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Alternative for manic

  • tính từ
    • vui buồn thất thường

Tính từ

Showing wild, apparently deranged, excitement and energy
deranged insane mad crazed demented hysterical lunatic maniacal raving wild crazy demoniacal demonic neurotic unbalanced sectionable unhinged agitated berserk busy excited flipped frantic freaky high nutty overexcited psychotic rabid up flipped out freaked out hopped up turned out frenzied nuts mental batty bonkers delirious crackers barmy certifiable cuckoo loony disturbed bats screwy loco distraught gaga wacko daft bananas meshuga psychopathic loopy maniac cracked distracted non compos mentis porangi unstable wacky touched whacky crackpot kooky daffy kookie looney balmy buggy barking nutso bushed nutsy squirrelly dippy not together stark mad of unsound mind psycho raving mad whacko schizoid unsound crackbrained cranky haywire fruity mad as a hatter meshugge brainsick bughouse moonstruck away with the fairies foaming at the mouth mentally ill round the bend scatty barking mad nutty as a fruitcake off the wall wud not all there up the pole mad as a March hare not right in the head round the twist not quite right in the head not right upstairs not the full shilling dotty as daft as a brush stark raving mad stark staring mad bedlam slang looney tunes loony tunes sick in the head yarra irrational have kangaroos in the top paddock furious have a screw loose have bats in the belfry off one's head violent around the bend out to lunch eccentric out of one's mind off one's gourd feverish uncontrollable off one's nut off one's trolley uncontrolled frenetic berko raging stupid foolish hyper confused psychopathological sociopathic potty beside oneself off one's rocker severely mentally ill have kangaroos in one's top paddock have bats in one's belfry out of one's head with a screw loose silly senseless fatuous irrepressible preposterous bizarre odd schizophrenic out of control peculiar queer rampant sick panic-stricken swivel-eyed unreasonable aberrant carried away disordered unsettled off the deep end in a frenzy beside yourself like one possessed having bats in the belfry not of sound mind mentally deranged deprived of one's wits having a screw loose manic-depressive having kangaroos in the top paddock over the edge flipped-out non compos hectic mindless flakey baked flaky fried psyched out unsafe invalid fantastic yampy idiotic schitzy doolally aroused unglued moonstricken oddball derailed paranoid gonzo bemused overcome demoniac dazed off wrong dreamy irresistible fired up overwhelmed bedlamite absurd ungovernable nonsensical stunned struck incredulous overawed affected witless brainless off-the-wall asinine unwise touched in the head as mad as a hatter strong unstoppable unmanageable forceful uncontainable unquenchable zany harebrained out there a few cards shy of a full deck one sandwich short of a picnic a few sandwiches short of a picnic out of one's tree as mad as a March hare in another world out of one's gourd one card shy of a full deck in a daze in the ozone crazy as a loon incoherent simpleminded bubbleheaded lunkheaded cockeyed fervid unruly screwball overpowered featherheaded babbling jerky tomfool sappy inept fool ridiculous ape fierce ferocious perfervid passional amok devastated spare barro crook postal weird illogical goofy strange destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself unconventional impractical idiosyncratic lightheaded hot hallucinating restless deviant light-headed fevered rambling bewildered wandering hallucinatory out of one's skull disarranged deviate twisted half-witted half-baked on the rampage up the wall through the roof weak-minded off the air off your rocker mentally unbalanced overwrought emotional unrestrained unrestrainable distrait convulsive fiery in a panic impetuous impassioned maddened turbulent vehement driven to distraction nervous blazing tempestuous incensed fuming spasmodic seething intense hysteric unnerved possessed passionate worked up in a state very upset in a fit out of one's wits phrenetic gibbering ranting not in one's right mind ludicrous imbecilic unintelligent moronic inane imprudent injudicious dumb dopey laughable hare-brained simple dim-witted erratic ill-considered foolhardy ill-advised dim irresponsible outlandish funny doltish pea-brained incautious indiscreet kinky way out thoughtless farcical risible pointless quirky birdbrained wooden-headed weak troubled amusing off-centre comic reckless rash untenable dull implausible mixed up schizo thickheaded faulty damfool giddy dunderheaded gormless lamebrained boneheaded chowderheaded dotish glaikit screwed up madcap empty-headed unreasoning slow groundless simple-minded feeble-minded nonrational ill-conceived clownish offbeat hilarious comical humorous way-out derisible cretinous chucklesome dozy diverting curious flawed chuckleheaded muttonheaded thick unrealistic fallacious vacuous specious light-hearted witty slow-witted impracticable unjustifiable a bit lacking fat-headed off your trolley unscientific contradictory softheaded feebleminded illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential unfounded unreasoned incongruous daft as a brush imbecile soft in the head short-sighted cockamamie cock-eyed full of holes off beam avant-garde impolitic freakish dunce-like unorthodox far out far-out vapid waggish rum remarkable funky spaced-out queerish quaint off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way bizarro unpredictable cockamamy dilly inconclusive spurious droll unworkable unthinking facetious puerile entertaining childish incorrect impossible halfwitted immature fanciful fantastical unscrewed humoristic nerdy unearthly brain-dead poor flighty false irreconcilable hollow joshing camp in left field comedic sidesplitting divvy unreal uproarious jocular priceless retarded sophistic antic riotous killing slow on the uptake blockheaded dof self-contradictory jocose screaming side-splitting rib-tickling backward gelastic without foundation without basis not making sense feather-brained half-cracked birdy dysfunctional clock psychoneurotic outrageous daggy paranoiac paranoic extravagant diseased unpractical infantile mentally incompetent bugged out left-field unzipped dingy ignorant pixilated fanatic obsessed nobody home campy off the chain pinheaded goofy loony original callow dense surreal idiotish unfamiliar schizzo scatterbrained credulous green vacant bone-headed obtuse unusual baseless arbitrary dull-witted chaotic off your chump off the rails dappy smoothbrained not right braindead grotesque addle-pated disorganized reasonless disconnected disjointed Bohemian inexperienced different wigged out nonconforming off-center two sandwiches short of a picnic very stupid bovine pig-ignorant not in your right mind out of your mind unthinkable severely mentally disordered off one's chump outré not well thought out ill-thought-out topsy-turvy dead from the neck up off your head not tightly wrapped tangled shambolic smooth-brained thick-witted wigged-out as thick as two short planks feather-headed wet behind the ears mentally slow extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible nonfunctional wonky broken fuddled bad naive featherbrained risky inappropriate misguided acting crazy out in left field thick as two short planks not quite right disorganised orderless amiss defective messy not functioning properly out of order jokey whimsical out of commission out of whack on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout unconvincing tenuous questionable sportive hysterically funny a card killingly funny joking goofus boffo a caution a laugh ironic a scream fool-headed fool around a hoot gump dizzy light crazy shtick Mickey Mouse vague improbable dubious unpersuasive unbelievable unsatisfactory unlikely flimsy nebulous doubtful farfetched lame inadequate unsubstantiated far-fetched incredible suspect feeble inconsistent meaningless frivolous slapstick unsustainable unsupportable inconceivable fishy sketchy shaky indefensible obscure puzzling derisory mirthful unjustified erroneous airy reachy vain problematic pathetic thin slight unimpressive jolly slaphappy sophistical casuistic unproved won't hold water won't wash good-humored good-humoured perverse irrelevant unconnected unsubstantial beyond belief not following beyond the bounds of possibility

