Đồng nghĩa của desolating

Alternative for desolating

desolates, desolated, desolating

Đồng nghĩa: barren, dismal, dreary, empty, gloomy, vacant, void,

Trái nghĩa: cheerful, happy, joyful,

Tính từ

Causing overwhelming distress
heartbreaking distressing tragic sad heart-rending poignant agonising agonizing grievous harrowing painful pitiful upsetting distressful disturbing affecting bitter deplorable excruciating heartrending lamentable moving piteous plaintive regrettable saddening tragical traumatic unfortunate unlucky woeful gut-wrenching tear-jerking afflictive calamitous cheerless dire disappointing heart-wrenching joyless touching dreadful miserable wretched awful terrible pathetic pitiable appalling tormenting sorrowful grim disastrous unhappy shocking cruel hurtful mournful sorry dismal unbearable disquieting torturous afflicting galling depressing harsh frightful catastrophic grave rotten unpleasant gloomy worrying doleful atrocious intolerable nasty horrifying bad anguished shameful severe cataclysmic egregious unfavourable ruinous frightening mean stressful unwelcome unendurable unfavorable devastating horrendous abysmal lousy difficult offensive haunting alarming hard tough hopeless fatal stirring execrable horrible melancholy insufferable troublesome discomforting outrageous adverse unacceptable nerve-racking poor intense deadly undesirable diabolical vexatious destructive horrid monstrous crummy harmful heart-breaking dispiriting godawful fateful crippling fierce sickening disheartening unsettling racking dirty discouraging inopportune torturing troubling emotional impressive desolate funereal fearful heavy discomposing inexcusable impactful desperate raging wrenching disconcerting concerning irksome chilling paltry disagreeable ignominious reprehensible disgraceful sombre sober heinous vexing cataclysmal unsatisfactory trying abject solemn somber terrifying blameworthy horrific distasteful unpalatable hostile unnerving taxing perturbing objectionable gross unsavory damning agitating loathsome gruesome mortifying displeasing searing iniquitous extreme abominable detestable insupportable contemptible annoying icky forbidding black yukky sour yucky scandalous humourless foul humorless forlorn stinking odious vile repugnant unspeakable wicked despicable cruddy very bad ghastly uncongenial unlovely unpleasing abhorrent tearing disgusting chronic revolting killing God-awful unsavoury dishonourable dishonorable direful shattering opprobrious ugly ill-fated pain-filled dreary bleak drab dark ill-advised sullen morose drear melancholic lachrymose lugubrious dejecting powerful emotive untimely untoward dangerous soaring rueful inauspicious telling soul-stirring uplifting heart-warming glaring comfortless impossible wrong unpropitious unadvantageous disadvantageous injurious unforgivable despairing senseless inglorious preposterous detrimental afflicted grieving tearful regretful annihilatory devastative nefarious flagrant ridiculous unpardonable unconscionable foolish indefensible sinful heartwarming affective disconsolate agonized unpromising inimical ignoble immoral discreditable disreputable tortured racked agonised feeble flagitious too bad nagging worrisome emotionally moving confronting unjustifiable base sentimental tender passionate expressive nostalgic infelicitous catastrophal blighting earth-shattering pernicious messy daunting crying pressing critical crucial weighty villainous dejected despondent not to be borne criminal beyond contempt a pity urgent repellent repulsive uncomfortable irritating damaging arousing affect lethal mortal crushing unkind serious drastic hideous lurid nauseating sedate hairy obnoxious grisly troublous fraught macabre nightmarish deathly hapless spine-chilling scary fearsome intimidating dread redoubtable formidable hair-raising ominous irretrievable repellant uncool grotty grody unappealing awkward hellacious uninviting nauseous portentous bodeful parlous exigent dismaying beastly hellish acute exacting ill-starred oppressing terrific scowling piercing unforgiving off-putting nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking exquisite violent vehement tortuous suffering struggling substandard grubby cheap scummy scurvy lame inadequate sneaking inferior ratty scabby meagre hurting meager ruthless savage god-awful murderous onerous unrelenting burdensome relentless stiff rough brutal hardhanded oppressive merciless inhuman rugged ferocious sore remorseless great downer overwhelming bummer faulty dolorous intemperate provoking rigorous inclement hard-hearted more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand

