Đồng nghĩa của maturating

Alternative for maturating

maturate /'mætjuəreit/
  • danh từ
    • (y học) mưng mủ (mụn, nhọt...)


Festering or infected
festering infected inflamed poisonous septic suppurating gathering purulent ulcerated putrefying pus-filled diseased gangrenous poisoned hot red angry swollen weeping sick indisposed putrid putrefactive toxic sore raw reddened chafing ireful riled stinging infuriated incensed rankled ticked fuming itching rabid furious foaming wrathful angered wroth choleric festered irate indignant apoplectic smarting angry-looking steaming enraged mad itchy livid painful tender outraged roiled infuriate ballistic hopping shirty burning horn-mad riley sensitive puffed up fevered burnt steamed up chafed cheesed off scalded bloodshot teed off blistered irritated enflamed hopping mad hot under the collar fit to be tied bent out of shape in a huff going crook in a fume in a pet blue in the face raging boiling seething cross tooshie up in arms incandescent annoyed choked foaming at the mouth beside oneself exasperated in high dudgeon wild on the warpath vexed beside yourself frenzied provoked aerated off the air piqued in a temper upset raving steamed ranting maddened browned off in a frenzy very angry irked miffed resentful nettled as cross as two sticks seeing red aggrieved ticked off ropeable peeved crook soreheaded frantic aggravated snaky displeased heated in a lather in a paddy in a bate put out with all guns blazing passionate hacked offended frustrated bummed out waxy spare hacked off peed off blazing disgruntled vex dissatisfied desperate insane corybantic demented crazed maniac irrational bent unreasonable smoking hurt affronted pained acrimonious up the wall huffy irascible antagonized narked roused splenetic bugged stroppy perturbed scandalized antagonistic hostile scandalised shocked storming ill-humored dark antagonised not best pleased burned up pushed too far worked up in a rage bad-tempered in a towering rage at boiling point hot-tempered fed up raging mad all steamed up overcome with anger ill-tempered blown a gasket wound up boiling mad in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage ill-humoured sombre sullen somber fiery scalding steamy piping air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air airborne pink bitter agitated berserk rousted rancorous bothered black flaming galled dogged uptight buffaloed stung ruffled embittered as black as thunder raving mad bloody rubbed the wrong way at end of one's rope hot and bothered eggy grieved hoha out of control flaming mad blazing mad very upset in a wax full-on all-out uncompromising breakneck energetic concerted manic red-rimmed acrid afflicted weighty grieving brassed off hard annoying distressing troubled extremely angry excited peeling disturbed unhappy distressed discontented gory chagrined nasty scornful p.o.'d bloodstained ensanguined scarlet aching aroused blistering severe exacerbated violent vehement fierce vicious frenetic rage sunburned bursting

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