Đồng nghĩa của neutralized

Alternative for neutralized

neutralizes, neutralized, neutralizing

Đồng nghĩa: counteract, counterbalance, countervail, do in, knock off, liquidate, negate, neutralise, nullify, waste,


To have prevented oneself from
helped avoided refrained from stopped averted dodged evaded prevented abstained abstained from bypassed circumvented controlled deflected desisted diverted ducked eluded escaped forbore got around passed up precluded resisted restrained from shied from shirked shook off shrank from sidestepped skipped skipped out on skirted stayed away stayed away from steered clear steered clear of withstood broke the habit of fended off forbore from got out of held off kept from neutralised shunned warded off anticipated arrested blocked checked checkmated compensated for counteracted counterbalanced deterred eschewed forbade forbid forestalled frustrated halted headed off hindered impeded interfered with made up for negated nullified obviated offset offsetted prohibited provided shook stalled staved off stove off ceased declined denied yourself desisted from did without forwent gave up kicked left off refused renounced withheld from gotten around shaken off shrunk from forborne shaken done without given up forborne from broken the habit of gotten out of holpen forgone holp quit cut out cut off quitted shut off discontinued dropped packed in laid off ended knocked off packed up let up finished abandoned put an end to suspended concluded terminated broke off broken off cut short lay off put a stop to canned given over gave over broke broken brake broke up broken up wound up brought to an end passed axed closed relinquished elapsed determined called a halt to dead-ended called it a day laid off of winked out interrupted lapsed expired belayed belaid called it quits died brought to a halt pulled the plug on surceased canceled cancelled rejected abjured cut passed on jacked in dispensed with shut down got off quit cold set aside cut it out left alone put the kibosh on swore off sworn off forsook forsaken snubbed spurned repudiated curbed paused ditched scrapped had done with ignored forswore forsworn stopped oneself from restrained oneself from refrained turned down brought to a stop packed it in come to an end gone went rebuffed dismissed resigned from repealed rescinded waived obstructed disapproved sacrificed overlooked completed revoked knocked back aborted abolished went without gone without reprobated eliminated stayed intervened killed baulked at said no to called off scrubbed intermitted gotten off pulled out of reined in remitted come to a stop kicked over cut into come to a halt closed down kept off put paid to forlet not accepted let alone quit cold turkey put the lid on prevented yourself from escaped from left out kicked the habit nipped something in the bud come to a close wrapped up said goodbye to cut dead nipped in the bud come to a standstill prevented oneself from knocked something on the head parted with put a cork in closed out withdrawn withdrew came to an end closed off withheld denied yielded surrendered dissolved stood down from chucked repulsed ceded forewent foregone barred extracted marginalized excised deleted exsected carved usurped removed ousted extirpated severed abrogated excluded isolated disavowed abdicated failed hampered held back from brought to end demurred resolved stilled disregarded discounted resigned caught disturbed demurred at stemmed hobbled annulled staunched abated scratched shelved hesitated deselected nixed faltered adjourned brushed aside wavered sundered phased out immobilized recessed checked out from backed off from forfeited balanced staggered dithered vacillated scrupled teetered wabbled wobbled limped disrupted whiffled stumbled bucked given a rest came to a stop died away laid aside left faded away refused to take advantage of gave a rest disunited brought to standstill resisted the temptation to wiped out got shut of wound down rounded out came to a halt parted from turned your back on achieved petered out winded something up fizzled out drawn to a close surceased from checked oneself gave a wide berth to kiboshed eighty-sixed looked down one's nose at missed switched off dissevered hung it up pulled up finished with stopped trying stopped work passed by wiggle-waggled sewed up ultimated fetched up come off cried off drew to a close disjoined jacked something in opted out of settled succeeded came to a standstill gave something the chop came to a close backed off marginalised had nothing to do with not touched crowned held at bay not heeded downed tools opted out stemmed the flow given something the chop died down given a wide berth to ended up separated rounded off immobilised finished off hung back consummated brought to a close negatived disposed of pulled the plug jilted rested called it quits on held up sat out parted spelled disconnected wrapped divorced retired from wrapt held back come to rest stopped doing shilly-shallied interposed balked at topped off culminated brought to a standstill sewn up brought up dusted off ceased to indulge in withholden yolden yold carven corve extraught frozen froze backed out of broke into broken into lain by lay by got done got shot of gotten shot of gotten done taken the cure gotten on the wagon took the cure got on the wagon drawn up blown the whistle on blew the whistle on came to rest drew to a stand drew up drawn to a stand threw in the towel thrown in the sponge threw in the sponge thrown in the towel gave something a miss given something a miss gave the thumbs down to thrown out came off threw out given the thumbs down to gotten rid of blown off did away with got rid of blew off done away with bagged it went cold turkey gone cold turkey taken away took out took away taken out wrote off withdrawn from threw up written off withdrew from thrown up broke with forgot about broken with forgotten about given the red light shook one's head gave the thumbs down given the thumbs down shaken one's head gave the red light


