Đồng nghĩa của boss

Alternative for boss

bosses, bossed, bossing

Đồng nghĩa: direct, foreman, look after, manager, oversee, supervise,

Trái nghĩa: apprentice, disciple, follower,


A person who is in charge of a worker or organization
head chief leader director executive manager administrator foreman master supervisor employer kingpin overseer owner superintendent governor honcho controller president patron principal proprietor captain chair chairman chairperson chairwoman taskmaster bigwig foreperson forewoman gaffer manageress skipper boss man chieftain dominator exec headman head man head woman helmer helmsman taskperson top man top woman chief executive person in charge sachem top dog baas sherang big cheese big gun head honcho jefe Mister Big number one padrone superior commander big kahuna big person big wheel numero uno high muckamuck ruler superior commander managing director officer big shot CEO lord tycoon premier archon administrant chief executive officer super head person fat cat straw boss organizer MD line manager President higher-up inspector key player big enchilada organiser kahuna top banana VIP magnate monarch mogul official mandarin ganger industrialist heavyweight nabob mistress entrepreneur senior team leader biggie conductor elder ringleader baron chargehand overlord commanding officer grandee steward grieve comptroller brass chancellor big noise kingfish high-up hotshot big white chief figurehead sovereign authority general producer skip commandant important person capitalist suzerain minister king functionary tsar prince co commissioner businessperson provost pannikin boss pit boss guvnor zookeeper better Mr Big warden czar slave driver front office senior manager heavy captain of industry wheel mastermind top brass big fish Big Chief Big Daddy bossman moderator ramrod overman guru patriarch major leaguer big leaguer big-timer heavy hitter major player bureaucrat custodian agent guv financier spokesperson brains liege guv'nor lord and master representative dean old man curator supremo rector person upstairs mayor prez big businessman potentate dignitary investor head of department higher up top liege lord prex prexy top executive lion Napoleon member of the board top cat nawab nob brass hat plutocrat prime minister panjandrum tribal chief lead-off person commander in chief bigfoot big nibs vice chancellor muckety muck influential person grand poobah high-muckety-muck pooh-bah high-muck-a-muck muckety-muck poo-bah muck-a-muck big boy production manager sales manager big boss very important person federal case serious issue major concern matter of life and death coach C.E.O. taskmistress political boss caretaker ariki headliner seigneur dictator judge consul admin ambassador strongman troublemaker gang leader instigator stirrer headmaster doyenne coryphée doyen headmistress sitter examiner convener overling helm handler pedagog trainer matriarch pedagogue management corporation establishment slavedriver outfit juice person crew leader boss woman boss lady induna maistry headship player senior administrator suit senior official reins inciter agitator orchestrator manufacturer viceroy pusher director general prolocutor presider speaker queen robber baron magnifico millionaire billionaire multimillionaire meal ticket emperor executive officer top person seneschal proconsul bailiff intendant regulator hierarchy big Chief big Daddy notable somebody notability princess disciplinarian tyrant head teacher big deal macher Capt. workers big cheese zillionaire squillionaire mentor celebrity personage operations manager operational manager leader of the pack CFO pilot royalty four-striper operator guide cap Big Brother muckamuck joss cacique merchant prince gubernatorial leader presiding officer prepositus POTUS appointee driver's seat counsellor torchbearer chief of state wealthy businessman office-holder big name counselor big hitter mover and shaker powerful person powerful batter great gun big bug officeholder office-bearer CO wealthy person business person pilot in command C.O. don apparatchik jack-in-office factory boss factory owner incumbent top drawer marshal office bearer magistrate secretary public servant treasurer civil servant commander-in-chief chief officer C in C high priest high priestess point person C.-in-C. general manager secretary-general name figure V.I.P. guiding light bo expert planner accountant jailer keeper driver checker business manager financial officer spearhead prime mover gaoler parliamentarian count nobility drighten bishop marquis dad flag-bearer flag carrier spokesman man upstairs male head presbyter father MC faculty head nestor standard-bearer senior figure noble introducer toastmaster monitor department head legislator professor lead tack ecclesiastic luminary master of ceremonies shop steward father of the chapel superstar personality star celeb prelate aristocrat megastar bashaw aristo elder statesman college head head of faculty university official worthy icon standout notoriety ikon light merchant peer eminence power hotdog dignity office holder public figure leading light cause celebre high muckety-muck committee member organization administrator famous name household name board member big-time operator


A rounded lump or ball, especially at the end or on the surface of something
