Đồng nghĩa của degrading

Alternative for degrading

degrades, degraded, degrading

Đồng nghĩa: demote, downgrade, lower, reduce,


Humble or lower in rank or status
menial humble lowly unskilled boring low-status base dull mean routine humdrum abject low sorry demeaning fawning servile slavish vile grovelling ignominious inferior low-grade subservient sycophantic blue-collar ignoble obsequious unworthy baseborn basic common groveling obeisant tedious lesser minor subordinate unpretentious secondary second-class mediocre small unimportant unassuming subsidiary junior low-ranking insignificant second-string undistinguished smaller second-rate lousy second-fiddle puny bottom miserable reduced ordinary middling little inglorious meager paltry measly ancillary wretched lower-ranking scrubby poorer slighter lower shabby petty contemptible sad pitiful plebeian dinky low-born subjacent minor-league lower in status small-fry meagre small-time bush-league third-string lower in rank undersized back seat second-banana below someone not very important entry-level beneath someone lower-class less important under someone's heel bottom-rung not so important proletarian lowborn lumpen vulgar unwashed low-life prole trivial less slight inconsequential inconsiderable trifling negligible marginal poor piddling light obscure dependent under two-bit casual accessory peripheral working-class picayune lower-level simple peasant declassed second nugatory nickel-and-dime fiddling minute frivolous incidental lower-grade low-class minus Mickey Mouse déclassé supplementary auxiliary modest penny-ante meek submissive inessential niggling piffling footling popular subject irrelevant foolish subaltern tributary peanut shoestring younger tacky of little account limited plain below the mark average diminished low-bred gentle mild immaterial commonplace dutiful docile nether non-essential supplemental lowlife satellite mundane withdrawing everyday retiring reverential prosaic supporting sub- nominal blue-singlet deficient twopenny-halfpenny reserve insubstantial piddly pimping no-account chicken worthless unsubstantial pettifogging tiny low-level plebby beggarly collateral lower rung cast down sub scratch shallow de minimis cheap inconsequent not worth mentioning zero useless zilch nothing of no account of low birth unknown lightweight second-best dishonourable dishonorable tinier crude little-known petite cloth-cap lessened beneath bourgeois restricted little known baser philistine substandard subalternate minimal bush tangential democratic people's grassroots underprivileged smalltime declassé minuscule token unrefined severe rough unremarkable substract inappreciable derisory unsophisticated traditional banal conventional pedestrian second class second choice pathetic mingy poxy exiguous sparse slender uncouth unfit sordid a notch under associate small-bore alternative fewer unconsiderable not worth bothering about lower than spare alternate backup substitute fallback attendant shortened extra relief of low rank of lesser importance than less important than negative depressed declined feeding shoot side youngest assistant not so great deprived extraneous fall-back vice- not so much pointless superficial not as great frothy meaningless of little consequence of little importance of no importance tinpot nonessential zip of no moment of no consequence null indifferent unnecessary second best captive subjugated no great shakes not worth speaking of potty controlled neither here nor there beside the point of no great concern governed obedient enslaved ruled diminutive liable vulnerable accountable disposed susceptible pint-sized stunted frail weak feeble dwarfish underfed pygmy weakly at one's feet in danger of bound by fun size sickly underdeveloped undernourished Lilliputian undeveloped undersize pocket-sized pocket delicate half-pint pocket-size shrimpy pint-size toylike fine fragile smallish bantam subnormal weedy peewee wee unsound scrawny runt infirm small time shrimp unconsequential


