Đồng nghĩa của practiced

Alternative for practiced

Trái nghĩa: unpracticed,

practices, practiced, practicing

Đồng nghĩa: condition, drill, exercise, prepare, rehearse, repeat, train,

Trái nghĩa: theory,


Displaying outstanding skill, knowledge, or experience in a given field
accomplished ace adept compleat complete consummate crack crackerjack educated experienced expert good great master masterful masterly professed proficient skilful skilled skillful versed veteran virtuoso able exercised trained practised competent capable talented adroit dexterous qualified dextrous gifted deft efficient seasoned mean brilliant polished knowledgeable professional well versed savvy wizard clever effectual excellent handy pro fine up to speed marvellous first-rate schooled first-class vet well-versed outstanding prepared fit marvelous well trained effective formidable hardened fitted long-serving nifty battle-scarred tried habile au fait deadly tested wicked apt equipped tasty with it sharp disciplined old multiskilled multitalented refined magnificent suitable superb sure-handed taught well-rounded tutored all-round all-around established slick splendid mature stellar smart impressive demon whiz hot familiar instructed up to snuff top-notch artful practical a dab hand at fluent superlative balanced serviceable proper learned superior time-served effortless smashing fab strong agile leading very good hotshot magic suited sophisticated weathered equal up to it tip-top brill workmanlike ingenious worldly wise elite long-time adequate dynamite ready best A1 on the beam on the ball old hand been around bred aimed quick wonderful prodigious champion accurate satisfactory useful reliable very well quintessential supreme exemplary ultimate perfect advanced sensational fabulous terrific tremendous fantastic habituated decent handpicked deluxe choice capital virtuosic faultless awesome first class class a hand at matured toughened hep cool hip brainy facile voluble right on errorless dead-on spot-on thorough topflight sure-fire well sporting exact on-target precise trustworthy stringent intelligent kosher conversant wised up powerful drilled phenom rounded accustomed sport star world-class top topnotch distinguished super worldly wise well up in been there versed in happy pitch-perfect hardy the right stuff knowing one's stuff knowing the score broken in cunning easy alert genius knowing bright keen endowed worldly-wise worthy responsible methodic methodical know the ropes know backwards and forwards highly endowed know one's onions licensed chartered systematic certificated steady old-time inured certified from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday wise to ways of the old school eligible authorized employable long-term licenced proved accepted authorised peerless there smooth clean nimble-fingered very able no slouch sharp as a tack know stuff top-drawer no dummy top-hole


Performed with great skill or ability
expert masterly skilful deft dexterous adroit masterful skillful virtuoso dextrous artful bravura workmanlike delicate adept proficient skilled practised accomplished experienced crack ace polished able talented competent clever professional capable consummate versed master crackerjack good efficient gifted handy great veteran tasty educated compleat nifty mean brilliant apt professed complete excellent stellar fine wizard genius superb ingenious slick sharp first-rate outstanding exceptional trained well versed wicked savvy smart nimble qualified agile neat magnificent supreme superlative impressive out of this world first-class seasoned big league dazzling habile nimble-fingered practical quick facile whiz versant learned knowledgeable effective precise elite specialist exquisite nippy intelligent smooth class schooled finely judged exceptionally good top-notch a dab hand at tuned in extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly trained highly qualified pro finished accurate superior peerless brainy astute flawless topflight painstaking world-class ready old there cool vet effortless impeccable well-versed faultless remarkable canny au fait perfect prompt on the ball wised up a hand at graceful satisfactory careful certified thorough wonderful formidable marvellous leading preeminent transcendent splendid notable glorious active familiar switched-on acquainted well-informed leet dominant shrewd resourceful sly marvelous sussed conversant cunning supremely skilled dynamic ultraefficient having the know-how perfectly-executed well-executed cute fleet well up feasible well executed productive having know-how having good hands up on realizable killer useable realisable serviceable hyperefficient usable practicable working organized in the know businesslike reliable rangé organised phenomenal extraordinary hot artistic hotshot endowed top-drawer cut out for having a knack for class act shining at demon hot tamale


