Đồng nghĩa của unbound

Alternative for unbound

unbound /'ʌn'baund/
  • thời quá khứ & động tính từ quá khứ của unbind
  • tính từ
    • được cởi trói, được cởi ra, được tháo ra
    • đóng tạm (sách)
    • (nghĩa bóng) không bị ràng buộc

Tính từ

Not subject to any limitation, particularly in relation to power or authority
absolute unlimited supreme sovereign ultimate complete full unconditional unrestrained unrestricted categoric categorical outright predominant superlative unbounded unqualified utmost all-powerful boundless downright infinite peerless pre-eminent total tyrannical unequivocal unmitigated unreserved unsurpassed wholesale matchless omnipotent peremptory unconstrained unquestionable utter preeminent out-and-out all out flat-out straight out without limit no holds barred leading foremost highest first premier greatest chief principal paramount dominant primary main cardinal overriding central key capital grand master overbearing arch overmastering prior primal superior directing number one numero uno prevailing transcendent royal surpassing regal monarchical ruling imperial monarchal big great kingly monarchial preponderant commanding prime ascendant prevalent unparalleled predominate reigning unrivalled incomparable unmatched unequalled consummate top inimitable unequaled nonpareil unrivaled unsurpassable uppermost sovran towering best governing perfect all-encompassing unfettered princely queenly monarchic crowned controlling important prominent top-priority top-tier unique rare unexampled unexcelled head notable number-one of a king potent mighty imperious influential holding the reins weighty overpowering official biggest major authoritative dominating efficacious largest almighty effective of greatest importance supervisory arbitrary beyond compare hors concours exceptional second to none stand alone without an equal without equal outstanding in a class of its own without peer all-time best culminating exquisite final beyond comparison lead definitive decisive topmost presiding untouchable high supereminent unbeatable highest ranking top-drawer mother of all lofty majestic guiding regnant vital essential fundamental pivotal crucial core basic focal elite eminent maximum excellent top-notch illustrious champion critical maximal salient crowning significant top-ranking first-rate senior finest indispensable overruling intrinsic apex apical aristocratic elemental exalted tiptop famous stellar staple renowned powerful crack highborn well-known big-time first-class star No. 1 high-ranking successful compelling necessary loftiest highest-ranking unmatchable premium of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost winning must-have fine outside underlying distinguished ranking noble radical rudimentary top-level peak patrician headmost five-star respected celebrated revered noteworthy genteel major league heavy arch- par excellence highbred gentle wellborn noted blue-blooded top-rank popular upper-crust of the first rank upper-class accomplished expert finished imperatorial climactic worthiest characteristic inherent favoured favored chosen special integral particular determining beginning opening especial simple axial material operative keynote strategic quintessential root strongest constitutional intervening superseding of greatest significance telling momentous consequential serious basal constitutive managing urgent in charge widespread oustanding richest successional hereditary optimal second-to-none record unprecedented unassailable optimum queenlike kinglike front utopian domineering elevated august dignified initial exemplary select undefeated unbeaten honoured esteemed respectable venerable refined high-up ladylike lordly gentlemanly baronial knightly inaugural A-number-1 A-1 furthermost in the ascendancy in control on the throne primo hotshot hotdog heavyweight of note a cut above the rest industry leading topflight best possible top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range top drawer record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 sans pareil top-class crown without match singular only without parallel zenithal severe intense acute uttermost at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff posh one-in-a-million ideal upmarket large huge honored grave widely praised well born silk-stocking well thought of highly regarded of distinction high-born acclaimed out of sight heavy-duty world-class historic immortal trendsetting big-league big-wheel high-powered big-name substantial high-level puissant big-shot hot-dog prestigious major-league famed notorious high-profile seminal admired feted glorious conspicuous big-gun storied dynastic enormous extraordinary tremendous deadly indescribable raging extreme mortal very great greatest possible more powerful most important most prominent most noticeable most obvious most influential most illustrious most powerful most skilled most excellent most outstanding

