Đồng nghĩa của discarded

Alternative for discarded

discards, discarded, discarding

Đồng nghĩa: cast off, dispose of, get rid of, reject, scrap, throw away,


Abandoned, or left unused or unoccupied
lorn rejected vacant deserted vacated forgotten forsaken derelict neglected empty jilted unoccupied godforsaken outcast shunned dropped dumped bereft left relinquished alone dissipated eliminated sidelined eighty-sixed pigeon-holed side-tracked cast aside cast away given up passed up on the rocks left in the cold left in the lurch abandoned cast off forlorn desolate stranded ditched disused void discontinued lonely solitary ostracized ostracised given up on left alone cast out out of the window uninhabited unpeopled evacuated isolated secluded tenantless unfrequented untenanted unfriended bare left stranded uncouth barren ignored lonesome renounced disowned betrayed marooned ownerless ruined friendless destitute thrown over left at the altar left behind discounted reduced castoff released discharged expelled remaindered waste desert unpopulated infertile depopulated dead sterile unproductive arid unused wild uncultivated fallow unfruitful remote unvisited unfertile poor hardscrabble boney stark bony impoverished uncultivatable bleak virgin unsettled dormant depleted unmanaged lifeless inhospitable dreary free dry destroyed stagnant fruitless impotent idle uncultivable unvegetated nonreproductive harsh parched windswept dry as dust effete austere unbearing without life without living things drained untilled exhausted spent unfarmed rugged rough trackless undeveloped unplanted unploughed unplowed weakened companionless untouched uncivilized sapped diminished enervated unseeded unsown resting denuded uncivilised untended unmaintained withdrawn estranged devastated dismal sucked dry worn out played out used up unsocial unbefriended uncherished unattended lone reclusive apart comfortless single troglodytic down homeless disconsolate by oneself


No longer in use
obsolete antiquated archaic dated outdated outmoded outworn superannuated fossilised fossilized out of date anachronistic ancient antediluvian antique discontinued disused extinct musty old old-fashioned old hat out out of fashion prehistoric behind the times defunct vieux jeu bygone dead demoded geriatric kaput kaputt mediaeval medieval moribund mossy moth-eaten neolithic Noachian out-of-date prehistorical rusty deprecated dinosaur dusty fallen into disuse fossil gone has-been mouldy moldy no longer in use obscure obsolescent old-hat old-school out-of-fashion out of the ark passé stale superseded timeworn unfashionable past it Stone Age done for had it dead and gone horse and buggy past its sell-by date abandoned forgotten very old unemployed of yore primitive old-fangled aged olde worlde olden past its prime having seen better days old fashioned vanished lapsed expired wiped out bypast nonextant stagnant ended deserted neglected derelict forsaken unused vacated empty unoccupied desolate void vacant evacuated rejected uninhabited idle old-time quaint vintage oldfangled old-world past out of style retro square creaky clunky old-timey former retrograde frumpy traditional démodé fusty unhip dowdy unstylish not with it worn-out hoary feudal frumpish old-fogeyish horse-and-buggy backward-looking venerable immemorial passe age-old drab historic crusted old as the hills tired antwacky parachronistic decrepit rinky-dink behindhand square-toed shabby as old as the hills elderly of old out-of-style hoar plain dull hackneyed threadbare picturesque tacky primeval primordial cheesy conservative cobwebby backward dateless late styleless crusty erstwhile unpopular fogyish historical worn out classical early primaeval worn homely fogeyish old-style last year's unkempt passé senescent anachronous exhausted overused tasteless corny previous trashy not current unprogressive one-time inelegant remote of the old school backwards long-gone holey lost tattered ragged done decayed charming sometime quondam cast-off back-number gothic long-standing frayed belated nostalgic antiquarian relic time-worn demode period stodgy scruffy tatty heritage ancestral mumsy enduring ageless finished established ticky-tack ticky-tacky time-honoured veteran retrogressive boring poky oldie long in the tooth over the hill on its last legs anachronistical odd barbaric well-established done to death faded yesterday overfamiliar inflexible archaistic back number bent unusable out of it rococo not modern grown old disapproved of olden days torn broken-down classic yesterday's patched hacky timeless antediluvial old as Adam gentlemanly courteous stuck in time aboriginal pristine crumbling old as Methuselah unoriginal once onetime original out of commission out of use yellowed departed dry as dust clapped out courtly chivalrous ceremonious gallant craft old school no longer fashionable no longer used not fashionable folk at an end no longer in fashion not in earlier redundant completed long-ago unattractive old style lasting hand-me-down gone by evocative waning declining ritual first unremembered ex- unrecalled foregone forepassed tried and true long-lived of long ago ritualistic tried and tested earliest long-established physical of yesteryear senior doddering way back when latter-day lost in time consigned to oblivion way back lost and gone past recall grizzled silver-haired grey-haired white-haired silvery-haired grizzly dying out in period style old world doddery getting on longevous unglamorous unsophisticated in oblivion water over the dam sunk in oblivion water under the bridge down memory lane becoming obsolete ageing disappearing of an advanced age advanced in years older lot of mileage on the wane on the way out undesirable on the decline aging dreary dingy not long for this world past your prime not as young as one used to be not as young as one was no spring chicken ingrained fixed deep-seated hard-and-fast going out of use going out of fashion growing old toytown sweet cunning twee attractive daggy blowsy badly-dressed baggy sloppy past your sell-by date badly dressed poorly dressed colonial artful Gothic appealing captivating affected pretty Victorian arty-crafty cute brick and mortar ossified baroque ingenious enchanting olde pleasing pleasantly old-fashioned dilapidated mangy seedy grungy ratty scrubby dumpy sleazy bombed-out tumbledown beat-up dog-eared miserable tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels scuzzy down-at-heel run-down mean well worn raggedy worse for wear


