Đồng nghĩa của plugged in


Aware of current trends and fashions
with it fashionable modern modish popular stylish trendsetting voguish classy elegant glamorous high-class high-toned smart all the rage big de rigueur happening hip hot massive sharp up to date bang up to date chic cool fly groovy in in thing kicking kicky mod now sassy snazzy spiffy swinging tony trendy up to the minute alive apprehensive awake aware conscious familiar in fashion informed in vogue knowing knowledgeable latest observant perceptive savvy versed au courant hep to hip to in on on fleek on to switched on tuned in turned on up on wise to all the go in the know new fresh a la mode up-to-the-minute red-hot faddish plugged-in swish exclusive snappy popularized swell le dernier cri du jour supercool exciting popularised down faddy culty bang up-to-date crowd-pleasing funky in style newest newfangled new-fashioned modernistic advanced progressive forward-looking up-to-date flash current contemporary cutting edge natty leading edge leading-edge nifty go-ahead avant-garde high-tech recent hi-tech state-of-the-art modern-day brand-new modernised modernized stylin' leading groundbreaking newly discovered innovative contemporaneous innovatory present-day nouvelle pioneering latter-day new age space-age ground-breaking updated recently developed in-thing neoteric never-before-seen novel ultramodern designer cutting-edge revolutionary radical ultra-modern futuristic sophisticated unconventional trailblazing swank ingenious original dashing inventive unorthodox chichi favored prevailing innovational favoured with-it swanky creative usual last word unusual latest thing unfamiliar upscale rakish just out enlightened late liberal experimental imaginative forward-thinking genteel disruptive unprecedented off-centre well-liked trig a go-go highly developed left-field avant developed topical customary forward posh present schmick open-minded today dapper enterprising different prevalent complex unique dressy evolved offbeat dynamic uncommon def hep vogue turned-on favorite originative newborn improved out of the ordinary favourite contempo breakthrough visionary elaborate automated attractive debonair latter up-and-coming singular the latest untried tasteful unknown freethinking ambitious strange downtown go-getting higher spirited swagger bold far ahead well along far along well ahead nontraditional nonconformist large pop brand new out-of-the-box established progressivist hot off the press extant à la mode sexy refined young styleworthy vital future ritzy technologically advanced cosmopolitan bohemian fancy ahead of its time alternative extreme gnarly rare trim relevant intricate high-end high-fashion understated flattering untested surprising exotic atypical highly-developed unaccustomed ahead of the times timely clever inspired unheard-of seminal dap of late hot off the fire Promethean just released breaking new ground well turned-out ultra modern well-heeled expensive supermodern gimmicky lively perfected party finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest high liberated appealing impressive undercool wicked active present-time concurrent coincident concomitant hippest surrealistic today's avant garde the new quite recent bleeding edge desired sought-after unwonted resourceful mature landmark last-word vivacious in demand in favour artful good crisp spruce broad-minded antitraditional anticonventional nonconventional nonorthodox large-minded way-out entrepreneurial afresh big thing transformational later out of the common eccentric just issued forefront hottest well groomed well dressed variational vigorous driven energetic enthusiastic twenty- first century de nos jours existent well turned out smartly dressed craze fad chi-chi 21st-century far-out instant this season's new-fangled deviceful well put together well-dressed well-groomed clean up abreast antiestablishment innovating spearheading mould-breaking high-level daring audacious adventurous intrepid rising high-powered courageous high-style underground head lead beat vanguard special inspiring refreshing twenty-first century dernier cri in favor latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look dewy recently discovered fine flashy polished distinctive artistic peculiar odd bling self-regulating robotic automatic in with it existing occurring recently fancy-pants the newest mistakenly trendy new wave reforming urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious uptown beautiful jazzy steezy slick showy appearing recently powerful artificially intelligent germinal well-thought-out well-designed well-planned strategic multifaceted formative involved well-built on the cutting edge in the latest style balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox gumptious recognized set common SOTA newfound foremost far cry newsworthy intelligent prime ahead supreme hot off press ordinary widespread ubiquitous rampant pervasive accepted general dressed to the teeth in the mainstream dressed to kill nonconservative computerized complicated pre-eminent foreseeing pushing farseeing proactive positive forethoughtful farsighted forehanded prescient provident foresighted just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished weird excellent paramount precocious exceptional principal reformist capable of learning pressing important universal individualistic outlandish idiosyncratic freakish bizarre individual digital right-on buzzworthy crystal healing way out quirky esoteric Age of Aquarius reigning recognised leftist left-wing libertarian technological subjective interesting nominal in the news thematic fundamental rad wacky deep hippie oddball wild PC free-thinking latitudinarian humanistic drastic unhackneyed multimedia in force far out off the wall out of this world game-changing world-shattering computerised politically correct more recent most recent