Bringing or warranting disgrace
disgraceful infamous shameful deplorable despicable base discreditable low mean objectionable scandalous shocking abominable atrocious contemptible disreputable ignominious unprincipled unworthy beyond contempt blameworthy disgusting dishonourable heinous iniquitous monstrous odious opprobrious shameless terrible unspeakable vile bad beyond the pale immoral indefensible inexcusable intolerable loathsome nefarious sordid unforgivable wicked appalling criminal dastardly detestable diabolical dishonorable dreadful embarrassing hateful humiliating ignoble inglorious knavish louche low-down notorious outrageous reprehensible scurvy shabby shady shoddy shy unrespectable egregious exceptionable flagitious offensive improper wretched sorry abject corrupt mortifying villainous shaming undignified debasing unseemly unbecoming miserable vulgar dirty pitiful indecorous indecent unsavoury inappropriate unsavory demeaning reprobate sinful degenerate unsuitable unbefitting unscrupulous wrong rotten unfitting nasty beastly belittling obscene worthless impure degraded foul unrefined awful lewd filthy untrustworthy crooked evil repulsive unethical depraved revolting repugnant debauched horrid execrable repellent unacceptable unladylike ungentlemanly perverted horrible abhorrent nauseating perfidious distasteful obnoxious cheapening paltry pitiable unceremonious lowering carnal sickening currish snide lousy immodest unclean untoward coarse pathetic inelegant low-minded indelicate gross tasteless recreant scungy crude crass salacious no-good unheroic unsuccessful failed culpable humiliatory unjustifiable regrettable unfortunate discomfiting remiss drunken ribald intemperate profligate flagrant infra dig beneath you lacking dignity treacherous cheap sneaking ratty cruddy grubby scabby scummy sad lame beneath your dignity slimy caitiff horrifying rascally traitorous below contempt beneath contempt scoundrelly blackguardly dirty rotten low-life not cricket warped amoral roguish ugly indiscreet vicious unpleasant hopeless licentious lascivious lecherous lustful lubricious libidinous dishonest exploitative unconscionable fraudulent corrupted cheating conscienceless disagreeable off-putting forlorn debased cunning furtive wrongdoing guileful prurient dark dissolute yucky diabolic shifty deceitful dodgy venal slippery cutthroat unconscientious devious sly ruthless Machiavellian underhand woeful piteous dismal stark outcast gut-churning hellish icky damnable sick-making fiendish God-awful devilish bestial black vomitous noxious unlawful unrighteous sick bogging noisome yucko disgustful loathly in bad taste underhanded casuistic selfish sinister mercenary unfair crafty scheming wrongful questionable self-seeking illegal petty arrant two-faced stinking sleazy abandoned lamentable profane uncouth explicit vomit-inducing bad-mannered uncivil lowbrow abusive tactless uncultured insulting discourteous brash unmannerly uncivilised off-color raunchy risqué rude tawdry unchaste boorish naughty colloquial vituperative unpolished unsettling derisive rough smutty uncivilized churlish loutish affronting bawdy ill-mannered unutterable impolite blasphemous X-rated vilifying suggestive ungracious unwholesome incompatible incongruous inconsistent undeserving beneath ineligible unfit unfitting to valueless good-for-nothing nothing blamable unsuitable for improper to no-account out of place inappropriate to unmerited out of character unbecoming to out of keeping not deserving not worth not good enough out of place with not fit out of character with hideous horrendous ghastly frightful nauseous gruesome fulsome repellant cruel rancid poor accursed displeasing insufferable unpalatable putrid cursed skanky grisly undesirable squalid unkind beggarly malevolent uninviting horrific rebarbative infernal uncharitable useless spiteful dire malicious abysmal inadequate grim unpardonable confounded godawful measly savage hated inhuman grievous loathed despised detested dislikable distressing ungodly unwelcome unbearable barbaric servile barbarous trashy dislikeable despisable annoying invidious meagre macabre creepy stomach-turning callous cringe-making insupportable stomach-churning deceptive unfriendly inferior insignificant brutish hurtful malignant seedy seamy menial mean-spirited unpleasing catty poxy poisonous unpopular pesky execrated nightmarish unlovely unsatisfactory abominated meager heartbreaking chronic thoughtless fearful ornery terrific grewsome lurid nightmare disdainable very bad grody crummy footling malodorous grotty bitter harsh unappetizing unsportsmanlike unloved sneaky fetid inconsiderate insufficient poison cowardly unholy black-hearted stinky blasted festy pants brutal grungy negligible piddling censurable foetid cussed derisory cacodemonic piffling unwarranted trifling hostile facinorous hateable pestiferous mournful blithering terrifying abhorred flaming desperate out of order below the belt smelly unattractive calamitous rank acrid polluted mephitic feeble from hell pongy whiffy disliked smudged bedraggled befouled miasmal sullied bemired dusty uncleanly draggled grimy funky muddy stained mucky besmirched yukky blackened sour niffy dingy uncongenial begrimed soiled miserly ungenerous disrespectful olid meanspirited shunned bum anathematized modest stingy slight graceless impoverished destitute distressed bogus barren on the nose demonic insubstantial irritating poverty-stricken demoniac Mephistophelian heartless humble slavish indigent forbidding off cheerless pits merciless joyless harrowing rueful heartrending suspect inhumane comfortless vindictive sadistic dubious suspicious freaking darned cotton-picking doggoned durn doggone goddamned deuced curst danged durned dang darn condemnable groveling hard-hearted mingy malign uncool unwanted exasperating common despiteful virulent grovelling gloomy inconsequential trivial unhappy sleazoid inadmissible satanic disastrous defective ill-natured lowly tragic crying overwhelming adverse inexpedient discouraging wanton morbid funereal uncalled for frightening alarming unlikable sepulchral a load of pants preposterous foul-smelling evil-smelling hairy revulsive hellacious empty sterile ineffectual drossy unprofitable unimportant unproductive pointless unavailing nugatory futile profitless unessential waste counterproductive meaningless inutile mediocre unusable ineffective doggish ne'er-do-well grave slipshod brackish shiftless merciful misbegotten laughable unadorable uncaptivating scant lean craven feckless incompetent unchivalrous emetic demoniacal natty avoided condemned narrow-minded decadent scanty puny skimpy well below par scabrous base-minded gut-wrenching good-for-naught no-count meritless avaricious murderous moving compassionate afflicted stirring arousing touching affecting commiserative tearful suffering sorrowful hateworthy plebeian simple peasant ordinary reproachful plain reviled ill-bred funny iffy senseless swinish calculated covetous stupid pill heel aberrant ominous ridiculous foolish unregenerate substandard melancholy sucky tenth-rate punk hair-raising disconcerting repelling unlovable tainted diseased shuddersome resentful accurst ill-favoured dinky exiguous errant maggot demonian demonical Luciferian very disgusting mischievous dreaded brute butcherly truculent galling dismaying unwarrantable ill-famed indescribable in poor taste erring spine-chilling formidable surly venomous surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying scuzzy wet infuriating pestilential frenetic maniacal unhallowed crazed mad possessed downer bummer faulty afflictive dolorous ungallant rakish cantankerous wounding yecchy backbiting untrue maligning traducing detractive gossiping detracting perverse unhealthy ill-reputed miscreant unwished-for ruthful needy ill-favored unsporting pixieish scampish arch puckish pixy prankish tricksy impish pixie lying leprechaunish waggish elvish terrorizing contradictory opposed unbelievable inconceivable blimming reproachable highly improper double-dealing disorderly unsought bothersome detrimental scorned inconvenient troublesome incommodious disadvantageous uninvited rejected humiliated subservient meek dejected deferent hangdog self-effacing blamed under a curse blessed dratted inexpiable averse antipathetic inimical antagonistic sarcastic ill-humored unimaginable ghostly faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural anaemic uncanny dim deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish weak upsetting wily violent unreasonable delinquent red hot of bad reputation lou bloodcurdling terrorising eerie insensitive against opposite alien extrinsic counter extraneous unconformable different unfitted foreign conniving designing calculating ineffable steep reprovable blameable fishy frolicsome for the birds unwished for penniless beggared immoderate exorbitant excessive unendurable illegitimate inequitable shrewd deceiving unsportsmanly wanky rubbishy inexpressible excruciating derogatory evil-minded bad-tempered ill-tempered ill-humoured extravagant maddening impossible OTT to be avoided strictly for the birds slick in opposition irremissible beyond words preternatural undefinable O.T.T. extortionate penurious impecunious illicit amiss guilty demeritorious indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil scurrilous too great disgracing debauching over the top depraving contumelious extreme deadly unpermissible untenable unallowable mortal no good in bad caddish too horrible for words needful broke down-and-out famished skint pauperized dirt-poor necessitous threadbare ill-gotten unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic in low esteem in the doghouse unstylish tacky unfashionable cheesy ticky-tack dowdy styleless ticky-tacky at fault Janus-faced cold-blooded not nice hard up against the rules dreary bleak depressing not forgivable desolate godforsaken sombre drab uncomfortable solemn somber disheartening unpromising sullen morose drear flimsy poor quality low in quality garbage depressive dreich lugubrious saturnine glum sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome elegiacal tenebrific elegiac niggling picayune chicken minute peanut nominal piddly pimping inconsiderable Cimmerian de minimis Mickey Mouse


