Đồng nghĩa của hardnesses


Plural for hardship or suffering experienced in the pursuit of a goal
hardship rigours rigor adversity difficulty asperity tribulations trouble affliction trials suffering trials and tribulations misfortune distress misery vicissitudes dire straits pain mischances torment dangers sorrow tough luck calamities disasters privation burdens accident austerity catastrophes wretchedness hassles hazard crises labor labour oppression deep water needs fatigue penuries drudgery poverty injury uphill battles grief want grievances peril persecution rainy days lacks beggaries impecuniousness needinesses deprivation ruinations ruin worry travails curses destitution toil impecuniosity discomfort inclemency intolerance ordeals visitation roughness obduracies barricades emergencies frustration exertion quagmires extremities dead ends deadlocks messes embarrassment plights painfulness straits predicaments quandaries struggles hot water discouragement muddles impasses harassment exigencies pickles dilemmas stew cruxes scrapes sweat depression knots strokes of ill luck crosses hell issues dolours jam evil eyes drag heartache ill-luck mishaps shocks pains in the bum upset heartbreak stress strokes of bad luck poison crunches jinxes contretemps hell on earth torture reversal tragedy ill luck traumas woe cans of worms misadventure blows downers bummers hurtings reversals of fortune pains in the neck nakbas knocks setbacks kisses of death ills bad luck buffets reverses clutches pains in the rear ill-fortunes calamity tribulation burden grievance need neediness penury trial beggary hassle disaster hardness rigour ruination catastrophe curse danger lack mischance travail vicissitude hard knocks rotten luck tough break uphill battle financial distress rainy day Herculean task strain grinds endeavors endeavours efforts tests problems anguish agony slogs tall orders bother drains loads millstones nightmares encumbrances weight battles work industry long haul moil graft strivings strife challenges conflicts severities inconvenience harshness indigence impoverishment pinches throes marathons donkeyworks slavery drudges exercises attempts energy yakka force actions activity stretches elbow grease expenditure assiduities whiles assiduousness operations obstacles danger zones minefields blocks


Plural for an enlarged and rigid state of the penis, typically in sexual excitement

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