Tính từ

Extremely excited or energetic
frenzied feverish frenetic hectic intense hyper mad swivel-eyed fanatical obsessive carried away frantic wild excited furious hyperactive keyed up ardent obsessional fervent over the top violent agitated rabid delirious overwrought fierce uncontrolled maniacal in a lather ferocious fevered turbulent overzealous overenthusiastic tumultuous nervous exciting chaotic confused worked up fast and furious heated high-strung hysterical restless overexcited overactive desperate fraught crazy energetic confusing distraught corybantic anxious high in a state in a frenzy unbalanced insane phrenetic demented wired furibund unscrewed distracted weirded out wigged out lost it crazed panic-struck panic-stricken panicky convulsive nuts berserk animated flurrying flustering riotous boisterous rumbustious lively buzzing brisk bustling zoolike vibrant jungle fervid hassle madhouse wooly unsettled rip-roaring crowded disordered burning nutsy woolly very active very busy like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose enthusiastic zealous unrestrained impatient busy in a tizzy like one possessed raging raving deranged freaked out beside oneself out of control zonkers unglued unzipped angry weird shook up spazzed out flipped out at wits' end in a stew hot and bothered hot under the collar berko distressed unhinged distrait uptight hysteric worried het up last-minute wound up in a tizz in a flap having kittens in a cold sweat beside yourself in a flat spin at your wits' end at the end of your tether madding extreme uncompromising extremist bigoted intolerant over-enthusiastic diehard passionate biased prejudiced one-sided irrational unreasonable partisan illiberal gung-ho infuriated narrow-minded perfervid intemperate sick unwell mad-dog militant obsessed ultraist diseased virulent infected flipped naked nutty dedicated sizzling ill poisoned keen bitten smoking overboard

