Đồng nghĩa của disengaged

Alternative for disengaged

Trái nghĩa: engaged,

disengages, disengaged, disengaging

Trái nghĩa: engage,

Tính từ

Impartial and not taking sides
neutral impartial unbiased unprejudiced objective without favouritism non-partisan non-discriminatory balanced even-handed independent equitable evenhanded fair fair-minded dispassionate detached impersonal autonomous disinterested unemotional clinical non-aligned open-minded unallied bystanding disconnected indifferent non-discriminating unconcerned broad-minded non-participating removed on the fence unaligned undecided uninvolved middle-of-the-road on-the-fence uncommitted unconnected uninfluenced uninterested on sidelines straight unbigoted uncolored unslanted without favor inactive nonchalant not taking sides poker-faced pacifistic inert noncombatant nonbelligerent nonpartisan collected middle-of-road easy neuter relaxed cool nonparticipating calm aloof nonaligned distant impassive unincluded unrelated unaffiliated non-allied non-interventionist non-combatant non-belligerent non-combative non-fighting anti-war sitting on the fence just equal square candid nondiscriminatory without fear or favour reasonable with no axe to grind honest anti-discrimination free from discrimination upright honourable nondiscriminating honorable uncertain rational on the level free good right vacillating floating virtuous indecisive scrupulous unattached wavering torn unsure noncommittal apathetic unswayed decent unselfish judicial righteous ethical proper legitimate trustworthy outside moderate undeclared moral egalitarian conscientious principled lawful uncoloured cold irresolute ambivalent justifiable sincere unclear aboveboard tentative open blameless waffling above board sensible hesitant iffy in two minds in doubt in a quandary in a dilemma fair and square wishy-washy on the up and up of two minds middle of the road not sure blowing hot and cold nonpolitical nonbiased fair-and-square middle equable unprepossessed selfless strictly business rightful due on the up-and-up free from self-interest without prejudice clean without distinction equalized noninterfering laissez-faire level-headed nonpassionate composed straddling the fence equalised proportionate legal legit kosher unaffected unimplicated pukka even-steven upfront cricket fair-to-middling level stable unruffled logical unmoved uncorrupted frank civil unbothered in proportion square deal fair shake that takes everything into account on up-and-up according to the rules split not give a tinker's damn couldn't care less mild conservative midway controlled compromising cautious disciplined modest even inexpensive separate betwixt and between equivocal undetermined up in the air hemming and hawing divided borderline not definite debatable running hot and cold hedging your bets unsettled in the middle liberal upstanding tolerant noninterventionist enlightened right-minded free-floating accepting catholic pure undogmatic permissive unprescriptive restrained casual free-spirited fence-sitting laid-back respectable conscionable incorruptible noble understanding acceptant perceptive observant acceptive freestanding single discrete self-ruling self-governing dithering true truthful could care less unresolved not involved equivocating reliable dependable individual distinct doubtful full of integrity stand-up dubious cut loose middle ground don't care indefinite unassociated with apart independent of uncommited fancy-free footloose oscillating not excessive prejudice-free non-judgemental shilly-shallying on one's own at liberty off the hook

