Đồng nghĩa của catholic

Alternative for catholic


Trái nghĩa: Protestant,

Tính từ

Showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behaviour that one does not necessarily agree with
tolerant patient broad-minded forbearing long-suffering open-minded sympathetic understanding charitable indulgent lenient unprejudiced lax magnanimous permissive easy-going fair liberal soft unbigoted complaisant unbiased kind-hearted stoic stoical uncomplaining easy-oasy latitudinarian accepting advanced benevolent big broad clement condoning easygoing excusing forgiving humane kindhearted merciful progressive radical receptive sophisticated wide free and easy easy on easy with enlightened libertarian unconventional unorthodox free reasonable impartial flexible high-minded humanitarian left receiving rational intelligent avant-garde interested nontraditional nonconventional nonorthodox dispassionate undogmatic non-partisan loose general reformist humanistic liberalistic laissez-faire right-on moderate noninterventionist politically correct objective neutral freethinking disinterested unshockable cosmopolitan responsive open detached balanced just free-thinking nonjudgmental forward-thinking unprescriptive free thinking acceptive acceptant perceptive observant even-handed non-discriminatory fair-minded anti-discrimination prejudice-free non-judgemental non-aligned kind kindly considerate compassionate gentle mild gracious generous accommodating easy good-natured tender amiable benign thoughtful beneficent soft-hearted friendly obliging benignant affable genial agreeable caring pleasant unselfish good helpful altruistic mellow compliant tender-hearted cordial softhearted amicable calm warm-hearted nice warm congenial giving casual good-hearted warmhearted pitying big-hearted bighearted polite acquiescent munificent good-humored good-humoured sociable tenderhearted philanthropic decent greathearted even-tempered great-hearted relaxed well-disposed hospitable bounteous good-tempered serene large-hearted undemanding unflappable loving approachable amenable empathetic nonchalant bountiful resigned goodhearted unstinting neighbourly all heart carefree sweet noble neighborly sparing feeling laid-back selfless lavish happy-go-lucky temperate affectionate cheerful philanthropical empathic imperturbable unruffled sensitive cool insouciant honourable pardoning lofty composed honest honorable unexcitable placid civil restrained collected unsparing informal peaceful courteous willing longanimous yielding favourable tranquil favorable well meaning humble overindulgent civilized openhanded freehanded likeable allowing self-possessed lovable blithe permitting deferential likable mollycoddling supportive open-handed pampering self-sacrificing delightful engaging civilised natural chilled docile equable human light accessible chivalrous well-mannered unconcerned uncritical submissive urbane bleeding-heart lovely happy cooperative unhurried self-controlled ungrudging easy-peasy personable modest breezy eleemosynary uninhibited manageable commiserative offhand unassuming excellent soft-touch going easy on peaceable respectful down-to-earth mild-mannered righteous well disposed ethical moral devil-may-care motherly fatherly maternal unrestricted spoiling hands-off non-restrictive gallant approving unworried public-spirited well intentioned enduring untroubled live-and-let-live soft-shell compromising profuse tractable quiet unreserved self-restrained unceremonious together conciliatory unconstrained impassive sober humoring sensible leisurely mannerly fond prodigal outgoing philosophical unperturbed refined being big cultivated equitable unemotional gregarious meek doting philosophic phlegmatic with the patience of Job charming passive humouring freehearted fulsome moralistic openhearted do-good decorous acceptable jovial free-handed orderly nonplussed familiar solicitous measured sympathizing upright well mannered concerned ruthful low-pressure sympathising comforting virtuous unpresumptuous prepossessing winsome principled respectable upstanding self-effacing angelic benefic condoling careful lordly sweet-natured commiserating fatherlike dutiful cool, calm and collected lazy elevated great sweet-tempered bleeding heart at ease regardful high princely heart in right place harmless unjudgemental susceptible placable vulnerable almsgiving generous to a fault emollient assuaging assuasive favoring letting willing to forgive hearty understandable liberal-minded favouring wonderful appreciative obedient pitiful comradely live with unrestrained immaculate confidential sentimental swell ingratiating expansive close logical heroic conscientious valiant goodish untaxing accommodative cosseting gratifying proper intimate wholesome cheery consoling fatalistic realistic independent nonconformist