knob protuberance bump knot lump projection nub protrusion ball bulge swelling bunch bulk carbuncle excrescence gnarl growth node nodule outgrowth swell tumour hump knop knurl tumescence umbo snag tumor prominence intumescence tumefaction jut eminence convexity ridge overhang enlargement ledge shelf process outcrop wart outthrust mass mound hunch distension excrescency neoplasm boil pustule pimple eruption gibbosity dilation flange extension corn distention knuckle hole sprout bud burl shoot knar gall lip overlap cancerous growth malignant growth irregularity malignancy clot cancer blot sticky-out bit accretion cyst spur polyp kyphosis convexedness knap inflammation blister bulla jag eaves sill carcinoma puffiness bunion welt bunching salience promontory swollen object excess appendage bagginess blob sagging superfluity sac salient nodulation tuberosity sarcoma hook rim prolongation point spine step sticking-out bit corm tuber rhizome injury contusion sty abscess weal wen bruise pock puff sore engorgement increase wale bulb underground part globe storage organ head globular object spot wound blemish plook papule ulcer furuncle blain lesion whelk bleb mark zit vesication wheal scar cut hickey canker discoloration trauma jutting abrasion blackhead laceration fester infection graze gathering whitehead sprain fracture ecchymosis damage comedo cramp projecting obtrusion obtruding whitlow streak vesicle ulceration bulging scrape stripe gash ganglion twinge chilblain gumboil acne scratch strain pockmark shiner hemorrhage haemorrhage sticking out crick hurt harm nick burn tear black-and-blue mark deformation black eye concentration edema stones stroke scald pernio cuff lash verruca bubble rash chafe scorch wounding mouse anemone coelenterate hydra coral hydroid bang knock melanoma myeloma lymphoma caruncle papula edoema parulis bubo hollow void cavity meningioma metastasis teratoma fibroadenoma neurofibroma cicatrix running sore blocked pore verruga mole marking beauty spot blood blister bag pouch saccule Cancer oocyst hydatid steatoma bruising benign tumor malignant tumor slash affliction gouge blackening stab sting boo-boo skin discoloration hematoma shock mutilation bite rent pang black mark


An animal of the cattle group, which also includes buffaloes and bison


A person who is highly skilled or knowledgeable in their field
authority expert guru master scholar specialist ace connoisseur professional wizard adept maestro pundit virtuoso aficionado buff doyen hotshot maven oracle pro sage whizz artist sharp whiz arbiter bible boffin crackerjack fiend geek judge kingpin meister professor veteran aristocrat brains brass cognoscente consultant crackajack czar dab egghead fundi governor hand kingfish law mavin shark textbook Bible exec executive dab hand top hand walking encyclopedia big cheese big shot big wig ivory dome past master power elite top brass top dog city hall front office expert witness one of the cognoscenti proficient genius old hand ninja star grandmaster wiz wonk master hand savant prodigy skilled person champion demon artiste marvel adviser brain mentor alpha geek rocket scientist old pro enthusiast wunderkind mastermind director critic phenomenon technician brainiac intellect winner practitioner thinker obsessive hot shot doyenne whiz kid scientist guide inventor old-timer superstar devotee brainbox exponent fancier warhorse vet stager doctor aficionada high priest analyst old stager old guard old soldier bright spark whizz-kid something to write home about something else something to shout about trooper beast insider leader Einstein researcher grand master cordon bleu counsellor source old master conductor bellwether graduate resource person wonder controller powerhouse counsel advisor victor aesthete dilettante talent forecaster key player appreciator ruler determiner consigliere counselor real pro esthete whizz kid up-and-comer prima donna whiz-bang top player leading light horse's mouth gifted person lord dictator force power magician celebrity champ dillettante natural performer number cruncher longtimer retired soldier trouper freelancer specialist in authority on expert judge clever clogs experienced person old school shellback GI sourdough expert judge of no slouch hot stuff old warhorse arbiter of taste influencer bravura player old salt person experienced in something fan lover addict architect cognoscenti bookworm auger cereb commentator intellectual teacher philosopher solon freak fanatic engineer organizer self-appointed expert manager maniac admirer nut planner learned one member of a policy unit member of a think tank mind author afficionado fool bug ham sucker junkie junky hound habitue head deviser originator initiator nerd habitué votary instigator organiser prime mover intelligence


To give (someone) orders in a domineering manner
