Đồng nghĩa của hardihoods


Plural for one's steadiness and courage in a demanding situation
courages darings braveries nerves bottles guts spirits boldnesses intrepidities pluck courageousness dauntlessness doughtiness grits hearts mettles backbones fortitudes heroisms intrepidness determinations moxie resolutions spines spunks strengths valours daringnesses fearlessnesses gallantries greatheartedness gutsiness peckers prowesses stoutnesses valors virtues balls cojones firmnesses sands audacities confidences effronteries impudences insolences intestinal fortitude moral fibers moral fibres potencies wills braveness pluckiness gameness tenacities valiances adventurousness valiancies adventuresomeness endurances stoutheartedness ballsiness dashes enterprises lion-heartedness bravuras valiantness resolves venturesomeness undauntedness stout-heartedness recklessnesses temerities rashnesses powers pugnacities toughnesses steadfastnesses resolutenesses gumptions fibers constancies fibres stamina indomitability stomachs starches hardinesses valorousness grittinesses audaciousnesses manfulnesses assurances spiritedness steels derring-do manlinesses willpowers convictions vigours certainties poise resiliences perseverances faces self-confidence vigors venturousness energies nobilities will power Dunkirk spirit aplombs forcefulnesses robustnesses ruggednesses self-assurance self-possession coolnesses lionheartedness mettlesomeness purposes staunchness forces doggednesses daredevilries daredeviltries temerariousness pertinacities strong-mindedness true grit certitudes staying powers what it takes stick-to-itiveness hars self-belief faiths spunkiness chivalries willingnesses characters stalwartness fights alacrities stuffs lives fires bravehood indomitableness defiances invincibilities enthusiasms amenabilities goodwills obligingnesses right stuff foolhardinesses dynamisms fronts ardours minds eagernesses keennesses bravadoes mights passions gusto zests self-discipline vitalities ardors calibres qualities calibers makeups animations powerfulness brassiness cockiness salts cheeks brawniness tacts deferences duties reverences elegances civilities addresses urbanities gentilities savoir-faire sturdinesses muscularities persistences single-mindedness durabilities purposefulness stubbornnesses decisions hunkiness decidedness stoicisms obstinacies patiences forbearances self-reliance assuredness intentnesses drives tenaciousness indefatigabilities dedications pertinaciousness obdurateness inflexibilities obduracies pith granites decisiveness earnestnesses determinedness perseverations relentlessness composures sureties assertivenesses positivenesses cocksurenesses doubtlessness intensions dogmatisms self-assuredness level-headedness surenesses phlegms self-esteem stiff upper lips inner strengths brashnesses elans buoyancies positivities morales presumptions self-efficacies satisfactions cool presence of mind knighthoods chutzpahs honours courtlinesses honors virilities motivations commitments purposivenesses Sitzfleisch gumphs risk-taking overboldness adventures belief manhoods chivalrousness knightlinesses magnanimities justnesses high-mindedness justices fairnesses integrities immovabilities designs undertakings objectives initiatives intensities potences machismos skills dependabilities knowledges whatever it takes talents qualifications abilities experiences credentials truthfulnesses trueness virtuousnesses loyalties projects sticktoitiveness intentions conclusions