Past tense for to neutralize or cancel by exerting an opposite and equal force
counteracted offset offsetted counterbalanced counterpoised annulled undid undone balanced compensated for countervailed invalidated negated negatived nullified cancelled out canceled out cancelled canceled corrected made up for balanced out counterweighed equalised equalized abrogated conquered counterchecked counterweighted deactivated defeated defused frustrated made ineffective overcame overcome overrode overridden overruled redressed rendered ineffective subdued wiped out evened up squared up redeemed compensated equilibrized outweighed set off evened out countered equipoised fixed fixt ballasted rectified squared worked against equilibrated obviated remedied contravened opposed righted amended set adjusted recompensed made good effaced contradicted made restitution for made amends for made amends set right put right put to rights atoned for indemnified repelled leveled matched evened equated levelled bucked reduced stabilized crossed charged stabilised equaled accounted halted requited lessened responded counterworked counterposed equalled reformed repaired paralleled parallelled collated accorded attuned readjusted tied allowed for antagonized antagonised equiponderated atoned eased paired off come out bettered regulated improved made right harmonized relieved cured retrieved healed ameliorated settled sorted out dealt with resolved mended tipped the scales come out even paid for patched up turned around harmonised made reparation for recompensed for leveled out recalibrated paid one's dues turned things around restored vindicated turned over new leaf dialed back equalled out made of no use or value restored the balance made restitution changed made reparation redressed the balance revised gone against went against came out came out even neutralised expiated repaid reimbursed payed paid appeased saved remunerated propitiated refunded remitted made good for made redress for made recompense made recompense for made repayment redeemed oneself rewarded made up paid the penalty relinquished paid the price honored a claim paid back done penance did penance absolved excused purged returned answered reconciled apologized apologised squared things satisfied comped replaced made redress overcompensated restituted said sorry given back made amends to paid money to recouped made restitution to absolved oneself gave back made reparation to forgiven forgave did penance for done penance for taken one's medicine took one's medicine