order command direct domineer push browbeat bully dominate oversee run superintend bulldoze captain control dictate govern lead pressurise pressurize quarterback railroad supervise sway administrate head manage rule spearhead lean on call the tune give orders lord it over ride roughshod over take charge try to control walk all over be in charge call the shots lay down the law preside over boss about boss around give orders to order about order around tell what to do use strong-arm tactics on impose one's will on throw one's weight about throw one's weight around handle guide overlook administer conduct regulate be in charge of steward operate run the show head up be in control of organize steer pilot hold sway over organise be at the helm of tend carry on keep look after influence tyrannize be responsible for be in command of tyrannise be in the saddle master be the boss of pull the strings oppress run things sit on top of reign over orchestrate be the leader of mastermind helm exercise control over take care of ride herd on care for rule the roost have control of have charge of take over chair reign officiate push around be in driver's seat be in the driving seat execute subjugate push about be in power over watch overrule tend to watch over moderate hold the reins call the shots in be in the driver's seat be head of take the helm have authority over be the head of predominate carry out hegemonize subject overbear front inspect preside preponderate chaperon discipline micromanage minister observe introduce shepherd advise deal with lead the way judge mediate be at the helm hold sway prevail over rule over crack the whip lead by the nose hold down keep under thumb call the tune in take charge of call the shots of take the chair of be on duty dictate to keep under one's thumb coordinate skipper intimidate prevail overshadow eclipse monopolize outshine drive marshal mind attend maintain maneuver manoeuvre umpire superabound monopolise referee wield officer coach marshall be in saddle honcho have one's way pull the wires wear the crown trample on wear the trousers hold office call the signals keep an eye on play first fiddle have upper hand take the chair assume command of be in power dragoon own commandeer outnumber host arbitrate call act the tin god reign supreme ordain have see officiate at survey eye call the shots on dictate terms lord over call the tune for detract from have control over be foremost be at the head of render engineer herd manipulate manage people call the play baby-sit keep one's eye on be on duty at take in hand sort out minister to emcee serve point in the right direction have the say control the affairs of put on the right track take the reins dispose assume command over address field negotiate occupy throne exercise authority serve the people assume command hold dominion adjudicate take hack order someone around boss someone about be domineering boss someone around be dogmatic order someone about call upon instruct treat take forward work engage in ply be responsible maintain order overpower occupy act carry out official duties perform official duties function do the honors have authority exercise authority over take the reins of be in authority over hold dominion over exercise power conquer subordinate subdue vanquish pacify facilitate be monarch be sovereign sit wield the sceptre hold power occupy the throne be queen be king sit on the throne push someone around ride roughshod over someone have under one's thumb have ascendancy over have the whip hand over keep under your thumb have the upper hand over rule the roost in have the upper hand in have mastery over hector tell someone what to do throw your weight around persecute terrorize threaten menace bluster squeeze swagger bend henpeck terrorise strong-arm rule with a rod of iron put the screws on bend to one's will be overbearing push the buttons rule with an iron hand kick around in the driver's seat throw weight around launch initiate pioneer affect bring persuade set off motivate start prompt trail-blaze produce spur originate cause move regiment besteer bewield puppeteer be in the van be in the front line of blaze the trail set in motion be in the vanguard of lead the way in bring on be in the van of be in the forefront of lay the first stone be the driving force behind put in motion get the jump on lead the way for go out in front be the boss have someone in the palm of one's hand have a hold over hold the purse strings hold purse strings have someone eating out of one's hand have something in the palm of one's hand push buttons have someone in one's hip pocket arrange navigate devise shape contrive frame choreograph plan determine set up stage-manage design jockey form put together see to concert fix up machinate finesse attend to stage create mobilize mount prepare mobilise finagle make arrangements for inspire lay out mould plot decide scheme aviate see about mold incline predispose wangle get together channel condition fix point use instigate blueprint circumnavigate project construct actuate chart work out map out scheme out strategize about fashion coxswain bias induce exploit conceive encourage check curb bring about tame restrain funnel schedule bridle establish con impact on budget systematize harmonize integrate have an effect on force compose pull strings calculate rouse make come up with goad act on categorise harmonise be in the chair at adjust jack up shape up categorize engage systematise get the better of give directions do transform carry-on be accountable for head something up monitor be boss of pass through reform cox traverse cross travel through manage operations wield baton show the way be at the controls of be chairperson keep up guard achieve investigate strategize lay on edit be chairman be chairwoman till correct change improve rehabilitate make better implement be the proprietor of bend to your will control the content of be chief of shield safeguard defend protect turn ride position twist fly stagger look into trailblaze beacon activate take on model take control of concoct effect be at the controls keep tabs on bring off encompass pull off style be the editor of find out about take responsibility for arouse win over take someone in hand sail across have a handle on plant swing