Đồng nghĩa của neutralisation


Voiding an agreement
annulment abolition abrogation invalidation negation nullification repeal rescindment voiding cancellation countermanding recall rescission reversal revocation quashing abatement abolishment avoidance cancelation defeasance dissolution rescinding retraction withdrawal annihilation breakup deletion disannulment discharge elimination erasing neutralisation obliteration split termination undoing vitiation setting aside going phfft split up repudiation ending voidance overturning denial abandonment end backpedaling volte-face eradication overthrow contradiction backpedalling disavowal stopping overruling about-face abjuration disclaimer destruction removal suppression abortion abnegation calling forswearing recision dropping disowning wiping out gainsaying calling off refutation contraversion unsaying renouncing reneging backtracking overriding extirpation discontinuation subversion vetoing renunciation retractation erasure recantation expunction palinode scrapping suspension retracting extermination axing ditching canceling disaffirmation dumping chopping deracination cancelling change turnabout veto stamping out switch doing away with doubleback turnaround U-turn change in direction retirement renouncement dissolving rebuttal refuting disproving revoking recalling reversing withdrawing abandoning abolishing invalidating apostasy renege discrediting changing alteration upsetting disclaiming countering riddance disallowing extinguishment extinction forestalling disproval averting recanting taking away effacement scrubbing junking excising shift annulling closure blotting out rescinsion closing down inversion transposition about-turn flip-flop ruin decimation liquidation ruination cessation extinguishing loss wastage purging snuffing out mincemeat finish downfall collapse cession relinquishment expunging death quitting disposal displacement banishment weeding out devastation demolition desolation wreckage demolishment slaughter massacre crushing havoc defeat crackdown clampdown murder vanquishing subduing squashing conquering quelling repression excision butchery killing butchering massacring slaughtering slaying assassinating overwhelming prevention cowing prohibition check dispatch finishing off putting to sleep bane rubbing out killing off subjugation taking out carnage putting down halting arrest subdual suppressing dominance overpowering conquest


The absence or opposite of something actual or positive
negation contradiction contrary opposite reverse antithesis denial inverse rejection converse disavowal repudiation absence denegation disallowance disclaimer disconfirmation lack refusal renunciation antonym deficiency opposition veto want blank counterpart gainsaying negatory neutralisation no nonexistence proscription reversal forget it refutation rebuff rebuttal retraction disapproval abnegation forswearing abjuration turndown renouncement dissent cold shoulder dismissal nonacceptance declination brush-off snub knock-back negative disowning nay nix prohibition thumbs down defiance refutal disaffirmation adjuration disproof dismissing renegement rejecting repudiating retractation counterstatement refusing controversion refraining repulse confutation no way non-acceptance withdrawal annulment protestation nullification revocation recall volte-face about-face abrogation negative response contraversion backpedaling unsaying renouncing reneging backtracking abstaining noncommittal denunciation contravention spurning backpedalling dispute conflict recantation turning down pass statement abnegation disfavor knockback regrets nonconsent discountenancing ban noncompliance disfavour interdiction exclusion repulsion writ declension forbidding enjoinment statement kick in the teeth casting aside casting off disaffirmance countering palinode apostasy renege traversal cancellation cancelation counteraction abandonment eschewal objection snubbing declining cold-shouldering disclaiming brushoff choice withholding the elbow red light dissatisfaction ostracism abstention non placet no go no dice relinquishment disacknowledgement demurral declinature giving up smack in the eye smack in the face refusal to acknowledge rider criterion clause prerequisite qualification condition provision disassociation stipulation proviso specification requirement dissociation slight abdication surrender cut discouragement sacrifice silent treatment nothing doing the old heave-ho slap in the face resignation kiss-off self-denial remission avoidance forgoing waiving go-by waiver bum's rush hard time yielding lack of acceptance elbow pooh-poohing against unacceptance dissension resistance contradictoriness failure disappointment recusancy contrariness forbearance demission nixing refrainment stonewall self-sacrifice signing away self-abnegation eschewing repeal forbearing negativity check defeat release quitclaim put down setting aside dispensation deferral reprimand insult rebuke bounce elimination foregoing postponement tabling loss reservation kick in teeth disgorgement

Trái nghĩa của neutralisation

neutralisation Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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