(informal) To have gotten rid off
lost chucked ditched dumped junked scrapped shed binned canned tossed tost abandoned cast aside casted off did away with dispensed with gave up got rid of jettisoned left threw out tossed out unloaded cashiered cast deep-sixed deserted disposed of eighty-sixed exorcised exorcized forsook put out to pasture relinquished shucked shucked off threw aside threw away wrote off axed cast away set aside culled trashed disposed eliminated removed dropped dispatched expelled rejected pitched ejected thrusted aside flung away parted with chucked away chucked out swept away laid by flung off had done with dispossessed sloughed off thrown out thrown on the scrapheap lay by shook off got shot of gotten rid of shaken off threw overboard threw on the scrapheap gotten shot of done away with thrown away thrown overboard quit jilted walked out on threw over ran out on left high and dry got shut of left in the lurch binned off gave someone the push quitted broke with gave someone the big E stranded marooned broke up with gave the elbow let go of left stranded disburdened discharged renounced offloaded abdicated left flat left behind cast out blew off washed your hands of cut loose kissed goodbye kissed off saw the back of broke off with cleared out turned your back on unladed yielded yold dismissed unburdened finished with surrendered threw ratted on repudiated sloughed rid turned back on cut off turned down split up with off-loaded disowned betrayed rooted out weeded out banished flung left someone holding the baby threw off withdrew from left hanging hung out to dry gave the heave-ho destroyed emptied unpacked transferred disencumbered unshipped shifted ousted foisted ceded disinherited tipped resigned excluded nixed turned tergiversated apostatized defected departed from spurned refused negatived evicted chased flung out shrugged off forbore orphaned laid aside split up gave the old heave-ho let drop split from tossed aside palmed off ran away from quit cold turkey let go by sacrificed emptied out showed the door dropped out sluffed off bailed out on cut gave someone the boot broke up walked away let someone stew in their own juice had nothing more to do with backed out of let go brushed off tipping out let pass fobbed off kissed good-bye walked away from went away from ridded took the oath let fall drained released stopped shelved unhanded did without coped without managed without scrubbed ran away heaved hove bunged out bunged away hurled disappointed pulled the plug on knocked on the head made away with doffed deceived dropped off auctioned stopped going out with left in trouble left helpless left holding the bag bailed on forwent coquetted filed in circular file made over divested yourself of relieved yourself of poured out threw over the side cleared freed oneself of rode oneself of extruded slipped drifted away took your leave of changed one's tune gave someone the air abstained from waived handed over packed in gave notice to broke off did the dirty on walked out left at the altar lightened delivered turned over laid down rendered lay down discommoded disgorged relieved took a load off voided broke bulk demolished recycled decommissioned obliterated annihilated wrecked eschewed coughed up swore off dropped like hot potato withdrew backed down turned in stood down took the pledge took off opted out gave away signed away retired consigned to scrap heap beached bailed out took a walk legged it screwed pulled out of flew the coop copped out stormed out took a powder chickened out opted out of gave up the ship flaked out bowed out bereaved bereft shunned went disavowed abjured left in a lurch recanted retracted reversed forswore sold out divorced oneself from tossed over left off deselected passed disapproved declined rescinded revoked reprobated disprofessed rebuffed deposited freed from relieved of left parentless left all alone left alone divested made an orphan flushed dishonoured defaulted had no more truck with not accepted disacknowledged ratted dishonored flew in the face of demurred passed up balked at turned out bounced deported drove out forced out exiled departed ended distributed delegated devolved slanged outed slang kicked out sent packing booted out routed turfed out escaped exited vacated discontinued gave someone their marching orders gave someone the bullet displaced forced to leave drummed out gave the chop squeezed out bumped unloosed gave someone their cards dislodged showed the gate to drove off gave the sack to gave the bum's rush gave someone their P45 irrupted sent off ran off threw someone out on their ear expulsed bailed passed on debarked absented oneself from absconded from stepped aside from setted out from disappeared from called it quits ran along from exited from checked out from escaped from took off from said goodbye to dropped out of walked out of moved from bowed out of cleared out from bailed from retired from finished got out of

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