Đồng nghĩa của zip

Alternative for zip


Trái nghĩa: unzip,

Danh từ

A mixture of style and energy
gusto dynamism energy enthusiasm verve vitality zest appetite avidity brio eagerness keenness pep relish zeal zestfulness zing ardor ardour bounce delight enjoyment excitement fervor fervour get-up-and-go joy liveliness love oomph passion pleasure sparkle vigour vim animation effervescence fire fizz spirit beans buoyancy dash drive esprit exuberance gas ginger go hardihood high-spiritedness juice life moxie pzazz pizzazz punch sap snap spiritedness starch vigor vinegar high spirits spunk vivacity force push strength elan forcefulness ebullience sprightliness vivaciousness welly élan potency initiative panache enterprise vibrancy stamina intensity power activity kick zap feistiness birr steam spark perkiness vigorousness vehemence gumption bite motivation guts lustiness endurance might sharpness spice robustness vibrance determination virility ambition gaiety tuck piquancy edge fieriness happiness bang aggressiveness spiciness cheerfulness pluck action light-heartedness fortitude heart muscle warmth peppiness tenacity briskness exhilaration effectiveness hustle jazziness pungency interest jauntiness jollity toughness savour colour joie de vivre tang commitment boldness saltiness doggedness earnestness flavour brightness puissance flair vim and vigour color flavor merriment grit exertion savor backbone cheeriness feeling irrepressibility mettle breeziness bounciness fanaticism application confidence radiance jazz vividness chirpiness capability flamboyance pepper resolve scintillation sting impact efficiency efficacy dedication resolution taste humor gameness sunniness tartness activeness courage momentum elation resourcefulness pertness humour joyfulness imagination willpower substance aggression single-mindedness vital spark life force inventiveness powerfulness fervency tastiness smack brilliance creativity resource will power pepperiness ambitiousness ability hardiness style what it takes flourish resilience stylishness operativeness spontaneity temper essence tenor morale outlook air disposition temperament breath dauntlessness character quality stoutheartedness mood complexion psyche will self-assurance fascination ingenuity optimism gladness perseverance quickness sturdiness point resistance impetus spring agility nimbleness frame of mind peartness conviction daring imaginativeness talent heat cleverness clout ferment zealousness desire good humour aspiration impetuosity audacity joviality sinew stuff good cheer get up and go leadership nerve beef ardency acidity firepower punchiness devotion emotion fervidness venturesomeness soundness airiness passionateness intenseness exuberancy horsepower ecstasy self-motivation adventurousness willingness flavouring readiness potence acidness right stuff lust thirst alertness hunger fire in belly go-getting white heat red heat verdure native wit brute force flavoring intestinal fortitude pith sharp taste quick-wittedness bean mana intrepidness boisterousness cogency sassiness adventure resources raciness swagger pizazz influence richness bound bob balls great enthusiasm merriness fun validity validness motive delectation salt friskiness gayness abandon provocativeness glitz dazzle glimmer show flamboyant confidence being buoyance pulse bloom impulse thrust impellent cheer satisfaction bliss indefatigability have-a-go attitude jubilation euphoria originality joys of spring pace speed velocity carefreeness blitheness fierceness éclat strength of character strength of mind fire in the belly impressiveness volatility excitedness soul charisma elegance striving avidness bubbliness effusiveness light hope sanguineness positiveness bullishness wholeheartedness wits perspicacity burn driving power persistence devotedness desirousness jolliness agitation snappiness movement spunkiness elan vital stir bustle hustle and bustle splendour tirelessness steadfastness staying power staunchness alcoholic effect stimulant effect mirth impatience rapture fever ingeniousness genius well-being vim and vigor urgency exercise capacity motion healthiness sock lustre mental power stress full head of steam lightheartedness moroseness intrepidity frenzy keen interest glow flare flame fury emulation yearning hankering itch longing violence virtuosity inspiration intuition intelligence shrewdness cunning perceptiveness wit entrepreneurial spirit a sense of purpose good spirits luster heartiness legs gutsiness tolerance toleration trenchancy penetration innovativeness creativeness wisdom brains knack splendor calenture self-reliance spirit of adventure burning passion sharp-wittedness smartness spryness dexterity brawniness brawn litheness incisiveness power of endurance prowess burliness muscularity mightiness stability firmness zestiness a little something thew thewness stoutness nip body stalwartness stableness strongness physique strong arm steadiness security powerhouse tanginess aftertaste sapidity thrill scent reek odor twang odour sapor fondness inclination liking craving urge