Đồng nghĩa của reciprocation

Alternative for reciprocation

Đồng nghĩa: give-and-take, interchange,


A mutual giving and returning
complementation exchange retaliation sharing barter compensation correspondence counteraction counterattack counterblow giving in return interchange repayment reply reprisal requital retribution revenge trade vengeance an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth tit for tat counteroffensive countermove counterstrike counterpunch recompense reparation reward reaction response return counterassault reimbursement remuneration payment payback afterstroke retaliatory blow return blow fightback counter-attack indemnity amends restitution proceeds take benefits income gain settlement interest yield profit accruement accrual gate reciprocity recrimination counterstroke redress comeback quid pro quo satisfaction getting even ultion defence defense attack comeuppance riposte rally neutralization neutralisation lex talionis something in return blow for blow measure for measure meed just deserts poetic justice a taste of your own medicine an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth a Roland for an Oliver punishment avenging eye for an eye nemesis penalty avengement atonement tooth for a tooth chastisement deserts discipline wrath castigation correction judgement reckoning indemnification paying back judgment act of vengeance due reward retributive justice vindication what's coming to you what you deserve recaliation as good as one gets desert a game at which two can play avengment wreak vindictiveness counterplay counterinsurgency restoration quittance fate settling of scores rectification settling of score evening of score doom Doomsday due justice damages remedy wages day of retribution last judgment judgment day day of judgment what is coming to someone revanche measure just reward just punishment deserved fate


The act of mutually sharing something among a group
exchange sharing promulgation dissemination propagation transmission bandying circulation imparting publicising publicizing spreading reciprocity give-and-take giving and taking back-and-forth tit for tat transfer communication broadcasting diffusion relay divulgence circulating broadcast spread airing transmittal transmitting telecasting impartation conveying reporting presenting disclosure conveyance delivery distribution announcing passing on divulgation presentation dispatch release transference passage movement distributing dispensing furnishing conferring declaration publication telecast leak making known proliferation relaying dispersal transfusion transmittance issuance brain dump putting about currency apportionment handing on transferring sending granting provision supplying deliverance doling out dissipation publishing revealing remitting exposure handout handing out yielding uncovering passing out giving out revelation elucidation utterance notifying telling giving mention assertion disclosing dispersion scattering proclamation announcement expression statement issue exposition allocation issuing administration publicity vent dispensation pronouncement division assigning news bulletin narration partition notice notification advertisement briefing ventilation report articulation display voicing venting radiation purveying allotment divulging exposé breaking supply posting disbursement administering apportioning transportation dealing alloting rationing sending out meting out parcelling out dealing out promotion decree endorsement divergence polarization divarication diffraction ramification intimation edict message annunciation recitation prediction advice location disbandment communiqué exposing discussion submission proposal debate mooting raising accoutrement providing accouterment polarisation mediation endowment serving catering accommodation transferral carrying channelling transport verbalization commentary uttering laying on air emanation asseveration mouthing putting on the air putting on the airwaves unveiling story explanation interpretation enunciation leaking discovery transposal channeling hauling contagion betrayal propaganda definition writ argument remark exhibition dispersing disseminating expansion printing unfolding declaring confession giveaway vouchsafing admission divulgement bruiting example issuings supplies break offering newsflash flow assignment setting forth ad flash advert partitioning releases allotments dispensations deliveries letting slip letting drop letting out bringing to public attention bringing to public notice making public blow by blow giving away admeasurement dole apportionings apportionments issues prorating dissipating disposing putting out partitionings rationing out sharing out passing round handing round dividing up measuring out dividing out rationings

Trái nghĩa của reciprocation

reciprocation Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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