Tính từ

(in non-technical use) Abnormally sensitive, obsessive, or anxious
neurotic nervous anxious compulsive obsessive overanxious overwrought disturbed fixated irrational jumpy oversensitive phobic tense unstable abnormal hysterical nervy paranoid twitchy unhealthy highly strung hyper maladjusted stressy aberrant choked clutched deviant disordered disoriented distraught erratic fearful hysteric inhibited obsessed upset uptight wired basket case hung up nervous wreck bundle of nerves edgy jittery troubled excitable emotional agitated sensitive high-strung uneasy touchy fidgety restless worried apprehensive skittish temperamental on edge chippy insecure antsy unsettled fiery irritable queazy perturbed stressed brittle dithery queasy passionate hot-tempered easily upset irascible keyed up thin-skinned impatient het up quick-tempered overstrung hot-headed unquiet frightened scared aflutter hinky excited goosey atwitter adrenalized volatile hypersensitive worked up ill at ease panicky in a state deranged on tenterhooks unbalanced short-tempered frantic concerned spasmodic unhinged prickly wild disquieted shaky overexcited afraid tetchy defensive crazy feverish restive beside oneself tempestuous testy violent vehement umbrageous psychotic easily frightened easily agitated impetuous moody petulant agitable fierce ticklish in a tizzy on pins and needles easily offended distressed confused mad flighty frenzied skittery trepidatious distracted bothered crazed shy raving fluttery toey maniacal berserk susceptible uncontrolled discomposed mercurial curt strung out ill-adjusted hyperactive strained spooky swivel-eyed huffy snappy crabbed messed up screwed up mixed up impassioned intense high stiff peevish heated unnerved wound up rabid strung up rash overemotional tooshie easily hurt demonstrative overzealous crotchety impulsive in a twitter ornery volcanic blazing bad-tempered beside yourself ill-tempered in a cold sweat in a sweat explosive hotheaded melodramatic headstrong froward terrified flipped out like a cat on a hot tin roof willful prima donna-ish like a cat on hot bricks wilful on a short fuse in bad mood hot-blooded mean psychopathic self-justifying conservative stilted prim nerve-racking stressful nail-biting in suspense feeling anxious have cold feet alienated hyper-sensitive withdrawn nerves on edge strict conventional cautious easily affected insane on the defensive old-fashioned ardent demented lunatic captious querulous untogether estranged muddled fervent dysfunctional hasty critical demonic demoniacal unrealistic shaking trembling quaking spirited unfit hung-up maladapted fevered wrought up febrile hesitant fervid incandescent perfervid passional sectionable hyperexcitable hyperkinetic alarmed in a state of agitation squirrelly in a state of nerves windy torrid charged sulky in a stew suspicious doubtful foreboding mistrustful burning superheated religious warm dithyrambic sullen inflammable intolerant reckless galvanic enthusiastic quick alarmable uncertain weak in a flap bricking oneself having kittens in a tizz nutty freaky busy up flipped choleric angry frozen flaming all of a dither in a twit all of a lather grumpy morose all of a doodah over-emotional short-fuse red-hot warm-blooded lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies worried sick having cold feet in a dither having a funny feeling angst-ridden short fused offended cantankerous cross blowing hot and cold pretentious senile frowning saturnine sour crusty glum miserable moping mopish uncontrollable fiddle-footed dour crabby freaked out turned out hopped up emotionally confused unrestrained delirious splenetic mardy dejected piqued mopey waspish broody tender unrestrainable huffish blue mumpish wounded kittle mopy soft supersensitive vulnerable delusional maniac out of control distrait ill-humoured ill-humored convulsive berko delicate ultrasensitive irrepressible maddened turbulent driven to distraction raging incensed fuming frenetic possessed panic-stricken in a panic in a frenzy rampant seething furious desperate quick to take offence carried away very upset in a fit out of one's wits overactive hectic wrought-up freaked-out overwhelmed wound-up under a strain keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn worked-up unstrung tired spent timid taut throwing a wobbly angsty steamed up out of your mind fretful hot under collar all shook up spooked flurried at the end of your tether careful unglued timorous shivery