rig put on angle doctor scam cook upstage play upon rewrite synthesise write preplan present blend unify synthesize symphonize talk into train get at be recognized have a part in act upon bring to bear carry weight argue into seduce impel twist round one's little finger turn to one's advantage use to one's advantage play games put over pull wires put through plan out put one on put one over overcome set settle tailor prioritise index sort methodize structure prioritize compile inventory phase range systemize array draft resolve conn get ready come to an agreement draught agree to come to terms make plans set stage settle on make plans for pencil in iron out agree on make preparations for come to terms about pull things together prepare for pattern defeat ferry cruise sail hatch forge oblige compel press propel coerce suppress beat boat tempt generate imitate decorate copy emulate follow quell lick quash author dream up adapt urge galvanise spark envigorate trigger impose on enthuse incite spur on galvanize prod provoke orient stimulate invigorate embolden develop punch dispatch repress best triumph over surmount head out ride out take the helm of ship out employ kettle round up stop overmatch programme program constitute make willing have the bright idea of utilize synchronize mesh correlate usher drove corral poke get over skunk gain control of do down get around gain mastery over worst upend get get a grip on win against institute found think up be the brains behind think of begin timetable scare up conciliate reconcile utilise appropriate find a use for deploy make use of harness adopt call into play put to good use take advantage of apply turn to account resort to put into service avail oneself of avail yourself of make do with pool interrelate dovetail conform attune get going start up lick into shape lay the foundations of get off the ground straighten out budget for contain accommodate key inhibit reconciliate synchronise proportion conduce bring together atune fit together relate get it together hold measure constrain modify alter touch underlie directionalize pull in rein in work on exert influence on hold in check be a factor in have an impact on keep a tight rein on


(slang, US, Canada, Liverpudlian) The best of its kind or class
awesome choice excellent fab fabulous fantastic fine superb divine grand great groovy marvellous marvelous mean neat nifty sensational splendid stellar sterling terrific wonderful banner capital classic cool crackerjack dandy dope dynamite heavenly immense noble quality radical superior swell top topflight unsurpassed bang-up corking cracking fantabulous fly gangbuster gangbusters hot peachy phat prime primo first-class first-rate first-string gilt-edge gilt-edged high-class out-of-sight tip-top top-notch top-shelf jim-dandy top-of-the-line topping lovely superlative keen beautiful wizard boffo slick bully supernal righteous bumper prizewinning famous prize frontline brag bonny blue-ribbon blue-chip bonnie hype down brave five-star number one A-OK gone par excellence numero uno peachy keen four-star out of this world super magnificent outstanding brilliant smashing exceptional supreme wicked champion glorious tremendous brill ace rad supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ripping sublime too much amazing exquisite bosting perfect magic spiffing bonzer beaut admirable top-hole mega delightful bodacious on fleek schmick phenomenal mind-blowing world-class select amazeballs best extraordinary dreamy gorgeous crucial sound impressive def pre-eminent preeminent matchless peerless premier incredible spanking good greatest sik very good exo belting crack remarkable spectacular stupendous exemplary tiptop topnotch A-1 fabby marvy bad worthy beezer goodly pearler barrie lank kif eminent far out leading formidable distinguished consummate sovereign incomparable dazzling highest too good to be true chillin' top-class dominant tops unparalleled top-drawer class notable applaudable elite estimable unrivaled vintage transcendent high-quality high-grade breathtaking A1 of the highest quality unrivalled finest winning enjoyable stunning laudable premium of the first water prodigious illustrious outrageous flawless elegant accomplished noted rare of high quality meritorious of the highest standard principal chief awesomesauce top-level bosker optimum optimal top-tier top of the line top of the range top drawer of the first order prize-winning praiseworthy striking special pleasurable attractive desirable skilful skillful deluxe colossal unreal fantastical unique solid standout nice unequalled singular top-of-the-range top-grade unexcelled surpassing far-out star unbeatable uppermost solid gold top-quality unequaled hunky-dory first highest quality very best without equal of the highest order beyond compare grade A award-winning enviable exclusive ideal commendable entrancing valuable enchanting certified invaluable memorable chic pleasant high priceless lofty to die for astonishing agreeable satisfying rewarding most mint legit virtuoso masterful masterly main scrumptious primary foremost predominant way-out unmatched cream model lead faultless paramount top quality flagship posh quintessential head untouchable dainty effusive extreme excessive prominent exalted inflated exaggerated worthiest virtuous choicest in a class all by itself the best above and beyond world class of highest order first-line superfine key reliable sharp quick bestselling bewitching