Experienced, familiar with
conversant abreast acquainted familiar familiar with informed knowledgeable up up-to-date versed well-informed abreast of acquainted with alive apprehensive aware cognizant comprehending conscious cool experienced hep hip informed about into knowing knowledgeable about learned perceptive percipient practised proficient sensible sentient skilled versant witting apprised of at home at home with au courant au fait with experienced in no stranger to practised in proficient in skilled in well informed about well up on well versed in au courant with au fait clued up on cognizant of down with genned up on in the know kept posted perfect in plugged in plugged into on the beam up to date on up to speed on savvy up to date apprised clued-up enlightened mindful expert up on switched-on down wise to hip to up with well-read tuned in sussed in the know about understanding well informed educated in the loop with it in on ware observant in touch competent judicious discerning aware of sophisticated grounded posted well versed clued up genned up up to speed in the picture schooled erudite observing seasoned well-grounded sure well-versed intelligent sharp plugged-in alive to versed in sensible of alert to used to privy on to apperceptive enlightened about certain well-educated across alert genned up about clued up about cultured literate accustomed illuminated attentive introduced watchful instructed switched on to awake well educated omniscient sage apprized clever sensitive to awake to vigilant clued in on tuned-in sagacious well briefed conversant with with-it at ease with filled in brainy on the ball ware of hep to well-rounded well up in regardful of recognizant of well-briefed skillful skilful current up-to-the-minute primed well instructed trained in well-acquainted sensible to au parfum having your finger on the pulse up to snuff confident capable briefed on top of things advised cognizant in familiarised familiarized appraised in control confident with competent at up to date with cluey clued recognizant plugged in to careful abreast of the facts clued in thoughtful wary respectful heedful chary regardful noting perceiving recognizing noticing assured prescient scholarly remarking recognising keen lettered conscious of conscientious cautious solicitous cagey observative wide-awake responsive to mindful of able to recognize seized of clued-up on percipient of appreciative leet chary of wary of careful of watchful of heedful of intellectual shrewd astute on the job on one's toes be up on know ins and outs with eyes peeled know all the answers academic cultivated bookish literary highbrow canny acute studious civilized worldly cunning urbane unprovincial calculating qualified pedantic wise esoteric recondite brilliant insightful bright smart wily widely read donnish well read cerebral sapient switched on perspicacious with a knowledge of with an understanding of genius quick solid philosophical abstruse philosophic accomplished deep civilised sound polymath solemn scientific grave studied pansophic professorial sharp-witted clear-sighted clear-eyed worldly-wise having been around quick-witted sensitive penetrating intuitive discriminating subtle piercing responsive prudent living animate live politic penetrative breathing incisive profound ingenious feeling reactive fine far-sighted delicate adroit seeing discreet dexterous argute gnostic insighted deft dextrous with great knowledge whip-smart razor-sharp ear to the ground knows what's what searching probing critical sharp-sighted keen-witted far-seeing refined tasteful inquisitive intent selective suss open-eyed thinking heads-up downy visionary imaginative cute heady long-headed functioning showing great knowledge full of insight contemplative reflective foresighted informed of diplomatic sentimental emotional flesh-and-blood receptive self-aware sensate precocious analytical cagy ready clear partaking of privileged switched-on to party to advised of sharing in sussed of complex exacting analytic intriguing ratiocinative detailed tutored polite considerate rational sophic sleepless supraliminal capable of feeling fly well-taught insomniac seemly cordial courteous decorous polished existent razor-like rapier-like compos mentis wide awake in right mind organic existing extant biological gentle civil poised mannerly sympathetic suave kind tactical in the right mind tactful lively treating something with kid gloves treating with kid gloves among the living having life in the land of the living


