Đồng nghĩa của looped

Alternative for looped

Tính từ

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
wasted high plastered hammered inebriated intoxicated drunk stoned flying blitzed bombed smashed inebriate sozzled tipsy befuddled blotto canned loaded blasted buzzed drunken pickled ripped sloshed sottish soused squiffy stewed tiddly totaled besotted blind boozy cockeyed crocked fried gassed impaired juiced lit oiled potted slang squiffed stiff stinking tanked tight wet crapulent crapulous bashed flushed fuddled glazed groggy laced muddled sodden in lush under the influence boozed up liquored up lit up pie-eyed under the table drunk as a skunk half-seas over high as a kite three sheets to the wind in one's cups in the bag under the weather wiped out seeing double feeling no pain three sheets in the wind woozy wrecked merry legless zonked steaming paralytic bladdered bevvied trashed dead drunk bibulous out of it rat-arsed soaked tippling mullered Brahms and Liszt lashed ratted trolleyed gin-soaked slaughtered blind drunk roaring drunk rolling drunk worse for drink worse for wear well oiled drunk as a lord tanked up foxed sotted screwed ebriate half cut well away reeling cut tired and emotional half seas over fou monged maudlin incapable toping monged out wired guttered stinko steamed full shickered shot munted inked lekker cock-eyed pixilated steamboats ebrious two sheets to the wind ebriose mashed having had a skinful grogged up off your face having had one over the eight out to it as full as a goog as tight as a tick sauced kaylied boozed-up langered dronkverdriet broken ossified stukkend tanked-up blatted polluted elephants sat strung out happy crock swacked zoned intemperate babalas red-nosed well-oiled gin-sodden in your cups one over the eight spaced tripping jacked irrigated unsteady bacchic drinking faced dazed beery gone schnockered Adrian Quist half in the bag slightly drunk dead to the world half-crocked hard-drinking the worse for drink out of one's head feeling good hooched up out of one's skull out of one's box under the influence of intoxicating liquor boozing baked drugged doped blazed obliterated demolished stupefied cooked boozed unsober sloppy elevated mellow addled snockered out off one's head tied one on drunked up geeked blown-up spaced out zonked-out out of one's gourd half-cut spaced-out burned-out on a trip hopped-up off one's face narcotized comatose on drugs delirious hallucinating euphoric hyped up charged up freaked out dopey benumbed floating unconscious coked drugged up junked-up blown away dead-drunk turned on out of one's mind off one's head on a high drugged-out drunk as a fiddler plowed tiddled pixillated ploughed punchy full of well-being tozy-mozy bibacious alcoholic insensible anaesthetized anesthetized knocked out out of your mind

Động từ

Past tense for to fasten or attach together (with a loop)

Trái nghĩa của looped

looped Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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