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links, linked, linking

Đồng nghĩa: bridge, combine, connect, couple, join, put together, unite,

Tính từ

Connected, either with links, or as if with links
accompanying associated attendant concomitant concurrent connected interconnected interrelated related allied combined coupled joined affiliated united amalgamated integrated tied incorporated unified federated bound attached correlated confederated yoked leagued hinged banded together kindred in league fused akin consolidated banded fixed together intertwined corresponding in partnership hitched cognate confederate mixed affixed merged bracketed similar cohesive undivided interdependent pooled analogous correspondent involved incident touching assimilated married federal twinned conjoined blended entwined welded modular articulated syndicated cooperative mingled alike collective comparable like jointed parallel joint equivalent cooperating in alliance one interwoven connate hardwired homologous incidental partnered joined up homogeneous concatenated agnate homogenized homogenised syncretic belonging together tied in wedded interlaced paired conjugated intermixed cemented interallied interfused put together stuck together inseparable interclasped relatable concerted in communication in correspondence in association in proximity in liaison auxiliary accessory federative affiliate partner associate supplementary a unit state civic national fed centralized central aggregate acquainted solid unitary coadunate matching resembling resemblant suchlike such ditto relevant to each other assembled fellow twin centralised sister joined together hooked up linked together same consanguine connatural general universal generic coherent meshed tied together interlocked segmented interspersed in contact fixed flexible articulate bending mutually dependent included that bends complementary dependent pertinent relevant mutual enmeshed reciprocal germane knit together tied up in touch with aligned wed friendly in cahoots hand in glove uniform identical equal kin consonant undifferentiated commensurate close consistent interchangeable congruent indistinguishable synonymous duplicate of a piece correlative consanguineous on the order of near the same much of a muchness cut from the same cloth proportionate tantamount conforming homogenous much the same double consanguineal congruous unvaried even undiverse like peas in a pod like two peas in a pod commensurable matched unvarying coequal undifferenced harmonious substitutable conformable Xerox compatible carbon copy Tweedledum and Tweedledee dead ringer like Tweedledum and Tweedledee proportional convertible relative approximate fraternal agreeing twinlike reminiscent analogical look-alike congeneric closely related exactly the same same difference spitting image exact standardised standardized of the same kind all of a piece of the same family selfsame with a common forebear with a common ancestor of the same blood on par of a kind natural birth biological biologic answering autologous homologized looking like looking alike connected with allied with cognated same-blooded coordinating symmetrical obverse toning attractive likeable likable closely connected identic blending complementing harmonizing approaching the dead spit impossible to tell apart a dead ringer transposable exchangeable commutable tallying approximative verging on bordering on as good a match on a par concordant workalike converse reciprocative swappable changeable interconvertible harmonising symphonious congenerous allying not unlike equaling congenial companion relating jibing invariant one and the same substitute equalling approximating fungible coextensive not a million miles away from undistinguishable in agreement all alike harmonised harmonized regular smooth all the same all one facsimile mated more or less the same