Tính từ

Deprived of something, or freed from it

Động từ

Past tense for to set free, especially from entanglement or difficulty
released disentangled extricated freed liberated detached loosened separated disconnected loosed removed uncoupled unfastened unloosed untied decoupled unbound unbounden unclasped undid undone cleared disembarrassed disentwined disjoined disunited eased unfixed unhitched unhooked untangled unyoked disarticulated unbridled unclicked unlocked set free cut loose cut out split severed parted let go unshut unbuttoned divided unravelled unraveled unlinked let out disassociated sundered unleashed dissociated cut off divorced isolated unlaced unloosened unwrapped resolved unclosed opened dissevered disjointed unblocked segregated unchained unfettered unstopped let loose uncorked unbolted untethered ramified unknotted abstracted disenthralled unlashed extracted unbuckled unpicked unpinned slipped unstrapped set apart set loose split up unshackled distanced disassembled dismounted disencumbered rescued solved disaffiliated unmanacled broke up broken up pulled out alienated unzipped untwined emancipated discharged unsealed relieved withdrawn withdrew insulated disburdened sequestered unlatched taken apart took apart enfranchised delivered secluded uncaged quarantined manumitted unsnapped let off the lead moved away disembroiled fazed deciphered raveled ravelled unfolded unstitched unwound extraught sprung unbarred avoided split in two ransomed estranged casted off shut away set at large cast loose bailed out turned loose let off let off the hook put a cordon sanitaire around shut off put at a distance set at odds put on the street taken out took out unburdened disinvolved skimmed unstuck lightened delinked chopped off pruned off clipped off hacked off pulled off nipped off dislodged tore off torn off shied stripped off stript off ruptured dissected bifurcated expelled unpenned uncombined cleaved dichotomized broke off broken off unplugged disrupted dismantled partitioned disbanded unmoored ripped off pulled apart broke broken brake cocooned get loose pulled free sprang disimprisoned dispersed embroiled rived divided in two come apart come away cloistered kept apart excluded saved paroled acquitted redeemed enlarged acquited bailed affranchised dismissed reprieved demobilized popped jimmied become disconnected become detached dissolved closed off discumbered demobilised allowed to leave setted at liberty come loose taped off worked free become unfastened absolved walked away freed from restraint screened off placed far off kept out turned out kept at arm's length confined pardoned kept in solitude opened the door blocked off partitioned off freed from restriction mitigated cordoned off setted at variance worked loose curtained off setted adrift untightened formed a ring around roped off slackened off fenced off unscrewed islanded sealed off took off taken off riven rove broke apart broken apart came away came apart gotten free gotten out got free got loose got out given rights to gave rights to came loose became unfastened became disconnected became detached broke from broken from withdrawn from broke with withdrew from broke away broken with broken away thrown open threw wide broke in thrown wide threw open broken in cut rent rended amputated excised pulled dismembered plucked out cut in two lopped off sliced hewed off sheared off sliced off tugged out prised out yanked out distinguished pruned trimmed docked set against spread splintered hoicked out put away split off sectioned segmented put asunder cut away dug out drawn drew demarcated ended things snapped off unpegged come off grouped sorted stood between parted company disembedded truncated bisected disgruntled soured aliened disaffected turned away scattered unmarried sucked pumped tapped eliminated lopped abscised removed surgically lopt curtailed carved diverged teared weaned antagonized antagonised luxated sectioned off clipt clipped dislocated stripped subdivided stript particularised articulated itemised particularized itemized portioned moved apart pushed away made unfriendly turned off come between made hostile to made indifferent saved one's neck wedged apart freed up snipped out turned your back on carved out befreed came off went your separate ways gone your separate ways gone separate ways went separate ways corve carven torn tore saw off driven apart drove apart drew back drawn back sowed dissension sown dissension broken open broke open drew apart drawn apart gotten out from under got out from under bailed one out came between withdrawn the affections of withdrew the affections of drove a wedge between driven a wedge between tore out torn out drew off drawn off took away taken away

Động từ

Past tense for to remove oneself from a group that one has been associated with

Động từ

Past tense for to retreat from an enemy or an attacking position
pulled back withdrew withdrawn fled retired retreated backed off baulked balked drew back drawn back fell back fallen back gave ground given ground gave way given way pulled out recoiled retracted shrank shrunk shrunken shrank away shrunk away shrunken away took flight taken flight turned tail beat a retreat beaten a retreat beat a hasty retreat beaten a hasty retreat split beat it receded quit decamped cut and run cut out skedaddled run away bolted run off escaped vamoosed scramed scrammed evaded scarpered run evacuated departed vacated levanted skipped off eluded abandoned quitted folded left run for it legged it hightailed it showed a clean pair of heels backed away made off hooked it peeled out backed out cleared out moved back moved away made a break for it lit out headed for the hills bugged out made a quick exit made a run for it ran away ran off took off taken off flown flew ran broke went broken gone brake ran for it went back went away flew the coop flown the coop gone back gone away did a runner done a runner did a fade did a bunk done a fade took a powder done a bunk taken a powder shied away cowered shrunk back flinched blenched cringed groveled grovelled quailed shrunken back shrank back yielded surrendered winced backpedalled quoke pulled away lost ground quaked crawfished stepped back backpedaled squinched started jumped back started back jerked back huddled refused crouched slunk shuddered boggled scrupled slinked blanched dropped out made yourself scarce distanced oneself regressed hid moved out yold yolden sprang back sprung back hidden drawn away drew away given up gone backward gave up went backward

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