individualistic softie marshmallow abundant ample diplomatic unaffected encouraging social-minded holy pharisaical goody-goody angelical esteemed creditable respected inoffensive spotless unerring appealing poised outgiving indolent complacent hang-loose soft touch propitious unoffensive brotherly tactful attentive pleasing practical sedate liberated piteous soft-shelled overpermissive amical chirpy taking captivating winning enchanting having heart in right place ready wise profound deep deep-thinking learned comprehending reassuring bonhomous simple harmonious mushy companionable as nice as pie simpatico barley-sugar seemly pacific non-hostile unfussy open-hearted loving and giving old softie well-intentioned pietistical pristine unflawed unmarred chaste graceful pietistic unflustered progressivist biddable persuadable plentiful full persistent persevering unofficial revolutionary favourably disposed perky willing to please going along with convincible nonresistant adaptable pliable versatile equanimous untiring mild-tempered inexcitable well behaved mindful well brought up well-brought-up unpretentious convivial social laid back hassle-free plenteous willingly given handsome unstinted able to live with obsequious pliant assenting assentive unfazed revisionist fortitudinous virginal untouched unblamable redeemable redeeming prayerful lowly reforming malleable worthy cultured understated downbeat shy demure living with willing to compromise easily persuaded reputable level-headed reverent retiring low-key chilled out uncorrupted redoubtable illustrious going easy with polished left of center left-wing diffident timid lamblike outstanding brave courtly controlled stand-up extraordinary remarkable meritorious noble-minded anti-corruption educated unobtrusive unambitious well-meaning steady weak spineless boneless couth ladylike gentlemanly pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy zero cowed plain subdued fearful even accomplished genteel slack regular developed well-behaved good mannered careless judicious abstinent disciplined neglectful negligent elegant reserved considered conservative cautious remiss slapdash slipshod not excessive unmindful not given to excesses sloppy heedless inattentive vague disregardful derelict neglecting indefinite inaccurate irresponsible flabby over-tolerant flaccid nonspecific shapeless inexact imprecise delinquent floppy forgetful paying no mind regardless asleep on job behindhand any way indifferent limp oblivious

Tính từ

Of broad scope or content
comprehensive complete exhaustive full inclusive thorough all-inclusive extensive all-embracing broad encyclopaedic encyclopedic sweeping universal wide blanket in-depth overarching umbrella all-out compendious far-reaching total detailed full-scale wholesale eclectic out-and-out wide-ranging widespread absolute all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged broad-ranging clean coast-to-coast countrywide cover-all cross-disciplinary cyclopedic embracive global interdisciplinary nationwide omnibus panoramic radical thoroughgoing wall-to-wall across the board entire expansive general grand multidisciplinary across-the-board all-encompassing ample compleat comprising containing discursive encircling infinite intact integral overall perfect plenary synoptic whole in depth the works of great scope the big picture the whole shebang lock stock and barrel worldwide extended deep rangy pervasive far-flung common unlimited unrestricted indiscriminate all-round vast prevalent large-scale international generic ubiquitous all-around broad-based large rampant omnipresent ecumenical pandemic broad-brush diffuse profound mass thorough-going outright collective boundless whole-hog scopic non-exclusive pervading permeating bird's-eye rife epidemic inescapable cosmopolitan unconditional multinational mundane worldly regular astronomical accepted company-wide all-over one-size-fits-all immense encyclopaedical encyclopedical significant intensive copious meticulous nonspecific definitive minute unmitigated painstaking careful unconfined limitless huge great far-ranging full-dress full-blown endless long expanded big sizable lengthy broad-spectrum protracted massive humongous major generalized unselective generalised exaggerated overstated overdrawn the word hefty scopious prevailing predominant no stone unturned non-selective straight-out unexclusive from A to Z popular outspread preponderate overwhelming taken as a whole on a large scale all over the place wall to wall empyrean cosmic undisputed planetary terrestrial usual stellar customary celestial all varied unanimous diverse heterogeneous diversified liberal many-sided assorted public miscellaneous multifarious piebald patchwork raggle-taggle multifaceted ragtag kitchen-sink magpie promiscuous manifold motley mixed selective