Đồng nghĩa của neutrally


Evenhandedly or fairly
disinterestedly dispassionately objectively indifferently equally unbiasedly impartially equitably even-handedly detachedly fairly open-mindedly justly evenhandedly without prejudice without bias with an open mind without fear or favour without favor pacifistically properly lawfully legally honestly legitimately independently fair-mindedly cleanly fair licitly justifiably deservedly clean same impersonally autonomously unemotionally honourably honorably clinically unconcernedly disconnectedly by the book broad-mindedly undecidedly without fear in accordance with the rules according to the rules fairly and squarely unconnectedly uncommittedly uninterestedly straightly nonchalantly inactively with objectivity squarely considerately soberly with impartiality with detachment on the up and up uprightly rightly ethically goodly decently virtuously morally righteously candidly fittingly principledly rightfully nobly scrupulously reasonably respectably conscientiously right-mindedly suitably trustworthily appropriately correctly truely fitly aptly high-mindedly incorruptibly worthily blamelessly befittingly meritedly kosherly justifiedly meetly condignly becomingly purely nicely evenly irreproachably rationally reputably sincerely sensibly competently exemplarily applicably moralistically faithfully reliably unselfishly aloofly dutifully expediently saintlily guiltlessly coldly unimpeachably sinlessly angelically meritoriously adequately laudably praiseworthily conscionably straightforwardly deservingly requisitely graciously humanely civilly responsibly genuinely steadily dependably seemlily qualifiedly truthfully level-headedly ably equably capably appositely coolly innocently loftily unmovedly feasibly preparedly functionally admirably godlily readily relevantly acceptably pertinently usefully decorously obligatorily judicially legitly useably availably serviceably usably correspondently conformably commendably charitably levelly moderately philanthropically conveniently punctiliously permissibly allowably duly anticipatedly expectedly respectfully courteously accurately truly good-naturedly circumspectly impeccably immaculately sufficiently amply selflessly forthrightly sportingly frankly Christianly composedly logically faultlessly satisfactorily with due respect classlessly unaffectedly canonically officially orthodoxly with fairness boundenly chivalrously gallantly piously freely well devoutly devotedly holily matchlessly peerlessly creditably spiritually reverently sportily credibly unfailingly democratically steadfastly centrally humbly authentically veraciously unpretentiously unfeignedly proportionately right dedicatedly patriotically trustily unwaveringly enduringly constantly resolutely dignifiedly distantly professionally callously self-righteously incorruptly untaintedly soundly obediently uncontroversially safely pacifically unsympathetically unresponsively tractably sanctimoniously well-behavedly estimably inculpably insouciantly impassively carelessly unfeelingly passionlessly regardlessly exploitably apathetically imperviously emotionlessly uncaringly religiously savingly proudly primly leniently timelily felicitously happily operably practicably preferably inattentively heedlessly blasély prettily silently scornfully superciliously unsocially listlessly diffidently heartlessly phlegmatically stoically haughtily uncommunicatively superiorly

Trái nghĩa của neutrally

neutrally Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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