Past tense for to kill or cause the death of
murdered assassinated executed slew slayed slain dispatched terminated liquidated whacked iced croaked offed snuffed got gat gotten took out taken out did in done in rubbed out bumped off knocked off put away killed put to death wasted eliminated slaughtered exterminated hit destroyed butchered wiped out cut down topped massacred stiffed annihilated finished eradicated cut to pieces smoked put down put to sleep finished off snuffed out zapped ended the life of erased disposed of scragged mowed down put an end to did away with done away with felled garrotted shot down polished off waxed ended caused the death of obliterated shot decimated downed blew away blown away carried off taken the life of took the life of guillotined claimed lynched done to death did to death hat hitten made away with chilled blotted out dusted off put out of its misery greased abolished extirpated hanged hung extinguished fell cooled nixed terminated with extreme prejudice gunned down shotten stretched out did for done for deep-sixed decapitated electrocuted beheaded crucified defeated axed strangled asphyxiated blasted silenced purged blackballed immolated euthanized gotten rid of got rid of taken someone's life put out put before a firing squad took someone's life put to the sword put end to cast out wiped off the face of the earth taken took gave someone the works given someone the works nuked stabbed dusted taken care of took care of stopped banished murked quashed smothered garotted knifed removed dropped discarded abrogated invalidated bowstringed fried bowstrung stunned canceled cancelled smote smited smit smitten gassed vaporized vaporised deleted suffocated knocked out sacrificed sent to the chair stoned to death wiped off the map strung up knocked someone off sent to the gibbet wiped from the face of the earth carried out a sentence of death on knocked something on the head phased out killed off sent to the gas chamber killed in cold blood dispensed with stamped out sent to the electric chair rooted out did done taken a life took a life seen the back of saw the back of got shot of gotten shot of gave something the chop driven out given something the chop drove out neutralised sent to the gallows put paid to gibbetted gibbeted hung by the neck sent to the gas chambers bagged ruined devastated overwhelmed expunged beat brought down cut a swath through put a bullet in necked overcome overpowered routed worsted potted plugged stoned bested sterilized dragged scratched sterilised excluded drug mutilated sticked vanquished stuck mangled tortured maimed effaced cleared away dragged down razed totaled demolished totalled ravaged smashed desolated pulverized wrecked shattered wracked depopulated noosed suicided moved in for the kill picked off sent to kingdom come committed genocide suspended by the neck swept away cleaned up pumped full of lead executed by hanging ethnically cleansed made swing pulled down blacked out laid waste wreaked havoc on pulverised sent to the scaffold overcame beaten taken down took down creamed took off taken off drove to the wall driven to the wall wrought havoc on torn down wrought havoc tore down


Past tense for to cause to have no value or effect
negated cancelled canceled invalidated voided annulled nullified repealed rescinded abrogated reversed retracted revoked countermanded undid undone avoided abated abolished cancelled out canceled out disannulled dissolved nulled overruled quashed vacated made ineffective obviated overturned rendered invalid annihilated belied blackballed contravened counterchecked crossed dinged disproved disproven dumped frustrated impugned killed opposed redressed removed rendered null and void rolled back stonewalled struck down stricken down traversed vitiated wiped out broke with broken with put down turned down turned thumbs down flew in the face of flown in the face of offset set aside vetoed offsetted terminated counteracted counterbalanced recalled axed cast aside brought to an end weakened undermined disallowed repudiated disestablished disqualified impaired nixed circumducted unfitted obliterated ruled against rebutted countervailed declared null and void nigged scratched scrubbed trashed reneged confined limited squashed compensated restricted zapped torpedoed did away with done away with washed out stamped out called all bets off brought to naught overthrew overridden overthrown overrode took back taken back blown sky-high blew sky-high rendered meaningless blued pencil forgotten it taken out took out forgot it neutralised put an end to cut lift dropped discharged aborted lifted declared invalid called off withdrawn withdrew erased effaced ended deleted dismantled recanted expunged discarded blacked out blotted out turfed put a line through rejected abnegated bleeped declared remitted eliminated refuted retired extinguished redlined omitted disclaimed scrapped purged called abandoned renounced stopped belayed ignored belaid counterpoised suppressed made void disowned edited counterordered censored backpedalled excluded dismissed blacked abjured backpedaled denied discontinued called back deled elided cried off wiped slate clean snuffed out whited out struck out swept away crossed out rooted out pulled back blue-pencilled rendered inert stroked out blue-penciled inked out phased out blocked out ruled out edited out Xed out rubbed out blanked out broke broken brake forswore forsworn gotten off the hook got off the hook backed out of went back on one's word gone back on one's word took away took off taken away taken off drew back drawn back