dilettantish nondiscriminatory mingled multiform open-door open accessible to everyone free-for-all free to all non-restrictive unqualified welcoming open to the public particular elaborate scrupulous exact rigorous utter precise categorical blow-by-blow particularized specific accurate pure circumstantial definite particularised sheer conscientious downright consummate assiduous itemized dreadful categoric serious methodical violent systematic itemised extreme explicit proper rank concentrated arrant unadulterated diligent stark unalloyed plumb flat simple fair very close bodacious blooming right strenuous severe sedulous punctilious searching flat-out cotton-picking emphatic unrestrained forceful strict uncompromising finicky efficient real stone dead clocklike intense deadly crashing blank vigorous determined resolute deep-dyed vehement resounding unambiguous unabridged heavy-duty elaborated studious drastic seriatim important plentiful abundant maximal attentive undivided direct desperate stringent veritable draconian fastidious fussy positive considerable dedicated correct final overt nice specialized specialised obvious ultimate considered pernickety perfectionist religious substantial integrated persnickety undiminished unequivocal surpassing ultra full-on unreserved through and through dyed-in-the-wool full-bore right-down panoptic soup to nuts tough all the way royal plenty slam-bang faultless thoroughpaced life-changing unbounded earnest conclusive rich profuse lavish panned full-out one-to-one life-size unimpaired sufficient technical encompassing meaningful prize full-spectrum personal immediate aggregate plenteous adequate unbroken stage by stage step by step revolutionary wholistic replete intricate experienced satisfying choate uncut largest totalitarian uninterrupted expert focused functional catchall rounded excessive developed exclusive holistic leaving no stone unturned in detail advanced iconoclastic most enumerated purposeful all in firsthand penetrating fine delicate mathematical concerted inveterate blatant point-by-point focussed in toto all together all-together catch-all with everything included ball-of-wax without exception pedantic finical nitpicking pinpoint essential elemental brazen big picture at length demanding all-absorbing overnice hairline refined barefaced naked flagrant special intimate glaring undiluted shameless specially designed root-and-branch top-to-bottom first-hand explosive excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome hard ghastly high-pressure fierce heavy terrible frightful hellacious blistering furious keen acute ferocious almighty fearful authoritative hair-splitting ultra-careful spot-on true-blue in every respect through-and-through persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up farthest farthermost express outermost furthermost maximum clear straightforward plain furthest scholarly well researched supreme unstinted remotest last uttermost distinct critical optimum unremitting blunt outmost aggressive committed muscular energetic assertive wholehearted dynamic univocal manifest wide-reaching endmost aftermost unmistakable patent certain deliberate all out hard-hitting uncontrolled unbridled perspicuous lucid well reasoned well informed well argued terminal judicious orderly heedful industrious provident sure understandable stated faithful circumspect thoughtful cautious laborious leading spacious bulky roomy good strapping enormous packed husky walloping capacious bull oversize whopper mammoth commodious chock-full burly whopping thundering jumbo hulking prodigious stuffed monster intercontinental mondo heavyweight healthy awash fat ponderous colossal voluminous tremendous gigantic brimming crowded last straw utmost preeminent out of bounds chief too much farthest away too-too worst case furthest away on the nose easily understandable clear-cut crystal clear clearly expressed strong virile full-blooded hardy robust powerful unmixed vital sound hearty solid observant regardful concerned exacting prim selfdisciplined loving discreet picky chary out and out pulling no punches super colossal a whale of a by the numbers by the book going to great lengths most distant

Tính từ

Significantly large in size, amount, value or degree