Done regularly and repeatedly
habitual customary normal regular usual common fixed ordinary traditional accustomed standard familiar routine natural wonted established set typical characteristic constant frequent general periodic periodical repeated steady time-honoured accepted addicting automatic consistent conventional cyclic disciplined expected iterated iterative long-term mechanical methodical ongoing perfunctory permanent practised reiterative repetitious rooted seasoned systematic everyday stock commonplace popular average quotidian run-of-the-mill prevailing ubiquitous household settled garden-variety classic daily universal prevalent orthodox unexceptional common or garden workaday mainstream unremarkable prosaic classical plain predictable day-to-day widespread time-honored bog-standard standard-issue long-established cut-and-dried cut-and-dry recognized acknowledged garden variety recognised old ritual prescribed confirmed stereotyped stereotypical rife representative archetypical public mundane historic vanilla rampant ritualistic true archetypal pervasive current proven age-old going received chronic prescriptive regulation folk enduring ancestral lasting tried and true tried and tested idiosyncratic overall majority generic acceptable undistinguished sanctioned ruling garden humdrum typic native simple proverbial ancient staple formulaic widely used matter-of-course homespun dull middle-of-the-road inveterate agreed endemic symptomatic vintage taken for granted persistent long-lived old-world long-standing old-time approved recurring extensive admitted scheduled ingrained domestic traditionary essential favourite favorite inherent in character stable preferred collective well-known fashionable shared well established predominant uneventful distinctive proper old-fashioned emblematic so-so basic standardized mediocre indifferent immemorial characterless modest monotonous doctrinal humble standardised vulgar well worn old hat a dime a dozen no great shakes par for the course in vogue widely held true to type diurnal obvious respected gut default venerable comfortable discreet inconspicuous orderly seasonal diagnostic numerous recurrent acquired honored abiding known given used habituated perpetual OB hackneyed derived authorized immortal ageless in use boilerplate canonical staid endorsed understood acquainted chosen honoured timeless inferior fair mean ceremonial reiterated incessant profuse continual unsophisticated obligatory one-size-fits-all decided unadventurous conformist touted recognizable adopted family casual banal terrestrial unimaginative informal arranged specified past conservative unopposed passed legit okayed authorised recognisable anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen reliable unpretentious colourless nondescript perennial memorable unforgettable undying deathless predetermined de rigueur whitebread likely unsurprising distinguishing of choice in the habit of well known uninteresting boring unmemorable pedestrian unprogressive determined appointed individualistic clichéd cliched dime-a-dozen nitty-gritty homely OK uninspiring plastic white-bread grind agreed upon prearranged appropriate inborn local inbred innate in keeping ornery common variety matter-of-fact true to form to be expected mass wide conforming old school colorless trivial arrived at defined only to be expected on the cards … all over broad congruous not up to much nothing to write home about planned old line quintessential national blanket communal overarching global joint outright assigned recommended backward-looking earlier generation exemplary signature comprehensive stipulated unmistakable model textbook definitive consummate symbolic absolute ultimate prototypical broad-spectrum across-the-board total in circulation across the board sweeping in force epidemic broad-brush all-round nationwide societal wholesale all-around official paradigmatic ideal fundamental supreme dyed-in-the-wool entrenched well-established at its best at her best at his best deep-rooted traditionalistic old-style sound officially recognized secure unshakable vested valid certified authoritative legitimate lawful legal correct accredited licensed allowed documented validated authentic rightful bona fide undisputed kosher licenced genuine formal ratified renowned declared proved warranted verified hardened unquestioned supported confessed inured hard-shell firmly established deep-seated undoubted ineradicable professed permitted affirmed avowed exhaustive dominant irradicable just legalized traditionalist authenticated right verifiable worn credible legalised sworn real worldwide by the numbers catholic ecumenical all-embracing uncontested famous notorious existing statutory proclaimed straight backed present sincere reasonable OK'd admissible above board square pervading identified definite sensible overt trustworthy permissible constitutional self-confessed logical magisterial best cogent convincing preponderant regnant vouched for licit commonly accepted generally accepted stated good coherent solid widely recognized ceremonious explicit conclusive effective plausible rational omnipresent cleared in style in fashion unlimited pandemic ex cathedra precise cosmopolitan whole signed and sealed multinational indestructible within the law diffuse well-founded all-over undestroyable all-inclusive worldly unrestricted unremovable astronomical ex officio well founded widely believed lamestream empowered canonic central self-proclaimed core contemporary latest extant modern allowable open certain primary legendary famed believed strict tralatitious statutable enrolled qualified seeded eligible nominated perceived mutual voted for regimented express net realized remembered avowedly asserted sop wont done val in established usage realised reigning cashable self-evident axiomatic circulating embraced united like pro forma made official bonafide same old ceremonialistic formalistic tried and trusted noted binding reputed infamous superior commanding sovereign standard operating procedure playing it safe in a rut in the groove according to Hoyle honest celebrated intermutual commutual certifiable sanctioned by law by the book going by the rules indelible stubborn ineffaceable trusted afoot contractual veritable actual usable commonest returned answered complete full imperial executive mandatory bureaucratic departmental administrative notable about predominating international thorough inclusive unexpired straightforward conceded unchallenged carried compendious influential operative main preponderating principal bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use going around in the air talked of panoramic entire encyclopedic cyclopedic tested published unsuspected true-blue legally acceptable in effect legally binding permeating embracive on everyone's lips aboveboard straight-shooting honest-to-goodness truthful upfront for real short-listed tried demonstrated publicized inescapable omnibus finest greatest unanimous in-depth encyclopaedic wall-to-wall broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in attested checked dependable publicised revealed patent manifest branded firm inannihilable superlative ultraconservative reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative publicly known widely known generally known sure establishable upheld demonstrable right as rain telling the truth on the level fair and square on the up-and-up derivative down pat sustained pious religious punctilious mother of all justifiable cosmic planetary celestial all empyrean stellar bien pensant on the up and up supportable tenable sustainable compelling reasoned defensible straight arrow in line pragmatic lucid believable congruent warrantable viable workable grounded justified realistic signed sealed handed down according to the book tried-and-true persuasive understandable dinkum ordered suitable decisive cathedral positive okay fitting and delivered weighty analytic analytical consequent prudent pukka telling satisfying sober thoughtful satisfactory straight from the horse's mouth all there holding water watertight profound well-advised holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together faultless well grounded together intellectual commonsensical unassailable accurate flawless levelheaded impeccable advisable right-thinking standing up well-grounded exact cool right-minded most common most typical most reliable most complete most scholarly most usual most frequent most perfect most significant


