Đồng nghĩa của hardship

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Đồng nghĩa: trouble, ups and downs,


Severe suffering, difficulty or privation
suffering adversity difficulty trouble austerity misery misfortune affliction calamity destitution privation tribulation burden grievance oppression persecution torment want deprivation discomfort need neediness penury trial beggary hassle impecuniosity impecuniousness pain asperity disaster distress hardness hazard poverty rigour rigor ruin ruination trials wretchedness accident catastrophe curse danger drudgery grief injury labor labour lack mischance peril sorrow toil travail travails vicissitude worry fatigue dire straits hard knocks trials and tribulations rotten luck tough break tough luck uphill battle financial distress rainy day Herculean task woe blow tragedy setback misadventure ordeal mishap problem anguish reverse agony indigence torture impoverishment anxiety stress cross bad luck pauperism trauma straits necessity poorness inconvenience failure pennilessness penuriousness insolvency loss hurt strain destituteness disadvantage heartache cataclysm crisis bankruptcy disappointment bother bummer harm debacle pinch heartbreak scarcity annoyance deficiency crunch struggle sadness load cross to bear hard times contretemps nuisance visitation vexation albatross exigency ill dearth unhappiness stroke of bad luck headache shortage upset ill luck insufficiency debt paucity drag bad break meagerness unpleasantness ill fortune depletion starvation deficit barrenness famine excruciation bad news inadequacy nightmare hard luck evil knock necessitousness scourge difficulties hard time shock dolor infelicity blight emergency bane underdevelopment abjection pauperdom pass dolour unluckiness exiguity emptiness aridity pickle rack hell reversal dole urgency pressure test casualty straitened circumstances jam exertion angst weight depression downer detriment vacancy reduction issue predicament grind crucible dilemma reduced circumstances plague plight unluck effort disquiet irritation whammy scrape millstone destruction desolation despair gauntlet pangs hitch pains sweat harshness damage hot water reverse of fortune responsibility care severity brutality passion mischief hell on earth drain encumbrance quandary hand-to-mouth existence work fix juncture fire haplessness head defeat frustration extremity apocalypse despondency strait endeavor zero hour gantlet check slog unfortunateness dejection lapse painfulness vagrancy clutch pest hurting devastation gloom untowardness downfall wrong wreck snag mendicancy melancholy concern discouragement throe endeavour waterloo car crash cruelty difficult task hard work blues bitter pill the worst ruthlessness onus obligation duty task reversal of fortune deep water charge battle upheaval awkwardness tension aggravation disquietude calvary fiasco bale agitation crossroad mess mishappening disease tinderbox Dunkirk crossroads conjuncture strife stew nemesis turning point curtains squalor canker nervousness rout cancer complication mendicity horror crux disbenefit jolt havoc menace nakba uphill struggle tall order tough assignment tough grind non-success melancholia collapse breaking point flash point crunch time boiling point poison doldrums exigence pestilence heat challenge throes gloominess conquering pang disturbance buffet ills holy mess unholy mess harsh conditions harassment dumps fear apprehensiveness contamination dire poverty extreme poverty infliction cumber pollution low spirits mournfulness drudge moil ill-treatment disservice desperate straits ill-fortune pauperization severe test trying time corruption dolefulness striving industry abuse ill-luck graft can of worms primary poverty rue bad experience force accountability intensity sad event circumstance climacteric devil's own luck rotten break hard cheese raw deal sordidness martyrdom uphill drawback indigency condition failing malice jar inclemency intolerance roughness obduracy paroxysm stormy seas sparseness scantiness demands ticklish spot conflict act of cruelty death breakdown narrow circumstances indebtedness administration liquidation commotion tumult baptism of fire painful experience thorn in the flesh absence evildoing spasms hold-up unpleasant experience difficult time offense offence boo-boo prejudice begging receivership mischanter slavery bête noire hock disorder difficult going hard going demand big trouble unavailability comedown letdown drama crucifixion long haul lack of comfort body blow utter poverty bête noir disability quagmire dependency dependence financial ruin kick in the teeth down dud lack of success tears donkeywork devastating blow one in the eye undoing drought fit stabs convulsions jinx skids blue ruin regret constraint requirement muddle impasse knot life on the breadline humiliation lot doom grievous blow serious accident bad fortune derangement outburst confusion traumatization remorse mourning bereavement decline enervation scantness enfeeblement debilitation pressure cooker demandingness acuteness barricade deadlock bath denial fatal attraction repulse inhumanity troubles turnabout vanquishment needfulness requisite essential imperativeness wont criticalness pressingness fungus mildew contagion tenseness savagery embarrassment heartbrokenness mortification lamentation broken-heartedness desperation stroke of ill luck problems unease holocaust infestation hopelessness Gehenna murder moroseness crash contingency duress lament sorriness meltdown liability tough situation pain in the rear evil eye pain in the neck kiss of death pain in the backside pain in the bum a jam a scrape a spot a fix dead end a stew a hole a pickle strenuousness arduousness struggling laboriousness dispossession dump eyesore withering sight mishanter pining panic stations disheartenment rough seas abyss ado ache stitch worriment twinge spot bind hole rough going calling undertaking function chore exercise job assignment mission resignation dispiritedness forlornness relentlessness repining malaise deploring heaviness of heart lamenting purgatory bewailing bemoaning ferment dread restlessness trepidation ball and chain deadweight chain dead weight mental weight blame shackle punishment unwanted responsibility thorn in one's side hindrance hangup blot on the landscape despondence dismay bad thing mental suffering anvil chorus exactingness disconsolateness dreariness demoralization resignedness miserableness puzzle imbroglio bafflement evil fortune evil chance sticky situation nervous tension flutter fearfulness overextension misgiving distention mistrust alarm bad trot toughness glumness cheerlessness defeatism joylessness pessimism despond extreme suffering expectancy impatience downheartedness demoralisation mopes sorrowfulness heartsickness acerbity spot of bother anxiousness perplexity nervosity apprehension concernment uneasiness agita dashed hopes blue devils severeness perturbation burdens deprival mental burden to-do wronging impairment double whammy hard knock incumbency office mutilation suppression imperative devoir commitment energy persistence sweat of one's brow assiduity manual labor blood, sweat and tears salt mines tenacity muscle vigour application gruntwork elbow grease strength donkey work grit hard labor diligence yakka slogging conscientiousness spadework determination vigor attempts push power assiduousness subjugation tyranny repression vandalism defacement wreckage scarring vandalization disfigurement defilement desecration tax authoritarianism maltreatment subjection despotism erosion shattering battering attrition crushing vitiation deterioration wrecking friction injustice tyrrany abusiveness abrasion detrition wear and tear degeneration bruise wound debasement cave-in depreciation marring blemish corrosion ravage ruining adulteration spoilage knockout illness outrage waste annihilation breakage excess baggage enslavement exploitation domination control autocracy subduing forcibleness coercion dictatorship compulsion fascism ill treatment martial law iron hand


A difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation
predicament dilemma fix difficulty plight pickle quandary jam trouble mess bind hole mire quagmire corner spot crisis impasse scrape muddle emergency box rattrap perplexity swamp strait issue exigency imbroglio jackpot pinch puzzle situation pass juncture state clutch condition circumstance vicissitude rigour rigor asperity deadlock soup position drag tight spot hot water tight corner awkward situation difficult situation sticky situation rabbit hole sticky wicket deep water catch-22 problematic situation hang-up how-do-you-do bad news kettle of fish rough go distress catastrophe disaster adversity calamity setback upheaval conundrum tragedy turmoil cataclysm problem extremity blow complication fiasco debacle tribulation havoc entanglement mishap drama hell shambles horror dire straits hard times sad state critical situation tricky situation spot of bother tight situation sorry condition no-win situation train wreck hell on earth unfortunate situation chaos disorder disarray failure trauma misfortune crash collapse affliction embarrassment scourge devastation depression apocalypse turning point zero hour big trouble worst-case scenario reversal of fortune car crash l Dutch trouble spot flash point spectacle crunch botched situation commotion fuss incident tight squeeze scene melodrama disturbance business affair tension adventure occasion row fracas thrill excitement sensation uphill battle farce to-do hot spot tear-jerker uphill pretty bottleneck a plight a mess crossroad a bad situation bewilderment mystification a predicament squeeze a sorry condition contingency a difficult situation panic stations a hole a scrape a fix a jam a tight corner a bind choke point pretty kettle of fish fine kettle of fish meltdown stew tinderbox reversal misadventure pressure urgency stress reverse ruin blight confusion whammy shock monstrosity hassle desolation holocaust bomb woe trial shipwreck disorderliness messiness bust heavy blow vicious circle hot potato double trouble stroke of ill luck mix-up bother uncertainty straits conflict catch double bind case difficult choice complexity jumble tangle intricacy comess involvement bad situation indecision circumstances poser facer stalemate challenge doubt matter cleft stick state of perplexity state of uncertainty delicate situation knot question task up a tree concern undertaking nut puzzlement point of contention matter of contention


