Đồng nghĩa của slighted

Alternative for slighted

slights, slighted, slighting, slighter, slightest

Đồng nghĩa: dainty, delicate, disregard, flimsy, frail, ignore, neglect, overlook, petite, puny, slender, small, svelte, thin, tiny,

Trái nghĩa: respect,

Tính từ

Resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult
affronted defiant insulted outraged upset angry cross offended annoyed incensed indignant irate miffed stung displeased disrespected injured peeved piqued tooshie in a huff aggrieved dishonored resentful dishonoured hurt ridiculed disgruntled snubbed angered irked irritated ruffled galled bothered humiliated nettled riled aggravated huffy exasperated agitated narked vexed sore provoked hacked off cheesed off browned off in high dudgeon teed off ticked off disregarded disparaged unjustifiably resentful unjustifiably offended enraged livid furious infuriated discontented butthurt frustrated fuming mad antagonized hateful bitter troubled rankled ticked disgusted surly roiled maddened seething ropeable apoplectic perturbed rabid unglued boiling soreheaded dirty ballistic chafed sour steaming filthy pained wounded disgraced shamed worked up umbrageous in a frenzy foaming at the mouth in a lather up in arms gnashing one's teeth hot under the collar bent out of shape steamed up antagonised hopping mad beside oneself distressed as cross as two sticks at daggers drawn on the warpath fit to be tied needled defamed libeled vilified cursed reviled slandered mocked put out vex miffy disturbed grieved rattled eggy snuffy fed up libelled salty brassed off peed off not best pleased dissatisfied unhappy sulky sullen acrimonious choked shirty crabby wroth irritable rancorous embittered grumpy grudging wrathful steamed ireful choleric acrid enflamed spiteful anguished touchy malcontent chagrined crabbed testy huffish morose petulant disappointed in a temper hot infuriate hopping horn-mad inflamed riley foaming splenetic bad-tempered hassled ill-tempered seeing red worried malevolent crusty tetchy cantankerous moody miserable waspish curt moping crotchety reproachful hostile harassed snappy disquieted vitriolic uptight chippy scunnered afflicted sensitive discontent ratty flustered saddened impatient edgy churlish black prickly begrudging grieving hard querulous blue peevish snaky jaundiced ill-disposed ill-humoured crook short-tempered ill-humored off the air hard done by quick-tempered in a bad mood in an uproar unimpressed goaded wry heated undermined harried grouchy p.o.'d bugged scornful snitty wrath going crook raging waxy aerated affected battered crushed incandescent wild wronged in a pet burned up in a fume harmed blue in the face cut to the quick as black as thunder beside yourself flaming out of humour out of sorts wound up ill-used woeful vehement cynical sardonic irreconcilable caustic persecuted oppressed victimised depressed victimized hoha unforgiving with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing with a chip on your shoulder weighty annoying distressing revengeful temperamental emotional unsatisfied unfulfilled smouldering dark frowning saturnine glum mopish irascible bruised dour ungratified excitable mardy dejected agitable mopey broody malignant restless disapproving restive regretful disaffected fiery mumpish fierce neurotic kittle mopy skittish ennuied malcontented sniveling fretful plaintive put-out unassuaged envious insatiable picky fed-up faultfinding griping kvetching unappeased complaining fretting grumbling not satisfied unsated critical jealous vengeful pernicious malicious snivelling smoldering nasty baleful virulent vindictive mean out of joint short high-strung malign snappish curmudgeonly cranky easily frightened easily upset hot-tempered easily agitated hot-headed catty maleficent venomous malefic dismayed full of hate full of dislike thin-skinned ticklish narky peckish whingy shaken pettish antipathetic poisonous disconcerted stewed fractious confused distraught discomposed anxious unsettled implacable begruding evil-intentioned ill-natured discountenanced gutted sad inconvenienced unnerved frightened alarmed frantic insecure tense dithery nervous antsy atwitter queasy queazy aflutter nervy fretted uneasy like a bear with a sore head jumpy jittery unquiet overwrought thrown shocked low muddled verklempt hinky goosey unzipped apprehensive hung up ill at ease cut up in disorder amazed come apart psyched out bummed out shook up in a tizzy broken up at sixes and sevens all torn up het up

Động từ

Past tense for to disregard as unimportant or insignificant

Trái nghĩa của slighted

slighted Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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