Đồng nghĩa của resilience

Alternative for resilience

Đồng nghĩa: resiliency,


The mental ability to handle or recover quickly from hardship
hardiness toughness character courage determination fortitude purpose resolve strength tenacity grit heart mettle perseverance persistence pluckiness stoicism will backbone doggedness durability guts gutsiness indefatigability indomitability intrepidity resistance resoluteness spine spirit spiritedness spunk stamina staunchness steadfastness tenaciousness vim bouncebackability endurance moxie ruggedness vitality strength of character strong-mindedness intestinal fortitude ability to bounce back moral fiber moral fibre toughness of spirit staying power survival skills robustness vigour vigor sturdiness firmness tolerance energy pluck resolution bravery nerve hardihood starch grittiness constancy boldness valor valour braveness courageousness self-discipline tirelessness legs patience toleration forbearance steel pertinacity long-suffering fearlessness willpower power of endurance fiber dauntlessness firmness of purpose stick-to-itiveness Dunkirk spirit fibre immunity non-susceptibility stiffness roughness stoutness bottle balls iron force power lustiness daring zip welly manliness ballsiness strength of will being hard as nails doughtiness stout-heartedness dedication drive intentness pertinaciousness obstinacy determinedness will power purposefulness perseveration assurance relentlessness incorruptibility honesty morality moral excellence good conscience moral virtue moral rectitude scruples moral courage strongmindedness stoutheartedness moral strength pith stomach valiancy valorousness strength of mind inner strength true grit what it takes sufferance broad-mindedness charity open-mindedness indulgence sympathy lenience magnanimity lenity permissiveness liberality liberalism understanding leniency laxness hardness clemency complaisance lack of bias opposition acceptance lack of prejudice steadiness gallantry heroism audacity gameness intrepidness prowess dash virtue daringness greatheartedness enterprise pecker adventurousness sand valiance adventuresomeness bravura lion-heartedness cojones élan temerity venturesomeness gumption pugnacity valiantness undauntedness rashness recklessness aplomb confidence life conviction solidity manfulness poise dependability ardor motivation fastness ardour sureness audaciousness immovability immobility coolness permanence balance maturity establishment cohesion security adherence impudence effrontery solidness verve certainty zest enthusiasm morale face derring-do fight brio fire soundness oomph stability self-assurance bounce chutzpah earnestness self-confidence esprit animation nobility stableness support substantiality elan forcefulness mettlesomeness brashness quality pertness substance faith self-trust vivacity single-mindedness integrity sparkle gusto liveliness lionheartedness self-possession cool-headedness warmth presumption temper essence tenor jazz mood complexion outlook humor air disposition temperament psyche breath vivaciousness humour life force vital spark frame of mind cool self-belief har spunkiness gut temerariousness venturousness chivalry willingness alacrity mind belief front keenness eagerness amenability wind fitness rigidity stick-to-it-iveness dependableness responsibility trustworthiness trustability reliability reliableness goodwill obligingness passion person's resolution honour honor stuff bravehood inflexibility potency insolence makeup caliber calibre brass balls right stuff denseness bravado might civility deference urbanity gentility address reverence duty elegance tact savoir-faire inelasticity potence powerfulness initiative intensity pep self-reliance assuredness indomitableness defiance invincibility certitude punch resignation submission dynamism cocksureness positiveness assertiveness surety composure doubtlessness zing go stickability self-assuredness level-headedness phlegm self-esteem juice snap faith in oneself sap cheek ginger gas belief in oneself satisfaction presence of mind buoyancy beans undergoing enduring allowance restraint standing suffering holding up forebearance continuing capacity ability withstanding survival vinegar brazenness push gall brass cheekiness get-up-and-go presumptuousness sauce sauciness crust nerviness brassiness arrogance brass neck


