Đồng nghĩa của neutralizing

Alternative for neutralizing

neutralizes, neutralized, neutralizing

Đồng nghĩa: counteract, counterbalance, countervail, do in, knock off, liquidate, negate, neutralise, nullify, waste,

Động từ

Killing or executing
getting assassinating executing killing taking out bumping off dispatching knocking off murdering putting away whacking doing in icing liquidating neutralising offing rubbing out slaying snuffing terminating croaking eliminating slaughtering wasting exterminating butchering wiping out destroying massacring topping stiffing putting to death doing away with annihilating finishing off eradicating blowing away smoking doing to death finishing taking the life of ending the life of disposing of erasing cutting down mowing down polishing off scragging snuffing out shooting down zapping hitting causing the death of felling garrotting making away with doing for putting down putting to sleep cutting to pieces obliterating ending decimating downing shooting waxing getting rid of carrying off claiming guillotining lynching taking someone's life dusting off blotting out extirpating abolishing putting an end to hanging extinguishing greasing taking nixing giving someone the works cooling terminating with extreme prejudice gunning down crucifying beheading electrocuting decapitating silencing chillin chilling blackballing axing immolating smiting stretching out deep-sixing putting out of its misery euthanizing strangling purging asphyxiating blasting taking care of wiping off the face of the earth defeating stabbing dusting removing putting to the sword discarding dropping killing in cold blood canceling cancelling seeing the back of vaporising vaporizing stunning suffocating sacrificing wiping from the face of the earth killing off wiping off the map deleting rooting out putting end to frying bowstringing putting before a firing squad gassing sending to the gibbet carrying out a sentence of death on stoning to death sending to the electric chair sending to the chair stringing up sending to the gas chamber murking garotting smothering doing knifing taking a life stopping banishing quashing abrogating invalidating getting shot of casting out giving the chop stamping out knocking out phasing out dispensing with knocking something on the head putting out driving out expunging effacing cleaning up sweeping away blacking out razing demolishing excising totalling totaling squashing devastating smashing abating putting paid to ruining wrecking desolating trashing crosses out blanking out shattering pulverizing suppressing nuking wracking creaming nullifying annulling undoing crushing scrubbing striking out gutting torpedoing putting a stop to scoring out scratching overwhelming sending to the gas chambers washing out bringing to an end pulverising blocking out pulling down tearing down weeding out cutting out voiding shedding overturning obscuring overthrowing excluding mutilating concealing squelching withdrawing discontinuing covering wiping off blue-penciling blue-pencilling scratching out disannulling negating trimming beating uprooting taking away sinking removing all traces of bluing pencil cutting cancelling out canceling out KO'ing inking out kayoing disrupting exsecting breaking off sending to kingdom come ethnically cleansing quelling depopulating upsetting wiping scrubbing out checking putting the lid on forgetting putting out of your mind overcoming stoning routing overpowering covering over smoothing away rubbing away eroding whiting out editing wearing away fading dragging sterilising dragging down sterilizing clearing away taking down worsting sending to the gallows aborting besting vanquishing sticking mangling torturing maiming driving to the wall taking off bringing down moving in for the kill levelling leveling censoring bowdlerizing redacting deleing marking out ravaging destroying root and branch rubbing off blowing to bits taking apart wiping off face of earth blowing sky-high ridding clearing blotting laundering scraping off striking blanking bowdlerising putting a line through stripping emptying dissolving clearing out scouring cleansing repealing rescinding ditching cleaning out routing out shaking out unloading lifting revoking junking benothinging stifling scrapping obfuscating battening eclipsing darkening shading passing out making dark holding back keeling over covering up cutting off jettisoning vitiating throwing out retracting repudiating subverting countermanding chopping nulling dumping vacating avoiding deracinating calling off prohibiting inhibiting disestablishing superseding setting aside putting the kibosh on putting kibosh on striking down closing down rolling back

