruined because of age or neglect
condemned dangerous dilapidated hazardous insecure perilous precarious ramshackle treacherous unsafe broken-down rickety ruined tumbledown creaky crumbling decrepit deteriorated deteriorating neglected run down unmaintained untended blighted contaminated falling apart in disrepair infected in ruins septic unhealthy unsound unwholesome worn out bad falling to pieces rotten gone to seed in a state of disrepair worse for wear gone to rack and ruin on its last legs shabby rundown seedy threadbare derelict ill-maintained run-down dingy faded unkept uncouth battered decaying antiquated beat-up decayed worn-out superannuated rumpty weather-beaten used tacky worn quavering shaking effete fragile bedraggled tumble-down crippled anile flimsy tired haggard insubstantial tatty tattered scruffy ratty moth-eaten tatterdemalion old ragged mean timeworn mangy grungy dumpy sleazy miserable dog-eared scrubby frayed bombed-out ruinous down-at-the-heels down-at-heel disintegrating raggedy shaky unkempt shacky shoddy shambly uncared-for squalid poor tottering crummy well worn grotty the worse for wear holey down at heel falling apart at the seams damaged in tatters unsteady weak unstable wobbly slummy frail untidy having seen better days sorry broken raggedy-ass warby worn to shreds in rags impaired rocky infirm beat up insalubrious collapsing patched wretched crumbly on your last legs rent torn depressed in holes pitiful desolate scuzzy slipshod in poor condition degenerated injured frowzy messy broken down destroyed down-at-the-heel breaking up in bad condition badly maintained poorly maintained seen better days in a bad way jerry-built tottery in ribbons wavering ancient rotting decomposing useless hackneyed withering unreliable time-worn grubby stale well-worn trite dirty outworn wonky lined teetery passé clapped out disfigured bare meager marred wrecked meagre overworked eroding abandoned dodgy ripped out of condition poverty-stricken scraggy overused frazzled shaggy in shreds used-up ragtag caving in falling in out at elbows all the worse for wear used up coming apart at the seams poorly made badly dressed badly worn full of holes beaten-up clapped-out dishevelled disheveled unusable sordid dowdy underprivileged deprived old-fashioned peaked shattered downgone defective split uncared dismal decrepit. in ruins knocked around subsiding moldering putrefying peeling unfit flabby busted dinged totaled wizened under par below par manky scungy slovenly in bad repair desultory unpressed unfinished crude contemptible shredded raunchy unimproved beat delicate mouldering droopy overgrown wilted sickly wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging falling down filthy down at the heel worn-down wrung out pegged out loose coming undone not solid not safe not robust passe sere depleted etiolated shot imperfect feeble mediocre yucky skanky scabby rugged substandard ordinary tawdry base lousy paltry in poor shape debilitated out of shape uncared for beaten up middling low-grade menial second-rate two-bit sad fallen-in rinky-dink fallen in rank mucky indigent sick unpleasant impoverished sticky gunky gungy low-rent blasted munted rachitic unbalanced rattletrap geriatric dying declining torn to pieces unsecured hurt robbed plundered pillaged spoiled defaced botched spoilt mutilated uninhabited harried harmed waning degenerating unsubstantial banal failing perishing loosened slack slackened lax spindly relaxed shopworn cliche obligatory stock musty hackney hack cobwebby cliché-ridden stereotyped aged commonplace dated languishing forsaken weathered corroded oxidizing in decline rusting oxidising fluctuant defenseless vacillating endangered immature defenceless rootless hoary wrinkled clichéd disintegrated breaking crumbled on the decline corny unoriginal on the way out wearing away breaking down on the rocks at risk out of date old hat disreputable cure pot

Tính từ

Resembling a squawk
squawky strident screeching grating discordant raucous sharp rasping jarring hoarse cacophonous dissonant stridulous unmelodious noisy croaking raspy rough jangling guttural coarse rusty unmusical scratchy earsplitting clashing rugged astringent caterwauling tuneless acrid asperous bitter bleak cracked craggy disagreeing disturbing dry flat glaring grim hard incompatible jagged rigid severe sour uneven unlevel unrelenting off-key out-of-key out-of-tune not smooth croaky gruff gravelly husky throaty harsh gravel squeaky grinding stridulant abrasive creaky tickly uncomfortable unharmonious brassy penetrating ear-piercing metallic ear-splitting piercing clamorous shrill tumultuous riotous scratching scraping tinny squawking growling growly unoiled squeaking jangly blaring snarling inharmonious loud thick unmelodic boisterous deep unvocal unpleasant blatant low turbulent horrisonant absonant high screechy deafening stridulent irritating high-pitched annoying vexatious wild atonal inappropriate stertorous unsuitable disagreeable furious disharmonious blustering buffeting inharmonic stridulatory out of place maddening ringing clangorous clanging incongruous booming thunderous tempestuous offensive forceful violent vociferant vociferous obstreperous displeasing irksome braying rough-sounding fierce raging choppy agitated grotesque unaesthetic shrieking plinky jingling jingly piping stormy blustery squally ragged roily acute intrusive disharmonic harsh-sounding strong thin roiled inclement dirty heavy ugly stentorian shrieky head-splitting brittle monotone monotonous droning stentorious gular jugular inarticulate glottal sepulchral croupy breathy whispering indistinct persuasive vocal baying rabid ferocious rowdy cacophonic immusical ill-sounding clinking bell-like resounding resonant rocky explosive convulsive infuriating lively lacking harmony at variance at odds uncongenial out of keeping treble shattering air-rending whistling exasperating rankling galling reedy paroxysmal volcanic forcible tough harsh sounding niggling tiresome aggravating troublesome out of tune knockabout argute vociferating yowling yawping yauping clamant insensitive vexing ill suited rough-and-tumble conflicting contrasting steep cragged unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic restless swirling screaming crying scurrilous loudmouthed vulgar obtrusive disturbed storming roaring stormful carrying penetrant crisp clearly audible pointed entering puncturing clear-cut infiltrating permeating all-pervading forcing ingoing edged going through passing through

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