Plural for mental or physical strength
energies vitalities verve peps lives zips vigours gusto vims punches vigors drives brio dynamisms dashes zings oomphs goes bounces moxie juices esprit snaps saps gingers gasses beans starches vinegars intrepidness get-up-and-go spirits livelinesses enthusiasms zests animations vivacities exuberances zeals fires pizzazz sparkles pzazz pushes ardours forces ardors spiritedness forcefulnesses strengths effervescences passions birrs initiatives elans fizzes stamina feistiness wellies fervours intensities powers panaches potencies steams activities sprightlinesses buoyancies fervors enterprises endurances eagernesses ebulliences tucks vivaciousness high spirits vehemences sparks gumptions bangs relishes effectivenesses mights kicks vigorousness vibrancies keennesses zestfulness virilities pluck perkinesses exertions fortitudes determinations spunks avidities joys appetites ambitions motivations muscles fieriness aggressivenesses efficiencies efficacies toughnesses applications vim and vigour pleasures excitements bites robustnesses lustinesses delights enjoyments loves flamboyances dedications zaps peppers activenesses doggednesses tenacities commitments spontaneities operativenesses single-mindedness hearts radiances hustles aggressions boldnesses will power momenta stuffs clouts guts impacts exhilarations feelings fanaticisms cogencies points actions perseverances backbones grits mettles influences resiliences manas powerfulness springs balls resources cheerfulnesses validities punchiness validness happinesses jollities merriments impetuses cheerinesses optimisms bounds bobs pulses buoyances venturesomeness audacities beings blooms right stuff motives impellents what it takes light-heartednesses joie de vivre vibrances brisknesses jazziness peppiness flairs stylishness styles flourishes quicknesses confidences impressiveness spryness agilities self-assurance nimblenesses dexterities lithenesses puissances gaieties warmths earnestnesses resolves courages humors brightnesses humours jauntinesses resolutions jazz gameness characters elations wills chirpiness pertnesses impetuosities vividnesses vital sparks life forces heats imaginations inventivenesses fervencies emotions creativities interests hardinesses capabilities abilities scintillations irrepressibility breeziness airs psyches qualities breaths morales outlooks willpowers dauntlessness essences tenors complexions stoutheartedness substances moods dispositions temperaments tempers bouncinesses resistances indefatigabilities ingenuities convictions zealousness frames of mind airinesses fevers vim and vigor resourcefulnesses aspirations desires staunchness steadfastnesses imaginativeness brilliances talents thrills clevernesses fun ardencies nerves staying powers sunninesses gutsiness fervidness impulses colours devotions passionateness intensenesses colors ambitiousnesses cheers ecstasies willingnesses satisfactions intrepidities readinesses mirths joyfulnesses firepowers thirsts lusts hungers raptures smartnesses alertnesses horsepower furies sinews movements white heat red heat native wit brute force weights intestinal fortitude potences sassiness adventures delectations ferments glitzes blisses strivings thrusts velocities paces speeds authorities persuasiveness conclusiveness convincingness persuasions suasiveness exuberancies volatilities originalities lights boisterousness yearnings longings itches emulations hankerings darings snappiness stirs spunkiness bustles souls hustle and bustle beefs tirelessness splendours avidness well-being urgencies motions sox capacities exercises pith soundnesses healthinesses genii ingeniousnesses anticipations purposes lustres wholeheartedness alacrities lilts tittups leaderships inspirations violences virtuosities devotednesses desirousness wits intuitions cunnings perceptiveness shrewdnesses intelligences instigations feverishness flurries persistences stoicisms pluckiness legs sturdinesses tolerations tolerances lusters heartinesses impatiences knacks brains wisdoms sharpnesses creativenesses indomitability spines tenaciousness durabilities resolutenesses calentures splendors frenzies glows flares flames adventurousness verdures edges grunts mightiness potentials brawniness brawn thews muscularities accelerations fiercenesses athleticisms efforts driving forces moral fibers bouncebackability ruggednesses ado innovativeness self-reliance weightinesses moral fibres strong-mindedness hurries stimuli flutters intoxications excitations urges amusements glees plays entertainments blasts buffooneries playfulnesses fooleries merriness festivities festiveness gleefulness jocularities tomfooleries foolishnesses diversions sportivenesses knaveries roguishnesses levities rascalities mischievousnesses felicity gladnesses blithesomeness lightheartednesses funninesses wantonnesses rejoicings clownings revelries waggeries laughters jocoseness grins jocosities gambolings good times hilarities rompings jocundities humorousness solaces mischiefs jokings jestings comedies nonsenses sillinesses jollinesses friskinesses gambols gambollings distractions riots mirthfulness blitheness treats facetiousnesses


Plural for insolent and shameless audacity
effronteries cheeks faces nerves presumptions audacities brasses galls insolences chutzpahs temerities boldnesses brazennesses cheekinesses disrespects fronts necks arrogances brashnesses forwardnesses impertinences impudences assurances crusts impolitenesses rudenesses sauces shamelessnesses unmannerliness cockiness mouths nerviness overfamiliarity pertnesses audaciousnesses backchats bad manners brassiness brass necks chutzpas hides incivilities lips presumptuousness sass sassiness saucinesses snash assumptions backtalk contumelies guff malapertness procacities self-assurance self-confidence heedlessnesses carelessnesses rashnesses recklessnesses imprudences foolhardinesses thoughtlessness indiscretions impulsivenesses impetuosities darings pluck hastinesses precipitancies intrepidities precipitations intrusiveness venturesomeness overconfidences precipitateness discourteousness discourtesies disrespectfulness impertinencies inconsiderations inconsiderateness ungraciousness freshnesses disir disses incautiousness temerariousness improprieties insolencies larrup insubordinations abuses contempts offensivenesses negligences insults laxnesses remissnesses slacknesses contemptuousness incautions neglectfulnesses derelictions uncivilities unwarinesses credulities gullibilities unguardednesses pushiness defiances impudencies familiarities moxie guts stuffs hardinesses spunks gutsiness confidences flippancies irreverences foolishnesses assertivenesses haste bumptiousnesses follies irresponsibilities forcefulnesses balls hutzpa hutzpah injudiciousness immodesties aggressions insistences overoptimisms prides bullishness mischiefs impishnesses inappropriatenesses uppishnesses uppityness egotisms madnesses crazinesses idiocies sillinesses stupidities barefacedness flagrancies outdaciousness foreheads haughtinesses overbearance self-importance pomposities conceits wildnesses disregards desperations unrulinesses jaws fearlessnesses adventurousness backbones spines mouthiness insouciances abandons precipitousness misjudgements misjudgments ardours vigors jauntinesses spirits ardors vigours breeziness chirpiness perkinesses inadvisability improvidences neglects profligacies extravagances

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