Tính từ

Highly destructive or damaging
devastating destructive ruinous calamitous damaging cataclysmic disastrous harmful catastrophic injurious pernicious detrimental mortal deleterious hurtful noxious annihilatory brutal cataclysmal crippling devastative dire disadvantageous fatal fierce lethal ravaging savage violent wounding annihilative damning dangerous deadly dreadful eradicative maleficent mortifying annihilating baneful death-dealing unfortunate baleful crushing toxic fateful evil suicidal cancerous venomous adverse bad unfavourable unfavorable negative unhealthy prejudicial prejudicious malignant unwholesome undesirable inimical ill counterproductive nocuous virulent extirpative grievous corrupting poisonous nocent mischievous malefic hazardous direful wicked murderous slaughterous costly subversive perilous wrackful sinister threatening parlous critical pestilential painful pestiferous malicious dicey corrosive menacing noisome corroding incendiary undermining woeful environmentally unfriendly shattering killing withering awful terrible tragic lamentable immoderate wasteful consumptive catastrophal unpropitious untoward inopportune inexpedient lethiferous wreckful internecine malign severe loss-making miserable appalling grave unsafe risky sacrificial precarious pestilent malevolent harassing insalubrious sinful draining extravagant exhausting impoverishing depleting miasmatic insidious offensive miasmic nefarious spiteful ruining destroying erosive cutthroat fell corruptive hostile nasty vindictive unfriendly antagonistic cruel bitter ominous vitriolic evil-intentioned disturbing unlucky foul vile iniquitous reprobate cantankerous aching hurting afflictive hard contrary opposed rancorous vicious vengeful unkind troublesome defamatory mean artful catty frightening forbidding intimidating antipathetic bothersome hate-filled acrimonious counter unsympathetic intimidatory minatory unwelcoming ill-disposed bodeful minacious louring ill-natured inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant dysfunctional immoral depraving maladjusted disordered unbalanced unstable disturbed degrading perverting improper indecent socially impaired exploitative salacious demoralizing demoralising