weakness partiality fancy yen propensity transport alacrity penchant appetency favour favor joyousness stomach greed preference intentness infatuation proclivity intoxication rhapsody wish assiduity anticipation cloud nine predilection hopefulness affection glee heaven sincerity pining paradise greediness like high shine elatedness swoon appreciation bias flurry mania seventh heaven ache delirium assertiveness appetence need madness gratification contentment soft spot exaltation goodwill depth voracity diligence felicity enchantment purposefulness craze love affair bent resoluteness purpose good humor leaning use mind empressement tendency palate contentedness stimulation faith trust calmness idealism easiness sureness expectation encouragement assurance certainty positivism ravishment rage immoderation exultation transports sanguinity beatitude obsessiveness amenability jones thirstiness letch bigotry positive attitude zealotry vehemency committedness effort monomania obligingness emphasis militancy obsession anxiety voraciousness rose-colored glasses addiction looking on bright side top of the world stimulus extremism devoutness overenthusiasm excitability conscientiousness incentive hurry ferociousness flutter partisanship appetition perturbation emotionalism feverishness turmoil tooth ferocity flap prejudice furor commotion seriousness affinity hot-bloodedness kicks rhapsodies amusement thing attraction excitation cool predisposition content blithesomeness proneness festivity gleefulness mirthfulness wildness triumph playfulness a buzz a charge jocularity furore distraction a kick pep talk rejoicing jocundity hilarity diversion adoration aim hungering cupidity covetousness loyalty faithfulness level degree sensation sentiment wishing forcibleness stick-to-itiveness what-it-takes dispatch preparedness magnitude unction hungriness estimation vociferousness warmness intent insistence forthrightness outspokenness anxiousness promptness solicitude demand intense desire address indulgence facility gladsomeness strong interest hurrah solemnity piety piousness religiousness youthfulness instigation sense of purpose pertinence constancy tenaciousness pertinacity pertinaciousness decidedness decisiveness molliness severity concentration excess agreement consent agreeableness expectancy kindness friendliness sedulousness strong desire extremity anger eye love of life firmness of purpose suspense great expectations bright outlook Pollyannaism rosy outlook silver lining affability cordiality fundamentalism radicalism dogmatism activism spell thirsting aridity attachment positivity labour labor industry ado fit incandescence cooperation volition compliance kindliness tenderness turn on sweltering heat extreme heat oppressive heat torrid heat tropical heat intense heat high temperature grievousness tension strain engrossment deliberation favoritism favouritism bravery haste titillation trace intemperance chauvinism sectarianism hastiness rashness amiability wild emotion bottle impulsiveness buzz charge jollies upper up aptness ease paroxysm big eyes communion at-oneness nirvana glory Elysium understanding geniality warm-heartedness hospitality good-naturedness sympathy ants in pants strong emotion intense feeling cup of tea favourite favorite intensity of feeling being full of the joys of spring spine loving enjoying benevolence charity welcomingness care charitableness benignity liberality stars in one's eyes extreme happiness risk riskiness peril perilousness danger hazardousness hazard dangerousness hard work yearn burning want dream goal ripeness valor restlessness blissfulness amity courageousness gallantry greatheartedness doughtiness daringness fearlessness heroism druthers fulfilment jouissance comfort gayety unrest rampage hysteria uproar flush deliriousness virtue uncertainty precariousness discomposure exciting experience feelings amorousness hospitableness emotions joyance fulfillment fruition pecker valour trance fluster compassion burning up running a temperature febrile disease the shakes great pleasure warm fuzzies great joy transports of delight openness stout-heartedness provocation incitement positive thinking tumult weakness for thing for entertainment play foolery blast buffoonery fitness festiveness living it up tomfoolery ball panic over-enthusiasm state blessedness stupor health silliness foolishness knavery facetiousness jocosity romping gambolling roguishness waggery riot solace grins humorousness levity mischief jesting mischievousness sportiveness wantonness clowning funniness gamboling joking comedy laughter nonsense revelry treat jocoseness good time gambol rascality wholeness wellness confusion fixation wholesomeness twilight zone healthfulness salubrity state of anxiety fandom salubriousness haleness willfulness injustice illiberality incorrigibility intolerance stubbornness hatred contumacy arbitrariness abandonment faction unreasonableness unruliness dogma unfairness obstinacy superstition fettle pink prime form constitution eupepsia good condition clean bill fine feather

