Đồng nghĩa của rejoinder

Alternative for rejoinder


Đồng nghĩa: comeback, counter, replication, retort, return, riposte,


Rude answer
back talk backchat cheek impertinence impudence insolence mouth sass sauce attitude cheekiness comeback disrespect guff insult lip retort return riposte rudeness sassiness sauciness uptake back answer nasty reply rude answer short answer effrontery audacity presumptuousness boldness presumption pertness brazenness gall nerve malapertness brass neck brass neck brashness impoliteness face chutzpah contumely temerity incivility shamelessness unmannerliness cockiness nerviness snash bad manners smart mouth disrespectfulness crust audaciousness freshness brassiness procacity discourtesy discourteousness front forwardness ungraciousness chutzpa hide impertinency inconsiderateness diss dis inconsideration arrogance talking back answering back backtalk insubordination irreverence flippancy overfamiliarity offensiveness assumption hardihood familiarity assurance immodesty bumptiousness insouciance self-assurance self-confidence jaw rude retorts confidence smart talk answer ill manners wisecrack ill breeding mouthiness come-back sharpness tactlessness churlishness bluntness boorishness brusqueness abusiveness crassness curtness uncouthness lack of manners ill-breeding larrup barbarity lack of tact unkindness offhandedness lack of diplomacy disdain misbehaviour asperity unladylike behaviour acrimony irritability intrusiveness ungentlemanly behaviour harshness officiousness misbehavior abuse contempt ill-manneredness insults lack of civility bad-mouthing contemptuousness uncivility overconfidence pushiness guts impudency spunk defiance moxie gutsiness daring hardiness stuff fearlessness pluck disregard rashness heedlessness recklessness carelessness thoughtlessness venturesomeness intrepidity adventurousness courageousness coarseness lack of respect courage balls bravery grit assertiveness impulsiveness foolhardiness daringness negligence sacrilege impiety valor dauntlessness hutzpah insolency imprudence spirit valour aggression indiscretion braveness impetuosity forcefulness disparagement adventuresomeness valiance daredevilry hastiness daredeviltry precipitation precipitancy precipitateness salt determination venturousness barefacedness vulgarity temerariousness neglect inattention oversight barefaced cheek profanation hutzpa dishonor insolentness perkiness unthoughtfulness bottle dishonour backbone breeziness spine heroism jauntiness impropriety mettle chirpiness doughtiness heart intrepidness insistence gallantry greatheartedness prowess pecker virtue stoutness incautiousness impishness mischief sand cojones overoptimism bullishness pride intestinal fortitude glibness belittlement offhandness egotism liberties bravado derision mockery outdaciousness hardheartedness lack of remorse impenitence forehead flagrancy indelicacy incorrectness unsuitability goof barbarism inelegance gaucherie unseemliness indecorum gaffe faux pas slip solecism vulgarism incongruity indecency blunder over-assertiveness liveliness bald-facedness haughtiness overbearance self-importance conceit pomposity abruptness scorn liberty aggressiveness inurbanity loutishness vigor ardor ardour vigour crust cynicism being a wise guy forthrightness directness overfriendliness informality valorousness blasphemy ridicule defilement desecration lese majesty lese-majesty vivacity inhospitality inhospitableness ballsiness enterprise dynamism a smart mouth laxness unrespect misrespect overweening nature remissness derring-do disagreeableness obnoxiousness objectionableness lack of politeness slackness profanity sinfulness sin heresy inappropriateness coolness incaution lack of consideration neglectfulness dereliction lack of refinement lack of social grace unwariness insensitivity selfishness credulity gullibility unguardedness fortitude resolution strength firmness potency strength of character moral fiber moral fibre will


Act of recognizing the truth of something
acknowledgment admission acceptance acknowledgement recognition allowance concession confession corroboration granting profession understanding accession acquiescence admitting affirmation allowing appreciation assent assertion asservation avowal awareness cognizance compliance conceding concurrence confirmation declaration knowledge ratification realisation realization recognisance recognizance yielding acquiescence in approval of agreement with concurrence with cooperation with respect for self-confession statement validation certification disclosure revelation endorsement divulgence attestation testimonial sanctioning unbosoming approval affidavit testimony owning up owning accreditation official approval consciousness perception expression apprehension unburdening asseveration divulgation claim notice assimilation averment deposition establishing apprehending sensibility acknowledging detection perceiving distinguishing apperception identifying differentiation noticing substantiation documentation testament verifying discovery proof evidence verification authentication witness voucher sanction adjustment compromise exposure abidance credence exception modification adoption consensus conformity adherence deference agreement respect sop forfeit consent accedence approbation relation squawk proclamation utterance song telling exposé story publication enumeration revealing recitation squeal assenting disclosing narration tolerance favour favor copout consideration deal dispensation trade-off sellout giveback indulgence rollback surrendering buyback permission grant compliance with accedence to recognition of consent to adoption of acceptance of responsibility acceptance of blame making public point lost point conceded something surrendered conformity with abidance by endorsement of favorable reception deference to adherence to assent to acknowledgement of accession to giving way giving in


Conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies

Trái nghĩa của rejoinder

rejoinder Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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