Extremely offensive and insulting
abusive insulting rude offensive disparaging scurrilous vituperative scolding contemptuous defamatory derisive contumelious invective scathing slanderous affronting castigating libellous maligning reproachful reviling belittling censorious denigratory derogatory disrespectful insolent opprobrious pejorative uncomplimentary vilifying vulgar blasphemous disdainful scornful scurril scurrile slighting truculent upbraiding vitriolic vituperatory calumniating castigatory reproving traducing berating foul injurious libelous obloquious obnoxious rough sarcastic sharp-tongued unmannerly violent deprecatory depreciatory demeaning depreciative derisory derogative denigrative detractive decrying hurtful discourteous critical sneering uncivil negative impertinent snide disapproving humiliating damaging wounding impolite deprecating personal catty dismissive detracting mocking scoffing jeering supercilious objectionable abhorrent unflattering discrediting spiteful unfavourable ridiculing calumniatory nasty displeasing exceptionable provocative impudent fault-finding unfavorable detractory provoking vexing unacceptable reprehensible harsh minimizing censurable minimising judgmental withering upsetting unpleasant taunting cheeky arrogant malicious haughty snotty sardonic sniffy snooty full of contempt uncharitable unsympathetic epithetical acerbic mortifying depreciating unfriendly bitter sharp abrupt curt brusque unkind gruff short surly blunt ungracious jibing biting repulsive bad-mannered ill-mannered teasing pillorying debasing diminishing deflating dishonouring offhand lampooning caustic satirical defiant irritating annoying calumnious mean superior discreditable mud-slinging sarky snidey hypercritical overbearing cynical egotistic irreverent disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic downgrading despicable exasperating dishonoring despiteful aspersing malevolent embarrassing galling shocking outrageous scandalous crude coarse distasteful detestable improper indecent contemptible disgusting deplorable insufferable unwelcome disagreeable repugnant undesirable familiar intrusive out of line intolerable insupportable inappropriate beyond the pale out of order condescending cavalier vain imperious proud snippy high hat dog it hard-nosed bold on your high horse hard audacious high and mighty temperamental snobbish uppity cool on high horse upstage cold-shoulder inconsiderate tactless brash ill-bred fresh presumptuous unmannered thoughtless uncalled-for unhandsome malapert mannerless churlish boorish brazen ungentlemanly unladylike ungallant uncouth cocky flip lippy insensitive forward crass pert unrefined indelicate sassy ribald obscene ignorant lewd brassy oafish underbred smart-alecky undiplomatic disgracious cutting distressing venomous cruel barbed prying saucy graceless offending loutish defaming indecorous malign denigrating mordacious unwanted vicious unchivalrous nosy insubordinate shameless nervy sullen brazen-faced ungenteel out-of-line inaffable peremptory arch wise bold-faced cocksure brassbound smart alecky procacious smart prejudicial dysphemistic virulent mischievous unsatisfactory irritable moody disgustful loathly unbearable painful unceremonious uncourteous maledictory scandalmongering muckraking backbiting ranting denunciatory rustic inurbane crusty gauche maledictive slurring terse hostile snarky acidulous brass-necked unsubtle exclusive prejudiced unaware groundless low infamous salacious gross scabrous inhospitable unfortunate loud-mouthed meddling meddlesome inquisitive off base incongruous unsuitable interfering raunchy dirty vituperous smutty filthy stinging self-assertive self-confident loud vivacious untactful Rabelaisian snoopy snooping nosy-parker lacking civility bad mannered un-PC barefaced imperative off-base breezy magisterial dictatorial destructive harmful grievous savage hateful foul-mouthed aspersive pernicious put down libeling injuring excoriating hurting abasing libelling vile shaming malignant reproaching disgracing damning pointed maleficent acid trenchant politically incorrect mouthy crabbed yokelish bounderish