Động từ

Present participle for to neutralize or cancel by exerting an opposite and equal force
counteracting offsetting counterbalancing counterpoising annulling undoing balancing compensating for countervailing invalidating negating negativing nullifying cancelling out canceling out cancelling canceling correcting making up for balancing out counterweighing equalising equalizing abrogating conquering counterchecking counterweighting deactivating defeating defusing frustrating making ineffective overcoming overriding overruling redressing rendering ineffective subduing wiping out evening up squaring up redeeming compensating equilibrizing outweighing evening out countering equipoising fixing ballasting rectifying squaring atoning for setting off equilibrating obviating remedying contravening opposing righting amending adjusting recompensing making good working against making amends for making restitution for making amends repelling equiponderating atoning antagonizing antagonising equalling out tipping the scales redressing the balance effacing contradicting making of no use or value responding crossing halting bucking stabilising lessening stabilizing counterworking reducing indemnifying going against levelling leveling matching evening equating requiting equalling equaling accounting counterposing charging setting readjusting collating attuning paralleling tying according parallelling allowing for pairing off coming out coming out even repairing reforming easing setting right curing putting right making right harmonizing healing improving relieving retrieving regulating ameliorating bettering sorting out mending settling resolving dealing with patching up changing making reparation harmonising paying dues putting to rights dialing back restoring the balance recompensing for recalibrating turning around making restitution paying for revising restoring turning things around leveling out making reparation for turning over new leaf vindicating neutralising expiating repaying reimbursing doing penance paying appeasing remunerating propitiating refunding remitting making good for rewarding making recompense making repayment paying the price paying back redeeming oneself relinquishing giving back making up paying the penalty making redress for honoring a claim making recompense for returning replacing excusing purging forgiving absolving saving doing penance for squaring things comping satisfying overcompensating making amends to paying money to making reparation to making restitution to answering reconciling apologizing apologising making redress recouping restituting absolving yourself taking one's medicine saying sorry

Động từ

Present participle for to cause to have no value or effect
negating cancelling canceling invalidating voiding annulling nullifying repealing rescinding abrogating reversing retracting revoking countermanding undoing avoiding abating abolishing cancelling out canceling out disannulling dissolving nulling overruling quashing vacating making ineffective obviating overturning rendering invalid annihilating belying blackballing contravening counterchecking crossing dinging disproving dumping frustrating impugning killing opposing redressing removing rendering null and void rolling back stonewalling striking down traversing vitiating wiping out breaking with putting down turning down turning thumbs down flying in the face of offsetting vetoing terminating counteracting counterbalancing recalling setting aside axing doing away with unmaking bringing to an end disallowing disestablishing undermining weakening overriding overthrowing taking back ruling against repudiating impairing nixing circumducting unfitting disqualifying blowing sky-high reorganizing reorganising obliterating countervailing rebutting casting aside zapping compensating squashing scratching limiting declaring null and void trashing nigging restricting reneging confining torpedoing scrubbing taking out stamping out washing out bluing pencil forgetting it calling all bets off bringing to naught neutralising withdrawing putting an end to dropping discharging aborting cutting lifting declaring invalid calling off erasing effacing ending deleting dismantling recanting expunging discarding blacking out blotting out turfing rejecting abnegating bleeping declaring stopping discontinuing getting off the hook taking away drawing back phasing out pulling back taking off remitting breaking redlining retiring eliminating extinguishing refuting disclaiming abandoning calling purging omitting renouncing scrapping ignoring belaying suppressing counterpoising disowning censoring counterordering backpedaling forswearing backpedalling excluding abjuring making void dismissing denying editing blacking crying off deleing eliding calling back rendering inert wiping slate clean going back on your word ruling out blue-penciling editing out blocking out blue-pencilling crosses out rubbing out stroking out snuffing out blanking out striking out rooting out backing out of whiting out sweeping away inking out putting a line through Xing out