Danh từ

A fastener used in clothing, bags, etc, made up of two rows of teeth that are made to fit into each other by moving a slider along their length and opened again by moving the slider in the other direction

Danh từ

Address identifier

Danh từ

A special or instinctive aptitude or ability for doing something well
flair aptitude faculty gift talent genius knack ability bent feel capability capacity endowment facility head instinct skill accomplishment mastery aptness chic glamour glamor grace natural ability presence shine splash turn expertise proficiency artistry finesse adroitness adeptness dexterity competence craft virtuosity know-how cleverness skilfulness expertness deftness prowess art technique skillfulness brilliance ingenuity forte touch panache power savvy propensity intelligence polish inclination craftsmanship competency style potential mind strength brain leaning caliber efficiency calibre smarts sophistication nous inventiveness artfulness cunning workmanship fitness masterfulness creativity wisdom imagination disposition command class quickness chops form excellence poise sharpness handiness understanding perception what it takes savoir faire predilection proclivity potentiality pizzazz giftedness professionalism refinement smartness agility dexterousness artifice astuteness elegance sense nose wit potency inspiration pzazz resourcefulness penchant intuition wherewithal originality qualification sagacity quality shrewdness strong point insight nimbleness skills readiness acuity knowledge brightness experience artistic ability ingeniousness brains right stuff clout promise grasp acumen predisposition capableness trick method tendency savoir-faire stuff awareness means suitability skillset invention puissance might discernment imaginativeness intuitiveness greatness distinction sharp-wittedness set mastership vision gracefulness makings gumption intellect approach bias finish way effectiveness ease affinity partiality taste the goods innovation feeling perspicacity attribute enterprise creativeness affection sensitivity penetration diplomacy discretion wizardry expressiveness judgement judgment impulse bone fluency initiative perceptivity quick-wittedness comprehension innovativeness perceptiveness expertism creative skill sapience moxie acuteness discrimination specialty slickness speciality arguteness braininess masterliness creative power ableness profession property function horse sense stature green thumb the right stuff effectualness game docility achievement prospects subtlety éclat magic manner flourish elan dash cerebrum psyche musicianship versatility sensibility background ideation mentality execution hope eloquence poetry craftship feature thought mojo grip stimulation proneness handiwork familiarity acquaintance trademark performance characteristic niftiness sleight encouragement possibilities address nippiness attainment acquirement appreciation sageness dodge pistol peculiarity adequacy secret numen individuality productivity goods tact cognizance apprehension reach precociousness precocity perspicaciousness up to it superability competitiveness agency asset efficacy dynamism energy mind for force resources habilitation bookishness learnedness suss education knowledgeableness erudition knowing way around far-sightedness prescience observation sagaciousness parts creative talent hang of something qualities worldliness urbanity manners composure confidence perspicuity hang of it divination great ability personal talent natural gift calculation esprit preference orientation breadth of view bag devices habitude keenness canniness quick wit quick wits social graces aim druthers tilt mind-set inclining head-set tack the formula foxiness cageyness caginess clear-sightedness hardheadedness knowingness common sense guile farsightedness common percipience weakness for thing for turn of mind social know-how grey matter powers of reasoning good taste worth excellency thinking outside the box perfection fineness eminence domain calling area metier realm field sphere racket department discipline province mission thing arena métier strong suit temperament innate knowledge choiceness peerlessness superbness primeness prestige sixth sense high calibre first-rateness gentility high standard high quality pre-eminence high caliber value productiveness virtue influence efficaciousness merit potence learning reason efficacity qualifications effect authority enlightenment vigor weight vigour worthiness edge effectuality action eligibility scholarship IQ credentials robustness intellectuality