Động từ

Present participle for to completely destroy or devastate
devastating ruining destroying ravaging annihilating demolishing razing wrecking depopulating creaming decimating depredating extinguishing leveling levelling nuking obliterating pulverising pulverizing shattering smashing spoliating totalling totaling vaporising vaporizing wasting wracking despoiling emptying gutting leaving desolate making desolate desecrating devouring doing in leaving in ruins pillaging plundering pulling down rubbing out sacking tearing down wiping out laying waste to wreaking havoc on laying low laying waste trashing spoiling crushing torpedoing breaking exterminating flattening dismantling defeating removing eradicating taking out erasing sinking blighting ransacking expunging extirpating undoing effacing knocking down breaking up marauding bulldozing damaging razing to the ground taking apart dashing marring impairing crashing blasting abolishing stamping out looting dilapidating liquidating blowing up bringing down robbing blowing to bits unbuilding wiping off the map messing up eliminating killing raiding overwhelming scourging rifling felling scuppering snuffing out slaughtering zapping blotting out canceling cancelling sabotaging ravishing raping toppling nixing bombing defacing overthrowing finishing off blowing to pieces bringing to ruin wiping off the face of the earth putting paid to stripping deleting rooting out blacking out sweeping away cleaning up defiling doing away with dynamiting destructing disrupting scotching vandalizing injuring blowing ruinating busting overturning breaking down reducing wreaking havoc upsetting reaving squashing vandalising wiping from the face of the earth laying in ruins blowing away exploding havocking terminating smiting quashing fleecing massacring cracking abating butchering obscuring vitiating beating finishing disfiguring disassembling botching excising harrying mangling banjaxing mutilating maiming dishing trouncing debasing reducing to ruins axing undermining battering foraging crippling blowing sky-high knocking to pieces throwing down wiping off map wracking up bringing to naught getting rid of making a mess of putting out of commission tearing up screwing up lousing up reducing to rubble damaging beyond repair putting the kibosh on doing for blowing a hole in striking out fouling up wiping disposing of dispatching dusting ending cooling bankrupting chastening chastising lowering pranging suppressing tormenting avenging ripping down queering striking incinerating burning tumbling messing letting down taking down bringing about the downfall of tearing apart executing consuming taking care of putting out of action doing one in burning away waxing wolfing checking putting a stop to putting an end to bringing to an end shipwrecking taking prostrating overrunning trampling harming gobbling up putting in toilet tearing to pieces smashing up taking away cutting down killing off putting the lid on cutting a swath through putting down committing genocide spilling capsizing unmaking scattering subverting overcoming blemishing scarring dashing to pieces cracking up piling up running onto the rocks creating chaos playing mischief with casting down mowing down blowing down scratching out bursting flawing imploding compromising crabbing hurting endamaging bloodying shivering splintering disfeaturing dispossessing crossing up blotting putting a damper on making useless prejudicing disgracing fracturing fragmenting splitting scratching scrubbing offing denuding depriving profaning cutting covering disintegrating violating mullering stealing from freebooting reiving smattering scrunching crunching snapping riving smashing to smithereens disabling rending exhausting fragmentizing blowing out marking out knocking off shooting down crosses out knocking out blanking out scoring out destroying root and branch rubbing off washing out removing all traces of bluing pencil blocking out wiping off face of earth KO'ing inking out poisoning cruelling euchring bodging depleting polluting contaminating dishonouring invading appropriating trespassing arrogating embezzling confiscating breaking into pieces blowing apart crushing to smithereens cleaning out reducing to nothing bringing to nothing wreaking havoc upon perverting blaspheming benothinging degrading committing sacrilege befouling infecting abusing treating sacrilegiously prostituting dishonoring outraging insulting treating with disrespect blaspheming against making lose face committing sacrilege against quelling squelching subduing repressing stopping stifling quenching curbing silencing cracking down on smothering thwarting deadening overpowering frustrating clamping down on putting out slapping down dampening nipping in the bud conquering inhibiting clobbering annulling dulling nullifying allaying vanquishing subjugating damping down weeding out assuaging lessening mitigating restraining cutting off controlling muffling routing dissolving neutralizing invalidating halting aborting concealing banishing holding back strangling neutralising garrotting dousing blunting choking diminishing hindering moderating shutting down relieving settling