Đồng nghĩa của la di da

Tính từ

Showy in speech and given to using flowery or elaborate terms
high-flown elaborate extravagant exaggerated florid high-sounding flowery grandiloquent grandiose lofty ornate overblown highfalutin inflated pretentious rhetorical grand-sounding magniloquent purple affected bombastic oratorical overdone overripe overwrought turgid verbose aureate declamatory hifalutin magnific rhetoric windy arty-farty euphuistic fustian high-falutin orotund tumid exalted high-minded pompous showy snobbish wordy prolix ostentatious fancy fussy ranting ornamented puffed decorated complex involved detailed complicated hyperbolic excessive overestimated rhapsodical pleonastic flatulent Ossianic sonorous convoluted long-winded flamboyant strained laboured hyperventilated labored periphrastic stilted gassy gaseous over-elaborate diffuse tedious swollen fulsome baroque rambling voluble redundant circumlocutory circuitous theatrical discursive garrulous tautological histrionic loquacious lengthy palaverous sesquipedalian haughty repetitious logorrheic eloquent tortuous gabby chatty boastful ponderous pedantic self-important portentous dramatic figurative stagy tumescent protracted long-drawn-out fluent elocutionary big-talking windbag rococo Ciceronian embellished ornamental epideictic talkative talky ambagious Demosthenic Demosthenean silver-tongued imposing big mannered actorly curlicued roundabout high over-the-top egotistic rotund wedding-cake busy gingerbread meandering braggart Falstaffian boasting bragging bold prim solemn Miltonian epic Homeric very elaborate elegant tiresome pontifical wandering indirect empty overlong prolonged oratorial overinflated tall decorative garnished rich luscious euphemistic euphistic tall-talking blathering blustering circumlocutionary arty overelaborate high-wrought stodgy booming melodramatic arresting formal flashy rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash shallow superficial breezy stuffy verbal linguistic digressive maundering serious arrogant grave stylistic waffly highly decorated stuffed shirt contrived glib mouthy vocal grand effusive articulate logorrhoeic full of hot air superfluous fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian full of verbiage iterative

Tính từ

Staying aloof from others because one thinks one is superior
stuck-up proud overweening conceited self-important disdainful imperious snobby supercilious vainglorious arrogant assured biggety biggity bigheaded big-headed complacent condescending consequential egoistic egoistical egotistic egotistical haughty hoity-toity important lordly patronising patronizing pompous prideful self-conceited self-opinionated self-satisfied smug snobbish snooty swellheaded swollen-headed toffee-nosed uppish uppity vain above oneself cocky high-and-mighty ostentatious posh pretentious snippy snotty superior high and mighty puffed up nose in the air too big for one's britches lofty overbearing high-hat sniffy cavalier toplofty affected fancy-pants high-handed highfalutin presumptuous chesty huffish huffy peremptory bumptious stiff-necked toploftical presuming self-assertive self-asserting masterful assumptive elitist contemptuous exclusive aloof ritzy aristocratic potty persnickety hifalutin grandiose on high horse swanky la-de-da portentous high-minded flaunting self-centred puffy self-centered scornful high self-aggrandizing distant detached reserved full of oneself indifferent assuming stuffy on your high horse full of yourself on a high horse giddy dizzy silliness thoughtless flighty inflated boastful bragging poncey windy boasting remote cliquish tony high-flown putting on airs pontifical magisterial bloated sententious stiff domineering showy splendid flatulent flowery highfaluting magnificent overstated selfish narcissistic exaggerated grand spectacular swaggering immodest egocentric self-congratulatory stuck up opinionated hubristic insolent self-righteous blustering self-serving brash self-affected self-promoting self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying self-engrossed overconfident know-it-all impudent orgulous audacious cocksure peacockish strutting self-loving self-admiring self-regarding in love with oneself pleased with oneself too big for one's boots too big for your boots bold mocking brazen scoffing brassy sneering cheeky bossy autocratic smarty cold-shoulder dismissive egomaniac confident self-confident loudmouth windbag smart-alecky wise guy jumped up cool think too highly of oneself think a lot of oneself sure on an ego trip have an excessively high opinion of oneself full of hot air holier-than-thou too big for one's breeches self-assured blusterous insufferable self-obsessed self-absorbed snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet brag boast ham big talking phoney phony gall conceity wrapped up in oneself pleased with yourself think one is the cat's pyjamas think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift crowing vaunting braggart blowhard big-mouthed swanking puffed-up bombastic big self-applauding exultant on ego trip hot stuff