muscle cognition get-up-and-go brainpower practicality success spirit usefulness use accomplishments qualifiedness advantage successfulness pith prudence standard drive vitality forcefulness culture endowments push long suit conception control oomph training sinew punch pep go horsepower thoroughness wits headpiece firepower vim development acceptability native wit alertness lustiness animation welly toughness determination urgency hardiness suitableness character gray matter dignity edification superiority fruitfulness willingness enthusiasm powerfulness benefit constructiveness study foresight jurisdiction resource ambition spiritedness attainments sway zest progress essence gifts strengths constitution sufficiency impact grounding medium oyster eminency cultivation courage artisanship intimacy ken tier importance I.Q. soundness pluck conversance schooling verve loaf account practical knowledge practice claim to fame letters ferocity heartiness activity steam reasoning profundity science brain cells intellectual power mental capacity rationality staying power intellectual capacity cup of tea life skills thewiness thew mental acuity mental ability assets savviness mental powers delivery skillage civility respectability rectitude admissibility entitlement appropriateness faculties facilities steadiness probity light coordination utility dedication reliability polished skill neatness hacking it cutting it advancement advance oil headway formula work organisation organization exposure involvement making the grade cutting the mustard precision litheness swiftness special ability delicacy spryness smoothness legerdemain powers of intuition lucidity incisiveness abilities record past effortlessness maturity impression progression acquaintanceship sleight of hand attributes features contact specialization aplomb concept daring instrumentality operation specialisation scope extent compass brainbox clue knowing inside out empiricism evidence participation suaveness tactfulness doing hindsight proof boldness hand-eye coordination kop lore ambit thoughtfulness trenchancy audacity deeds employability certificate eye-hand coordination mental agility quickness of mind brain power leadership upper storey cerebration pundit egghead literacy acquirements doctrine omniscience consciousness carrying on ambitiousness zeal fluency in ability in curriculum vitae line stunt exploit feat effectivity book-learning breadth intrepidity aggressiveness eagerness hustle hang number device mindfulness realization hold goodness credit adventurousness venturesomeness academic study book learning intellectual attainment research philosophy instruction academic achievement preparedness cogency deed interpretation document diploma degree attentiveness heedfulness assimilation attention territory orbit ability to understand aha apperception slow take realisation prehension take double take backbone nerve good level warrant licence liveliness tour de force spirit of adventure self-reliance policy mettle grit spunk sensibleness discreetness levelheadedness acknowledgement cognisance persuasiveness validity gamut purview grade desert native ability civilization couth breeding jazziness vibrancy vibrance exuberance briskness peppiness sprightliness significance deservingness integrity meritoriousness academic attainment play radius magnitude commonsense mother wit industry standing wire body gist meat upper hand burden in succor succour license intestinal fortitude connection core security purport insight into acquaintance with familiarity with sensitivity to acknowledgment conclusiveness artistic awareness urbaneness belles-lettres intellectual awareness honor pro redeeming feature plus point arete honour impressiveness bite improvement elevation politeness civilisation courtesy fashion kindness nobility aestheticism dress brawn good sense craftwork handcraft trade logicality logic convincingness dominance persuasion credibility foundation presence of mind prominence consequence status position reputation mightiness point coherence reasonableness sturdiness stamina muscularity valour stoutness well-being vim and vigor kick bounce exercise endurance healthiness sock birr starch zing bang fire tuck juice vigorousness motion snap repute result vocation production product design creation artifact artwork arm forcibleness domination valor validness emphasis suasiveness size import rank illustriousness artefact handicraft strong arm acclaim celebrity renown fame note hard power state physique high station figure cachet station growth