Causing or feeling uneasy embarrassment or inconvenience
awkward embarrassing uncomfortable sensitive delicate disconcerting unpleasant compromising flustering humiliating perplexing tricky discomfiting sticky thorny demeaning distressing trying cringeworthy difficult embarrassed inconvenient ticklish dicey discomposing discountenancing disturbing painful problematic problematical troublesome untimely vexatious cringey dodgy gnarly hairy knotty exasperating excruciating incommodious shameful toe-curling cringe-making upsetting mortifying shaming confusing ignominious touchy agitating barro disgraceful discreditable dishonouring blush-making discommoding bewildering puzzling troubling unseemly worrisome dishonoring unpropitious equivocal impossible inopportune disagreeable rattling discommodious distracting uneasy bothersome prickly tough complicated taxing irksome complex worrying hard nasty annoying irritating intricate unsettling spiny catchy involved concerning tricksy convoluted precarious niggling controversial vexing perturbing nettlesome harassing tiresome aggravating galling wearisome maddening dangerous baffling pesky nagging uncertain alarming plaguy pestiferous risky pestilent pestilential disquieting infuriating rankling discomforting chancy infernal riling abrasive peeving harrying chafing carking frustrating nettling confounded nerve-racking burdensome pesty rebarbative plaguey cussed dismaying unnerving displeasing challenging tedious rough critical grating scary agonizing provoking hazardous touch-and-go perilous vexed traumatic unwelcome iffy unpredictable agonising off-putting anxious-making tense wearing grievous daunting tangled harrowing forbidding bitter arduous formidable emotive demanding teasing grave nerve-wracking troublous dark volatile antagonizing fiddly enraging jarring antagonising dubious messy tormenting wicked enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall restless nervous fraught tight anxious tortuous bleak dire boring unsafe irking onerous grim awful punishing unstable laborious bedevilling high-risk rocky unchancy mystifying contentious parlous heavy unfriendly suspect questionable spartan hostile unamusing unpleasing unfathomable insoluble sophisticated unanswerable elaborate mean punchable uncongenial uphill capricious ugly bedeviling fraught with danger detailed finicky chaotic persistent confused paradoxical severe tender accursed quirky undependable pointed echinated briery stimulating nauseating operose rugged strenuous provocative oppressive creepy nail-biting distressful eventful apprehensive objectionable heated like herding cats divisive scandalous wretched repugnant problem loaded erratic fluctuant importunate kid-glove treacherous unsound unhealthy jeopardous frightening intimidating demoralizing discouraging lamentable deplorable kittle intractable ungovernable undisciplined murder damaging repressive rowdy infestive disorderly incalculable afflicting disappointing lively devilish hair-trigger festering antipathetic demoralising incomprehensible insolvable enigmatic confounding mind-bending undecipherable unsatisfying unattractive very devil of a devil of a unsettled charged stressful tickly torturous involute Byzantine dolorous bumpy nice labyrinthian byzantine baroque obscure daedal labyrinthine complicate full of problems troubled beset by problems itchy confronting distressed afflictive scratchy unsteady impenetrable involuted causing discomfort ill-fitting inconstant fickle temperamental mercurial variable changeable ramified reticular effortful Gordian terrible mazy