Past tense for cause the downfall or ruin of
undid undone ruined undermined defeated destroyed marred overturned quashed subverted wrecked shattered spoiled spoilt sabotaged scotched scuppered toppled upset annihilated crippled crushed devastated harmed impaired smashed squelched eradicated messed up obliterated put at risk thwarted blew blown botched cancelled out canceled out foiled frustrated hampered hindered obstructed put an end to made a mess of played havoc with rendered ineffective fouled up abated abolished broke brake broken cramped crazed crimped decimated demolished did for done for had impoverished injured loused up mucked up offset offsetted outfoxed outmanoeuvred outmaneuvered outsmarted overreached overthrew overthrown queered razed skinned stymied unbuilt vitiated wracked ballsed up put the kibosh on blew a hole in blown a hole in brought down made waves screwed up worked against brought to naught threw a spanner in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of rained on someone's parade dashed dished put the lid on put paid to put a stop to blighted torpedoed negated poisoned wreaked havoc on reduced to nothing extinguished ended stopped quelled nixed banjaxed blocked derailed nullified prevented mullered cruelled euchred prohibited made of no use or value ceased halted brought to an end annulled killed counteracted wrought havoc wrought havoc on neutralised disrupted made a hash of damaged interfered with attacked put a damper on hit done in did in interrupted terminated dispatched disturbed disarranged disorganized disordered ravaged incapacitated slowed delayed held up impeded convulsed unsettled retarded eliminated slowed down deranged turned upside-down disabled threatened caused confusion in caused turmoil in bollixed scarred aborted suppressed disfigured stained broke down decayed afflicted tainted disappointed trashed intruded on baulked glitched up clobbered confounded spiked balked thrown into confusion threw into confusion thrown into disarray thrown into disorder threw into disarray threw into disorder broke up broken up broken down hat hitten


Past tense for to frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
defeated foiled frustrated thwarted ruined forestalled baulked blocked circumvented contravened debarred derailed impeded invalidated obstructed obviated overturned prevented scotched scuttled snookered stopped stymied baffled barred confounded deterred discomfited halted hampered hindered nullified repelled repressed squashed suppressed upset balked checkmated curbed dashed nobbled outwitted parried rattled repulsed scuppered spoiled spoilt undid undone buried checked countered counterplotted crossed disappointed did for done for restrained put a stop to put paid to nipped in the bud put the kibosh on put the stopper on got the better of gotten the better of put the mockers on screwed up messed up beat down beaten down caused setback fouled up held up loused up stood in the way of upset one's apple cart put a spoke in someone's wheel put end to took wind out of sails taken wind out of sails beat fettered inhibited hamstrung hamstringed hobbled crippled arrested cramped crimped quashed stifled negated offset stumped canceled cancelled annulled put a brake on put the lid on prohibited upset the applecart counteracted shut out set back crushed beaten confronted bucked bilked offsetted banjaxed licked conquered overcome precluded forbid delayed handicapped retarded hung up encumbered dashed one's hope cramped one's style trammeled trammelled shackled curtailed constrained interrupted opposed restricted handcuffed clogged bottlenecked embarrassed muzzled manacled burdened cumbered rendered null and void interfered with slowed down short-circuited tied up resisted hog-tied crabbed held back interfered choked boxed in borked forbidden forbade overcame gave the run around given the run around gotten in the way thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works thrown a spoke in the wheel of threw a spanner in the works of threw a spoke in the wheel of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works got in the way neutralised upset the apple cart smashed rooted traversed fazed disconcerted played off cooked someone's goose cut off shut off shut down gave the slip given the slip confused skinned eluded queered promoted juked ducked bollixed ditched dodged buffaloed skipped braked shuffled off snafued disrupted run rings around run circles around slowed halted in its tracks took down taken down taken wind out of took wind out of dammed stonewalled chained entangled bound saddled with closed off shaken shook brake shook off shaken off ran rings around ran circles around given the run-around gave the run-around thrown monkey wrench in threw monkey wrench in frozen froze bounden threw a monkey wrench in the works thrown a monkey wrench in the works gave a hard time given a hard time got in the way of gotten in the way of