Having understanding of a fact
cognizant aware conscious apprised abreast acquainted alive apprehensive conversant familiar informed knowledgeable mindful sensible sentient switched-on versed ware witting acquainted with alert to alive to awake clued-up familiar with grounded judicious knowing observant perceptive savvy sensible of sensible to sensitive to sussed au fait with conversant with hip to knowledgeable about up with wise to au courant au courant with down with hep to in on in the know about no stranger to on to tuned in up on up to date ware of well informed about well up on well versed in with it clued in on genned up on in the know in the picture on the beam up to date with au fait versant well-informed up-to-date up down clued up genned up in the loop experienced skilled learned expert cognizant of posted well-read plugged-in well informed well versed at home with kept posted enlightened alert understanding competent educated proficient schooled across seasoned comprehending practiced erudite sophisticated informed about practised introduced instructed on the ball well-versed apprized at home experienced in well briefed filled in up to speed versed in clued up on well up in up to speed on plugged into up to date on well-briefed in well-grounded well-acquainted having your finger on the pulse in touch prescient omniscient privy appreciative leet tuned-in with a knowledge of know one's stuff with-it switched on well-rounded with an understanding of at ease with used to careful attentive watchful thoughtful respectful wary primed regardful heedful chary hep percipient into cool abreast of hip conscious of aware of cagey conscientious vigilant observative cautious solicitous observing literate illuminated awake to careful of chary of watchful of wary of heedful of apprised of practised in skilled in proficient in briefed cultured recognizant of regardful of well educated be up on with eyes peeled on the job on one's toes perfect in abreast of the facts know ins and outs know all the answers discerning sure intelligent sharp apperceptive enlightened about certain well-educated genned up about clued up about accustomed switched on to sage clever sagacious brainy skillful skilful current up-to-the-minute well instructed trained au parfum up to snuff confident capable on top of things advised cognizant in familiarised familiarized appraised in control confident with competent at cluey clued recognizant plugged in to clued in noting perceiving recognizing noticing assured scholarly remarking recognising keen lettered wide-awake responsive to mindful of able to recognize seized of clued-up on percipient of intellectual shrewd astute academic cultivated bookish literary highbrow canny acute studious civilized worldly cunning urbane unprovincial calculating qualified pedantic wise esoteric recondite brilliant insightful bright smart wily widely read donnish well read cerebral sapient perspicacious genius quick solid philosophical abstruse philosophic accomplished deep civilised sound polymath solemn scientific grave studied pansophic professorial sharp-witted clear-sighted clear-eyed worldly-wise having been around quick-witted


Having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook
enlightened aware informed cultivated educated liberal open-minded refined sophisticated broad-minded knowledgeable literate reasonable intellectual wise advanced apprised civilised civilized cultured developed illuminated learned tutored free-thinking instructed progressive rational savvy sharp tolerant hip to tuned in wised up in the picture knowing what's what versed erudite urbane knowing acquainted polished well-informed familiar well-read abreast experienced well informed accomplished au courant schooled conversant discerning cosmopolitan well educated well read up-to-date well-educated au fait in the know scholarly up to date genteel polite couth courteous versant mannerly switched-on discriminating cognizant literary worldly perceptive lettered well-bred clued-up down elegant worldly-wise intelligent mature smart expert primed gracious plugged-in highbrow academic well mannered bookish clued up genned up studious well-versed seasoned brainy up in the loop shrewd astute intellectually aware unprovincial up to speed blasé cool abreast of knowledgeable about apprised of at home media-savvy well informed about having been around worldly wise well versed in in the know about no stranger to well up on been around wise to well-briefed industrialized scholastic civil widely read well schooled ladylike gentlemanly decorous affable humane well-behaved good mannered well-mannered highly-developed industrialised conscious mindful with it on the ball percipient wary sensible apperceptive taught coached nurtured cerebral sentient witting professional formed fitted trained shaped enriched corrected prepared finished initiated scientific ware observing well-taught clued in plugged in to clued in on at ease with at home with familiar with used to cognizant of advised versed in genned up on cognizant in familiarised accustomed familiarized materialistic selfish politic grasping apprehensive avaricious greedy worldly-minded covetous power-loving disenchanted callous hardened mondain practical unprincipled uptown opportunistic self-centred self-centered suave smooth well versed in the ways of the world debonair artistic svelte stylish artistically aware chic citified jet-set classy up with mondaine appreciative understanding chivalrous arty high-class sensitive savant blue-stocking able distingue gallant tasteful esthetic traveled in touch world-weary aesthetic travelled plugged into enlightened about aware of with good taste current clued up on genned up about clued up about up on switched on to up-to-the-minute au parfum briefed posted well versed apprized well briefed sussed abreast of the facts filled in

Trái nghĩa của plugged in

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