An act of disrespect or impiety towards something considered sacred
desecration blasphemy sacrilege defilement profanation violation debasement impiety contamination pollution befouling degradation dishonor dishonour dishonoring dishonouring infection irreverence vandalism abuse damage damaging defacement despoliation destruction ruin profanity heresy profaneness disrespect sin mockery unholiness impertinence depravity impiousness contempt godlessness irreligiousness irreligion discourtesy ungodliness offense curse crime sinfulness offence wickedness harm lack of respect impurity pollutant contaminant adulterant disgrace vitiation befoulment disregard execration imprecation indignity scurrility lewdness reviling unrighteousness derision cheek taking the Lord's name in vain immorality impudence flippancy vice atheism disbelief iniquity apostasy paganism heathenism agnosticism non-belief scorn insolence disdain disparagement scepticism doubt unbelief impoliteness forwardness sauce ridicule presumption presumptuousness incivility rudeness insubordination badness skepticism corruption corrupting poisoning warping poison depravation blight sauciness insult lip nerve cheekiness rape besmirching sullying ravishment ravishing molesting molestation assault deflowering bedding ruination defloration seduction seducing spoliation outrage mistreatment interference interfering sexual assault sexual abuse indecent assault boldness audacity effrontery disrespectfulness brazenness pertness gall chutzpah brashness cockiness face unmannerliness shamelessness freshness neck temerity brass sassiness nerviness brassiness brass neck discourteousness inconsideration impertinency inconsiderateness familiarity audaciousness mouth sass crust bumptiousness chutzpa overconfidence overfamiliarity immodesty mouthiness ungraciousness backchat snash insolency coarseness hardihood insolentness dis diss front back talk malapertness procacity ill manners bad manners impudency belittlement thoughtlessness idolatry glibness offhandness offhandedness ill breeding lese majesty barefacedness freethinking daring over-assertiveness non-theism aggressiveness aggression nihilism nonbelief infidelity forthrightness directness overfriendliness self-assurance informality overweening nature humanism incredulity iconoclasm assumption vigor moxie defiance assurance chirpiness perkiness ardor jauntiness spirit hardiness stuff gutsiness breeziness guts pushiness ardour vigour spunk a smart mouth lese-majesty churlishness unrespect lack of civility misrespect lack of consideration contumely insouciance smart mouth


