Đồng nghĩa của neutralizes

Alternative for neutralizes

neutralizes, neutralized, neutralizing

Đồng nghĩa: counteract, counterbalance, countervail, do in, knock off, liquidate, negate, neutralise, nullify, waste,


To neutralize or cancel by exerting an opposite and equal force
counteracts offsets counterbalances counterpoises annuls undoes balances compensates for countervails invalidates negates negatives nullifies cancels out cancels corrects makes up for balances out counterweighs equalises equalizes abrogates conquers counterchecks counterweights deactivates defeats defuses frustrates makes ineffective overcomes overrides overrules redresses renders ineffective subdues wipes out evens up squares up redeems compensates equilibrizes outweighs evens out counters equipoises fixes ballasts rectifies squares atones for sets off equilibrates obviates remedies contravenes opposes rights amends adjusts recompenses makes good works against makes amends for makes restitution for makes amends repels equiponderates atones antagonizes antagonises equals out tips the scales redresses the balance makes of no use or value effaces contradicts crosses bucks reduces stabilises halts lessens stabilizes responds counterworks indemnifies matches evens levels equates goes against counterposes charges equals accounts requites readjusts parallels collates accords sets ties attunes allows for pairs off comes out comes out even reforms repairs eases improves sets right cures harmonizes relieves heals regulates retrieves betters makes right puts right ameliorates sorts out resolves mends settles deals with puts to rights harmonises turns things around recalibrates restores vindicates makes reparation for levels out patches up recompenses for pays for pays dues makes restitution makes reparation dials back restores the balance turns around changes turns over new leaf revises neutralises expiates repays reimburses does penance pays appeases remunerates propitiates refunds remits makes good for makes redress for pays the price makes up pays back makes recompense for honors a claim relinquishes gives back rewards pays the penalty redeems oneself makes recompense makes repayment returns replaces absolves excuses forgives purges saves squares things does penance for satisfies comps overcompensates makes restitution to makes amends to pays money to makes reparation to answers reconciles apologizes apologises makes redress recoups restitutes absolves oneself takes one's medicine says sorry


To kill or cause the death of
murders assassinates executes slays dispatches terminates liquidates whacks ices croaks offs snuffs gets takes out does in rubs out bumps off knocks off puts away kills eliminates slaughters wastes exterminates butchers destroys wipes out tops stiffs massacres puts to death does away with annihilates eradicates finishes off blows away smokes finishes does to death takes the life of erases ends the life of disposes of scrags mows down cuts down polishes off snuffs out zaps hits shoots down causes the death of fells does for ends cuts to pieces makes away with puts down puts to sleep obliterates decimates shoots waxes downs gets rid of carries off guillotines claims lynches blots out dusts off takes someone's life abolishes extirpates hangs extinguishes puts an end to garrottes greases takes garrotes cools gives someone the works nixes terminates with extreme prejudice guns down decapitates electrocutes beheads chills crucifies defeats axes strangles asphyxiates blasts silences smites takes care of purges blackballs stretches out immolates euthanizes deep-sixes wipes off the face of the earth puts out of its misery dusts stabs removes drops discards cancels puts to the sword vaporizes vaporises kills in cold blood sees the back of stuns suffocates sacrifices bowstrings fries deletes wipes from the face of the earth gases roots out kills off wipes off the map murks puts end to smothers does knifes garottes sends to the chair sends to the gibbet sends to the gas chamber carries out a sentence of death on strings up puts before a firing squad stones to death sends to the electric chair takes a life stops banishes quashes abrogates invalidates knocks out dispenses with knocks something on the head gives the chop puts out gets shot of drives out casts out stamps out phases out neutralises demolishes devastates totals razes expunges ruins wrecks smashes desolates pulverizes torpedoes pulls down wracks trashes nukes creams tears down effaces pulverises puts paid to shatters ravages blacks out sweeps away cleans up levels dismantles scratches undoes breaks breaks up squashes takes apart blows to bits obscures overcomes puts a stop to knocks down crashes sinks sends to the gas chambers overwhelms dilapidates washes out excises blows sky-high crushes razes to the ground undermines abates beats brings to an end blows up blows to pieces overthrows brings down scrubs benothings sends to the gallows stones sends to kingdom come ethnically cleanses weeds out depopulates blocks out rubs off cuts blanks out inks out covers removes all traces of blues pencil strikes out marks out wipes off face of earth scores out KO's destroys root and branch crossing out quells drags sterilizes sterilises excludes spoils takes down drags down clears away routs overpowers worsts moves in for the kill takes off bests drives to the wall nullifies suppresses spoliates breaks down marauds dynamites messes up mutilates explodes ravishes bombs maims scourges guts overturns aborts annuls sabotages flattens vandalizes disrupts tears up damages beyond repair batters wracks up piles up cripples reduces to rubble vandalises writes off leaves in ruins impairs cracks up runs onto the rocks injures damages dashes to pieces mangles desecrates shipwrecks puts out of commission defaces smashes up bulldozes puts the lid on takes away checks upsets gobbles up wipes off map disassembles topples cracks trounces wolfs puts in toilet reduces to ruins unbuilds throws down tears to pieces lifts shifts loosens cleans gets off budges


