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Alternative for hardiness

hardiness /'hɑ:dinis/
  • danh từ
    • sức dày dạn, sức chịu đựng được gian khổ; sức mạnh
    • sự táo bạo; sự gan dạ, sự dũng cảm


The ability to endure difficult conditions
resilience robustness toughness ruggedness sturdiness durability fortitude strength hardihood endurance vigor vigour stamina grit guts lustiness staying power force power might muscle energy resistance stoutness sinew steadfastness determination thew perseverance potency puissance backbone heart horsepower potence firepower vim steadiness vitality brawn firmness brawniness welly soundness pith resoluteness indefatigability burliness muscularity beef tenacity forcefulness gutsiness powerfulness doggedness thewness moxie stalwartness tolerance brute force intestinal fortitude stability resolve persistence pluckiness mettle stableness security mightiness spunk prowess hardness staunchness starch verdure strongness toleration zip nerve physique heartiness enterprise ferocity urgency survival skills action animation capacity capability ability thewiness immunity non-susceptibility tirelessness legs heftiness steel grittiness stiffness roughness healthiness power of endurance iron body substance powerhouse being hard as nails stick-to-itiveness balance solidity dependability maturity substantiality sureness permanence fastness constancy establishment assurance cohesion support immovability solidness aplomb immobility adherence strong arm character courage purpose stoicism will forbearance spirit spiritedness intrepidity indomitability spine tenaciousness sufferance patience broad-mindedness moral fiber bouncebackability charity open-mindedness indulgence long-suffering sympathy strength of character strong-mindedness lenience magnanimity lenity permissiveness liberality liberalism understanding leniency laxness clemency complaisance toughness of spirit moral fibre ability to bounce back lack of bias opposition acceptance lack of prejudice main beefiness huskiness physical strength muscular strength punch clout influence sway potential effort steam integrity intensity safety momentum weight virility tension push impetus athleticism durableness imperishability secureness hunkiness efficacy manliness driving force pressure suppleness flexibility activeness litheness thrust impulse reliability kick drive impulsion stress arm propulsion velocity physical energy speed fury oomph ability to last rugged construction peppiness punchiness motive force impelling force structural integrity wholeness cohesiveness pull fitness indestructibility burn application coherence edge dependableness responsibility trustworthiness trustability reliableness longevity lastingness powerful build continuing motion service safeness impregnability efficiency guns weapons armaments arms munitions tightness good health thickness rigidity effectiveness valour authority command jurisdiction mastery valor forcibleness competence domination control tautness efficaciousness grunt physical ability maleness intactness hard power dint integrality fierceness verve vigorousness machismo manhood macho actuation persuasiveness impact impressiveness cogency acceleration tensile strength boyhood mannishness boyishness propelling force surge authoritativeness headiness what it takes masculinity protectiveness exertion violence stimulus dynamism motive power forward motion full head of steam draft life trouble brunt draught strain sock pow subjection stuff