Present participle for to reduce to dishonour or disgrace
demeaning cheapening debasing disgracing humbling humiliating shaming abasing corrupting discrediting injuring prostituting devaluing dishonouring mortifying perverting reducing bastardising bastardizing cankering chastening damaging debauching demoralising demoralizing depraving deteriorating dishonoring fouling harming lessening lowering marring poisoning profaning sinking smirching subverting vitiating warping brutalising brutalizing dehumanising dehumanizing desensitising desensitizing spoiling undermining weakening belittling bemeaning decrying derogating destroying detracting diminishing disparaging panning slamming taking down bringing shame to casting down cutting down lowering the status of putting down running down shooting down tearing down cutting down to size taking down a peg defiling downgrading polluting demoting bestializing breaking crushing contaminating tainting sullying depreciating ruining deflating embarrassing bringing down abashing busting abusing subduing disrating bringing low befouling impairing denigrating staining infecting desecrating animalizing tarnishing discomfiting blemishing squashing leading astray soiling violating defacing putting to shame dragging down making someone eat humble pie minimizing quashing blighting crippling stooping betraying dirtying distorting making a fool of besmirching descending taking down a peg or two making someone eat crow devaluating blackening making degenerate minimising embittering putting someone in their place depressing smearing wasting relegating discoloring despoiling chagrining discolouring lowering in rank owning lowering in status snubbing blaspheming confounding trashing flattening tarring pulling down marking down influencing adulterating messing up showing up treating with disrespect making ashamed settling someone's hash misusing cowing diluting disfiguring hurting decreasing selling out undervaluing vanquishing attenuating overcoming declassing taming ravaging vandalizing outraging reducing the status of dragging through the mud discountenancing confusing maculating causing to lose face treating sacrilegiously axing reducing to the ranks vandalising committing sacrilege mucking up reducing in importance appalling having the last laugh on taking the wind out of someone's sails getting the better of seducing deigning condescending twisting crawling misemploying mongrelizing dumping on unsettling misapplying subjugating alloying squandering skewing bending debilitating sacrificing selling flawing colouring stigmatizing worsening reducing in value exposing biasing biassing prejudicing branding endamaging wrecking blotting rotting turning reducing in quality hardening stigmatising jaundicing demolishing devalorizing curbing beating down crabbing bloodying speckling blotching souring giving a bad name rusting inflicting consuming reducing in rank coloring deforming going bad casting a slur going to hell destabilizing undercutting manipulating sabotaging toughening living in the gutter compromising touching softening restraining disciplining delegating envenoming corroding minifying dismissing silencing squelching upsetting repressing checking afflicting taking apart letting down succumbing cutting showing in a bad light putting away striking dumb crossing up soring ulcering scourging popping one's balloon making eat dirt putting one away reverting bumping setting back case-hardening inuring making one feel small cutting to the quick bringing down a peg taking to pieces taking to bits dropping discounting kicking downstairs destabilising dispiriting defeating forcing to eat humble pie moving down stripping someone of their rank coarsening putting in your place wasting away slashing nosing dive lowering oneself debasing oneself lowering yourself demeaning oneself demeaning yourself debasing yourself smashing overwhelming enfeebling overpowering slowing dipping making callous making unfeeling darning scorning hoodooing reviling vicing voodooing flaming mocking swearing cussing cursing incapacitating sapping suppressing keeping down barbarizing automating imbruting automatizing robotizing mechanising mechanizing pillaging depredating desolating devouring devastating sacking spoliating insulting impoverishing extinguishing writing down disappointing committing sin doing wrong talking dirty blaspheming against annoying enervating routing muddying griming begriming putting double whammy on flustering vexing disconcerting affronting nonplussing displeasing rattling fazing smudging withering ripping blistering laying waste to making lose face committing sacrilege against horrifying spotting downplaying putting someone to shame taking the wind out worrying getting one's comeuppance ridiculing harassing bringing to ruin causing instability spattering splashing getting dirty bringing someone to their knees distaining bemiring splattering gauming daubing miring mucking playing down making dirty getting filthy making filthy causing to feel small putting out of countenance crumbing mussing bedraggling making mucky messing mussing up scuzzing up making foul


Present participle for break down or deteriorate chemically
decaying atrophying degenerating deteriorating decomposing disintegrating perishing rotting breaking down crumbling declining spoiling worsening waning retrogressing weakening putrefying getting worse fading regressing going downhill ebbing retrograding going bad slipping slumping sliding failing depreciating devolving lapsing withering breaking up collapsing falling becoming worse corroding dropping corrupting wearing away hitting the skids flagging going down the toilet languishing sinking mouldering molding moldering going off falling apart moulding falling off going down the tubes diminishing festering debilitating drooping stagnating disimproving fouling mortifying necrotizing lowering growing worse going backwards impairing going to pot falling to pieces going to pieces wilting sickening shrivelling shriveling nosediving tainting sphacelating skidding suppurating wasting away shriveling up turning descending losing quality going to rack and ruin going to the dogs receding moving backward contracting palling suffering slackening backsliding becoming dilapidated fading away dropping off falling down gathering maturating ulcerating becoming inflamed becoming infected appearing in a poor light taking a turn for the worse taking a nosedive making something worse damaging depressing going from bad to worse undermining breaking adulterating marring alloying injuring sapping dissolving polluting defiling blighting mildewing curdling discoloring discolouring losing it going to the pack becoming contaminated growing moldy going moldy wasting dwindling vitiating debasing sagging lagging going emaciating dilapidating becoming debilitated falling apart at the seams going into decline shrinking growing weak going mouldy becoming emaciated wizening drying up dying aging ageing becoming rotten fragmenting decreasing gangrening stinking necrosing lessening disappearing thinning becoming shrunken weathering becoming enfeebled breaking apart drying rotting away becoming moribund having one foot in the grave becoming rancid going to seed falling into decay souring desiccating addling folding deflating becoming limp becoming stale blasting constricting becoming marcescent becoming addled becoming tainted going sour becoming useless going rotten going rancid