To cause to have no value or effect
negates cancels invalidates voids annuls nullifies repeals rescinds abrogates reverses retracts revokes countermands undoes avoids abates abolishes cancels out disannuls dissolves nulls overrules quashes vacates makes ineffective obviates overturns renders invalid annihilates belies blackballs contravenes counterchecks crosses dings disproves dumps frustrates impugns kills opposes redresses removes renders null and void rolls back stonewalls strikes down traverses vitiates wipes out breaks with puts down turns down turns thumbs down flies in the face of offsets vetoes terminates counteracts counterbalances recalls sets aside axes does away with unmakes brings to an end disallows disestablishes overthrows weakens undermines overrides takes back rules against repudiates disqualifies nixes circumducts impairs unfits blows sky-high reorganises reorganizes obliterates rebuts countervails torpedoes trashes restricts declares null and void casts aside scrubs scratches zaps nigs squashes confines limits compensates reneges forgets it takes out washes out stamps out blues pencil brings to naught calls all bets off neutralises withdraws puts an end to drops discharges aborts cuts lifts declares invalid calls off erases effaces ends deletes dismantles recants expunges discards blacks out blots out turfs rejects abnegates bleeps declares stops discontinues gets off the hook draws back pulls back takes off takes away phases out remits breaks scraps renounces omits disclaims calls abandons purges extinguishes refutes eliminates retires redlines excludes blacks edits forswears dismisses censors abjures disowns denies makes void backpedals counterorders counterpoises ignores suppresses belays deles elides cries off calls back puts a line through blocks out rubs out roots out blue-pencils blanks out strikes out backs out of inks out whites out Xes out snuffs out edits out strokes out crossing out sweeps away renders inert rules out wipes slate clean goes back on one's word


Cause the downfall or ruin of
undoes ruins undermines defeats destroys overturns quashes subverts wrecks shatters spoils sabotages scotches scuppers topples upsets annihilates cripples crushes devastates harms impairs smashes squelches eradicates messes up obliterates puts at risk thwarts blows botches cancels out foils frustrates hampers hinders obstructs puts an end to makes a mess of plays havoc with renders ineffective fouls up abates abolishes breaks cramps crazes crimps decimates demolishes does for has impoverishes injures louses up mucks up offsets outfoxes outmanoeuvres outmaneuvers outsmarts overreaches overthrows queers razes skins stymies unbuilds vitiates wracks ballses up balls up puts the kibosh on blows a hole in brings down makes waves screws up works against brings to naught throws a spanner in the works of throws a monkey wrench in the works of rains on someone's parade dashes dishes torpedoes blights wreaks havoc on negates reduces to nothing poisons nixes banjaxes euchres cruels mullers extinguishes ends makes of no use or value stops quells blocks prevents nullifies derails prohibits puts the lid on brings to an end puts a stop to halts kills counteracts puts paid to ceases sweeps aside annuls neutralises blasts does in wipes out damages disrupts trashes makes a hash of wastes overwhelms lays waste rubs out tears down disfigures sinks puts a damper on stains pulls down vaporizes taints creams vaporises lays in ruins nukes desolates totals cooks someone's goose upsets the applecart breaks up puts out of action slaughters trounces tumbles writes off puts out of commission destructs seals the doom of finishes puts the skids under darkens glitches up scars disappoints afflicts decays clouds tarnishes touches blemishes takes the enjoyment out of casts a pall over takes the pleasure out of takes the edge off casts a shadow over takes the shine off dilapidates flattens ruinates mutilates leaves desolate defiles brings to ruin reduces to rubble leaves in ruins cleans out despoils ravishes ravages knocks down depletes wreaks havoc upon reduces busts mangles desecrates levels pulverizes maims scourges bodges pulverises defaces brings to nothing wreaks havoc with rattles pops disables bursts explodes blows up brings to nought


To frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
defeats foils frustrates thwarts ruins forestalls baulks blocks circumvents contravenes debars derails impedes invalidates obstructs obviates overturns prevents scotches scuttles snookers stops stymies baffles bars confounds deters discomfits halts hampers hinders nullifies repels represses squashes suppresses upsets balks checkmates curbs dashes nobbles outwits parries rattles repulses scuppers spoils undoes blanks buries checks counters counterplots crosses disappoints does for restrains puts a stop to puts paid to nips in the bud puts the kibosh on puts the stopper on gets the better of puts the mockers on screws up messes up beats down causes setback fouls up holds up louses up stands in the way of upsets the applecart puts a spoke in someone's wheel puts end to takes wind out of sails fetters inhibits hamstrings hobbles cripples arrests cramps crimps quashes stifles beats negates stumps cancels annuls prohibits counteracts bucks bilks offsets crushes confronts banjaxes licks conquers forbids overcomes precludes puts the lid on hangs up puts a brake on cramps one's style dashes one's hope gives the run around delays renders null and void handicaps retards encumbers trammels shackles restricts interrupts constrains curtails opposes clogs handcuffs bottlenecks burdens embarrasses cumbers muzzles manacles crabs throws a spoke in the wheel of shuts out sets back gets in the way throws a spanner in the works short-circuits holds back borks boxes in throws a monkey wrench in the works of hog-ties interferes resists chokes ties up slows down interferes with throws a spanner in the works of neutralises staves off wards off averts avoids heads off smashes stalls anticipates roots defends against holds off takes down fends off takes wind out of gives the slip deflects evades circumnavigates sidesteps skirts bypasses limits interdicts jukes ditches forfends wards stonewalls rules out intercepts traverses eludes steers clear of contains snafus keeps lid on turns aside puts an end to keeps at bay plays off cooks someone's goose gets out of escapes disrupts wrecks crashes unsettles corks dams chills staves cools stills queers rebuffs withholds stays shakes promotes skips bollixes disconcerts ducks dodges buffaloes fazes eliminates helps removes keeps off shuffles off shakes off catches forecloses intervenes interposes runs circles around gives the run-around runs rings around throws monkey wrench in halts in its tracks gets round makes unnecessary throws a monkey wrench in the works shuns shirks rebukes fences pulls up gets rid of does away with takes away holds at bay bottles up replies fights back ripostes defends controls conceals fights off puts up a fight defends yourself retaliates beats off confuses skins stultifies takes the wind out of your sails

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