Having or indicating an efficient, practical, and systematic approach to one's work or a task
businesslike efficient professional correct methodical orderly organised organized regular routine systematic matter-of-fact practical thorough well-ordered workaday competent disciplined planned practised slick pragmatic structured accomplished careful concentrated diligent direct earnest effective enterprising expeditious hardworking industrious intent ordered painstaking purposeful sedulous serious skilful skillful well ordered well-organized systematized systematised meticulous methodic precise logical neat formal coherent methodized exact well organized tidy arranged controlled well regulated well thought out fixed together well-regulated consistent well planned coordinated scrupulous deliberate systematical conventional standardized in order shipshape well thought-out regulated all together standard in good shape thoroughgoing fastidious analytical punctilious complete standardised out-and-out by the numbers joined-up by the book strict well-arranged rigid regimented steady self-controlled streamlined nonrandom sensible law-abiding well-behaved peaceable reasonable smooth-running straightened out well run established accepted procedural bureaucratic orthodox establishment customary set prescribed ready societal recognized influential official institutional recognised trim well-kept framed uniform spick-and-span rangé scientific set-up clean alike in shape in apple-pie order to rights neat as button neat as pin clear rigorous rational intelligible comprehensible sound legible accurate conscientious lucid analytic valid readable understandable exacting decipherable consequent good mathematical fussy judicious objective heedful finicky solid distinct well-maintained delimited supervised measured governed restrained integrated correlated cataloged classified tabulated settled cohesive severe deductive experimental grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared formulated conscionable punctual demanding reasoning sorted out consolidated collective unified cerebral thinking intelligent insightful in sync cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious no-nonsense firm wise hard productive economic unchanging even unvarying unvaried economical hard-headed straight-thinking resourceful organic laborsaving timesaving monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull saving restricted closely controlled strictly controlled on a tight rein plain reasoned cost-effective well-planned labour-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving sharp articulate fluent graphic easy to understand unmistakable straightforward easy to read unequivocal explicit simple flowing easily deciphered smooth clear-cut easily read cogent well-grounded well-founded relevant meaningful well reasoned attentive particular identified assiduous exhaustive provident thoughtful faithful dedicated full cautious laborious circumspect intensive religious prim searching observant elaborate regardful concerned picky selfdisciplined chary pernickety persnickety loving nice discreet perfectionist strenuous in-depth going to great lengths