Present participle for to harm the good reputation of a person or thing
discrediting disgracing shaming debasing defaming dishonoring slandering dishonouring humiliating smirching denigrating smearing sullying lowering humbling disparaging stigmatising stigmatizing vilifying demeaning tarnishing staining besmirching maligning abasing tainting slurring cheapening chastening calumniating belittling sinking fouling censuring reproaching soiling besmearing devaluing insulting exposing diminishing disfavouring disfavoring compromising disesteeming taking down bringing into disrepute dragging through the mud dragging through the mire reflecting badly on putting down running down bringing shame upon giving a bad name putting in a bad light casting aspersions on showing up tearing down shooting down doing a hatchet job on detracting from showing in a bad light bringing into disfavour pooh-poohing blackening someone's name blotting defiling blackening libeling libelling bringing shame on bringing discredit to injuring giving a black eye aspersing traducing spotting disrespecting deriding derogating rubbishing knocking decrying bad-mouthing spoiling slagging off scandalizing damaging ripping blotching attacking scandalising reducing breathing on befouling embarrassing speaking ill of tarring and feathering assailing muckraking doing a number on ripping up and down slinging mud at running smear campaign casting a slur on spreading scandal about flinging mud at giving a bad name to blemishing mortifying bringing shame to undermining poisoning bringing dishonour to dragging down ridiculing blackening the name of dissing corrupting debauching prejudicing mocking disobliging perverting attainting slamming panning blistering reflecting negatively owning cutting down to size taking down a peg muddying the reputation of casting in a bad light harming the reputation of blackening the reputation of taking down a peg or two damaging the reputation of making someone eat crow putting someone in their place marring badmouthing disconsidering vilipending ruining blackguarding scorching abashing chagrining making lose face disconcerting slinging mud dragging someone's name through the mud dragging through mud making someone feel ashamed making uncomfortable offending affronting annoying provoking outraging hurting aggravating slighting wounding upsetting snubbing disregarding desecrating taunting slapping losing face teasing abusing impugning irritating causing to lose face reviling sledging miscalling scoffing slanging girding roasting jeering cursing giving offence to dumping on causing offence to trash-talking sneering at treating disrespectfully cutting dead calling names hurting someone's feelings stepping on one's toes cutting to the quick calling someone names throwing shade speaking evil of misrepresenting telling lies about blighting backbiting burlesquing caricaturing throwing mud at running a smear campaign against spreading tales about marking wrong dragging name through mud writing false reports about destroying branding slagging gossiping about darkening touching harming depraving tarring villainizing criticising criticizing casting a slur detracting depreciating belying sneering hitting plastering blaspheming strumpeting spreading lies about accusing falsely casting aspersion blackening name


Present participle for to knowingly say that something is smaller or less important than it actually is
belittling ridiculing decrying defaming deprecating depreciating derogating disparaging maligning minimising minimizing trivialising trivializing denigrating dismissing mocking abusing bad-mouthing censuring condemning deriding diminishing discrediting downgrading knocking reviling rubbishing running down scorning slurring treating lightly underestimating underrating undervaluing vilifying laughing at laughing off marginalising marginalizing aspersing bashing casting aspersions on criticising criticizing detracting from dissing discounting panning pooh-poohing pouring scorn on putting down scoffing at slamming slating sneering at trashing trash-talking vilipending blistering demeaning detracting dispraising doing down downplaying lowering minifying misprizing playing down pulling apart ripping roasting scorching smearing squashing squelching understating crying down dumping on hitting out at holding cheap kissing off picking holes in slagging off taking to pieces talking down dragging through the mud having a go at making light of shooting down taking down tearing down doing a hatchet job on cutting down to size cutting to the quick shooting full of holes taking a swipe at taking down a peg slandering libeling libelling calumniating impugning vituperating traducing speaking ill of speaking badly of pulling to pieces besmirching blackening attacking insulting criticizing unfairly slighting deflating disdaining blasting spreading lies about scandalising stigmatising blackening the character of blackening the name of scandalizing stigmatizing sullying the reputation of subordinating rapping sneering slinging mud at giving a bad name throwing mud at flaming ripping up giving black eye tearing into putting hooks in lambasting castigating pillorying hammering savaging chastising excoriating faulting skewering crucifying scathing slagging cutting down lacing to finding fault laying into nitpicking about finding fault with dressing down picking at fulminating against railing against inveighing against giving a bad press to coming down on nit-picking selling short nitpicking look down one's nose at judging nitpicking over tearing to shreds getting at finding lacking throwing shade debasing devaluing frowning discommending making little of objecting disapproving expostulating thinking little of writing down knocking off bringing down not going for taking dim view of denouncing arraigning reprehending fustigating mauling pummelling lashing pummeling carping reprobating chiding slashing reprimanding sledging rating reproving bagging objurgating blaming clobbering denunciating slogging giving some stick to doing a number on skinning alive picking to pieces throwing brickbats at jumping on hitting bagging on cutting to bits fluffing skinning zapping slugging animadverting on cavilling at passing strictures upon trimming giving bad press disapproving of nagging at giving flak to complaining about carping at vituperating against cutting up passing judgment