Động từ

To move or proceed very quickly
speed dash hurry rush shoot fly run zoom buzz hasten hurtle race tear bolt career flash hare streak whirl blast dart pelt sprint whizz whoosh belt scurry bomb charge gallop scoot stampede sweep swoop wing barrel bowl along hotfoot it rattle along scramble scud scutter spank along zap bucket drive go like lightning hie scorch shift whip blaze blow boogie bowl breeze bundle bustle cannonball careen chase clip course go hell for leather highball hightail hump hurl hustle jet jump leg it motor nip ram rip rocket rustle scuttle step travel trot wheech whisk fleet post barrel along burn burn rubber crack on lay rubber waltz go like the clappers get the lead out go fast go like a bat out of hell go like a bullet scamper whiz get a move on bound step on it make haste cut along hightail it beetle spring get cracking go like the wind haste flit steam jog dive put on some speed hotfoot make tracks skip shake a leg pound sail plunge move quicken trip skedaddle speed up hurry up roll vroom accelerate expedite put one's foot down push lunge lope beat it break flee surge move fast leap make time whistle move quickly fling fast-track dispatch tear along flutter go double jogtrot skim dogtrot boil spur canter skite rage go quickly kite amble burst spurt hop it lose no time pace whip along really move get your skates on go like a bomb romp skirr fuss skitter be quick vamoose split beeline storm run off run away plough leave scat tool proceed bullet ride retreat pass quickly lash cannon bug out press on stir clear out smoke bestir get moving make a run for it roar make off press dust plow launch oneself throw oneself go headlong belt along bomb along step on gas light out move along cover ground stir one's stumps cruise patter run like the wind outstrip roll along crack catapult blind swoosh festinate go briskly step lively go away flow stream gush pass march wind gust cascade make yourself scarce run fast pour go rapidly drive fast steamroller railroad blitz buck progress push on express move like greased lightning pounce start startle busily tear out frolic gambol flourish rush headlong slip away be off like a shot go at top speed flood sloosh tumble tear up the miles go like greased lightning book it chuck it down hop along step along brandish prance frisk surge through rush at gather momentum put on a burst of speed run very fast make it snappy get on it pass by move forward move rapidly go by run like mad plunge ahead pump yeet whish sally put foot go at breakneck speed waste no time whip around not lose a minute take wing rush around be busy busy yourself gear up bowl over go all out stride go like lighting rack hurdle show quickly be on the go dig in get a wiggle on turn on steam move apace rush off speed away make short work of escape beat a retreat take flight turn tail scram skidoo run for it scarper clear off hook it skip off levant decamp head for the hills make a quick exit take off peel out cut and run cut out beat a hasty retreat make a break for it go through shoot through fly the coop show a clean pair of heels make oneself scarce do a bunk kick rocks take a powder do a fade do a runner get lost spout spill spew squirt discharge well issue glide slide emit trickle emanate swirl drift disembogue slip leak erupt deluge spray dribble eject disgorge sluice expel ooze fountain spritz emerge well up depart pour out run out overflow ripple coast swell sputter teem exude wash gurgle seep belch spill out drip regurgitate eruct heave well forth belch forth abscond shed get out dog it brim purl thrill fire brim over rise spread spring up let off bleed egress spiral waft circulate flow out drop spit squeeze splur eddy swarm pitch launch float thrust stem go along brush crowd throng billow smooth along pile drain empty drench dispense rill inundate transfer sheet continue move past give off stroke cross rush forward leak out journey wend crawl drag move onwards pass through blow past run through run by

Động từ

To do up a garment or similar object with a zip, buttons, etc.

