Đồng nghĩa của distributed

Alternative for distributed

distributes, distributed, distributing

Đồng nghĩa: allot, dispense, disperse, scatter, spread,

Trái nghĩa: assemble, collect, gather, withdraw,


To have furnished with, or caused to be present
provided furnished prepared equipped implemented made available planned accommodated arranged for procured readied added advanced allocated allotted anted up assigned brought forth came up with donated extended fit fitted fitted out forked out issued laid out lay out lent lined parted with ponied up put forward put up spared turned out accoutred afforded apportioned armed arrayed attired ceded dealt out deeded doled out fixed up gave granted handed kitted out made over meted out offered organised outfitted parceled out parcelled out plied with portioned presented prorated provisioned purveyed ran rendered rigged rigged out staked stocked supplied transferred yielded came with catered to gave out handed out lined up made up raised rigged up rustled up set up stocked up stumped up installed managed organized set aside left reserved earmarked designated devoted deducted remitted allowed bestowed endowed delivered handed over given conferred contributed equipt imparted dispensed gifted accorded awarded proffered served invested appointed produced fitted up come up with fulfilled girt girded geared dished out shelled out filled favored bequeathed turned over endued favoured accoutered feed fed blessed blest kicked in kitted up tendered indued beared entrusted committed coughed up chipped in yolden yold catered pledged disbursed volunteered pitched in graced arranged relinquished put together administered shared provided for bequoth bequethen put at someone's disposal let someone have provided with refitted payed paid met given out given away gave away satisfied lodged loaded assembled surrendered passed bore borne vouchsafed transmitted brought submitted passed out prepped catered for laid on presented with concocted supported sold found restored sustained refilled restocked answered renewed covered made subscribed handled lavished packed passed round stored consigned trusted discharged laid bequested showered got ready forked over decked replenished groomed registered suited fixed fixt kitted sacrificed subsidized put forth put at disposal cast injected plied sent entered sated made a donation of divvied let oneself in for passed on put on the market put in the hands of put out sent in got up dealt in made provision set forth traded in paid out furnished with lotted put in order come across with payed out put in subsidised let come through handed in gifted with sweetened the pot put dowered conferred on put oneself down for fitted the bill for partitioned filled up decked out expended spent loaden lay on knocked up knocked together whipped up cleared availed freed loaned refurbished founden retailed replaced forked up fand financed maintained reconditioned credited intrusted placed confided commended delegated reposed recommended enabled formulated constructed disseminated circulated regaled scooped dished up scraped up inflicted cooked indulged served up spooned handed round ladled developt developed composed achieved stockpiled tabled brightened proposed ventured empowered turned in laid down auctioned carried traded fabricated fashioned suggested sponsored funded dealt reloaded heaped refreshed gave up given up framed devised adapted formed charted calculated adjusted edited contrived conceived crafted designed drafted introduced improved mooted deployed touted victualed dispatched appareled hawked peddled apparelled flogged willed equaled equalled manned matched toted blueprinted harnessed perfected choreographed blent blended shaped budgeted projected referred followed observed propositioned aired ministered given a donation of gave a donation of slipped served the purpose supplied on credit pertained worked up came through freed up come across gave to sufficed for relegated carried out held out to bestowed on catered in surfeited passed around accommodated someone with rehabilitated endowed with subbed shared out paid in advance thought up divvied up divided packed a rod rationed given to granted to made a contribution of supplied with laid at one's feet dropped brought forward come with anticipated assisted laid something on sharked stashed fed the kitty kept supplying furbished meted heeled up placed at disposal made good on filled in measured up to spruced up sweetened the kitty appropriated came across with schemed out delivered the goods mapped out built up passed the hat carried through laid on one lived up to processed smoothed the way loan sharked smartened up got it up released settled tricked up lavished on conferred on someone dispersed draughted permitted satisficed clad showed slapped together settled on qualified for had divided out trafficked in satiated worked out invested in enhanced adorned complied with vested matched up to kept up with measured strategized about come up to diffused gussied up begifted vended enriched piled made a gift of had for sale rodded up jacked up gotten up measured out geared up obliged loaded up entrusted to trapped out placed at someone's disposal clothed bestowed to belonged tricked out conveyed held out devolved made ready topped topped up made a pitch lent-lease lugged iron taken care of took care of lay down shope shapen putten begave begiven came across drawn up drew up given over gave over shown letten leet given with gave with given in gave an opportunity gave in given an opportunity adapted to adhered to came up to adjusted to given of gave of did one's part done one's part gotten in the act got in the act gotten it up

Trái nghĩa của distributed

distributed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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