captivating charming radiant agile deft clever smart unforgettable arresting hypnotic blissful fashionable unorthodox deep wild idyllic rapturous gratifying ravishing alluring high quality handy well-designed natty convenient adroit apt ingenious stylish spruce pleasing advanced crowning fancy delectable plush important ritzy peak well-known celebrated sophisticated paragon polished foxy juicy rocking renowned hand-picked elect distinctive really good selected ka pai awe-inspiring noteworthy inspired splendiferous sup rior all very well well and good elevated august splendorous moving eloquent surprising agitating unbelievable signal the dog's bollocks super-duper top-flight baller crash hot nang No. 1 proud eventful delicate ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly really nice the very best state-of-the-art a standout gnarly grade-A astounding miraculous favored 10 popular preferred preferential with it pretty cool A-number-1 mostest out-of-this-world hundred-proof extraordinaire extremely good wondrous handpicked plum favorite precious eclectic A-list zero cool eye-popping jaw-dropping favoured 24-karat favourite uncommon cherry-picked carefully chosen unusual out of sight tip top better grander bigger more unprecedented apex complete number 1 a cut above the rest unsurpassable industry leading one-in-a-million best possible utopian crown second to none number-one dominating inimitable Grade A record-breaking big-time first class nonpareil undefeated unbeaten sans pareil unexampled pick fat larger higher cooler largest deserving creditable greater able honourable right worthwhile competent world-beating meritious winner praisable meedful honorable meritable thankworthy golden major big preponderant executive the most high-up of greatest importance to the fore master central expert adept skilled cardinal proficient especial arch practised overriding dexterous talented marked gifted vital essential practiced primal imposing significant conspicuous abnormal dextrous atypical odd overbearing out of the ordinary capable staggering pivotal mind-boggling experienced anomalous efficient overmastering versed unwonted influential focal prevailing compleat powerful particular professional prior sovran freak artful aberrant preternatural veteran educated peculiar towering strange core ruling majestic thrilling exceeding commanding unheard of professed exciting inconceivable momentous fundamental ultimate bizarre mighty prestigious topmost reputable uncustomary honoured aberrated critical well versed without parallel trained unimaginable honored famed royal unfamiliar stately hotshot genius big league epic controlling only consequential senior esteemed successful dignified high-level unusually good salient beyond comparison supereminent bravura rich workmanlike regal unaccustomed weird venerable tasty monumental presiding gallant potent impeccable deadly refreshing savvy novel unconventional heroic integral habile seminal magnific untypical record arch- of a high standard high-ranking basic eye-opening top-ranking puissant highly regarded magical high profile high-powered seasoned best ever something else staple obvious prevalent coruscating grandiose in a class of its own unexpected imperial effective original weighty queer curious shining resplendent massive baronial inspiring heroical respectable alpha strong notorious respected portentous acclaimed Homeric unheard-of recognized exotic red-letter utmost extra special redoubtable outlandish authoritative classical refined intrinsic iconic without peer exceptionally good gee-whizz resonant trusted recognised necessary of prime importance irreproachable a dab hand at all-important pompous one of a kind major league well known considerable demon far-reaching sweet absolute invincible rockin qualified enthralling indomitable glittering effectual knowledgeable supernatural shocking specialist above average recherche bright new astral transcendental irregular sumptuous determining luxurious facile unthinkable freakish unknown exhilarating one in a million lordly out of the way opulent palatial schooled historical awful banging overruling bewildering honest decent of note deciding well-connected prized valued fresh groundbreaking revolutionary in a league of their own final compelling pioneering outré magnanimous of influence fabled without match of supreme importance first and foremost outre idiosyncratic eccentric newfangled ranking alone all-time serious headmost atypic requisite uplifting heavy unordinary immensely skilled highly qualified very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled extraordinarily skilled not too shabby highly trained ground-breaking first-time worthy of admiration worthy of commendation must-have urgent confounding indispensable hors concours of the first rank unlikely high-minded high-priority in a league of its own sui generis of great consequence out-of-the-way needed luxury unimpeachable blameless piked pronounced noticeable marquee distinct pro festive blinding stirring upmarket awing historic touching cherished fascinating triumphant happy whimsical creative tophole clear total utter different beyond words beyond description proper spesh chur definitive affecting immaculate immortal good quality high-caliber a cut above imaginative red-carpet celebratory sunny positive initiative theatrical offbeat intrusive projecting pertinent protruding obtrusive relevant arrestive jutting effulgent innovational innovative