Tính từ

Not important or noteworthy
unimportant inconsequential insignificant minor nugatory slight trifling trivial frivolous immaterial inconsiderable irrelevant non-essential paltry petty small-fry worthless extraneous insubstantial light nickel-and-dime peripheral fiddling foolish incidental inferior little low-ranking minute negligible picayune piddling pointless small small-time superficial casual dinky frothy indifferent meaningless nonessential nothing not worth mentioning null of little consequence of little importance of no account of no consequence of no importance of no moment second-rate shoestring tinpot twopenny-halfpenny unnecessary useless zero zilch Mickey Mouse no great shakes not worth speaking of beside the point neither here nor there of no great concern piffling footling niggling measly secondary lesser nominal of little account no-account inappreciable piddly pimping inessential peanut de minimis subordinate chicken lightweight marginal meagre meager subsidiary minimal lower mean penny-ante shallow tangential low minor-league puny smaller miserable not worth bothering about junior valueless minuscule pettifogging pitiful bush-league ignorable scanty two-bit small-bore exiguous silly contemptible tiny inadequate base inapposite derisory ancillary pathetic mingy poxy second-string wretched insufficient accessory unsubstantial unessential inapplicable impertinent inappropriate irrelative not germane less important cheap off the subject idle infinitesimal trite supplementary ineffectual dependent minus unconnected not pertinent beggarly imperceptible empty extrinsic neglectable not to the point shabby poor unrelated limited ignoble inconsequent unremarkable lower-level nondescript flimsy obscure time-wasting less hollow token second-class tacky ordinary common sorry foreign slighter under subservient reduced purportless forgettable mere mediocre below the mark out of place modest futile senseless wide of the mark unmemorable all the same of no matter lowly trashy mild hairsplitting small-scale unavailing barren ineffective quibbling external commonplace cavilling nit-picking fussy undistinguished invalid auxiliary younger subaltern unpretentious scant humble plebeian pitiable borderline adventitious skimpy everyday outside inglorious ungenerous unsound second-fiddle bottom inane of no value scrubby humdrum of minor importance skin-deep diminutive scratch smalltime caviling inapt third-string undersized subjacent no big deal low-born nothing to do with it lower-class superfluous negative bogus a minor point not pertaining to without depth off the topic sterile off the point abject waste drossy not at issue counterproductive unprofitable not to the purpose unproductive inutile not connected with despicable abandoned profitless unusable moderate unknown perfunctory twopenny impractical little-known ne'er-do-well good-for-nothing wee little known hair-splitting symbolic local slender bland uneventful subtle sophisticated lilliputian low precedence niggly picky parenthetical alien supervenient undemanding potty low-class second-best unintellectual finicky inconsiderate unconsiderable low preference not a priority wanky unconsidered wimpy runt shrimp background by-the-way by-the-by supplemental unimpressive momentary microscopic atomic evanescent vanishing toytown lower-grade no biggie two bit big zero small potatoes entry level of no significance casuistic captious equivocating sophistical by the by accidental by the way vain jejune vapid insipid banal loitering idling matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference no never mind featherweight imponderous incompetent failing nether bush tributary collateral substract subject second reserve uncelebrated expendable of less importance dispensable occasional set sleazy narrow shoddy unconsequential additional extra no-good of no merit indirect outermost needless redundant inadmissible not worth worrying about not the issue disregardable nothing to do with the case fatuous puerile flippant unhelpful related contributory contributing a notch under illogical side unneeded purposeless flighty of little import perimetric exterior outer on the side not the main irrational no big thing unimposing intrusive just simple unreasonable low priority surface sideline bordering proletarian weak depthless empty-headed merely only baseborn underprivileged unreasoning artificial unrefined severe unwashed rough fallacious diminished vulgar lowborn prole hardly worth mentioning nonrational menial fewer beside the question wide of the point not important nihil ad rem not significant uncouth lumpen unfit plebby sordid facile surface-level one-dimensional working-class unassuming shortened illegitimate demeaning degrading middling low-grade lousy declined depressed deficient of low birth low-life of low rank no more than no more important than nothing more than no better than poorer ignominious servile lower-ranking sad not so great not so much lower in status lower in rank not as great void entry-level bottom-rung back seat second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important not so important detached disconnected remote independent unassociated unapt disparate dissociated inapropos separate inappurtenant bad null and void cancelled nonvalid nullified nonbinding inoperative annulled repealed rescinded abolished revoked not applicable off base not connected not related nothing to do with out of order absent canceled nonexistent unacceptable unsanctioned untrue unreal powerless imaginary inefficacious

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