mousy uncomfortable flustered ruffled fraught unrelaxed shaken tormented disconcerted dismayed shook up vexed discombobulated a bundle of nerves annoyed hot and bothered saddened unhappy self-conscious anguished irked harassed bugged sad unrestful cut up shocked unsure grieved hurt embarrassed afflicted rattled discountenanced irritated discomfited hassled plagued stressed out under stress all torn up awkward creepy bashful disappointed disconsolate retiring inconsolable pained irresolute gutted shook inconvenienced unsteady tortured beset perplexed bummed out like a fish out of water waiting for the axe to fall unsettling unnerving in a flat spin disturbing disquieting hairy waiting with bated breath distressful agitating startled despondent worrisome out of place distressing depressed grieving displeased heavyhearted sorrowful exercised unconfident wretched fretting mournful shrinking white-knuckled nerve-wracking doleful heartbroken cheerless quivering frazzled panic-struck down bereaved wrecked rueful thrown under pressure fazed miffed pressured desolate introverted angered fractious hot under the collar unruly provoked despairing heartsick fidgeting fitful low woeful up the wall broken-hearted brokenhearted unpeaceful aghast hurried angstful solicitous harried riled harrowed frayed shot to pieces woebegone unzipped a wreck broken up hag-ridden grief-stricken in turmoil emotionally charged put out worried stiff with one's stomach in knots with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth aroused twittering indecisive tentative fussy dithering wavering vacillating drawn swithering flushed histrionic disorientated caught up graceless overtaxed taxed peeved dragged ripped aquiver daunted frisky reserved faltering unnatural gauche exciting unreluctant all of a flutter bewildered unconsolable shot down hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited blushing exasperated emotive trying sapped drained discomforted strange lost palpitant wrung falling apart strung-up straight unhip strait-laced agog eagerly difficult tricky rigid distrustful wreck moving moved shot all nerves on the qui vive asea zipped up hot juiced up diffident active transient wandering intermittent changeable itchy inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic bustling anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting fatigued lacking social skills tongue-tied all agog avid open-mouthed exacerbated puzzled chagrined aggravated mortified pestered white knuckled recalcitrant shaking in one's shoes concerning tearing one's hair out refractory tied up in knots butterflies in stomach biting one's nails self-doubting unassertive self-effacing forlorn disheartened with bated breath perverse obstinate stubborn unyielding watchful meek lacking confidence unforthcoming dreading melancholic discouraged heavy-hearted aggrieved downcast not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive terrorized in a spin fretted champing at the bit a basket case sweating bullets tossing and turning cowed hounded joyless tearful demoralised dispirited tristful down-hearted demoralized downhearted beleaguered vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised affrighted petrified verklempt having butterflies in the stomach browbeaten in disorder amazed terror-stricken abashed gloomy droopy sombre teary sorry crestfallen weepy sore hangdog heartsore cast down burned wistful somber contused pressurized touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice come apart psyched out horror-struck scary horrified rushed ferocious at sixes and sevens uncool pressurised hunted chicken-hearted yellow numb chicken scared stiff rabbity sissy butterflies jellyfish in tears down in the mouth in grief down in the dumps in doldrums low-spirited in the dumps weird last-minute zonkers corybantic unscrewed hard-pressed at the end of one's tether with one's back up against the wall up against it under the cosh at the end of one's rope terrorised devastated traumatized broken melancholy bitter dolorous weirded out spazzed out at your wits' end wigged out at wits' end in fear and trepidation very scared pushing the panic button numb with fear weeping hurting wriggly squirmy mourning haunted crushed agonized dolesome wiggly sorrowing bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing agonised suffering aching traumatised in pain heavy with grief racked with suffering overcome with sorrow racked with pain all wound up