biggest infrequent high-test material aces unparagoned solid-gold thoroughbred good-quality high-calibre elemental profound telling governing unmatchable unchallenged innovatory well executed elder adored time-honored improved enhanced artistic uncharacteristic top-priority enterprising inventive intense forcible rousing crash-hot regnant predominate opening beginning unblemished endowed sheer earthshaking record breaking downright thorough chartbusting earthshattering ready resourceful helpful public intellectual unearthly axial intelligent fearless tenacious joyous ascendant richest cat's meow like wow front unapproached dream awe-striking brainy hep hip of moment impassioned virtuosic off the beaten track pretty slap-up congenial diverting not bad picturesque initial a million dollars like a million dollars top-rank superseding of greatest significance intervening revered first rate learned admired legendary triumphal idealistic highly rated heart-stopping better than expected pure egregious better than usual of the best quality better than average seldom seen dramatic without an equal culminating all-time best stand alone efficacious ambitious having a knack for haughty ostentatious pretentious large cut out for class act shining at inaugural five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality unaccountable inexplicable mysterious sacred inspirational holy abstract copacetic very great whiz well thought of major-league of high standing heavy-duty earnest big time big-league skookum promising starry intoxicating there clean smooth self-important overblown immodest highest-ranking hotdog heavyweight of mark in the public eye improbable incomprehensible implausible difficult to believe wised up paranormal stupefying very fine in a class of one's own useful productive unfailing practical exacting very able sharp as a tack on the beam know stuff nimble-fingered on the ball up to speed no slouch no dummy eye-catching valorous hunky dory up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty believeable satisfactory organic well-thought-of at the cutting edge heavy stuff hot stuff at the leading edge eximious well-done metaphysical mystical otherworldly uncanny supernormal unworldly other-worldly decisive never to be forgotten huge substantial sure-fire imperative unconquerable lavish princely cat's pajamas mind-bending spine-tingling unnatural of genius batting a thousand salt of the earth unnerving disturbing unsettling disquieting unstoppable oratorical upper-class VIP upper cogent aristocratic kingly ghostly occult deviant unrepresentative deviative supermundane determinative pressing acute meaningful climactic jolting dumbfounding dumfounding startling jarring flabbergasting blindsiding invulnerable mandatory burning vitally important very important required life-and-death life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence much needed earth-shattering prerequisite unassailable overwhelming blockbusting leet magnolious insurmountable impregnable bulletproof insuperable au fait splendacious swanky hard to swallow beyond belief celestial cosmic outrageously bad not beatable rudimentary underlying upright elementary benevolent generous ethical principled upstanding moral chivalrous gracious humane just beneficent scanty subtile flimsy subtle sparse occasional tenuous few and far between attenuate short light attenuated seldom deficient few semioccasional scattered rarefied thin isolated scarce unfrequent sporadic limited cultivated uncorrupted natural chad liberal courtly polite greathearted unselfish bounteous charitable tolerant benign sympathetic great-hearted noble-minded anti-corruption stand-up self-sacrificing most excellent most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most skilled most powerful


Pleasant and satisfactory
good excellent exceptional appealing delightful enjoyable great likeable likable marvellous marvelous nice pleasant positive satisfactory satisfying superb wonderful acceptable affable agreeable amiable beautiful clear comfortable comforting elegant enchanting engaging enviable euphoric exhilarating fair fascinating favourable favorable fine flashy glamorous gorgeous hunky joyous lovely lovesome mild photogenic pleasing pleasurable precious presentable pretty ravishing seductive sound splendid stunning sublime sunny super tasteful tempting valuable worthy A1 ace admirable aesthetic amusing arresting attractive beauteous blessed capital cheery choice comely commendable cunning cute dainty delicate dishy dollish drop-dead exquisite eye-catching fetching flamboyant foxy fun glad glamourous glossy good-looking heavenly honorable honourable hospitable hunky-dory in order intoxicating knockout neat not bad OK prettyish prime pulchritudinous rad radiant rapturous relief reputable resplendent showstopping showy sightly slick snazzy soothing spanking splashy statuesque sterling superior taking unspoilt welcome well-favored zingy alluring blest calming charming congenial copacetic copasetic darling delightsome deluxe dulcet ecstatic elating esthetic first-class first-rate genial gnarly grateful gratifying paradisaic paradisaical paradisal paradisiac paradisiacal passable recherche recreative relishable savoury savory select shipshape splendorous stupendous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious super-eminent super-excellent telegenic irie unblemished bad perfect whole flawless entire up to snuff uninjured crack unbroken intact