Moving gracefully with ease
graceful lithe agile nimble lissom spry supple light lithesome lissome limber gracile deft feline elegant featly lightsome dextrous dexterous smooth willowy easy flowing adroit effortless fluid natural fluent pliant precise elastic springy fine gracious skilled artistic balletic delicate practised light-footed light-foot flexible acrobatic pliable sprightly loose-limbed loose-jointed lively sinuous fleet nippy active slinky skilful quick skillful fleet-footed quick-moving twinkle-toed fit adept sleek nimble-footed bendy swift brisk zippy uninterrupted unbroken continuous free-flowing ready proficient nifty able dainty facile soft painless cheap royal simple hands-down downhill snap athletic loose regular rhythmic prompt liquid light on one's feet plastic serpentine expert slight malleable bendable handy wide-awake vigilant sensual mobile accurate polished articulate clear efficient light on your feet artful beautiful exquisite lovely neat painstaking effective able to speak or write flowy gracesome vigorous sylphlike tripping sportive bright buoyant stirring quick-thinking energetic frisky mercurial vivacious easy-moving rapid bustling spirited spright winged clear-headed responsive in good condition twinkle toes quick on the draw quick on the trigger teeming streaming rushing gushing sweeping flooded rolling full falling abundant prolific overrun cursive rich issuing tidal spouting liquefied curving fluidic brimming running abounding rippling brimming over pouring out snappy fast speedy hasty breakneck lightning expeditious blistering animated express alacritous rattling rapid-fire hurried spanking whirlwind flying galloping fast-moving accelerated sharp meteoric masterly vital perky high-speed jaunty immediate expeditive gay peppy capable sparky animate airy bouncing mettlesome kinetic pizazzy jazzy racy pizzazzy breathless dizzy hot splitting nimble-fingered pert slick accomplished crack alert full of beans instant wizard smart bouncy full of life masterful virtuoso full of vim and vigour clever ace bravura chipper talented workmanlike frolicsome apt zappy fast-track peart instantaneous dashing crackerjack cracking headlong supersonic bright-eyed and bushy-tailed mean playful wicked sparkly experienced sudden wick habile rathe timely ingenious tasty full of energy finely judged vibrant punctual zingy swinging abrupt summary whistle-stop hyper precipitate rushed volant harefooted up-tempo unhesitating as lively as a grig speeding alive and kicking velocious hypersonic as merry as a grig turbo fleet of foot in nothing flat on the double PDQ flat-out canny dynamic professional impressive direct gifted diligent astute cunning competent bubbly good genius zestful jumping screaming speedball on-the-spot blithe on the go high-spirited go-go full of pep industrious overnight early quickie precipitous without delay short-lived ultrarapid ultrafast double time confident moving hurtling urgent crisp straight decisive exact daring versed proper swift-footed dapper resourceful sly furious strict categorical pro sure-footed fast-paced willing scintillating fairylike breezy keen grooving practical barreling light of foot shrewd having the know-how cheerful effectual clean inch-perfect outgoing sparkling fast-tracked ultrasonic quick-fire cute fleeting crafty chirpy effervescent quickened upbeat exuberant merry quick as a wink youthful skittish zesty rocking having know-how blithesome like greased lightning clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically having good hands happy jocund fun pronto short peremptory double-quick unexpected barrelling fun-loving functional prevenient shaking a leg like mad very fast like crazy anticipatory healthy operating functioning operational serviceable operative occupational working split-second utile practicable alive well-oiled utilitarian tantivy going master compleat whiz peerless busy demon strong sporty hot tamale occupied enlivened eventful eager deedful fresh forceful on the move full of zip full of get-up-and-go