preventing blocking alleviating appeasing decreasing discontinuing abrogating containing arresting clouding slaying weakening darkening shading dropping shrouding snuffing oppressing eclipsing icing uprooting sitting on beating down hampering bringing someone to their knees putting to death mollifying repealing voiding rescinding damping interrupting sating palliating stymieing tempering foiling revoking calming dispiriting cowing incapacitating discouraging sapping dimming demoralizing prohibiting gagging muting veiling countermanding relaxing stilling retracting interfering with depressing nulling vacating negating discarding chilling chillin restricting disannulling withdrawing ceasing swallowing disestablishing assassinating limiting repudiating quietening submerging pocketing stemming dominating avoiding shushing hiding shadowing dispensing with trimming slaking enervating getting triumphing over cracking down superseding striking down rolling back humbling putting kibosh on quelching bedimming beclouding taming croaking choking back setting aside obfuscating trampling on composing topping stiffing whacking throwing cold water on giving something the chop holding in adumbrating murdering demoralising smoking knocking something on the head choking off snowing under pouring cold water on murking bearing down on scragging belaying putting an stop to bottling up keeping back taking the edge off taking the life of doing to death keeping in check bumping off cutting short terminating with extreme prejudice giving someone the works purging scuttling impeding stunning squishing constraining kayoing rejecting dismissing attacking exsecting satisfying satiating attenuating lightening enfeebling demoting threatening cutting out disrating humiliating downgrading hitting gratifying derailing destabilizing bridling bollixing clamping down bringing to screeching halt impoverishing obstructing getting shot of driving out casting out phasing out supplanting unsettling flooring overmastering whelming swamping throttling counteracting unseating deposing ousting dethroning intruding on mucking up burying clamping spiking bottling causing instability shooting putting away cutting to pieces gaining control over decapitating hanging guillotining taking a life lynching asphyxiating beheading garotting reining in electrocuting dusting off doing gaining mastery over knifing slacking crumbling loosing refreshing detecting stubbing out drowning battening driving underground suffocating grinding down undercutting keeping inside keeping in holding down forcing down dumbing censoring putting lid on ditching clamming polishing off putting to the sword ending the life of ethnically cleansing sending to the gas chambers sending to kingdom come reversing destabilising rebelling inverting junking biting back corking heaping showering collecting reining fighting back deterring turning out soothing putting a lid on shedding buttoning up simmering down corking up hushing up biting one's lip keeping the lid on scrapping ailing disheartening dejecting troubling dismaying benumbing numbing cauterizing blanketing covering up passing out making dark keeling over easing jettisoning throwing out discharging overruling remitting toning down occulting shaking saddening daunting devitalizing recalling overriding recanting scorching resolving chopping dumping cauterising refuting obviating redlining retiring lulling torching deracinating closing up fixing keeping down bothering distressing chagrining wearying perturbing abasing debilitating saying nothing ignoring turfing taking back redressing counterchecking counterpoising tranquilizing besting rendering invalid ruling out rendering inert wiping slate clean going back on one's word declaring null and void declaring invalid rendering null and void licking casting a shadow over mastering fogging overclouding hazing dislimning befogging overcasting calling off closing down weighing down bumming out worsting surmounting scalding combusting thrashing concluding cloaking misting blearing blackening blurring closing remedying rectifying extenuating burning up burning down cremating carbonising destroying by fire casting a pall over burning to a crisp burning to the ground reducing to ashes carbonizing skunking upending overmatching overbearing softening mellowing mending healing hammering dispelling fuzzing up screening mantling masking overshadowing subjecting rising above smoothing curing winding up completing pacifying expiring lapsing breaking off subordinating dead-ending dying rounding out determining going quitting wrapping up rounding off elapsing closing out passing sorting out ironing out prevailing over winning against wrapping gaining the upper hand over getting the upper hand over prorogating desisting bringing to an untimely end wiping the floor with recessing getting the better of pulling the plug on getting around leaving off laying off bringing to a close adjourning winding down getting the upper hand doing down running out coming to an end letting up bearing down gaining ascendancy over bringing to a conclusion walking all over making mincemeat of proroguing winking out patching up putting to rights