cosmic huge immense vast enormous colossal massive infinite limitless measureless mega prodigious astronomical bumper humungous jumbo monster whopping astronomic boundless fathomless immeasurable incalculable unfathomable whacking Brobdingnagian cyclopean elephantine galactic gargantuan giant gigantesque gigantic grand herculean heroic heroical Himalayan hulking humongous king-size king-sized leviathan mammoth mighty monstrous monumental mountainous oceanic oversized pharaonic planetary super super-duper supersize supersized thumping titanic tremendous vasty walloping ginormous grandiose cosmogonal cosmogonic cosmopolitan ecumenical empyrean global intergalactic interplanetary interstellar king size space thumping great whopping great whacking great cosmical great stupendous towering large stellar epic substantial extensive Herculean big bulky very large gross very big hefty weighty heavy endless considerable oversize unlimited unbounded illimitable sizeable interminable brobdingnagian bottomless impressive magnificent wide celestial never-ending almighty sizable expansive untold inestimable inexhaustible inordinate broad imposing countless horizonless indefinite immensurable astral no end to outsize numberless outsized eternal handsome terrific staggering fantastic extraordinary blimp everlasting behemothic Bunyanesque no end of extreme lofty solar goodly ponderous mondo extraterrestrial without end voluminous princely excessive superterrestrial majestic formidable striking unending heavyweight generous tall overgrown mastodonic enduring without limit husky abundant spacious perpetual lavish largish biggish overwhelming dirty great high splendid marvellous innumerable solid awesome capacious titan commodious cosmological astrological astrophysical awe-inspiring barn door immortal behemoth Homeric extra-large marvelous multitudinous constant heavenly super-colossal august ample incessant amaranthine very great outer space magnific cumbersome massy exorbitant unwieldy great big whale of a starry remarkable strong star wonderful phenomenal outstanding appreciable significant stately astounding indeterminable cavernous monolithic fabulous unusual boxcar uncountable glorious roomy universal pythonic larger-than-life unflagging unceasing superb ambitious giant-sized man-size of considerable size man-sized giant-size noble terrible fine myriad exalted unnumberable innumerous palatial resplendent copious profuse kingly extremely large extremely big comprehensive rich regal eminent jillion unreckonable zillion incomprehensible imperial proud plenteous prolific whaling Cyclopean serious mortal ceaseless unsurpassable indeterminate unbroken continuous uninterrupted monotonous undying overlong self-perpetuating undivided deathless continual royal gallant baronial Gargantuan whopper unfathomed jumbo-sized cumbrous illustrious cracking lordly without number extravagant no strings beyond measure long mahoosive megalithic tidy socking great good-size good-sized super colossal full-size a whale of a superhuman lumbering lasting classic important historic memorable unforgettable Brobdignagian laborious daunting Moby bountiful amazing clumsy rip-roaring healthy ethereal large-scale excellent wicked pleasing awful good sky-high appalling dreadful distinguished transcendent epoch-making widespread elephantic plentiful superabundant frightful fearful startling exceptional miraculous expanded through the ceiling moving notable intense renowned irresistible dynamic bounteous profitable spanking abiding permanent stunning astonishing protracted extended pronounced mundo sweeping detailed swelled deep fair-sized family-sized family-size thundering fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized sensational spectacular flabbergasting breathtaking dramatic incredible unbelievable lank sempiternal million all-embracing uncounted supertemporal perdurable statuesque numerous bull lengthy decided fat prolonged major mind-boggling mind-blowing fantabulous abnormal far-flung spread-out all-inclusive stretched-out far-reaching elevated gorgeous superior unfailing wondrous incomputable umpteen unmeasurable sublime dignified ominous splendiferous haughty unreal full-out all-out full-blown complete totalitarian all-encompassing unconfined full-scale elaborate something else crawling with alive with in the heavens lunar in space in the sky wide open on tap ad nauseam opulent plush classy luxurious meaty fleshy strapping heavyset muscular thick muscly beefy chunky powerful brawny burly sturdy hulky stout thickset unconstrained unchecked uncontrolled unrestrained unsummed unnumbered liberal well-built swanky flash flashy unconditional absolute unrestricted unbridled Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy hunky unforeseen erratic unpredictable unforeseeable capricious whimsical fluctuant chancy uncertain iffy haphazard unfixed hit-or-miss complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' high-flying larger buxom greater zaftig total not to be reckoned full utter empyreal heliacal not inconsiderable roly-poly big and strong powerfully built muscle-bound solidly built broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed leading shining chief principal with no holds barred undefined uncalculable wide-open no holds barred singular rare unique strange out of the ordinary odd noteworthy uncommon preternatural acute