Present participle for to decrease in intensity
dulling decreasing diminishing lessening reducing mitigating moderating weakening abating attenuating blunting curbing curtailing cutting dampening depreciating depressing diluting quelling tapering allaying alleviating contracting deadening decrementing easing eroding impairing lowering minimising minimizing restraining shrinking subsiding waning damping de-escalating downsizing dwindling ebbing lightening muffling muting palliating softening assuaging cushioning cutting back cutting down petering out rolling back soothing toning down wearing away wearing down easing off tailing off taking the bite out taking the edge off taking the sting out winding down depleting relaxing downscaling tempering making less making smaller dropping denting dialing down slashing axing narrowing checking limiting pruning discounting taming mollifying truncating abridging scaling down knocking down paring down paring clipping couching bringing down tapering off declining making cutbacks in trimming down casting down tightening extenuating drying up qualifying minifying amortising trimming back marking down slackening trimming downgrading taking down sinking slowing down dropping off stepping down running down devaluating amortizing relieving calming quieting subduing stilling pacifying modifying cooling tranquilizing lulling helping appeasing quietening letting up stifling settling placating smothering suppressing composing sweetening lenifying comforting smoothing pouring oil on remitting damping down calming down soft-pedalling soft-pedaling fading ratcheting down slumping phasing down letting up on quenching dying down ameliorating anaesthetizing anesthetizing relenting salving making nice wasting decaying drooping degenerating slaking shortening draining loosening dissipating evaporating deteriorating shrivelling withering shriveling crumbling falling off numbing slacking off narrowing down losing edge dispelling running low crippling falling adjusting receding killing commuting thinning improving mellowing squaring plummetting plummeting satisfying growing less palling gentling cooling out playing up to growing smaller buffering curing becalming lullabying blurring dulcifying putting an end to falling away becoming smaller aiding assisting draining away whittling down untroubling cooling off balming unburdening dying away patching things up smoothing down taking the sting out of dying out rebating tailing away paralysing silencing masking controlling benumbing petering addressing paralyzing restricting rationing banishing dismissing repressing destroying eliminating getting rid of driving off driving away putting to rest chasing away phasing out docking shaving taking it easy fixing up reducing something sating sapping putting damper on making less intense rounding down taking sting out putting the lid on putting a damper on plunging reducing punishment easing up modulating filling surfeiting obtunding gruntling enfeebling hushing easing up on putting a stop to cutting back on breaking going easy admixing undermining deflating adulterating vitiating disabling enervating offsetting rarefying debilitating constricting becoming less making less strict making less formal revamping switching transmogrifying making reductions in overcoming conciliating containing slimming down retrenching on excusing extinguishing propitiating fine tuning making reasonable chilling out taking the bite out of monkeying around with lessening the impact of reducing the impact of softening the impact of winning over making peace with making up buttering up stroking settling down quietening down stabilizing reducing the force of allying healing watering down taking pressure off laying off releasing slacking stabilising rescuing defusing resolving demilitarizing saving recovering neutralizing demilitarising padding neutralising loosing taking the heat smoothing out clearing the air brightening disburdening promoting disengaging meliorating simplifying attending to speeding doctoring forwarding cheering lifting opening the door facilitating untightening running interference for furthering nursing speeding up clearing the way making easier expediting freeing counteracting getting less varying succouring consoling succoring solacing punctuating desisting dropping away flagging dying off stopping lissing interrupting wasting away going down nosediving coming down preventing breaking up bringing respite to cropping slacking up closing amputating bringing an end to bringing aid to bringing aid taking load off making bearable taking a load off making something bearable


Present participle for remove from office suddenly and forcefully
deposing dethroning displacing ousting unseating dismissing overthrowing removing toppling cashiering demoting ejecting overturning supplanting discharging expelling axing bringing down defenestrating defrocking depriving downgrading drumming out firing sacking throwing out uncrowning unmaking unthroning booting out driving out forcing out bouncing breaking chucking chucking out discrowning impeaching removing from office subverting unfrocking unhorsing upsetting getting rid of stripping of rank turfing out freezing out giving heave-ho kicking out sending packing giving someone the boot giving someone the push showing the door giving someone their marching orders riding out on rail running out of town throwing out on ear usurping dislodging overwhelming triumphing defeating evicting removing from power turning out replacing succeeding dispelling moving outing shifting retiring dislocating coming after crowding out stepping into the shoes of thrusting out putting out unsettling pushing out deporting banishing exiling disenthroning discarding disthroning removing by force taking over stepping into shoes of purging eliminating relegating transferring repositioning releasing abolishing detaching expunging relocating evacuating pulling disbarring debarring budging shipping abstracting mustering out disturbing seeing the back of taking down laying off knocking over disentangling extricating uprooting giving the bum's rush throwing out on your ear declaring redundant letting go making redundant giving notice to depriving of office bringing low freeing knocking out of place knocking out of position digging out getting out knocking loose bringing about the downfall of

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