Đồng nghĩa của scarring

Alternative for scarring

scars, scarred, scarring

Đồng nghĩa: blemish, deface, mar, mark, wound,


Present participle for to mark or become marked with a scar
damaging marring defacing marking mutilating branding disfeaturing disfiguring injuring maiming ruining spoiling blemishing traumatising traumatizing affecting beating cutting flawing hurting pinching scoring scraping scratching slashing stabbing impairing blighting harming deforming mangling vitiating endamaging wrecking crossing up breaking distorting compromising crabbing crippling bloodying vandalizing defiling uglifying destroying vandalising totaling totalling tarnishing wounding ravaging devastating trashing wasting making unattractive blotting smashing making ugly demolishing prejudicing messing up contorting burning sullying laying waste darkening poisoning touching staining tainting obliterating tagging detracting from wreaking havoc on misshaping dilapidating stamping disabling crushing shattering casting a gloom upon overshadowing bringing a note of sadness to casting gloom over searing bruising weakening scathing knackering incapacitating fouling tormenting shaking up doing in grieving distressing paining stinging hacking up torturing waxing piquing drawing blood fouling up doing mischief to aggrieving battering cutting up blowing upsetting undoing debasing despoiling squashing desolating plundering pillaging depredating sacking disgracing desecrating spoliating disfashioning making useless taking apart putting a damper on screwing up violating lousing up wrenching twisting making a mess of gutting annihilating sabotaging disrupting smirching razing undermining banging up lacerating abusing splitting polluting cracking infecting dismantling corrupting dirtying causing injury driving a nail into the coffin of maltreating playing merry hell with tearing disintegrating smashing up gnawing bleaching contaminating tampering with knocking discoloring playing havoc with fading discolouring corroding rusting rotting wronging scorching wearing away denting doing damage to


Present participle for to permanently effect or be permanently affected by mental trauma
traumatising traumatizing distressing afflicting upsetting wounding bothering damaging disturbing paining troubling worrying agonising agonizing harrowing injuring tormenting dissing offending hurting grieving slighting insulting stinging affronting shocking mortifying harming discomforting anguishing slapping outraging saddening disrespecting annoying making miserable torturing crucifying getting giving offence to causing suffering to gnawing at tearing to pieces shaking up doing in putting down dumping on hurting the feelings of hurting one's feelings cutting to the quick vexing galling displeasing piquing irking riling irritating needling aggrieving peeving exasperating angering narking disgruntling miffing bugging putting out provoking pricking getting to perturbing depressing nettling fretting harassing oppressing ticking off chafing hacking off burning up crushing moving ruffling aggravating perplexing searing biting disgusting ailing cutting making wretched spiting discomfiting causing anguish to plaguing hurting someone's feelings putting someone's back up putting someone's nose out of joint abusing piercing affecting touching fazing disconcerting dismaying agitating horrifying jarring devastating disobliging prickling causing pain rankling bruising rasping eating grating griping frosting itching persecuting causing offense rubbing up the wrong way discommoding pestering excruciating making unhappy breaking the heart of eating at bumming out causing anguish wronging puncturing rending lacerating stabbing frustrating thwarting foiling discombobulating repulsing dogging repelling nauseating sickening disquieting preying on causing someone distress nipping mourning causing suffering bleeding causing sorrow turning off lambasting nagging at crabbing grudging besetting begrudging dejecting tearing to shreds striking pushing the buttons of stirring exciting hanging up getting even cramping style lousing up scandalizing burdening concerning poking penetrating rousing thrilling upsetting the apple cart thumbing nose at disheartening dispiriting putting bringing down criticising scandalising slandering taunting confronting dispraising criticizing casting down bringing one down dampening spirits weighing down breaking one's heart stressing discomposing racking discouraging putting a damper on straining dragging down putting into a funk making blue chastening giving the cold shoulder giving a zinger making your heart bleed hitting where one lives making someone's hackles rise ruffling someone's feathers hitting hard aching infuriating throbbing smarting incensing graveling gravelling riding exacerbating humping motivating igniting quickening awaking absorbing goading grabbing attracting interesting winding up getting across causing discomfort pinching giving someone the hump working up egging on making waves giving the business getting under skin twingeing twinging getting a rise out of giving a hard time inflaming constraining playing up punishing cramping burning killing causing pain to nicking convulsing causing discomfort to antagonizing rattling snubbing slurring zinging embarrassing humiliating antagonising turning one off rankling with giving offence treading on someone's toes hurting somebody's feelings getting someone's goat