bizarre out of this world marked unimaginable weird indescribable atypical brilliant magical substantive surprising unprecedented uncanny supernatural anomalous peculiar special eye-opening eye-popping profound conspicuous inconceivable aberrant uncustomary especial unparalleled extraordinaire portentous unwonted exceeding curious unutterable queer noticeable freak aberrated arresting fantastical unearthly respectable unheard-of far-out surpassing severe supreme momentous transcendental unaccountable supernormal roaring resounding impossible unfamiliar thrilling emphatic exciting unexpected prominent unnatural amazeballs decisive untypical unconventional insane jaw-dropping divine inexplicable dazzling signal prosperous immoderate mysterious irregular advantageous sufficient steep eye-catching lucrative entire unco fascinating consequential whole ridiculous unaccustomed plethoric overmuch conclusive enthralling commanding overextravagant oddball unheard of freakish unmistakable unqualified unthinkable worthwhile devilish refreshing heart-stopping unordinary out-and-out thorough beautiful utmost much splendorous reasonable incommunicable thunderous sky-scraping multistorey not to be sneezed at soaring outlandish critical urgent skyscraping paramount stiff eccentric uncommunicable absurd wild superlative improbable altitudinous funny crazy mad unlikely implausible material undue offbeat far-fetched other-worldly out-of-the-way unconscionable unusually good towery incongruous novel inexpressible intemperate ghostly distinctive overdue overweening intolerable unreasonable disproportionate preposterous preeminent deviant ludicrous prodigal extortionate superfluous confounding overkill overboard off-the-wall supermundane mastodontic never to be forgotten profligate heavy-duty atypic stupefying awe-striking uncharacteristic overabundant uncurbed off the wall captivating mind-bending enchanting unrepresentative sensorial bewitching too good to be true outré mystifying imprudent outrageous stirring palatine too many exquisite O.T.T. out of the way elegant too much OTT over the top solemn out of all proportion sumptuous queenly way out out there a bit much sightly adequate rewarding top maximum uttermost booming deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing thrashing paying crashing max shattering remunerative gainful very loud thaumaturgic OS devastating Olympian fierce harsh horrific particular desperate loud comfortable infrequent crucial vital bewildering invaluable priceless high rise high-rise supercalifragilisticexpialidocious humbling fair providential touching cherished perfect crushing paralysing decent arduous measurable paranormal prime wide-ranging marathon what extra special tolerable inconsistent baroque fancy unmerciful wonderworking numinous supranatural seldom seen paralyzing overcoming shocking wholesale pretty fundamental deviating exhilarating precious the what great metaphysical mystical otherworldly unworldly very long difficult to believe rising raised high-reaching unrelenting de trop unmitigated unyielding godlike non-typical divergent worth taking into account fab central pressing essential ostentatious the utmost valuable blinding heart-stirring deviate aberrational devious wide-reaching exhaustive mass puzzling airy spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate eerie pre-eminent occult deviative portly venerable ascending nationwide omnipotent bionic undescribable famous unorthodox jarring heteroclite foreign creepy spooky theatric some off-centre ultra earthshaking earth-shattering like a dream come true invigorating charming envigorating stimulating beguiling enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like far out enlivening blissful fabled dream-filled packed chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded across-the-board international awash first-rate first-class beyond price perplexing baffling bold showy arrestive awkward flamboyant catchy upraised alpine uplifted daggy wacko eldritch beyond human smashing primo salient unhandy ungainly avant-garde original breaking new ground loner cool eery spookish haunting unmanageable multiple manifold many rum freaky bizarro world class unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy legion inspired inexplainable very strange supranormal scary ghoulish secret high-priority overriding dire uppermost gilt-edged unspeakable zero cool private too many to be counted hidden unknown unexpressed ineffable indefinable undreamed of an incalculable number of an infinite number of telling of great consequence unmissable life-and-death earnest page-one grave cardinal capital burning newsworthy of great moment determining of import of great import of moment front-page unwarranted exaggerated meaningful very many gratuitous needless surplus wanton improvident forceful indulgent dizzying redundant wasteful dissipated fanciful dubious unrealistic unhampered overgenerous extra unnecessary silly more recrementitious stratospheric overindulgent unfettered uninhibited doubtful nonsensical irrational self-indulgent over the odds uncalled for wacky comical foolish cockamamie zany gnarly forby hare-brained make-believe off beaten path more than human more than one can count most important