Tính từ

Characterized by exaggerated or affected politeness, refinement, or respectability
genteel polite refined respectable cultured courteous cultivated decorous elegant mannerly polished proper correct seemly civil courtly gentlemanly sophisticated civilised civilized gracious ladylike stylish urbane well-bred accomplished affected befitting couth decent dignified formal nice distingué posh punctilious well bred well mannered well-mannered artificial chivalrous condescending confined de rigueur discreet fashionable graceful hollow intolerant ostentatious patronising patronizing pompous precious pretentious priggish prim prissy prudish snobbish snooty straitlaced stuffy well-behaved respectful gallant considerate becoming conventional suave obliging comme il faut suitable affable conforming diplomatic gentle fitting fit cordial appropriate right tactful ceremonious kind well behaved honourable modest honorable accommodating charming thoughtful debonair genial accepted pleasant comely done orthodox complaisant sedate noble meet tasteful friendly presentable moral good apt classy politic traditional well brought up stately demure reputable virtuous hospitable distinguished smart aristocratic benevolent attentive deferential charitable apposite amiable standard staid straight august unctuous good-mannered pleasing puritanical approved sociable acceptable in good taste stiff pukka congenial well brought-up smooth ceremonial starchy strait-laced amicable bland stiff-necked stilted well-spoken well spoken womanly gentlemanlike educated finished wellmannered cavalier impeccable reserved mannered majestic fine handsome developed restrained seasonable prudent kindly usual customary highbred flattering preux adulatory complimentary lofty high-bred imposing studied conciliatory mild amenable good-natured neighborly obsequious poised solicitous sympathetic concerned neighbourly au fait kosher OK okay careful warm-hearted beneficent indulgent benign kind-hearted magnanimous tip-top top-notch suited right stuff well-respected well-placed superior high-class upper-class congruous timely compatible consistent consonant done thing understanding easy giving good-hearted approachable big-hearted loving tender forthcoming bonhomous soft-spoken persuasive glib slick honest upright the done thing smarmy ingratiating together cool admirable worthy facile svelte collected composed unruffled silky possessed respected trustworthy coolheaded clean-living equable oily royal neat venerable estimable spruce above board tidy self-possessed self-composed moderate redoubtable sublime well-thought-of mediocre ordinary redoubted creditable of good repute smooth-tongued silver-tongued conservative bourgeois media-savvy conformist in line highly regarded traditionalist narrow-minded suburban parochial square stodgy by the book by the numbers Pooterish doctrinal strict Biedermeier dogmatic old-fashioned button-down straight-laced stick-in-the-mud small-town bien pensant fuddy-duddy of the old school applicable fitted relevant convenient pertinent felicitous apropos opportune expedient happy due qualified adequate germane rightful usable just to the point to the purpose related propitious useful desirable favourable auspicious pretty serviceable conformable correspondent favorable employable in keeping helpful advantageous able harmonious wholesome deserved material capable functional prepared feasible significant adapted deserving ready perfect well-suited belonging ideal useable available equal equitable preferable right on satisfactory on the nose on the button condign justified fairy-tale pat protocol in order pointed relative well-chosen welcome legit fair judicious tailor-made just right spot on made to order connected fortunate lucky golden promising palatable that's the ticket providential ripe reasonable congruent just what was ordered apple-pie requisite well timed sufficient best accordant heaven-sent coherent nonconflicting effective well judged concordant competent savoury savory corresponding constructive beneficial profitable productive agreeing ad rem equal to up to trained in the running likely capable of in line for eligible appurtenant healthy fruitful utilizable satisfying conformable to correspondent to correspondent with fit to be eaten consumable comestible safe to eat approving common versatile brave edible fit for human consumption healthful salutary benefic favoring commending needed commendatory unobjectionable protean benignant toward salubrious tolerable hygienic ample all right favouring utilisable exploitable equipped operable practicable good enough -worthy

