Đồng nghĩa của abrasive

Alternative for abrasive

abrasive /ə'breisiv/
  • tính từ
    • làm trầy (da)
    • để cọ xơ ra
    • để mài mòn
    • danh từ
      • chất mài mòn


    Causing annoyance, anger or frustration
    annoying aggravating bothersome vexatious vexing irritating exasperating galling irksome maddening rankling pesky riling disturbing frustrating nettlesome chafing peeving carking nettling pestilent plaguy pestiferous pestilential rebarbative pesty plaguey troublesome provoking infuriating trying tiresome displeasing infernal upsetting grating disagreeable difficult confounded cussed troubling wearisome tedious harassing inconvenient awkward nagging distressing unpleasant antagonizing niggling burdensome antagonising worrisome unsettling perturbing unwelcome enraging wearing irking enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall agitating disconcerting teasing jarring harrying objectionable worrying wretched repugnant thorny painful boring discouraging challenging forbidding puzzling knotty taxing incommodious disappointing tricky mean discommoding bedevilling discomposing discomforting festering antipathetic ugly wicked demanding unpleasing agonizing unnerving unamusing unsatisfying unattractive impossible punchable agonising uncongenial bedeviling traumatic accursed disquieting troublous deplorable lamentable problematic tormenting afflicting concerning humiliating nauseating distasteful unpalatable plaguing acid afflictive excruciating harrowing hard tough harsh heavy stressful arduous severe grim oppressive rough grievous offensive exacting nasty nerve-racking cruel sticky alarming exhausting onerous pressured fraught brutal gruelling testing rugged laborious grueling tiring hellish strenuous punishing torturous provocative weighty instigative goading insulting stimulating inflammatory incendiary affronting inflaming charged exciting instigating inciting piquing agitational edgy agitative controversial in-your-face tense racking torturing anxious raging wrenching draining bitter enervating heartbreaking unfortunate grave dismaying heart-rending hectic sapping toilsome dangerous crushing rigorous dreadful back-breaking anxiety-ridden daunting fatiguing prickly scary hairy anxious-making murderous stiff hardhanded inhuman searing apprehensive arousing outrageous rousing tormentous anguishing incensing tight exigent importunate a stinker of a stimulant influential aggressive pushing confrontational inspirational rabble-rousing intoxicating heady spurring tragic intractable ungovernable undisciplined murder damaging repressive uphill rowdy messy infestive disorderly frightening chilling terrifying unkind discordant sad gut-wrenching grotesque inharmonious unaesthetic unsuitable inappropriate regrettable woeful dismal dire distressful obstructive unforgiving tearing soaring hurtful heartrending insensitive stridulous stridulent ill suited out of place dry harsh-sounding


    Rude and unpleasant in manner
    cutting biting harsh rough sharp caustic hard severe tough nasty cruel grating stern bitter vitriolic acerbic annoying brusque brutal irritating unfeeling unpleasant abusive callous curt galling hurtful insensitive unkind wounding acerb comfortless inconsiderate pitiless unsympathetic aggressive argumentative gruff hateful rude spiky unfriendly hard to take rubbing the wrong way mordant acid corrosive sarcastic scathing sardonic acrid barbed satirical pungent acidulous tart satiric acidic scalding spiteful acrimonious snarky smart-aleck trenchant smart-mouthed smart-alecky venomous malicious vicious mordacious catty stinging keen poisonous virulent critical sarky penetrating incisive piercing pointed astringent searing razor-edged waspish heartless rancorous devastating churlish snide derisory derogatory ill-tempered bad-tempered alkaline corroding sharp-worded angry thoughtless peppery double-edged ungracious offensive dry scornful impertinent irreverent cynical uncompromising firm strict burning forceful heavy excessive ruthless unyielding unbending unfair unjust unrelenting rigorous destructive merciless rowdy extreme savage erosive mean crisp cold squint-eyed withering fierce hostile blistering ferocious derisive scorching unsparing vindictive acute belittling polemic contemptuous rapier-like maleficent mocking violent disparaging malignant strong pernicious truculent antagonistic malign slashing malefic evil-intentioned stringent piquant salty telling malevolent poignant disrespectful powerful vituperative splenetic ill-natured extremely critical ornery insulting ironic austere grim polemical scurrilous sneering blunt short ironical contumelious snappy baleful contentious taunting pithy emphatic insolent jeering discourteous resentful surly envenomed disputatious not sweet cussed exacting vehement controversial unblunted rigid snappish snippy testy acetose disapproving sound all-pervading vengeful bilious snarling coruscating wicked slighting smart acetic tonic edged overwhelming overpowering distressing provocative salt exciting racy witty stimulating sulphurous sulfurous sour sadistic harmful grievous wanton scoffing despiteful cold-blooded backhanded ridiculing bad vitriolous menacing grudging hate-filled evil stabbing injurious damaging irascible twitting saucy needling carping arrogant chaffing captious highly effective vigorous crabbed obloquious foul weisenheiming degrading berating pejorative reproachful obnoxious reviling denigratory uncomplimentary defamatory disdainful unmannerly dripping with malice dirty viperous viperish toxicant forthright driving clear explicit distinct effective uncivil vituperatory calumniating impolite vulgar potent unequivocal edgy dripping venom abrupt full of spleen full of gall accidentally on purpose crushing bad-mannered ill-mannered accurate venomed pertinent razor-sharp offhand meaty meaningful insightful right-on insinuating short-and-sweet legit pregnant belligerent combative defiant pugnacious bellicose in a nutshell on the nose boiled down laid on the line right to it calling a spade a spade on the button confrontational scrappy quarrelsome cross sullen obstreperous feisty uncooperative gladiatorial stroppy agonistic discordant militant brawly assaultive warlike chippy itching arsey aggers bolshie spoiling for a fight frightening ready for a fight deadly vituperous browbeating terrorizing terrifying intimidating cowing terrorising bullying fractious