Tính từ

Extremely angry
furious fuming infuriated mad enraged incensed raging boiling inflamed frenzied livid maddened wrathful incandescent irate angry indignant outraged apoplectic ranting riled seething very angry choked frantic raving sore wroth aerated beside oneself cross hopping mad ireful raving mad steamed up wild angered ballistic choleric crook enflamed foaming hopping horn-mad hot in a frenzy infuriate rabid rankled riley roiled ropeable shirty snaky soreheaded steaming ticked vex in a temper tooshie all-out bent breakneck cheesed off concerted corybantic crazed demented desperate energetic full-on hacked hot under the collar in a lather in high dudgeon insane irrational maniac on the warpath smoking steamed teed off uncompromising unreasonable up in arms upset bent out of shape in a paddy up the wall as cross as two sticks browned off bummed out extremely angry in a bate beside yourself foaming at the mouth fit to be tied exasperated irritated annoyed in a huff vexed going crook resentful piqued irked aggravated in a fume in a pet blue in the face provoked peeved miffed displeased aggrieved ticked off nettled disgruntled huffy narked put out worked up hacked off galled agitated testy bothered off the air peed off offended fed up eggy ratty brassed off frustrated ruffled not best pleased excited troubled waxy affronted berserk seeing red bitter miffy wound up hostile disturbed heated ill-humored perturbed violent ill-humoured fierce bad-tempered ill-tempered hot and bothered dissatisfied crazy irritable flustered irascible hot-tempered scunnered antagonistic spare snuffy frenetic wrath in a bad mood delirious deranged unglued discontented hurt antagonized distressed surly harassed passionate aggressive sour stroppy antagonised snappy distraught hysterical filthy out of control boiling mad keyed up freaked out acrimonious short-tempered roused tetchy belligerent unfriendly with all guns blazing hateful malevolent vitriolic malignant rancorous harried crabby impatient dark vindictive burned up maniacal hoha malicious uptight sulky afflicted worried chafed ferocious grouchy feverish intense splenetic het up spiteful grumpy overwrought malign panic-stricken fraught militant venomous gnashing one's teeth hectic weird zonkers unzipped in a tizzy wired hyper unscrewed in a rage weirded out spazzed out flipped out shook up wigged out impassioned at boiling point in a stew at wits' end raging mad sullen quick-tempered pained fiery animated blazing flaming fervent disgusted anxious disagreeable infected bugged embittered waspish black unhinged narky vicious touchy dirty unhappy uncharitable rude blazing mad flaming mad cantankerous combative tormented uncontrolled inhospitable bellicose confrontational pugnacious inconsiderate crackers scandalized nutty vehement fevered petulant fretted crabbed churlish catty uncongenial unsympathetic poisonous shocked scandalised storming enthusiastic swivel-eyed berko prickly distracted chippy cranky peevish snappish unkind abusive unsociable scrappy foul ardent hurtful joyless rampant crotchety in a towering rage at daggers drawn viperous all steamed up overcome with anger uncontrollable beside yourself with rage out of humour in a state blown a gasket pushed too far mean-spirited ill-natured evil-minded in a filthy temper sombre somber in an uproar insulted burning with excitement madding overexcited good and mad mad as hell slighted dishonored humiliated scalding steamy piping stung airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air ready to be tied umbrageous dishonoured radge grieved chagrined mean disappointed rousted p.o.'d scornful very upset acrid weighty grieving hard annoying distressing rage hassled overheated dogged buffaloed in a wax disheartened obnoxious rotten snitty stimulated aroused discouraged red swollen as black as thunder wretched cruel vile wounding confused unfulfilled defeated raw eager raspy unsatisfied unsated ungratified perplexed at end of one's rope rubbed the wrong way out of sorts chafing septic reddened fervid snippety fizzing carrying a chip on your shoulder hung up festered itching smarting tender stinging burning itchy angry-looking painful ablaze snippy snarky pettish stuffy menacing out of countenance blustering powerful rough puffed up sensitive festering impetuous excitable forceful threatening very excited doing your nut boiling over going ape blistered burnt scalded bloodshot hot-headed evil wicked throwing a fit blowing one's top blowing a gasket ranting and raving maleficent baleful bad mad as a hornet glowering louring moody malefic fanatical extreme ornery querulous fractious evil-intentioned hate-filled peckish liverish grumbling curmudgeonly intolerant extremist bigoted unpleasant over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard biased prejudiced one-sided zealous partisan illiberal gung-ho on a short fuse short-fused panicky intemperate narrow-minded perfervid panic-struck dedicated overboard sick naked poisoned mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell obsessed virulent flipped ill keen distrait hysteric last-minute in a flap having kittens in a tizz in a cold sweat at your wits' end in a flat spin at the end of your tether unbalanced lunatic psychotic certifiable cuckoo batty loony mental bonkers screwy nuts gaga wacko loco barmy unstable sectionable psychopathic cracked bats loopy meshuga touched bananas barking dippy dotty buggy nutso bushed nutsy squirrelly porangi schizoid yarra gibbering phrenetic mentally ill of unsound mind not right upstairs nutty as a fruitcake not quite right in the head not all there have kangaroos in the top paddock mad as a hatter away with the fairies have bats in the belfry round the bend non compos mentis stark mad as daft as a brush not together stark staring mad not the full shilling mad as a March hare round the twist barking mad not in one's right mind have a screw loose up the pole not right in the head stark raving mad off the wall sick in the head

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