Something that blocks one's way or hinders progress
obstacle barrier hindrance hurdle block impediment handicap obstruction snag difficulty bar deterrent hitch catch drawback burden check complication limitation problem restraint setback blockade cumbrance curb disadvantage impedance inconvenience interference restriction trammel albatross baggage balk barricade baulk clog cramp crimp drag encumbrance facer fetter glitch hazard hiccup holdback inhibition manacle preventive shackles stop blockage bump cumber embarrassment gridlock millstone uphill chain disincentive hamper hampering interruption joker let rub fly in the ointment monkey wrench spanner in the works catch-22 hang-up monkey wrench in the works sticking point stumbling block jam-up ball and chain mountain to climb booby trap downfall adversity downside impasse issue misfortune upset blow blunder minus liability delay defeat holdup slip discouragement flaw weakness trouble mishap reversal inefficacy knock error bummer nuisance disbenefit pitfall disappointment miscalculation mischance bafflement whammy mistake defect penalty fault deficiency shortcoming failing debit incommodity strike constraint detriment disability lack negative body blow hold-up privation affliction imperfection impairment bitter pill con afterdeal hangup stroke of bad luck knock-back weak point weak spot piece of bad luck reversal of fortune one in the eye bit of trouble kick in the teeth stoppage wall brake damper prevention stricture headache rein fence determent prohibition shackle dilemma control deterrence roadblock predicament road block thwarting pickle congestion jam blank wall halt circumscription limit quandary blocking avoidance forestalling retardation hassle interception inhibitor hedge straitjacket preclusion occlusion bottleneck deadlock forestallment condition deterence dissuasion obviation crunch scrape safeguard load dispute can of worms disputed point mess bridle point at issue worry traverse railing bulwark defence logjam snarl-up gotcha gimmick defense snarl cordon rebuff boundary land mine disqualification opposition question botheration count squeeze doubt disagreement checking hot water arrest ill box lock bone of contention precaution suppression plight preventative circumvention prob confinement fetters weight protection caution choking retardment tailback deal-breaker interdict embargo reverse negative aspect pale stone in one's path stockade rampart bug clampdown backup palisade clot cross taboo puzzler fortification dead weight hornets' nest stalemate standstill millstone around your neck traffic jam tight spot standoff wet blanket cross to bear thorn in one's side bond bonds barring elimination complaint consequence deadweight hobble yoke stumbling stone tribulation anticipation averting precluding sabotage intervention injury pinch mountain checkmate leash weary load tie disablement disorder foot dragging excess baggage exclusion bad flip side gate rail psychological baggage prophylaxis buttress snafu tangle discontinuance defensive measures aggravation millstone round someone's neck red tape break entanglement factor web development put down damp saddle debt guilt duty encirclement restrainer responsibility obligation bridling curbing repression fix spot cropper knot unseen problem stint chill stopping up warning shackling fettering holding back frustration baulking cramping stifling smothering infarct closure embolus infarction other side of the coin harness blocking object imposition pressure stress strain tax depressant cloud halting stopping quashing foiling trap narrowing constriction tie-up queue jump stretch inadequacy reservation circumspection injunction modification definition qualification gloom pall grievance bother the rub trick monkey on back snare balking sublimation demarcation depression cinchers anchor binders retarding device conundrum ploy puzzle dodge wile vexation ditch lapse compression contraction astringency tightening squeezing binding shrinking line of defense full stop joker in the pack Mexican standoff sig alert curtailment mix-up hot potato thorn in the flesh vexed question question mark gremlin source of difficulty source of trouble muddle difficult situation putting an end to putting an stop to nipping in the bud palladium fail-safe protective remedy shield security regression slowdown backset comedown regress bath foil bottom fencing ban hold moderation boycott cold water enclosure reverse of fortune double whammy drawing board flip-flop whole new ballgame unfortunate development about-face neutralizer precautionary measure prophylactic evil retardant moat trench air bubble airlock restricted access bondage rope order instruction deprivation pinions decrease string manacles chains abridgment abridgement ceiling command reduction perplexity preventive measure protective measure worriment habit bugbear involvement lease chit indebtment loan bite pledge balance arrear possibility due contingency remainder contract damage Achilles heel mortgage jinx tab IOU account restraining order anticipatory measure cul-de-sac end of the road nowhere to turn corner draw no through road blind alley dead end bad news disaster area teething trouble millstone round one's neck

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