Talk or behaviour regarded as bold or brazen
nerviness cheek audacity effrontery nerve brazenness gall presumption chutzpah impudence temerity brass cheekiness presumptuousness pertness face insolence impertinence boldness brashness sauce sauciness crust audaciousness rudeness disrespect forwardness shamelessness cockiness brassiness chutzpa incivility sassiness discourtesy assumption assurance defiance familiarity disrespectfulness guts moxie gutsiness pushiness spunk stuff overconfidence impudency front arrogance flippancy neck snash sass procacity malapertness brass neck impishness mischief lip assertiveness pride insistence overoptimism aggression self-confidence bullishness forcefulness rashness inappropriateness overfamiliarity impropriety inconsiderateness backchat impoliteness unmannerliness uppishness uppityness bad manners hide outdaciousness irreverence mouth bumptiousness breeziness chirpiness jauntiness vigor perkiness ardour spirit vigour ardor a smart mouth freshness hardihood back talk discourteousness contumely impertinency inconsideration daring immodesty ungraciousness confidence dis diss intrusiveness recklessness heedlessness carelessness imprudence foolhardiness impetuosity thoughtlessness impulsiveness self-assurance guff contempt indiscretion pluck hutzpah hastiness insolency precipitation intrepidity venturesomeness precipitancy precipitateness lack of civility smart mouth disregard barefaced cheek insubordination talking back answering back disdain barefacedness balls haughtiness self-importance pomposity hutzpa offensiveness backtalk mouthiness churlishness dishonor incautiousness sacrilege impiety lack of respect coarseness insolentness larrup offhandedness ill manners temerariousness dishonour egotism liberties glibness insouciance negligence overbearance conceit laxness incorrectness unsuitability goof barbarism inelegance gaucherie unseemliness indecorum vulgarity gaffe faux pas slip solecism vulgarism incongruity indecency blunder flagrancy offhandness smart talk remissness bald-facedness forehead liberty slackness over-assertiveness lese-majesty ill breeding incaution crust cynicism being a wise guy neglectfulness dereliction unrespect lack of consideration misrespect aggressiveness coolness fearlessness backbone spine hardheartedness lack of remorse impenitence forthrightness directness overfriendliness informality overweening nature belittlement disparagement unwariness tactlessness bluntness sharpness madness frenzy riskiness credulity gullibility unguardedness abusiveness curtness boorishness brusqueness crassness uncouthness lack of manners ill-breeding wildness injudiciousness abuse barbarity unkindness unladylike behaviour harshness officiousness lack of tact lack of diplomacy misbehaviour asperity acrimony irritability ungentlemanly behaviour misbehavior ill-manneredness hubris overweeningness imperiousness loftiness desperation pompousness hauteur superciliousness conceitedness insults bad-mouthing lese majesty contemptuousness attitude uncivility


(guts) Personal courage and determination
gut backbone bravery courage courageousness fortitude nerve pluck daring fearlessness bottle grit gutsiness pluckiness spunk valour audacity boldness forcefulness mettle mettlesomeness moxie spirit toughness ballsiness constancy daringness dauntlessness determination doughtiness fibre fiber gallantry gameness greatheartedness grittiness gumption hardihood heart heroism intrepidity intrepidness pecker prowess resolution resolve stoutness valor virtue balls cojones sand intestinal fortitude guts braveness tenacity endurance stout-heartedness steadfastness spine strength of character coolness perseverance doggedness bravura spiritedness manfulness assurance confidence indomitability steel self-assurance cool-headedness self-confidence self-possession lion-heartedness stamina bravehood moral fibre resoluteness vigour staunchness firmness will power moral fiber strength of will firmness of purpose will stomach energy might force bravado vigor starch adventurousness valiance adventuresomeness recklessness venturesomeness stoutheartedness valiancy enterprise valiantness dash rashness undauntedness audaciousness temerity pugnacity venturousness power élan chivalry willpower strength derring-do daredevilry daredeviltry valorousness nobility manliness persistence conviction purpose strong-mindedness pertinacity lionheartedness dedication impudence knighthood single-mindedness chutzpah face purposefulness drive poise intentness obstinacy indefatigability tenaciousness pertinaciousness determinedness perseveration temerariousness earnestness certainty Dunkirk spirit staying power stick-to-itiveness fight honour courtliness honor character resilience life decision cheek decidedness stubbornness relentlessness true grit brashness faith decisiveness obduracy obdurateness inflexibility dynamism strength of mind effrontery aplomb granite intension stickability front bulldog spirit virility fixity of purpose foolhardiness stick-to-it-iveness stalwartness stoicism ardour vitality ardor motivation toughness of spirit what it takes commitment inner strength purposiveness Sitzfleisch fixed purpose self-belief self-trust har gumph T-block T-box pothead adventure spunkiness enthusiasm willingness belief alacrity manhood mind stuff chivalrousness brassiness cockiness salt amenability fire keenness eagerness goodwill obligingness indomitableness defiance invincibility patience potency insolence passion zest gusto civility deference urbanity gentility address reverence duty elegance tact savoir-faire right stuff heroic deed risk-taking brave deed overboldness great courage daring action self-discipline magnanimity knightliness person's resolution morale forbearance long-suffering moral strength quality makeup caliber animation calibre objective undertaking design immovability pith potence powerfulness initiative intensity justness integrity machismo high-mindedness knight errantry justice fairness sticktoitiveness intention project conclusion courtly manners knightly code virtuousness trueness loyalty truthfulness dogmatism certitude sense of purpose stiff upper lip sitzfleisch