The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity
energy life vitality fire liveliness spirit animation drive verve pep vigour zip go power vivacity zest get-up-and-go might strength vigor zeal forcefulness punch spiritedness stamina zing ardour bounce dynamism effervescence enthusiasm oomph passion potency spark sparkle vibrancy brio buoyancy determination élan exuberance perkiness pzazz pizzazz sprightliness vim activity dash esprit fizz force gusto hardihood juice moxie push welly exertion feistiness gas intensity spring application ardor birr effectiveness efficacy efficiency endurance enterprise fortitude initiative momentum operativeness pluck resources spontaneity steam toughness tuck vehemence virility beans ginger sap snap starch vim and vigour fervour fervor vinegar eagerness vivaciousness elan ebullience high spirits panache keenness excitement warmth motivation spunk vigorousness relish earnestness gumption robustness emotion lustiness impetus ambition avidity fieriness vibrance fervency gaiety violence appetite fierceness joy ardency cheerfulness muscle fanaticism feeling action aggressiveness happiness commitment high-spiritedness briskness zestfulness boldness zap passionateness ferocity heart tenacity kick guts peppiness joie de vivre intenseness hustle heat doggedness bounciness jazziness puissance dedication bang exhilaration grit jauntiness light-heartedness radiance backbone enjoyment fury assertiveness pleasure jollity devotion resolve fervidness sinew pertness urgency impetuosity horsepower thrust capability chirpiness flair mettle love vividness readiness brilliance delight confidence impulse activeness jazz impact merriment severity zealousness effort perseverance humor spryness velocity humour speed life force potence firepower joyfulness aggression cheeriness ability staying power fever brightness frenzy resolution weight tension psyche friskiness scintillation audacity white heat pepper ecstasy flamboyance spin gameness powerfulness propulsion sincerity courage irrepressibility resourcefulness imagination desire inventiveness single-mindedness breath vital spark stimulus creativity rapture resource depth interest assiduity clout wholeheartedness hardiness point stuff heartiness cogency ambitiousness colour hunger topspin forward spin will power indefatigability punchiness strain color bloom ferociousness ferment driving force resistance virtuosity get up and go influence inspiration thew playfulness quickness tirelessness steadfastness staunchness validity impulsion motion right stuff style weightiness conviction boisterousness avidness bite flourish temper essence tenor morale outlook air disposition temperament dauntlessness character quality stoutheartedness willpower mood complexion substance will agility pressure buoyance movement ingenuity legs gutsiness tolerance daring elation vehemency aspiration turbulence breeziness stylishness frame of mind committedness emphasis savagery tempestuousness leadership imaginativeness talent soul cleverness stress self-assurance airiness venturesomeness emotionalism wildness nerve peartness devotedness adventurousness motive force impelling force flare-up asperity acrimony rampancy sore acerbity storm stew rise rabidity conniption sportiveness driving power incentive smartness alacrity intestinal fortitude empressement potential willingness bustle excess concentration impressiveness merriness magnitude dazzle sentiment extremity hot-bloodedness power of endurance richness persuasiveness physical energy cheer thewiness pith capacity red heat jolliness satisfaction affection fun self-motivation lust thirst sharpness sunniness quick-wittedness mirth delirium vengeance affectivity fire in belly what it takes native wit distraction blithesomeness lightheartedness blitheness go-getting keen interest slow burn purposefulness boiling point strong emotion purpose display desperation aim mana bean intrepidness sassiness devoutness good cheer good humour level degree self-assertion self-confidence assertion self-assertiveness pizazz pace adventure ostentation exhibitionism youthfulness beef wits nimbleness fascination strength of character strength of mind fire in the belly dexterity intent delectation swagger optimism bound bob gayness abandon litheness balls being pulse great enthusiasm motive bliss forcibleness bravura tittup lilt furiousness hustle and bustle impellent éclat militancy fondness vociferousness continuing motion light authority conclusiveness convincingness suasiveness persuasion glitz glimmer show validness joviality joyousness insistence forthrightness outspokenness taste have-a-go attitude flamboyant confidence striving splendour spunkiness stir lustre originality joys of spring diligence intentness what-it-takes dispatch stick-to-itiveness mania inclination yen actuation efficacity sense of purpose toleration sturdiness volatility excitedness exuberancy ingeniousness genius luster desirousness snappiness elan vital brawn charisma elegance grievousness seriousness gladsomeness propelling force surge splendor calenture impatience emulation yearning hankering itch longing spriteliness nervous spirits frolicsomeness intuition intelligence shrewdness cunning perceptiveness wit eloquence entrepreneurial spirit a sense of purpose glow flare flame burning passion molliness juggernaut creativeness wisdom brains knack alertness intrepidity rampage uproar feverishness agitation furore flap furor rage hysteria deliriousness love of life authoritativeness performance brawniness brute force grunt physical ability mobility forespin motive power forward motion full head of steam existence innovativeness being full of the joys of spring ferity pitch mightiness grandeur greatness virtue functioning extreme acceleration athleticism sharp-wittedness muscularity mauri lifeblood animal spirits acuteness volume anxiety deepness nervousness tenseness self-reliance spirit of adventure motility stimulant provocation encouragement yeast spur boost instigation incitation incitement goad high pitch go-forward conditioning movability suppleness flexibility vital force draft trouble draught brunt sock shot in the arm amusement freedom of movement pow arm subjection irateness bodily process body process bodily function thrill glee entertainment play foolery blast buffoonery festivity wantonness silliness foolishness jocundity knavery tomfoolery clowning funniness facetiousness jocosity felicity gamboling romping joking festiveness comedy laughter nonsense ball rejoicing revelry gladness hilarity gambolling jocularity roguishness gleefulness waggery riot solace treat jocoseness grins good time humorousness gambol levity mischief diversion jesting mischievousness living it up mirthfulness rascality


Lack of sensitivity to a drug, insecticide, etc., especially as a result of continued exposure or genetic change

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