Deeply disturbing or distressing
traumatic shocking disturbing upsetting distressing painful alarming awful damaging devastating harrowing injurious agonising agonizing disquieting hurtful chilling excruciating harmful terrifying wounding horrifying mind-blowing distressful shattering crushing grievous overwhelming tormenting savage terrible afflicting severe demoralising deplorable tragical demoralizing gut-wrenching nerve-racking extremely upsetting heartbreaking heart-rending sad tragic heartrending dreadful woeful unpleasant lamentable miserable wretched grim bitter saddening regrettable pitiful unfortunate poignant difficult depressing sorrowful unhappy torturous dismal stressful cruel doleful affecting dire appalling harsh pathetic nasty galling piteous tear-jerking pitiable horrible sorry horrendous horrid moving troublesome rotten calamitous foul bad discomforting frightening hard gloomy mournful horrific frightful cheerless worrying disappointing afflictive dispiriting disconcerting disheartening troubling ghastly vile unsettling abominable atrocious irksome poor bleak tough fraught discouraging disagreeable distasteful unpalatable lousy sombre uncomfortable grave somber plaintive unlucky heavy joyless funereal discomposing hellacious trying mean vexatious mortifying heart-wrenching disastrous heart-breaking haunting objectionable worrisome forbidding revolting loathsome daunting perturbing dreary unbearable drab desolate execrable agitating gruesome hopeless sober unendurable rueful morose solemn melancholic troublous macabre hairy nightmarish grisly comfortless unnerving drear dejecting dark taxing monstrous disconsolate grotty humourless humorless concerning murderous lachrymose lugubrious ruthless hostile oppressive unsavory brutal merciless vexing beastly displeasing unwelcome anguished touching catastrophic offensive annoying icky yukky yucky sour uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavoury insufferable desolating depressive racking torturing glum melancholy dazing disorienting oppressed pitiless vicious impoverished stark raging wrenching dispirited mirthless dolorous dolesome poverty-stricken cold depressed sullen dingy plangent derisible pensive frustrating testing pressured demanding abject arduous gruelling tiring forlorn tearing soaring dangerous fierce despairing black onerous unrelenting stiff rough hardhanded burdensome inhuman rugged relentless searing ferocious wicked remorseless great sore afflicted grieving stunning staggering inclement intemperate provoking intense rigorous hellish from hell grueling agonized hard-hearted tortured racked agonised feeble paltry numbing earth-shattering cataclysmic paralysing a stinker of a a bummer of a paralyzing unkind very great dismaying exacting unforgiving crummy odious repellent detestable irritating repulsive repugnant unsatisfactory stinking hideous lurid disgusting nauseating unacceptable sedate abysmal sickening obnoxious gross undesirable diabolical unappealing repellant uncool awkward godawful abhorrent uninviting grody ugly nauseous off-putting nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking fearful nagging confronting


Physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness, or normal function of something
damage harm injury destruction detriment impairment devastation hurt loss mutilation ruin defacement defilement desecration disfigurement suffering vandalism vandalization wreckage affliction attrition battering crushing deterioration erosion friction havoc shattering vitiation wrecking abrasion abuse annihilation corrosion debasement degeneration detrition ill ruination spoilage adulteration breakage corruption depreciation deprivation evil infliction marring mishap waste accident adversity bane blemish blow bruise casualty catastrophe contamination disservice disturbance hardship illness knockout mischief outrage pollution ravage ruining wound wrong cave-in wear and tear defacing spoiling prejudice sabotage violence deleteriousness banefulness mischance noxiousness foul play disfiguration vandalizing uglification damaging vandalising elimination downfall demolition dismantling abolition extirpation smashing end demolishment levelling ravaging disintegrating spoliation razing undoing wipeout felling blighting wasting desolation death overthrow dissolving leveling torpedoing crashing zapping blasting dynamiting abolishing invalidating violation bombing extinguishing invalidation laying waste razing to the ground breaking up pulling down tearing down rooting out knocking down blowing up disadvantage obliteration trouble disability disbenefit misfortune mistreatment ill-treatment dilapidation maltreatment cruelty trashing extinction pain distortion disaster disintegration misuse misadventure depredation trial trauma grief decimation calamity neglect manhandling beating extermination wastage cataclysm persecution mishandling bad luck rough handling disablement ill treatment ill use profanation sacrilege tragedy blasphemy unpleasantness collapse bullying inconvenience decay breakdown distress tribulation anguish misery oppression ravages ill-use torment impiety despoliation mauling degradation mincemeat injuring decline assault irreverence torture atrophy plunder crumbling disrepair dishonour molestation decrepitude offense assaulting dissolution degeneracy offence punishment ill usage bad treatment dishonor grafitti sacking wounding incapacity scuffing diminution infestation agony maiming disfavor demerit despite wear vexation disruption dismembering deformation penalty pillage a few knocks destitution malformation deformity pangs badness agitation incapacitation disfavour ruins condition impurity misshapenness graffiti shock perdition cost drawback illfare handicap liability confusion defoliation profanity pollutant contaminant adulterant dismemberment disfiguring setback failure struggle wronging malevolence diminishing deficiency complaint defect weakening disorder hitting depravity disgrace woodworm striking interference infelicity debacle decomposition roughing up rough treatment doing over indecent assault beating up befoulment rot mishappening bother hitch commotion hassle tumult snag putrefaction putrescence rotting festering bad news tough luck boo-boo hard luck dire straits bad break rotten luck hot water thrashing aggression putridity perishing blight degrading befouling dishonouring infection battery bashing hammering pounding travail straits withering mortification flogging lashing thwacking belting punching pummelling impugnment lambasting injustice ill-usage problem ruined goods decadence harassment thumping whacking knocking worry gangrene rottenness fading dishonoring failing woe grievance strain misapplication caries demise malice spoilation senescence dying decrease consumption rust pummeled misusage misemployment putridness crash knock wasting away downgrade labefaction subversion comedown topple drop tumble wreck slaughter ill luck carnage ravagement despoiling break-up falling to pieces rack and ruin

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