The quality or state of having abundant energy or activity
vigorousness liveliness lustiness vitality animation briskness exuberance jazziness peppiness robustness sprightliness vibrance vibrancy ability action activity agility alertness bang birr bounce capability capacity dash drive dynamism endurance enterprise exercise fire force get-up-and-go go healthiness juice kick might motion moxie muscle nimbleness pep pith potency puissance punch push quickness snap sock soundness starch steam strength tuck urgency verve vim well-being zing zip vim and vigor energy vigour vigor vivacity spirit enthusiasm life zest pizzazz forcefulness oomph brio pzazz esprit sparkle zeal power welly gusto zap hardihood ardor stamina effervescence élan passion intensity ardour impact elan panache sap vivaciousness gas ginger beans vinegar fervor fervour effectiveness bite ebullience excitement vehemence gaiety eagerness perkiness point feistiness vividness spiritedness initiative virility high spirits fortitude fierceness toughness punchiness sinew powerfulness joie de vivre cogency buoyancy influence interest high-spiritedness smartness boisterousness validity validness richness fascination elation exhilaration bounciness fieriness alacrity raciness tittup lilt chirpiness impulse momentum impetus thrust color colour airiness spark zestfulness pace speed velocity spunk flamboyance aggressiveness beef jazz humor heart pertness gameness humour feeling boldness aggression balls life force vital spark driving power go-getting have-a-go attitude vim and vigour irrepressibility spryness pepper peartness persistence friskiness abandon gayness dexterity exertion get up and go pluck efficiency litheness efficacy willpower stress spontaneity application operativeness guts what it takes full head of steam intestinal fortitude mental power thew potence mightiness driving force acceleration physical energy horsepower weight effort athleticism brawniness brawn firepower tenacity fury brute force muscularity potential nerve grunt physical ability relish spice piquancy sharpness spiciness fizz pungency tang gumption determination edge flavour savour flavor motivation keenness ambition savor tartness saltiness taste authority tastiness persuasiveness clout smack flavouring flavoring appetite foundation hustle pepperiness avidity impressiveness acidity commitment conclusiveness doggedness salt sting convincingness persuasion suasiveness burliness effect seasoning joy fanaticism flair logic credibility reasonableness radiance desire activeness dedication eloquence beefiness nip single-mindedness violence stuff will power sapidity twang tanginess odor odour virtuosity sturdiness substance grounds resolve right gravity pressure acidness pleasure main logicality plausibility coherence delight enjoyment love conviction rationality stimulus herb competence heat aspiration weightiness fervency sharp taste authoritativeness ambitiousness brunt tension warmth essence bitterness astringency hotness extract sweetness sourness self-motivation aroma right stuff arm fire in belly muscular strength physical strength brilliance display bean appeal grit value stockiness bulkiness backbone intrepidness mettle perseverance aim perspicacity burn resilience mana sinews bulk meat spring savouriness cheerfulness happiness ostentation exhibitionism jollity resources merriment cheeriness optimism zealousness bound bob zestiness body trenchancy penetration great enthusiasm stimulant effect light-heartedness wallop resourcefulness muscledom truth candidness authenticity indisputability intent venturesomeness audacity being buoyance pulse bloom stylishness style resource bravura flourish alcoholic effect daring leadership confidence viability sustainability defensibility justifiability strength of character strength of mind fire in the belly realness legality legitimacy truthfulness éclat incisiveness motive a little something manliness self-assurance aftertaste thrill scent reek sapor striving wits adventurousness impetuosity incentive believability impellent devotion light unanswerability sway scintillation articulateness orderliness relevance lucidity clarity methodicalness prowess substantiality reliability splendour genuinity hunger efficacity grandeur greatness virtue assertiveness performance lustre entrepreneurial spirit lust emulation yearning hankering thirst itch earnestness longing a sense of purpose consistency passionateness creativity ardency imagination emotion fervidness intenseness inspiration inventiveness valour command stoutness bona fides luster heartiness actuation impulsion pertinence bearing good organization concern connection ferocity mastery forcibleness hard power domination control jurisdiction valor strong arm splendor calenture brutality burning passion white heat red heat genuineness propelling force surge significance savagery propulsion motive force impelling force destructiveness efficaciousness motive power forward motion dominance draft trouble draught strain physical force extreme force full force great force pow subjection sapience emphasis huskiness

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