Tính từ

Related to the topic being discussed or considered
germane material relevant applicable apposite pertinent allied appropriate apropos fitting related apt connected proper suitable appurtenant significant admissible akin cognate felicitous pointed relative suited to the point analogous to the purpose ad rem applicative applicatory kindred kosher legit on-topic relating useful of interest on target right on on the button on the nose that's the ticket fit befitting correlated salient congruent valid congruous consistent having direct bearing on having to do with important becoming compatible right pat fitted pertaining to opportune pertaining relatable good helpful associable meet apropos of of use requisite consonant correct allowable conformant pointful harmonious conforming accordant referring weighty concerning correspondent in point happy expedient seemly timely just acceptable pretty convenient qualified due comme il faut rightful in keeping deserved seasonable belonging worthy favourable ideal propitious favorable fair reasonable adequate decent equitable decorous perfect auspicious advantageous tailor-made permitted condign well-timed key satisfactory legitimate sensible adapted desirable conformable central essential vital fundamental appertaining golden well-suited permissible providential benign justified fortunate lucky judicious ripe heaven-sent well-chosen able capable fortuitous orthodox okay merited functional prepared feasible equipped sound spot on advisable rational prudent worthwhile deserving ready official well timed sufficient nice warranted employable logical useable available serviceable usable presentable best equal cut out for good enough fairy-tale unique peculiar timeous intrinsic associated with supplemental accessory supplementary peripheral auxiliary accessorial meaningful indispensable dependent contingent beseeming behooving welcome well judged cardinal primary substantive inspired in order conformed reconciled accommodated about neat choice just right associated just what was ordered promising made to order well chosen done of consequence well suited matched with respect in regard what the doctor ordered according to Hoyle telling well put well expressed convincing joyous cut out accepted comely crucial established conventional formal preferred exploitable influential pivotal main major critical chief wise pragmatic reasoned practical operable practicable preferable accurate exact regular -worthy precise indicative allowed passable tolerable strategic beneficial effective productive commodious desired handy operative effectual necessary sagacious compelling best suited definitive tactical efficacious gainful clear recommended suggested competent earned righteous politic swell copacetic de règle justifiable user friendly in keeping with fit for purpose up to standard in character up to snuff supportable tenable licit legal defensible lawful tolerated honest twenty-four carat holding water moralistic on the up and up well deserved card-carrying moral in principle authorized virtuous ethical on the level principled canonical noble authorised well earned right-minded right up someone's street recognized sanctioned OK probable possible pukka likely concedable well-founded recognised above board by the book within the law not unlikely not impossible most correct

Tính từ

Naturally accompanying or associated
concomitant accompanying attendant associated collateral connected related accessory concurrent attending coexistent coexisting coincident coincidental complementary consequent resultant associative auxiliary resulting adjoining adjuvant affiliated agreeing ancillary belonging coefficient coetaneous coeval concordant conjoined contemporaneous contemporary contributing coordinate corollary coterminous fellow incident incidental isochronal isochronous joint parallel satellite simultaneous synchronal synchronous synergetic synergistic associated with conjoined with coupled with in tempo in time consequential ensuing subsequent following successive sequential due to synchronic indirect coextensive of the day of the time subsequential coinciding succeeding coming correlated corresponding follow-on at the same time as at the same time understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down added conterminous synchronized concurring synchronised in sync side by side cotemporal correspondent identical of the same age real-time instantaneous immediate secondary additional concerted dead heat in synch in step in phase supporting happening at the same time with the beat done at the same time interrelated interconnected associate supplementary extra subsidiary attached subordinate sub roundabout adjunctive appurtenant supplemental add-on appended with tributary subservient abreast mod extant recent instant current latest topical newfangled ultramodern up new present now today voguish existent contempo state-of-the-art up-to-the-minute leading-edge present-day red-hot up-to-date with it au courant just out in vogue in fashion hot off press a la mode

Tính từ

Of, relating to, or done by collaboration
collaborative combined collective cooperative joint group mutual team aggregate allied common communal concerted conjoint conjunct coordinated cumulative interactive mass pooled reciprocal shared symbiotic synergic synergistic unified united collated concentrated connected consolidated dual grouped joined synergetic composite intermutual multiple public combining two-way hand in hand mixed mingled conjoined cohesive amalgamated integrated assembled bipartite confederated leagued confederate affiliated compiled merged in partnership banded together collaborating collegial interdependent harmonious coactive participating collusive uniting concurring coacting agreeing coefficient joining give-and-take in league hand in glove cooperating corporate coadjuvant communicating community communistic undivided associated neighbourhood neighborhood for all conglomerate participative co-operative cross-party unanimous multiparty bidirectional planned prearranged jointly planned business house company general gathered incorporated massed piled heaped hoarded conjugate conjunctive team-based agreed upon participatory in cahoots ensemble interchangeable returned reciprocated requited correlative community-led noninteractive interprofessional open complementary dependent partaken participated bilateral respective related interchanged convertible two-sided crowdfunded interactional crowdsourced unrestricted accessible available social reciprocative free given and taken community-based without charge free for all open-door not exclusive free to all accessible to all free-for-all not private open to the public non-interactive community-driven

Động từ

(led to) To be a route or means of access

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