Tính từ

Elegant or stylishly luxurious
posh upmarket elegant ritzy exclusive classy chic fancy upscale swanky swish fashionable plush swank select smart stylish luxurious deluxe trendy expensive sumptuous grand ornate plushy ostentatious showy snazzy modish rich tony lavish flash dicty swell luxury opulent chichi larney plummy schmick sprauncy swagger high-class high-toned up-market fancy-pants top-drawer upper-class chi-chi glamorous flashy elite high-end glitzy sophisticated prestigious splashy sharp swankish special a la mode superior tasteful five-star snappy aristocratic flamboyant prestige limited high-quality intricate au courant decorated with-it baroque ornamented decorative embellished elaborate cliquish private adorned voguish fussy in cool busy florid rococo cliquey genteel exquisite yuppie formal peacocky pretentious agreeable prominent notable par excellence high esteemed important nice pleasant happening supercool hip fresh respectable snobby famous distinguished reputable eminent renowned leafy detailed extravagant cosmopolitan premier choice salubrious swishy haute garnished skillful skilful stately refined courtly majestic graceful fine handsome mod uptown dashing wedding-cake snobbish with all the extras over-elaborate with all the options with bells and whistles clannish high class upper-crust on fleek in vogue upper crust A-grade privileged ornamental gaudy rarefied favored resplendent spiffy quality towering extreme devilish favoured entitled elect honoured honored prime fanciful jazzy froufrou frilly fancible unusual cushy highfalutin custom beautifying indulged advantaged fortunate selected noble lucky OTT over the top restricted

Danh từ

Haughtiness or arrogance
hauteur haughtiness arrogance loftiness pride superciliousness airs contempt disdain snobbishness self-importance superiority snobbery assumption bumptiousness conceit condescension consequence dignity disdainfulness huffiness imperiousness lordliness masterfulness peremptoriness pomposity pompousness presumptuousness pretence pretense pretension pretentiousness scorn self-consequence toploftiness affectedness audacity conceitedness egotism gall high-handedness nerve presumption side snootiness stateliness uppishness uppitiness vanity high horse airs and graces affectation ostentation show hypocrisy posturing posing ostentatiousness attitudinizing artificiality grandiosity flashiness floweriness grandness grandiloquence extravagance heroics magniloquence bombast ornateness rhetoric flamboyance pedantry inflation turgidity elaborateness showing off fustian flatulence guyver vainglory showiness charade put-on phoney phony showboat showoff fake front disguise splash big talk false front false claim swagger bluster smugness braggadocio insolence hubris ego aloofness contemptuousness chutzpah self-love brass swank cheek boasting overbearance pridefulness scornfulness priggishness crust overbearingness big-headedness garishness bragging glitz overconfidence cockiness proudness display immodesty flaunting boastfulness brashness splendour vaunting splendor gaudiness fanfaronade self-conceit vaingloriousness exhibitionism flash glitziness rodomontade self-satisfaction bravado ritziness swankiness splashiness pomp brag gasconade spectacle egoism vainness self-admiration swellheadedness demonstration exhibition splurge boast self-esteem swelled head self-opinion self-congratulation self-glory self-assumption vulgarity exaggeration pageantry amour propre tastelessness narcissism hot air swaggering mocking sneering scoffing grandioseness parading rant complacency complacence bighead insincerity bravura fanfare bigheadedness frippery huff obtrusiveness conspicuousness sense of superiority lavishness loudness theatricality kitschness sense of entitlement self-entitlement exaggerated self-opinion mannerism self-advertisement flashness resplendence splendidness tinsel air overweeningness glamour pizzazz vaunt bad taste gas glamor patronage crowing cockalorum skite self-regard bull parade flourish self-glorification strutting pageant shine razzle-dazzle brassiness pzazz swollen-headedness jazziness grandstand play ego trip affectations meretriciousness tawdriness elitism pose pretensions bossiness pizazz stiffness sententiousness pushiness superior manner patronization exclusiveness snobbism hoity-toitiness portentousness superbity dazzle egocentricity sass egomania self-absorption egocentrism self-centredness self-obsession morgue self-adulation artifice rhodomontade overstatement swanking self-praise self-worship selfishness boastful eloquence orotundity feeling of superiority affected ways self-exaltation window-dressing self-centeredness proud flesh inauthenticity play-acting magnificence fuss brazenness pretending array self-righteousness self-assuredness high opinion of oneself amour-propre good opinion of oneself self-respect self-interest swashbuckling dishonesty double-dealing deception unnaturalness disingenuousness deceit claptrap twaddle assertion claim avowal prolixity machismo boldness phoniness gassiness babble windiness empty words verbosity storming daring blowing talk raging bluff fuming railing swelling bold manner bullying guts empty talk idle words trappings braggart regalia tall talk fancy talk attire apparatus dress turnout get-up raiment insignia garb ritual ceremony exhibit exposure scheme example sample arrayal revelation presentation act manifestation unfolding layout frame-up blaze exposition arrangement panorama dash panoply expo spread for show

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