Động từ

Present participle for cause the downfall or ruin of
undoing ruining undermining defeating destroying marring overturning quashing subverting wrecking shattering spoiling sabotaging scotching scuppering toppling upsetting annihilating crippling crushing devastating harming impairing smashing squelching eradicating messing up obliterating putting at risk thwarting blowing botching cancelling out canceling out foiling frustrating hampering hindering obstructing putting an end to making a mess of playing havoc with rendering ineffective fouling up abating abolishing breaking cramping crazing crimping decimating demolishing doing for having impoverishing injuring lousing up mucking up offsetting outfoxing outmanoeuvring outmaneuvering outsmarting overreaching overthrowing queering razing skinning stymieing unbuilding vitiating wracking ballsing up putting the kibosh on blowing a hole in bringing down making waves screwing up working against bringing to naught throwing a spanner in the works of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of raining on someone's parade dashing dishing blighting torpedoing wreaking havoc on poisoning negating reducing to nothing nixing banjaxing euchring mullering cruelling making of no use or value ending extinguishing stopping quelling blocking preventing nullifying derailing prohibiting sweeping aside ceasing halting bringing to an end annulling killing putting paid to counteracting putting a stop to putting the lid on neutralising blasting doing in wiping out damaging disrupting trashing making a hash of wasting creaming putting a damper on totalling sinking vaporizing tainting overwhelming vaporising laying in ruins laying waste rubbing out desolating totaling pulling down staining nuking tearing down disfiguring upsetting the applecart cooking someone's goose tumbling putting out of action destructing breaking up slaughtering putting out of commission trouncing sealing the doom of putting the skids under finishing darkening glitching up decaying afflicting scarring disappointing clouding casting a pall over taking the shine off taking the pleasure out of casting a shadow over blemishing taking the edge off tarnishing touching taking the enjoyment out of cleaning out levelling defiling ravaging mangling mutilating maiming leaving in ruins pulverizing reducing bringing to nothing wreaking havoc upon bringing to ruin ravishing despoiling pulverising flattening leveling ruinating busting reducing to rubble bodging leaving desolate knocking down defacing desecrating scourging dilapidating depleting bringing to nought wreaking havoc with exploding bursting disabling rattling popping blowing up

Động từ

Present participle for to frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
defeating foiling frustrating thwarting ruining forestalling baulking blocking circumventing contravening debarring derailing impeding invalidating obstructing obviating overturning preventing scotching scuttling snookering stopping stymieing baffling barring confounding deterring discomfiting halting hampering hindering nullifying repelling repressing squashing suppressing upsetting balking checkmating curbing dashing nobbling outwitting parrying rattling repulsing scuppering spoiling undoing blanking burying checking countering counterplotting crossing disappointing doing for restraining putting a stop to putting paid to nipping in the bud putting the kibosh on putting the stopper on getting the better of putting the mockers on screwing up messing up beating down causing setback fouling up holding up lousing up standing in the way of upsetting the applecart putting a spoke in someone's wheel putting end to taking wind out of sails fettering inhibiting hamstringing hobbling crippling arresting cramping crimping quashing stifling beating negating stumping canceling annulling cancelling prohibiting counteracting offsetting bucking bilking crushing confronting banjaxing precluding conquering overcoming forbidding licking hanging up putting a brake on putting the lid on dashing one's hope cramping one's style giving the run around delaying rendering null and void retarding handicapping encumbering trammelling trammeling shackling constraining restricting curtailing interrupting opposing bottlenecking handcuffing clogging manacling cumbering embarrassing muzzling burdening short-circuiting hog-tying tying up holding back throwing a spanner in the works of interfering with boxing in getting in the way choking throwing a spanner in the works crabbing throwing a monkey wrench in the works of throwing a spoke in the wheel of interfering resisting slowing down borking shutting out setting back neutralising smashing rooting giving the slip traversing snafuing fazing disconcerting taking down playing off cooking someone's goose taking wind out of confusing skinning stultifying taking the wind out of your sails eluding queering promoting shaking buffaloing skipping bollixing ducking ditching dodging juking shuffling off shaking off giving the run-around running circles around running rings around braking halting in its tracks throwing monkey wrench in disrupting slowing throwing a monkey wrench in the works damming stonewalling freezing binding chaining entangling saddling with getting in the way of cutting off closing off shutting down giving a hard time shutting off

Tính từ

Of, or relating to an alkali, one of a class of caustic bases

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neutralizing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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