Not producing the desired effect
inefficacious ineffective unsuccessful futile abortive unproductive fruitless ineffectual unavailing unprofitable useless profitless vain bootless inefficient non-successful worthless failed feeble idle inadequate inept purposeless barren counterproductive empty feckless hamstrung inexpedient lame otiose weak inutile unfructuous anticlimactic defeasible forceless impotent incompetent indecisive inferior innocuous inoperative invertebrate limited nugatory null paltry powerless spineless unable unfruitful void withered to no effect null and void pointless unavailable emasculate slack-spined to no avail not effective no go no way neutralised valueless in vain hopeless meaningless pathetic to no purpose hollow trivial spiritless unrewarding insignificant sterile trifling thwarted senseless of no use poor wishy-washy inconsequential aimless effete good-for-nothing unusable soft foiled impractical tame nerveless unimportant wet vapid weak-kneed doomed unsatisfactory lacklustre lackluster wimpish no-good wimpy Sisyphean cowardly lifeless flat without success frustrated insufficient unpurposed insipid insubstantial weakling chicken no dice puny characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby of no avail petty junky limp-wristed wasted waste miserable timid bungled timorous defeated baulked mediocre unremunerative bland for nought irresolute enervated expendable balked frail weakened no use impracticable yellow-bellied no-account unprolific chaffy half-hearted frivolous not worth the candle on a treadmill wasteful trashy uninspiring wretched unassertive unconvincing boneless cheap craven bogus nothing ignoble abandoned unessential apathetic gutless lily-livered faint-hearted thin misfired unworkable nonfunctional thankless wussy unfunctional disastrous listless sissified sissy flimsy botched uninspired scrap dysfunctional yellow dull unimpressive lazy exhausted implausible silly pale stillborn measly unimaginative blocked negligible stupid disadvantageous dry forlorn slight piddling needless flabby pants inane unreal delusive irrelevant unsuitable footling banal unreliable etiolated bloodless gainless no good unsubstantial wavering vacillating faltering anemic anaemic lost a dead loss without rhyme or reason abject drossy despicable contemptible base disorganized ne'er-do-well impuissant failing pallid bungling unanimated lustreless muted scant miscarried uneconomic vigourless stymied halfhearted save one's breath unsalable ruined spoiled disorganised unserviceable hindered stonewalled obstructed nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly motiveless nonpractical cramped frustaneous unlucrative insincere spoilt boring unuseful inoperable broken dead inactive flaccid shallow niggling picayune minute nominal piddly pimping piffling inconsiderable peanut time-wasting stale of no earthly use messed up no-win misleading unnotable shuck delusory for naught limp not useful uninteresting meek weak-willed fickle passive shiftless irresponsible absurd nonsensical off jejune arid tedious commonplace going nowhere dithering spinning one's wheels wild goose chase of no value unneeded resultless not a prayer in vicious circle fouled up dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous humdrum flavourless watered-down flavorless sapless languid helpless impossible non-functioning indeterminate pusillanimous undetermined fallible groundless de minimis Mickey Mouse insane fatuous slothful indolent unlikely transparent vacuous vacant unfilled clear defective deficient chicken-hearted corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling undependable yielding unsure no good to gundy foolish poxy wanky rubbishy nickel-and-dime purportless unnecessary redundant nongermane not pertinent superfluous half-baked fustian unenterprising reckless unambitious incautious lousy uncareful carefree careless wild baseless ill-fated bleak of no benefit casual easily led weedy not in use out of use silent turned off not working out of service rubbish rambling unfounded unhelpful hard to swallow faulty unpersuasive hard to believe unpleasing beyond remedy unachievable despaired of two a penny not much cop drippy lacking foundation a dime a dozen nerdy daft chicken-livered pigeon-hearted not worth a hill of beans fearful without grounds without foundation not serious poor-spirited candy-assed

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