Tính từ

Used or accepted broadly
prevailing current prevalent usual common customary general popular established set widespread existing ordinary fashionable commonest mainstream rife accepted acknowledged conventional going predominating recognised recognized ruling standard stock dominant influential main operative preponderating principal all-embracing comprehensive ecumenical familiar fundamental in circulation in style normal predominant preponderant rampant regnant regular steady sweeping universal worldwide in fashion in vogue by the numbers typical traditional accustomed orthodox routine habitual everyday commonplace wonted average ubiquitous expected received public settled fixed run-of-the-mill overall natural pervasive frequent majority confirmed prosaic quotidian shared regulation household workaday unexceptional unremarkable garden-variety daily widely held standard-issue endemic extensive approved canonical classical vanilla admitted predictable cut-and-dried staple sanctioned cut-and-dry characteristic time-honoured well established day-to-day typic well-known conformist well worn broad prescriptive plain time-honored authorized classic understood chronic traditionalist basic true long-established middle-of-the-road across the board authorised bog-standard in force common or garden garden variety about present official generic pervading collective wide hackneyed acceptable stereotyped well-established humdrum constant representative formal global favorite favourite epidemic proverbial formulaic old-fashioned traditionalistic vulgar matter-of-course in the air unoriginal sound stipulated numerous mundane derivative archetypal archetypical profuse agreed upon lamestream favoured central core latest extant modern contemporary primary agreed uneventful ongoing valid circulating stereotypical around net comfortable mediocre undistinguished garden discreet indifferent inconspicuous ritual acquired honored reigning superior endorsed tralatitious derived favored great repeated afoot in use wont sop boilerplate in existence happening going on abroad honoured orderly methodical standardised standardized mass touted prescribed mutual recurring preferred unopposed passed legit okayed in established usage one-size-fits-all bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds talked of in general use going around same old national joint blanket communal overarching outright persistent recurrent embraced united like par for the course standard operating procedure in the groove playing it safe according to Hoyle in a rut on everyone's lips known nationwide societal wholesale total perpetual believed renowned dyed-in-the-wool congruous adopted intermutual commutual inveterate tried and true tried and tested arrived at overused trite banal recognizable identified documented perceived declared reiterated incessant continual allowed realized remembered pandemic overworked platitudinous tired entrenched broad-brush all-round broad-spectrum all-around across-the-board professed realised recognisable corny hacky abundant plentiful everywhere omnipresent dull monotonous ready-made insidious raging permeating inescapable penetrating immanent conservative correct proper widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted readily available worn out old hat widely available worn-out authoritative proven historic stable permeative permeant present everywhere suffusive ingrained deep-rooted widely used doctrinal old old-style officially recognized button-down buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line old-school unprogressive standpat reactionary die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative unheretical rooted many thronged multitudinous secure unshakable vested permanent kosher religious right straight pious punctilious legitimate rightful square bien pensant straight arrow in line according to the book simple plastic grind so-so white-bread pedestrian boring characterless a dime a dozen uninteresting plain vanilla unmemorable uninspired unexciting colourless nothing to write home about colorless nondescript fair middling no great shakes uninspiring ornery OK lacklustre lackluster dreary tedious stale bland modest unnoteworthy continuing perennial second-rate tame inbred tolerable passable not up to much homespun deep-seated drab medium unimaginative ineradicable unmitigated inborn incurable idiosyncratic