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Alternative for braggart

braggart /'brægət/
  • danh từ
    • người khoe khoang khoác lác

Danh từ

Someone who constantly brags or boasts
boaster brag braggadocio bragger swaggerer blowhard blusterer poser poseur poseuse show-off skite big-head blower bluffer bull-shooter gasconader self-publicist swank bigmouth big-noter bouncer cockalorum cracker egotist gasbag gascon loudmouth peacock puff shaker showboat swanker swankpot swashbuckler trumpeter vaunter windbag attitudinizer big mouth big-timer blatherskite exhibitionist fanfaronade figjam grandstander hotshot know-it-all ranter raver rodomont strutter hot dog bag of wind big talker swelled head egomaniac narcissist bighead egocentric egoist know-all ego-tripper individualist self-seeker boor bombast self-aggrandizer grandiloquence bluster extrovert smart aleck magniloquence gas rant posturer gasconade bull name-dropper rodomontade showoff self-admirer hot air clever clogs swagger pseud trendy noisily self admirer swellhead roisterer bull artist bull-thrower gossiper ruffler fanfaron crower yob churl yobbo pretension boast glory hog sore winner attention-seeker pride flasher pervert play-actor lair flaunter vulgarian rhodomontade show off crowd-pleaser granstander walking encyclopedia wise guy clever Dick intellectual brain wiseacre smarty pants smarty-pants bragging swaggering crowing bravado fustian boasting rhetoric exaggeration vaunt pomposity ranting pretentiousness wind turgidity verbiage boastfulness oratory grandiosity humbug big talk crowing. bluster overstatement self-praise swanking bunk blah-blah-blah vaunting gloating idle talk thundering hectoring loftiness threatening bullying domineering threats bluff heroics assertion claim self-satisfaction avowal pompousness imperiousness bumptiousness boastful ornateness orotundity eloquence rabidity boisterousness rampancy empty threats blather claptrap blether nonsense verbosity bunkum periphrasis euphuism ostentation affectedness guff bosh empty talk tympany tumidity rave padded verboseness bombastry stuffed altiloquence rage stuff cotton affectation pad aureation balderdash long-windedness rhapsody extravagant boasting bombard phrase purple prose

Tính từ

Tending to boast or brag
boastful bragging conceited crowing egotistical swaggering swanky swollen-headed vain vainglorious vaunting blowhard bumptious ostentatious overbearing arrogant big-headed big-mouthed cocky overweening proud puffed-up swanking big bigheaded bombastic complacent egotistic exultant hifalutin immodest know-it-all loudmouth pompous pretentious puffed up self-aggrandizing self-applauding self-important self-satisfied smart-alecky snooty strutting stuck-up windbag full of oneself full of yourself hot stuff on ego trip full of hot air too big for one's britches braggy haughty presumptuous self-aggrandising flamboyant cock-a-hoop holier-than-thou saucy impertinent self-conceited self-flattering uppish huffish lofty patronizing self-loving self-assertive bossy snobby supercilious self-asserting chesty imperious masterful confident self-affected pontificating high-and-mighty self-confident self-engrossed overconfident selfish smug self-gratulatory snobbish high-handed self-complacent uppity self-dramatizing authoritarian blustery forward self-congratulatory narcissistic pontifical egocentric huffy high-hat peremptory impudent self-promoting condescending self-assured self-contented dominating self-pleased self-adulatory magisterial swellheaded brash cavalier egoistical highfalutin extroverted domineering disdainful unreserved egoistic self-opinionated lordly self-glorifying extraverted prideful toplofty toploftical presuming sniffy assured self-centered blusterous uninhibited patronising important self-centred high and mighty superior snotty audacious aloof toffee-nosed insolent stuck up cocksure elitist persnickety snippy sassy cheeky fresh potty contemptuous aristocratic ritzy highfalutin' la-de-da scornful despotic high tyrannical biggity biggety consequential egomaniac peacockish brag boast ham phony gall conceity phoney self-regarding snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet think too highly of oneself above oneself too big for your boots pleased with oneself have an excessively high opinion of oneself in love with oneself big talking think a lot of oneself self-admiring pushy bullish affected bold dictatorial assumptive smart officious blustering opinionated brassy assuming remote rude unabashed brazen flip hubristic wise tony pushful contumelious unblushing barefaced boldfaced procacious cool malapert pert hoity-toity throwing one's weight about stiff-necked high-flown putting on airs

Tính từ

Speaking pompously, especially using deliberately long or esoteric words
magniloquent pompous bombastic grandiloquent high-flown lofty pretentious rhetorical turgid overblown sonorous stilted declamatory elevated exalted grandiose heroic high-sounding ornate orotund overripe boastful bragging fustian oratorical rotund arty-farty Falstaffian flowery highfalutin lexiphanic tumid inflated windy portentous flatulent pedantic boasting euphuistic florid verbose aureate purple affected ostentatious overwrought overdone rhetoric wordy extravagant gassy elaborate gaseous long-winded pleonastic periphrastic Ossianic hifalutin magnific histrionic prolix fulsome strained laboured theatrical swollen convoluted showy labored flamboyant haughty Ciceronian tedious epideictic imposing hyperventilated Demosthenic Demosthenean voluble exaggerated eloquent over-elaborate ponderous self-important garrulous rambling grand ranting high hyperbolic diffuse sesquipedalian dramatic circumlocutory lengthy meandering egotistic blathering big-talking windbag tumescent silver-tongued circuitous discursive big protracted fluent puffed loquacious stagy complicated tautological involved la-di-da talkative mouthy elocutionary effusive repetitious logorrheic tortuous talky redundant formal palaverous grand-sounding majestic impressive mannered actorly tiresome solemn bold pontifical prim blustering fine overinflated shallow superficial breezy rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash stodgy sublime verbal linguistic tall oratorial booming melodramatic arresting flashy stuffy high-falutin stuffed shirt stylistic serious arrogant grave high-minded snobbish Miltonian epic Homeric priggish fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian embellished contrived glib vocal articulate full of hot air euphistic tall-talking prattling expansive prating jabbering babbling gushing long erudite learned scholarly indirect digressive wandering yakking multiloquent big-mouthed gabby multiloquous gobby wittering ivory-tower tautologous repeating ambagious logorrhoeic yacking repetitive full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone empty overlong long-drawn-out prolonged fancy fussy ornamented complex detailed decorated excessive rhapsodical overestimated

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