unimpaired undamaged unharmed unhurt bully tip-top unmarred delectable sweet jolly luscious delicious felicitous dreamy tasty palatable handsome bonny goodly seemly likely bonnie captivating divine adorable desirable winning glorious smashing entertaining magnificent fabulous prepossessing enticing bewitching fantastic beguiling striking terrific irresistible charismatic tantalizing fanciable easy on the eye winsome fit grand refreshing nice-looking sexy tantalising out of this world sultry hot nubile sensational graceful as pretty as a picture sensual lush arousing bootylicious adorbs entrancing brilliant luring spunky rewarding magical cheering exciting drop-dead gorgeous well favoured inviting sexual fab peachy sensuous thrilling magic heartening scrumptious stylish cheerful diverting amazing easy on the eyes come-hither happy bodacious cool babelicious beaut swell beddable well-favoured shapely erotic dazzling intriguing to one's liking come-to-bed sexually attractive cordial awesome heartwarming personable magnetic interesting pleasureful fine and dandy brill spiffing enthralling provocative mesmeric topping wizard bonzer groovy beckoning top-hole becoming buxom blooming on fleek very beautiful to one's taste fine-looking promising bright encouraging blissful outstanding propitious opportune fulfilling timely appreciated gladdening decorative suitable ducky festive heaven-sent much needed superlative champion ripping cracking corking dandy beezer frabjous lovable lekker mooi joyful gladly received to your liking teasing wholesome very agreeable very nice a ten well favored very pleasant titillating ok friendly alright silvery compelling soft golden sympathetic extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant artistic consoling sapid convivial balmy relaxing snug suited welcoming wanted extremely attractive powerful highest ornamental jovial adapted appropriate studly enhancing fancy stellar restful renewing rejuvenating restorative solacing merry dear easy to take matchless peerless tremendous angelic well suited clean-cut incredible easygoing good-natured sweet-natured preferable beautifying goodlooking noble immaculate supreme restoring couthy trim dreamboat eyeful bijou ambrosial ineffable yummy gay gladsome celebratory distracting clubbable rare par excellence spiffy peach ready pussycat classy symmetrical ideal well-formed refined picture-perfect very attractive greatly to one's liking very pleasurable just fine constructive productive worthwhile wicked splendiferous beneficial to your taste long-awaited longed-for desired contenting sustaining sufficient substantial nourishing satiating adequate happiness-inducing replayable in good taste way-out out of sight top-notch very good heart-warming light-hearted hitting the spot optimistic glowing aglow rosy hopeful beaming auspicious elfin drawing attention


Causing emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm
thrilling exciting stirring rip-roaring rousing stimulating hair-raising electrifying gripping inspiring riveting action-packed animated dramatic fascinating lively spirited breathtaking charged electric emotional emotion-charged emotive exhilarating exhilarative galvanic galvanising galvanizing heady heart-stopping impassioned inspirational intoxicating kicky mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling moving passionate sensational shaking trembling anthemic inspiriting quaking shivering shuddering soul-stirring stem-winding vibrating awe-inspiring awesome blood-tingling delightful enchanting exquisite fab fabulous frantic large mad magnificent miraculous overwhelming spine-tingling swinging wild wondrous zero cool enthralling interesting captivating astonishing invigorating amazing provocative arousing intriguing envigorating compelling impressive absorbing appealing wonderful entrancing engrossing spectacular staggering stunning spellbinding incredible animating astounding energizing remarkable striking startling compulsive marvellous affecting engaging titillating bewitching enlivening thought-provoking arresting marvelous unputdownable energising eye-popping dynamic mesmerizing suspenseful powerful challenging intense energetic entertaining stupendous mesmerising hypnotic eye-opening brilliant refreshing extraordinary touching mesmeric magical unbelievable involving stimulative transfixing bracing vitalizing seductive dazzling shocking poignant magnetic consuming charming immersing quickening vivid piquant enticing provoking adrenalizing hectic jaw-dropping sexy outstanding irresistible fantastic out of this world very interesting alluring tantalizing lurid diverting cliffhanging amusing vigorous prodigious vivifying tantalising beguiling uplifting tense shock-horror phenomenal difficult imposing theatrical inconceivable motivating preoccupying surprising exceptional heartbreaking mind-altering buzzworthy momentous heart-rending heart-warming excellent attention-grabbing tear-jerking bold memorable superb scandalous fantastical impactful tremendous effective unique fast-moving tonic influential affective glorious portentous exhilarant suggestive explosive first-class first-rate vital inflammatory knife-edge salacious exalting restorative cheering strong notable colourful sentimental important tempting conspicuous complex complicated baffling confusing puzzling very exciting heartrending significant noteworthy addictive graphic noticeable awakening racy melodramatic newsworthy stupefying monopolizing