nothing special repetitious enduring long-lived obstinate lifelong stubborn unpretentious unvaried repetitive forgettable unabating domestic lowly terrestrial jejune ceaseless lasting periodic inferior mean run-of-the-mine run-of-mine half-pie abiding continuous ever-present persisting tenacious unyielding dime-a-dozen bog standard distinctive insipid wearisome not much cop protracted unimpressive quintessential mechanical tiresome model adequate ho-hum insignificant unvarying blah clichéd moderate prototypical decent native homely humble slow signature nitty-gritty nowhere long-standing long-lasting ideal banausic fair-to-middling heavy second-class intermediate okay ten a penny fairish not so hot scheduled periodical straightforward nothing to get excited about family symptomatic consistent distinguishing perfect absolute reiterative iterated cyclic median obvious consummate exemplary inherent paradigmatic in character textbook definitive nothing systematic automatic prolonged seasoned essential serious practical casual informal habituated plebeian prosy stodgy ponderous vintage suburban emblematic only to be expected numbing stuffy innate well known inconsequential jading arid leaden flat amateurish amateur satisfactory lingering dragging prototypal stupid dry dusty monochromatic mind-numbing run of the mill two a penny bush-league not bad true to form O.K. fair to middling middle of the road sustained all right true to type diurnal seasonal diagnostic long-drawn-out OB gut default unspectacular what one would expect familial obligatory in-between usual thing dead long-winded ho hum big yawn time-worn overdone annoying irritating next presentational trivial well-worn domiciliary acquainted mimetic de rigueur cornball dime-store unsophisticated boresome vexatious mimic legendary famous famed notorious samey remaining serviceable played out starch given used home homey imitative no-frills workday good unimportant anonymous lacking variation lacking variety apish superabundant familiar tune boiler plate severe chosen appropriate local whitebread jake spun-out drawn-out haunting useless decided highbrow irrelevant inconsiderable paltry unmistakable symbolic ultimate slavish self-evident axiomatic unquestioned dangerous unending acute anaemic pointless piddling immaterial worthless random individual hard-core deep bred-in-the-bone deep-set intrenched arranged specified supreme meaningless whatever symphonic concert heavyweight not very good epigonic epigonous empty gray grey common variety matter-of-fact anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen reliable anemic predetermined cheap and commonplace cyclical continued dire alarming extreme grave peculiar canned likely unsurprising irredeemable congenital reputed infamous determined appointed of choice in the habit of wearying drudging tiring weary at its best at her best at his best individualistic cliched prearranged reoccurring non-specific emulative of little consequence of little importance of no consequence not worth mentioning of no importance of no great concern of no account businesslike practised practiced long-term addicting iterative disciplined perfunctory blending into the background in keeping personal special respective own particular distinct sworn adamant radicated indurated never-ending treadmill dim bromidic toneless monotone lifeless plodding methodic rigid considerable to be expected out-and-out complete utter defined rolling repeating successive midway middle planned specific noticeable goodly sizable generous tidy worthwhile substantial sizeable biggish significant appreciable marked on the cards … all over mid medial thoroughgoing positive royal real thorough arrant pabulum diddly lusterless zero actual practicable irksome prose yawn clean assigned recommended prime imitable copybook oft repeated intermediary halfway respectable reasonable dinki-di neutral midsize midsized mediate midmost full identifying par unmistaken medium-sized middle-sized cosmic multinational unlimited planetary cosmopolitan celestial diffuse all all-over all-inclusive empyrean undisputed worldly unrestricted stellar whole astronomical matter-of- fact unnoticeable discriminating identifiable sufficient goodish ample no big deal intensive up to standard pretty good good enough most frequent most usual most common most typical

Tính từ

Familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures
cosmopolitan worldly sophisticated worldly-wise cultured cultivated refined urbane aware experienced knowing mature polished seasoned unprovincial broad-minded liberal smart suave unprejudiced cool streetwise well travelled well-travelled ecumenical gregarious metropolitan planetary public smooth enlightened slick civilized citified knowledgeable well-bred media-savvy civilised debonair elegant oversophisticated courteous svelte learned shrewd perceptive astute erudite polite mannerly blasé stylish genteel gracious worldly wise having been around well mannered been around educated discerning accomplished discriminating advanced couth civil poised well informed well-educated well read self-possessed glib affable dignified well-mannered well bred diplomatic charming courtly gallant tactful gentlemanly politic materialistic selfish grasping avaricious greedy worldly-minded covetous balanced obliging bland travelled power-loving disenchanted well-traveled global unprincipled callous hardened international uptown mondain opportunistic practical self-centred traveled self-centered jet-set classy chic intelligent mondaine world-weary well versed in the ways of the world chivalrous decorous ladylike considerate gentle respectful pleasant graceful tasteful stately cordial genial respectable proper decent formal thoughtful unctuous fine well-behaved handsome seemly friendly majestic amiable honourable sociable exquisite kind honorable ingratiating composed complaisant oily together self-assured aristocratic noble correct collected sensitive unruffled swanky nonchalant accommodating discreet equable nice pleasing unflappable aesthetic congenial plush esthetic posh calm well behaved good-natured at ease attentive dashing confident smooth-tongued easy beautiful artistic serene attractive fashionable unperturbed tranquil silver-tongued distinguished tolerant spiffy delicate sedate unfazed assured punctilious possessed understanding coolheaded imperturbable self-composed placid equanimous nonplussed amicable ceremonious cool, calm and collected well brought up impeccable smooth-talking casual distingué happy smarmy highbrow classic developed unemotional luxurious deferential opulent sumptuous self-confident fastidious soft-spoken snobbish self-controlled cool-headed prim undisturbed dainty precise relaxed august impassive lovely skilled befitting untroubled comely grand affected restrained high-class peaceful superior unshaken controlled finished well-born wise ostentatious recollected level limpid equal unworried dexterous skilful adroit skillful condescending snazzy sympathetic hospitable with good taste de rigueur benevolent indulgent beneficent benign charitable unaffected mild dextrous well-spoken well spoken well brought-up approachable big-hearted loving tender forthcoming bonhomous good-hearted protective modest agreeable appealing gentlemanlike soft fulsome humane good mannered haughty reputable kindly womanly cavalier well-brought-up wellmannered warm-hearted kind-hearted proud magnanimous unmoved adulatory complimentary high-bred imposing conventional highbred flattering preux lofty studied privileged aloof smooth-spoken undismayed unagitated highborn blue-blooded patrician giving initiated harmonious unbothered stoical unexcitable conciliatory amenable obsequious concerned good-mannered neighborly solicitous neighbourly unflustered subtle judicious careful taught trained upper-crust expert unflurried fit becoming fitting persuasive scholarly intellectual professional masterly old with experience matured pompous pretentious confined la-di-da intolerant patronizing patronising artificial hollow prudish snooty priggish straitlaced precious prissy stuffy pretty reserved well-balanced modish heroic courageous in control proficient flawless prudent trim dapper spruce at peace virtuoso consummate perfect valiant quiet rich unobtrusive splendiferous swank pure in good taste chaste gratifying classical subdued facile well-informed fly swish snappy sharp sure of yourself sure of oneself select choice observant deft savvy cautious insightful tactical evolved airy close progressive improved forward high rigorous accurate pinpoint spot-on late higher mathematical aesthetically pleasing silky faultless perfected been there old hand in the know trig well groomed well dressed ornate rare ornamented fancy cool as a cucumber brave outgoing royal sublime well-read artistically aware gifted talented schmick overdone recherche stylized detached buoyant well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty sprightly humble carefree well-designed well-dressed up-to-date lettered savant blue-stocking intellectually aware able distingue appreciative arty versed well educated literary informed literate high-brow high-minded ritzy unconstrained unreserved uninhibited on fleek fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless treating with kid gloves a la mode down-to-earth open humoring versatile great-hearted au courant noble-minded valorous all-around familiar natural undemanding easygoing humouring compassionate merciful lenient benignant knightly good-humored good-tempered good-humoured happy-go-lucky free and easy

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