Động từ

Present participle for to make someone sad, forlorn and hopeless
daunting dejecting depressing disheartening distressing dispiriting discouraging saddening dismaying flooring grieving oppressing shattering casting down making despondent making gloomy making miserable making sad making unhappy weighing down upsetting demoralizing demoralising crushing aggrieving shaking giving someone the blues afflicting dashing burdening ailing bugging dampening getting down bringing down weighing heavily on knocking sideways knocking for six throwing cold water on knocking the stuffing out of making someone fed up pouring cold water on troubling perturbing bothering chillin chilling trying enervating cowing abasing fazing harrowing haunting damping reducing to tears bumming out turning one off beating down casting a gloom upon bringing tears to your eyes putting a damper on causing suffering to making your heart bleed hanging over breaking someone's heart getting someone down downing pressing paining deploring deterring sapping throwing dampening spirits dragging down making blue unmanning unnerving bringing one down breaking one's heart casting a gloom on undermining weakening subduing frustrating disappointing making dispirited disinclining humbling humiliating making dejected making crestfallen disparaging indisposing making downhearted putting into a funk putting down throwing a pall over draining mortifying wearying tormenting disturbing darkening beating dragging debilitating dulling running down knocking the wind out of harshing one's mellow making desolate keeping under harshing someone's mellow bearing down appalling disconcerting intimidating alarming frightening vexing scaring worrying rattling agitating disquieting unsettling psyching out putting off abashing getting to discomposing irking shocking unhinging startling discomfiting horrifying panicking terrifying chagrining awing aweing petrifying flustering spooking ruffling shaking up astounding dissuading confounding terrorizing affrighting annoying exasperating concerning scaring off irritating alaruming discomforting terrorising disempowering enfeebling taking aback nonplussing embarrassing deflating browbeating distracting aggravating bringing low disgusting outraging throwing off balance tiring bulldozing sickening narking bewildering badgering harassing fussing flurrying distempering hagriding frazzling derailing perplexing repelling pestering galling provoking weirding out freaking out bullying overawing overwhelming discombobulating devitalizing jolting disillusioning consternating embittering discountenancing surprising confusing disenchanting buffaloing squashing scandalizing flattening disgruntling hurting needling putting into a flap putting someone off their stroke torturing throwing into a tizz frighting hacking off exercising undoing chastening making discontented amazing scandalising agonizing causing someone to lose their composure throwing off riling nauseating letting down puzzling putting the wind up fretting making anxious plaguing agonising scarifying stiffing burning up chafing scaring to death curdling the blood chilling to the bone making your hair stand on end making teeth chatter making uneasy striking terror into scaring away making blood run cold emasculating clouding thwarting baffling demotivating casting a shadow insulting dispraising palling putting someone off lying exciting breaking subjugating lowering suppressing stifling lying heavy on preying on devastating diminishing squelching smothering despairing knocking for a loop grossing out infuriating angering causing disquiet to dazing deranging overcoming extinguishing curbing defeating quelling deadening overpowering besetting bedevilling beleaguering bedeviling persecuting nagging interfering complicating arousing intruding stirring up getting in the way piquing rousing taking the heart out of maddening inhibiting prostrating repressing weighing deprecating drooping damping down bearing down on throwing into panic paralysing souring dissatisfying scaring witless scaring stiff pothering making one's hair stand on end scaring the daylights out of making one's blood run cold filling with fear freezing your blood scaring the bejesus out of shaming dumping miffing casting a pall over mystifying dumbfounding flummoxing paralyzing snafuing revolting causing to lose heart peeving goading making one's flesh creep scaring someone out of their wits getting the wind up putting the fear of God into making someone jump out of their skin throwing into a panic making your blood run cold giving one the creeps chilling someone to the marrow scaring the living daylights out of giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off throwing into a blue funk giving someone goose pimples throwing into a fright scaring someone half to death warning cautioning nettling incommoding boring wounding disobliging screwing up lousing up filling with consternation messing up fouling up mucking up disarming bludgeoning bullyragging tyrannizing blackjacking hectoring bogarting dragooning strong-arming mau-mauing hindering stinging driving crazy driving mad grating on making fed up getting on someone's nerves trying the patience of becoming bored getting at grating at having had enough eating at losing patience stunning stupefying gnawing at discommoding stressing giving someone a turn disorganizing jumbling muddling snarling crippling unglueing unzipping disarranging ungluing disordering blustering enforcing showboating railroading racking straining breaking the heart of causing anguish to making wretched making nervous winding up putting the wind up someone throwing into a tizzy offending uncalming riding cutting to the quick displeasing dashing hopes tyrannising picking on taking apart blowing up sending up blowing out snubbing debunking belittling destroying quashing distressing greatly making worried dashing the hopes of taking steam out bowling over setting back pushing around walking heavy leaning on giving someone the hump talking out of shattering the illusions of dampening the spirits of shooting down letting wind out of sails knocking down cutting down to size puncturing balloon taking the wind out of somebody's sails taking the wind out of someone's sails taking down a peg or two letting down easy taking down giving a turn softening melting touching turning on the heat arousing sympathy tugging at someone's heartstrings arousing pity tugging at the heart

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