hallucinatory marked hot encouraging climactic splendid seducing blinding enthusiastic hearty unimaginable psychedelic monopolising attractive sublime great pleasing cool terrific stellar sudden emphatic tragic pleasurable hypnotizing colorful profound impelling curious super charismatic gee-whizz forcible awe-striking heart-stirring fine sensorial amazeballs far out hypnotising meaningful special vibrant theatric divine majestic empyreal out of the ordinary expressive galvanical reviving cordial rejuvenating Hitchcockian shareable viral potent agitational ensational readable elating hallucinogenic nerve-racking fashionable trendy brisk sparkling adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat beautiful magic spicy better than expected laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated exalté boisterous rollicking ripping riotous uproarious revitalizing gladdening bright histrionic risqué totally absorbing giving one food for thought superior motivational warm radiant heartening revitalising elevating giddy animative exhilaratory teasing erotic sensual pornographic dramaturgical royal telling tender adrenaline-fueled unusual persuasive meaty inviting eventful worthy of note fresh trenchant topical unboring newsy splashy relatable prepossessing showy fast-paced high glaring gleaming pronounced definite unprecedented breathless sententious upsetting juicy insane instigative instigating unparalleled sharp biting saucy sexually arousing lewd sexually exciting sexually stimulating dramaturgic far-out resplendent like a dream come true unheard-of blissful fabled splendorous heavenly ethereal enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled inciting triggering piquing jolting superlative uncommon singular enjoyable crazy unreal rare surpassing buzzy volatile adrenalized sensitive controversial enrapturing funny ridiculous unusually good power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable up-tempo some histrionical thespian farcical comic cherished perfect pleasant horrifying fetching elfin bad massive luring delectable ravishing glamourous glamorous good accomplished humorous witty battery operated contentious delicate daring deep primo grand like wow swell hunky-dory groovy dandy monumental delicious lavish stately luxurious too good to be true unheard of winning high-octane agreeable fun skilled skilful consummate skillful formidable admirable masterly congenial recreative droll nice bodacious noisy commanding studied crack ace world-class expert consequential touchy hilarious chucklesome harrowing haunting breath-taking eye-catching appalling sensationalistic revealing comical cracking crash-hot nifty saccharine lachrymose sugary cloying syrupy pathetic mawkish over-sentimental relaxing scream clever riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless distracting sensationalist screaming gee-whiz catchpenny problematic awkward hot-button soppy mushy cornball weepy gooey schmaltzy cutesy drippy sappy wizard mean hokey yellow historic crackerjack well-done heartwarming affectional lovey-dovey signal extravagant tabloid sultry vulgar coloured pointed prominent rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated salient colored three-hanky


Influential or powerful in rank, position, or status
mighty powerful strong influential important potent hardy puissant robust strapping vigorous dominant doughty forceful heavy heavy-duty leading significant stalwart stout sturdy authoritative controlling indomitable lusty manful predominant prestigious almighty omnipotent powerhouse steamroller strengthy wieldy strong as ox great high-level eminent prominent celebrated renowned preeminent distinguished illustrious notable famed respected grand outstanding notorious supreme exalted noted glorious famous noble high-powered commanding formidable noteworthy high-ranking revered top acclaimed senior seminal well-known chief foremost redoubtable extraordinary prevailing prime highest highly regarded prized well-connected premier valued pre-eminent big-name big-time world-class major-league high-profile storied recognized reputable high profile fabled honourable elevated incomparable signal alpha superior trusted all-important esteemed dignified honored imposing honorable honoured resonant recognised iconic admired major big-league serious heavyweight dynamic substantial weighty popular sovereign big-shot vital hot-dog historic winning immortal trendsetting feted conspicuous dominating big-gun governing regnant big-wheel overwhelming overpowering efficacious major league overbearing august unparalleled unequaled superlative unequalled gifted matchless arch high-minded well known prior first rate paramount sublime primal legendary highly rated unexcelled learned arch- lofty stately primary first capital number one main of the first rank heroic unsurpassed magnanimous triumphal regal principal peerless big league idealistic greatest useful punchy spanking trenchant forcible go-getter gutsy ball of fire worthy eventful top-level head upper of influence high-up eloquent distinctive integral marvelous towering historical cogent first-class four-star successful rich magnific big memorable phenomenal oratorical of note magnificent majestic royal deciding aristocratic upper-class top-ranking VIP good marvellous

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boss Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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