Đồng nghĩa của neutrality

Alternative for neutrality


Đồng nghĩa: disinterest,


The state of being impartial in a conflict or disagreement
impartiality detachment disinterestedness objectivity fair-mindedness fairness nonpartisanship disinterest equity evenhandedness even-handedness justice neutralism noninterference objectiveness open-mindedness nonalignment noninterventionism noninvolvement lack of bias lack of prejudice equitableness dispassion dispassionateness impartialness rightness rightfulness justness honesty righteousness independence integrity equitability uprightness equality balance indifference fair shake distance square deal coldness decency reasonableness goodness consideration unbiasedness right honour honor egalitarianism moderation rationality good faith aloofness coolness unconcern reverie dreaminess woolgathering preoccupation legitimacy remoteness propriety unselfishness truth incuriosity veracity decorum cool candor civility courtesy exactitude humanity seemliness charitableness charity tolerance suitability due duty candour brown study give and take frostiness diffidence reserve impersonality uninvolvement self-determination autonomy probity unprejudicedness absence of prejudice absence of bias selflessness candidness without favoritism considerateness evenness equal opportunity rectitude nonchalance fair play properness conscientiousness scrupulousness sensibleness honourableness lack of discrimination lack of bigotry fair treatment fair dealing impassiveness non-partisanship piece parity morality virtue truthfulness trustworthiness principle character virtuousness nobility principles sincerity purity incorruptibility fidelity correctness faithfulness ethics upstandingness high-mindedness morals dignity right-mindedness worthiness genuineness verity frankness openness incorruption honorableness courage loyalty incorruptness respect reputability reliability authenticity lawfulness modesty legality soundness innocence honestness impeccability confidence worth dependability trustiness respectability straightforwardness ethicalness chastity trueness graciousness noble-mindedness bluntness outspokenness good accuracy blamelessness actuality magnanimity credibility chivalry precision good name exactness straightness responsibility self-respect high principles good character nobleness reputation prestige superiority forthrightness reality irreproachableness pureness fact lack of corruption repute truism verisimilitude gospel real McCoy honest-to-god truth straight stuff word veridicality like it is emancipation plainness gentlemanliness moral virtue veraciousness good report saintliness realness esteem reverence sense veneration regard gallantry greatness sublime status gamesmanship righteous plainnes moral correctness good sport reason godliness sportsmanship enfranchisement irreproachability sinlessness guiltlessness erectness verticality perpendicularity boldness courtliness bravery knighthood knightliness piousness piety acceptability smallness merit heroism daring valour intrepidity knight errantry honourability excellence meritoriousness value courtly manners knightly code constancy quality beneficence benefit ethicality grace nobility of soul nobility of spirit obligingness advantage kindheartedness mercy validity permissibility good will liberty freedom isonomy coequality admissibleness valor legitimateness licitness constitutionality admissibility limited scope authority defendability equal treatment non-discrimination civil rights fair practice equal rights accordance with the law


The state of not being aligned with or helping either side in a conflict


Measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution


The state or quality of being neutral


Asexuality or anaphrodisia


Lack of interest, concern, or sympathy
indifference detachment aloofness apathy coldness coolness disregard insouciance callousness impassiveness impassivity nonchalance disinterestedness dispassionateness negligence unconcern apathy about apathy towards carelessness casualness complacence disregard for distance emotionlessness equity heedlessness of incuriosity incuriousness nonchalance about objectivity obliviousness to passionlessness torpor unconcern about uninvolvement in uninvolvement with unresponsiveness boredom with carelessness of dismissiveness of dispassion heedlessness impartiality inattention lack of concern about mindlessness of poco-curantism unresponsiveness to weariness of alienation cold-bloodedness disdain disinterest immunity inertia insensitivity isolationism lack lack of interest lack of interest in lethargy listlessness noninterference stoicism uninterest unmindfulness lack of enthusiasm about lack of feeling absence of feeling cold shoulder lack of sympathy passivity passiveness phlegm uninterestedness boredom sluggishness lassitude ennui insensibility languor accidie impassibility acedia lack of concern unfeelingness mopery lack of enthusiasm droopiness halfheartedness lack of involvement dullness dispiritedness laziness uncaring attitude inactivity indolence idleness inaction languidness sloth drowsiness slowness inertness torpidity weariness hebetude sleepiness fatigue stupor slothfulness enervation lifelessness supineness stolidity tiredness shiftlessness heaviness torpidness otiosity slackness somnolence leadenness stolidness numbness coma neglectfulness faineance exhaustion remissness leisureliness inactiveness stagnation laxness dormancy inanition lackadaisicalness docility nonparticipation slumber equanimity dilatoriness dreaminess calmness insensibleness narcosis languorousness torpescence sleep faineancy do-nothingness tardiness neglect composure calm submissiveness malaise doziness cool jadedness otioseness sluggardness affectlessness doldrums world-weariness debility slacking shirking disinclination procrastination unconsciousness non-intervention tedium immobility melancholy trance remoteness sangfroid spiritlessness stupefaction self-possession restlessness prostration airiness imperturbability fainéance anesthesia dissatisfaction weakness weltschmerz oscitancy ease reserve feebleness collapse blahs stasis half-heartedness monotony frostiness yawn frazzle burnout anaesthesia paralysis depression lack of commitment skiving oblivion laxity laissez-faire discontent gradualness unwillingness deliberateness lack of exertion resignation demotivation frailty no effort stagnancy senioritis passiven neurasthenia asthenia lack of energy anergia reticence restraint self-control stillness dopeyness faintness deadness level-headedness self-assurance lack of care lack of curiosity motionlessness unflappability carefreeness carus narcoma analgesia insusceptibility dopiness grogginess sluggardliness immobilization relaxedness self-confidence placidness serenity placidity tranquillity tranquility lack of effort heavy eyelids overtiredness lack of motivation immobilisation light-heartedness quiescence nonaction disinclination to move sang-froid frivolousness happiness jauntiness breeziness indolency jet lag undemonstrativeness deliquescence fecklessness quietude deferral suspension easy-going attitude defatigation disillusionment languishment lack of emotion unhappiness dejection uneasiness despondency unease daze unfriendliness dumps sadness surfeit satiety blues disquiet Weltschmerz hostility unsociability flatness sameness tediousness inhospitality restiveness frustration blankness ho hums standoffishness repetitiveness blandness dreariness routine irksomeness uniformity humdrum ignoring oversight sopor contempt disrespect overlooking sameyness distaste deadliness disgust tiresomeness pococurantism blackout dwam loafing pottering time-wasting lazing trifling scorn omission neglecting disfavour slighting inadvertence disfavor forgetting slight disesteem omitting shock petrifaction hypnosis amazement swooning vacancy state of senselessness dream asphyxia state of stupefaction bewilderment fainting swoon state of unconsciousness suspended animation limpness dilly-dallying vegetating lack of attention hibernation slouch dawdling leisure time to burn time on one's hands own sweet time truancy droning loitering laze joblessness goof-off time time to kill taedium vitae lack of variation lack of variety frigidness lack of heed lack of notice non-observance brush-off reservedness lukewarmness uncommunicativeness unconcernedness lack of excitement

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