Đồng nghĩa của at home


Ready to receive or welcome (visitors)


Having a good or detailed knowledge of
au fait acquainted abreast of apprised of conversant familiar in touch knowledgeable about up with au courant aware of down enlightened about expert plugged into skilful skillful up to date well informed about wise to clued up about clued up on genned up about hip to in the know about no stranger to up on well instructed well up on well versed in switched on to up to snuff up abreast well-informed knowledgeable informed versed up-to-date enlightened aware up-to-the-minute current cognizant au parfum up to speed accustomed familiarized advised cognizant in familiarised clued in used to plugged in to clued in on at ease with in the know genned up on at home with cognizant of versed in familiar with conscious apprised in on sentient alive witting sensible apprehensive mindful ware awake sensitive to sensible of alive to acquainted with alert to with it on to ware of hep to informed of party to advised of in the loop partaking of wise privileged sharing in privy sussed of switched-on to awake to attentive percipient understanding apperceptive discerning noting watchful perceiving recognizing vigilant noticing assured observing recognizant of recognising sure able to recognize remarking seized of wide-awake responsive to certain mindful of keen clued-up on percipient of regardful of switched-on savvy knowing clued-up grounded perceptive sussed sensible to judicious observant conversant with au courant with on the beam plugged in au fait with in the picture down with up to date with tuned in


Comfort based on one's experience and knowledge with their surroundings
familiar comfortable relaxed casual easy free friendly informal recognisable recognizable recognised recognized comforting comfy open snug non-formal cosy cozy natural relaxing simple unceremonious unconstrained unpretentious unreserved unrestrained at ease free and easy free-and-easy intimate congenial cheerful homelike pleasant homey laid-back homy welcoming easy-going warm homely hospitable homestyle unaffected down-home loose domestic not formal homespun downhome home-like easygoing breezy mellow cool leisurely unstuffy unstudied matey chummy pally folksy soothing delightful unbuttoned low-pressure snug as a bug in a rug laid back happy outgoing sociable humble polite carefree amiable unflappable gregarious uninhibited genial humoring gentle affable down-to-earth great-hearted tolerant urbane gracious diplomatic nonchalant undemanding humouring good-humored good-tempered happy-go-lucky good-natured good-humoured insouciant blithe liberal offhand flexible unforced airy moderate lenient lively sparkling jaunty untaxing accommodating unconcerned spontaneous transparent indulgent calm careless indifferent permissive collected chilled animated buoyant sunny forgiving vivacious liberated lax cheery upbeat sprightly uncommitted free-wheeling free-spirited unstructured off the hook fancy-free sparky brisk light-hearted spirited unfussy uncritical frisky unofficial chirpy easy-breezy ventilated gay devil-may-care debonair unrestricted versatile light blithesome hassle-free effervescent lighthearted peppy jolly spicy racy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans full of the joys of spring without a care in the world


A social gathering of invited guests
party get-together function reception celebration do gathering at-home bash festivity social fete shindig ball blowout carousal jamboree rave reunion social gathering carouse ceilidh dance frolic bake bashment beano blast cookout corroboree hoedown knees-up levee luau shower simcha social event social function social occasion tertulia beer-up bop disco rave-up shebang shindy thrash after-party beanfeast bunfight hooley hop jolly whoopee affair binge crack ding event jollo kegger lig powwow rage shivoo soirée wingding afterparty ding-dong jol rort squash squeeze amusement banquet barbecue bee carousing cocktails coming-out dinner diversion entertainment feast fun gala luncheon merrymaking prom revelry riot soiree splurge spree tea wrap party coffee klatch festive occasion movable feast klatch all-nighter blow-out wing-ding orgy drinks party cocktail party evening evening party occasion dinner party festival revel carnival fiesta merriment jubilee jollification conviviality gaiety ceremony saturnalia jollity wassail bender bacchanal fête toot reveling revelling fest debauch hoopla junket gayety rejoicing high jinks fair bust romp enjoyment festivities revels circus holiday tear fun and games debauchery joviality revelment frolics celebrations pageant junketing gratification recreation indulgence rampage drunk meeting barn dance carousel formal jag hullabaloo jump-up lark pleasure gambol skylarking rollick frisk partying wild party clambake ploy garden party fling discotheque feasting sport idyll idyl mela treat Mardi Gras gala day caper field day bacchanalia self-indulgence distraction divertissement singsong sing-along rally conference convention tweetup juncture meet roistering fund-raiser reveler congregation social meeting formal party festive booze-up skite nosh-up tuck-in scoff cotillon cotillion dissipation icebreaker supper buffet matinee block party noisy celebration meet and greet parties happening festiveness social affair experience whoopla whoop-de-do wedding reception celebratory party saint's day vacation reveller pig out slap-up meal fundraiser kermis outing holy day concert stag roast to-do charity show charity event escapade merry-go-round extravaganza rip high time spending expedition moveable feast special occasion mirth shenanigans dancing party surprise excursion good times jubilation joyfulness festive event horseplay pastime hijinks great time game happiness levity joy satisfaction B and S cavorting festive proceedings parade eisteddfod -fest refreshment good cheer science festival festival of music and drama arts festival centenary musical festival festival of music competition birthday procession march tattoo dalliance bacchanals hobby show hobbyhorse shenanigan heyday masquerade ragbag carny cavalcade exposition rout gamble larks street fair grind show side show outdoor celebration amusement park street party good time royal reception court reception court function royal function harvest bit of fun night on the town unrestrained behavior bit of amusement night on the razzle work party communal gathering

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