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Alternative for hardens

hardens, hardened, hardening

Trái nghĩa: soften,


To cause someone or something to become stronger, literally or figuratively
toughens inures indurates seasons fortifies strengthens steels beefs up case-hardens reinforces stiffens consolidates supports braces bolsters buttresses makes stronger builds up harshens shores up secures cements tempers substantiates props gives strength to tightens girds firms up thickens steps up anneals boosts stabilizes redoubles intensifies accentuates magnifies deepens enhances confirms encourages heightens bulwarks amplifies coarsens corroborates restores invigorates sustains amps up rejuvenates stabilises augments toughens up backs up makes stable holds up psyches up gives a boost to galvanizes forges ruggedises brutalizes solidifies galvanises rigidifies makes secure brutalises makes callous makes resilient makes unfeeling underpins acclimatizes climatizes develops acclimatises acclimates defends protects roughens makes stricter pillars nerves garrisons forearms poises readies underprops embattles carries entrenches walls safeguards prepares props up re-enforces makes more severe upholds bolsters up authenticates adds force to charges up soups up abrades emboldens burgeons inspirits rallies backs animates enheartens refreshes enlivens prospers roughs scratches roughs up makes more forceful lends more weight to gives weight to bears out fuels vitalizes increases heartens renews establishes shores mounts nourishes justifies sinews enlarges regenerates multiplies extends empowers braces up gees up waxes buoys up tones adds to tones up sets up adds fuel to makes healthy makes firm adds fuel to fire gives new energy to


To cause (someone) to become accustomed to a difficult situation or environment
accustoms acclimatises acclimatizes habituates acclimates adapts familiarises familiarizes acculturates adjusts climatizes conditions seasons inures attunes accommodates toughens fits gets used to tempers prepares shapes naturalizes tailors breaks in conforms fashions assimilates disciplines naturalises reconciles suits doctors edits puts accultures becomes resigned makes used comes to terms with comes to accept becomes accustomed learns to live with domesticates gets accustomed integrates makes used to becomes inured gets used takes to familiarizes with becomes seasoned jacks up becomes naturalized familiarizes oneself with matures trains ages qualifies primes mellows equips ripens readies strengthens fortifies steels indurates makes experienced anneals mitigates moderates schools desensitizes resigns desensitises case-hardens blends in fits in becomes accustomed to becomes acquainted with gets to know tunes alters tailor-makes modifies introduces harmonizes acquaints customizes proportions changes harmonises customises converts orients initiates settles orientates composes matches designs quadrates shapes up finds your feet learns about plays oneself in grows used to establishes processes gets into the habit patterns treats plans revises softens coordinates arranges readjusts transforms sets aligns accords regulates keys conciliates makes ready makes appropriate for makes fitting for makes fitting to makes appropriate to plots fixes tweaks complies balances counterbalances modulates compensates corresponds turns locates faces determines blends follows measures sizes puts in place disposes puts in position grows naturally becomes established grows wild makes consistent gets your bearings finds one's way around follows beaten path follows tradition goes along to get along keeps in step swims with the stream follows the crowd follows convention runs with the pack follows custom rolls with punches cuts styles makes agree moulds becomes used to grows accustomed to gears trims reshapes personalises squares molds custom-makes personalizes custom-builds makes dovetails makes to order cuts to fit makes to measure

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