Động từ

Past tense for to release from one's bonds or restraints
released freed liberated emancipated manumitted discharged sprang sprung uncaged unchained unfettered disenthralled enfranchised enlarged unshackled set free set loose loosed loosened let loose let out turned loose let go delivered untied let off rescued extricated cleared unyoked saved let off the hook unleashed absolved unbridled ransomed acquited acquitted disencumbered reprieved redeemed disimprisoned affranchised pardoned bailed out exempted spared unmanacled relieved detached disengaged untangled exonerated unlocked exculpated set at large cast loose given rights to gave rights to allowed to leave cut loose put on the street freed from restriction freed from restraint unburdened unloosed disburdened divested rid excused disentangled excepted dispensed expelled unhooked befreed stripped disembarrassed whitewashed unclicked freed up paroled bailed dismissed demobilized saved one's neck demobilised setted at liberty lightened sent away sprung loose turned out wiped the slate clean made exempt ridded taken out took out written off wrote off gotten out from under got out from under allowed to go sprang loose unbounden vindicated lift remitted let up on alleviated amnestied declared innocent removed empowered salvageed salvaged forgave forgiven come to the aid of condoned come to the rescue of saved the life of overlooked lifted brought off relinquished eased released on parole winked at blinked at found innocent dealt leniently with granted an amnesty to disculpated let off easy had mercy on found not guilty let off this time let someone off with let it go by let something ride released conditionally snatched gotten out got out extracted recovered retrieved went easy on gone easy on come to rescue naturalized disentwined dislodged unloosened emptied uncorked excluded granted immunity came to the aid of shrived came to the rescue of grandfathered bleached sanitized casted off opened the door for get loose granted exit to sanitised pulled free pulled out laundered relieved of protected accepted unpenned unfastened untethered respited pronounced not guilty justified discounted saved from danger made available made space for wiped off restored to freedom wiped it off made an exception of privileged from made an exception for passed by got oneself off the hook allayed abated palliated postponed mitigated saved someone's bacon gotten off the hook got off the hook wiped the slate granted a stay assoiled saved life of stayed freed from blame given terms exploded wriggled out of made allowances for hollered gave terms saved the day got someone out bailed someone out looked the other way made allowance for pulled out of the fire naturalised granted a stay of execution to vociferated granted a stay of execution extraught came to rescue shriven shrove gave immunity given immunity gotten free got free got loose shown mercy to showed mercy to given freedom to gave freedom to forgave and forgot forgiven and forgotten went ape gone ape got out of hock gotten out of hock given a break gave a break given somebody the vote gave somebody the vote

Động từ

Past tense for to detach or unfasten a physical connection
loosened undid undone unfastened unfixed unknotted untied disentangled unlashed unraveled unravelled untethered unblocked unbridled unclasped unlaced unyoked loosed unclosed unlocked unmanacled unstopped unstrapped unbuttoned unloosed unloosened unwrapped disengaged set free freed released let go unshut unleashed detached uncorked opened let out unfettered slipped extricated unhitched disconnected unchained unshackled liberated uncoupled unhooked separated disentwined disjoined untangled disunited unclicked let loose let off the lead let fly let go of cut loose unbuckled unpinned cut out unmoored unbolted unlinked unsealed discharged unpicked removed setted adrift casted off decoupled unpenned eased cleared disembarrassed unchecked unzipped disarticulated allowed to run riot allowed to run free gave a free rein to given a free rein to taken out took out unbounden severed split uncovered parted divided disassociated sundered unstitched cut off unrolled come loose worked loose slackened off peeled unpacked shucked husked ramified resolved dissociated dissevered divorced disjointed unsnarled unstuck abjugated unpegged unthreaded unlatched isolated segregated extracted mitigated untightened unscrewed unbarred unsnapped slackened relaxed withdrawn withdrew broke up broken up worked free came loose chopped off pruned off clipped off hacked off disassembled pulled off abstracted dismounted nipped off stripped off untwined become unfastened torn open tore open disburdened ripped off pulled out discumbered extraught tore off torn off became unfastened broke off broken off taken apart took apart

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