To have performed or produced a specified action or sound
made performed did executed completed enacted produced accomplished achieved acted effected finished initiated practised pulled off acted out carried out committed engaged in brought off undertook underwent conducted took effectuated fulfilled had discharged implemented put through perpetrated carried off brought about prosecuted negotiated followed through with compassed realized realised done carried through engineered attained consummated brought to fruition succeeded in hit secured wrought clinched scored managed reached concluded delivered on established enforced finalized fixed worked acquired observed won landed set up finalised succeeded put into effect chalked up got there wrapped up put into practice made it clocked up perfected notched up followed through on put across caused contrived administered wreaked earned actualized catalyzed rendered procured brought to pass satisfied met struck catalysed transacted made to happen made happen arrived at delivered polished off pulled something off made good on racked up created put in place brought generated applied occasioned inflicted obtained engendered netted administrated worked out dispatched invoked bred yielded spawned prompted induced bagged cut hitten gained seized conquered swung annexed brought on set on foot come through translated into put the tin lid on put into action set off arranged gone through put over put in force finished off survived acquitted oneself of dealt with put on made good made it through went through put it over sewed up nailed it lived up to been through brought to completion put into operation sewn up given rise to gave rise to stricken done the trick did the trick gone through with went through with gotten done got done launched cleared crossed organized surmounted got provoked called forth grabbed hooked captured passed maneuvered manoeuvred wangled pulled reified plied originated incarnated started precipitated actuated begat begot yolden begotten yold exacted served engaged imposed nabbed overcome handled got over triggered collared caused to happen caused to occur settled staged nailed found run made real exercised exerted processed honoured grasped honored been responsible for were responsible for was responsible for presented transgressed kindled drew on drawn on hurdled acted upon came through overleaped made a reality vaulted leaped over earned wings corporealized dealt out taken care of brought home the bacon acquitted sorted out sailed through gotten through carried to completion run with the ball fixed up got past got through organised made work engagde in played out traversed made it past brought to bear took care of business turned out done justice to passed over made it round materialized brought into play scored a success latched onto took care of acquited brought into effect made concrete abided by did justice to ticked logged authorized brought forth laid the foundation of materialised reorganised turned the trick gained fulfillment disposed of stood by passed through saw through knocked off overleapt snagged kept faith with fulfilled one's potential reorganized got round made hay pulled down hacked coped with wound up fulfilled your potential served out made the grade delivered the goods taken care of business navigated authorised made it over seen through wrested undertaken gotten arranged for overcame gotten over done the job did to a T done to a T did the job ran got something done gotten something done gotten hold of got hold of rung up rang up got someplace did one proud gotten someplace done a bang-up job done one proud did a bang-up job been successful were successful was successful gotten around gone around gotten past went around got around began begun did proud bore out done proud borne out done to a turn ran with the ball went that route did to a turn gone that route upped and done upped and did


To have made a law
established legislated laid down constituted formulated ratified decreed effected effectuated introduced passed enacted instituted sanctioned appointed dictated initiated ordained proclaimed authorized brought about came up with carried through inaugurated inducted put in force put through set up ushered in voted in authorised installed made made into law practised carried out declared conducted drafted advanced pursued implemented formed organised draughted framed drew up waged fulfilled approved arranged administered engaged in organized lay down pulled off negotiated confirmed carried off compassed set put into effect ordered ruled prescribed validated legalized endorsed executed legalised permitted OKed imposed commanded licensed legitimated performed decriminalized pronounced accepted legitimized demanded fixed fixt adopted determined regulated legitimatized codified laundered promulgated licenced decriminalised cleaned up laid down the law legitimised completed produced accomplished acted out put enforced warranted directed supported enjoined signed mandated called certified normalized made laws commissioned pronounced lawful adjudged put laws in force put one's foot down brought to bear put foot down put into practice brought into effect required read the riot act set down normalised obliged did agreed to committed brought off achieved acted gave the green light to given the green light to finished charged levied allowed exacted laid decided requisitioned done enacted laws applied clinched admitted established laws constitutionalized vindicated justified sustained condoned cleared carried authenticated countenanced observed regularized agreed fined backed codified laws passed laws come up with made legal slapped assessed collected taxed gathered made law engaged declared legal voted for voted favorably formulated laws railroaded laid on dealt compelled constrained gave the stamp of approval to forced settled on engagde in legislated for delegated elected announced clapt made provision walked heavy blessed placed jammed through gave the go-ahead to followed through with ratified laws struck steamrolled exhibited signed on dealt with enforced laws vouched for laid down laws saddled gave the thumbs up to railroaded through clapped blest given the thumbs up to wreaked given the OK to foresaid come to an agreement on regularised said the word wrecked acknowledged transacted given the go-ahead to gave the OK to wrought said yes to given the stamp of approval to nominated putten undertaken undertook lay on drawn up given gave got the floor given the seal of approval to gave the seal of approval to gotten the floor gave something the go-ahead gave something the OK given something the OK given something the thumbs up given something the go-ahead gave something the thumbs up rubber-stamped gave something the green light given something the green light came to an agreement on underwritten shaken on shook on underwrote stricken agreed on

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