    Rather rude, curt or abrupt in speech or manner
    short abrupt blunt brusque curt snappy terse testy crude uncivil caustic impolite pointed unceremonious brief brusk rough snippy impatient impetuous offhand snippety undiplomatic bluff cavalier sharp snappish churlish irascible tart ungracious brisk discourteous unfriendly gruff harsh petulant breviloquent rude surly thoughtless unmannerly crusty direct graceless bad-mannered bad-tempered ill-mannered ill-tempered no-nonsense short-spoken short-tempered matter-of-fact to the point indelicate crisp outspoken tactless plain-spoken downright monosyllabic peremptory not afraid to call a spade a spade decisive vigorous businesslike frank bald brutal upfront dusty pulling no punches straight from the shoulder not beating about the bush not mincing one's words calling a spade a spade speaking one's mind disrespectful impertinent boorish ill-bred unmannered inconsiderate unhandsome insolent uncalled-for insulting impudent offensive uncouth ungallant ungentlemanly unladylike unkind laconic bearish off sullen derogatory uncomplimentary unchivalrous disparaging contumelious oafish unpleasant flip fresh unrefined mannerless smart-alecky ignorant pithy acerbic abusive clipped straightforward scathing sarcastic forthright crabbed candid vulgar crass tetchy unequivocal bitter presumptuous callous disdainful insensitive trenchant offish nasty audacious honest unpolished cheeky brash coarse loutish malapert ungenteel underbred inaffable uncharitable succinct concise imperious unconstrained inelegant rushed disagreeable sharp-tongued grumpy gauche open hearty hostile good-natured genial approachable friendly ill-natured inhospitable unfortunate arrogant out of sorts cheery sincere blustering barefaced loud obloquious derisive foul crabby grouchy taciturn crotchety cocky uncourteous disgracious belittling degrading violent berating scurrilous pejorative reproachful obnoxious reviling denigratory defamatory indecorous mouthy brazen smart alecky lippy sour cross speaking as one finds overbearing yokelish out-of-line intrusive bounderish insubordinate rustic sassy inurbane vituperative vituperatory calumniating contemptuous unthinking ill-humoured careless intolerant angry boisterous truculent ill-humored morose saturnine unconcerned unmindful unthoughtful unsympathetic heedless point-blank indiscreet bare stark explicit simple unadorned hard-hitting undisguised unvarnished unqualified unembellished incautious unfair heartless hasty reckless uncompromising uncultured gross straight-talking straight-shooting biting cutting barbed mordant astringent sardonic incisive stinging keen acrimonious acrid corrosive snarky acerb wounding acid smart-aleck acidulous smart-mouthed scalding pungent satiric acidic piercing satirical vicious venomous spiteful cruel acetose dry critical disapproving


    Sounding harsh, grating or unpleasant
    rasping grating harsh hoarse gravelly croaking croaky jarring raspy rough scratchy gruff husky throaty coarse creaking creaky discordant dissonant gravel rusty guttural stridulant raucous snarling thick strident dry cracked growling cacophonous deep screeching growly stridulous unmelodious sharp unmusical squeaky jangling clashing squawky low piercing shrill scratching noisy grinding ear-piercing squawking rugged uneven hard scraping unharmonious earsplitting loud tuneless astringent caterwauling incompatible out-of-tune out-of-key off-key rough-sounding brassy indistinct tumultuous clamorous erosive blatant stertorous inarticulate boisterous disagreeing acrid glaring bleak unrelenting flat rigid jagged asperous severe grim unlevel sour bitter disturbing craggy blaring inharmonious not smooth tickly uncomfortable harsh-sounding glottal sepulchral unoiled squeaking muffled stentorian brittle gular jugular distorted metallic riotous penetrating ear-splitting scarifying abrading tinny ragged croupy breathy whispering stridulatory stentorious forceful baying persuasive vociferous vocal vociferant obstreperous jangly slurred attritive tempestuous roily heavy choppy inclement dirty stormy blustery turbulent blustering violent squally stridulent furious ugly raging buffeting agitated wild polishing unpleasant incongruous offensive roiled irritating annoying inappropriate conflicting contrasting coarse-grained caustic scuffing rubbing grotesque disagreeable unsuitable unaesthetic displeasing irksome vexatious corrosive chafing frictional corroding eroding mordant unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic out of place smoothing grainy sharpening


    A substance used for cleaning, smoothing, or polishing

    Trái nghĩa của abrasive

    abrasive Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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