Đồng nghĩa của high and mighty

Tính từ

Behaving as though one is more important than others
condescending disdainful self-important arrogant conceited egotistic egotistical haughty patronising patronizing proud snobbish supercilious superior above oneself hoity-toity imperious overbearing snobby snooty snotty stuck-up uppity la-di-da overweening uppish cavalier cocky contemptuous highfalutin high-handed lofty lordly posh presumptuous sniffy stuffy toffee-nosed full of yourself on high horse pompous pretentious high-and-mighty important bumptious huffy hifalutin toplofty high-hat toploftical huffish chesty self-assertive peremptory stiff-necked self-asserting presuming assumptive masterful vain smug vainglorious boastful insolent puffed up prideful swaggering overconfident scornful self-satisfied audacious domineering narcissistic swollen-headed affected bigheaded self-opinionated self-centered egoistic brash egoistical self-centred ostentatious swellheaded self-conceited aloof bold snippy immodest elitist biggity impudent forward biggety bossy bragging opinionated cheeky assured fancy-pants big-headed cocksure pontifical hubristic blustering persnickety pushy bloated egocentric know-it-all impertinent stuck up brazen selfish magisterial aristocratic self-confident full of oneself assuming self-congratulatory complacent brassy confident grandiose self-assured sassy dismissive cool self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying saucy sneering mocking swanky fresh autocratic potty ritzy consequential contumelious too big for your boots scoffing dictatorial nervy inflated self-serving self-righteous rude orgulous smarty cold-shoulder showy portentous wise guy flaunting smart-alecky authoritarian self-loving holier-than-thou blusterous exclusive indifferent strutting tyrannical despotic disrespectful wise gracious jumped up sure high-minded on your high horse puffy la-de-da on an ego trip inconsiderate puffed-up putting on airs pontificating derisive uncivil vaunting insulting withering sententious pert remote high-flown tony stiff self-admiring self-regarding peacockish egomaniac disparaging slighting high pushful smart brassbound jeering arch boasting malapert snot-nosed self-aggrandizing think too highly of oneself flatulent bold-faced loudmouth highfaluting too big for one's breeches abhorrent full of contempt officious in love with oneself pleased with oneself have an excessively high opinion of oneself belittling brazen-faced too big for one's boots pleased with yourself refined self-respecting think a lot of oneself braggart self-complacent self-flattering self-applauding dominating extraverted bombastic braggy self-pleased unreserved self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited offhand self-obsessed self-absorbed obnoxious loud ambitious throwing one's weight around high falutin blowing one's own horn swollen with pride on a high horse highhanded stooping honourable elitist honorable on one's high horse offensively self-assertive crowing too big for your breeches airy standoffish commanding wiseguy reserved distant detached casual curt arbitrary think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift think one is the cat's pyjamas wrapped up in oneself fustian ranting too big for one's britches nose in the air familiar free overbold highbrow discriminatory selective boldfaced flip barefaced throwing one's weight about procacious unblushing unabashed bullish unconcerned insouciant uninterested highfalutin' rash overfamiliar impolite grand spectacular magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated silliness giddy thoughtless poncey dizzy windy flighty oppressive impetuous overhasty precipitate previous premature hasty foolhardy unceremonious discourteous smart aleck hotshot positive jaunty certain smart guy smarty pants cliquish denigrating rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic turning up your nose at unsympathetic scouting looking down your nose at repudiating presumptive abrupt brusque glib terse cursory off perfunctory ungracious improper inappropriate shameless undemocratic heavy-handed take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish willful rigid inflexible wilful anti-democratic repressive brag full of hot air big talking phoney conceity blowing one's own trumpet boast ham windbag phony gall careless ironhanded dominant full of airs and graces genteel gone Hollywood high falutin' over-refined mannered contrived lah-di-dah artificial chichi precious schmaltzy campy upper-class derisory taunting demeaning scathing high hat degrading hard-nosed derogative hard snide temperamental depreciative denigratory sardonic disapproving detractive dog it derogatory decrying pejorative upstage uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory opprobrious denigrative abusive critical offensive sarcastic scurrilous vituperative defamatory humiliating deprecating irreverent slanderous libellous libelous censorious negative reproachful blasphemous detracting unmannerly vulgar out-of-line deprecative hurtful ridiculing discrediting sacrilegious profane impious invective insubordinate vituperatory unflattering cynical mortifying debasing maligning satirical vitriolic teasing jibing scurrile scurril truculent damaging ungodly ill-mannered caustic reviling aweless unholy crusty depreciating lippy reproving affronting biting contemptible spiteful fault-finding sarky unkind catty malicious injurious judgmental shaming admonitory condemnatory pillorying iconoclastic lampooning ironical unfavourable bad-mannered scolding obloquious foul shameful undignified nasty detractory irreverential unhallowed snidey violent berating mean scandalous calumniating flippant wounding lowering unfavorable despicable castigatory profanatory vilifying upbraiding calumniatory diminishing deflating dishonouring damning calumnious disgraceful hateful minimizing unpleasant ignominious abject unworthy minimising traducing personal cheapening inglorious infra dig dishonourable menial malevolent dishonoring despiteful harsh downgrading bringing shame dishonorable acerbic defiant unfriendly sharp bitter unenthusiastic dimissory uncharitable surly blunt gruff short hypercritical repulsive devastating quizzical ironic shrewish discreditable mud-slinging castigating epithetical satiric insinuating disappointed la-dee-da complaisant stinging blistering blasting searing dyslogistic disadvantageous sniping ill-bred aspersing snarky ill-natured mordacious irreligious godless snubbing blighting ridiculous absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical cutting farcical preposterous sharp-tongued rough unhandsome unmannered churlish uncalled-for crushing objectionable accusatory gally misbehaved unfilial disgracious annoying irritating accusing faultfinding displeasing execrative imprecatory execratory swearing cursing exasperating for the birds wretched corrupting unbecoming provocative vexing provoking galling exceptionable embarrassing full of reproof shocking unacceptable crude reprehensible censurable outrageous coarse indecent detestable upsetting venomous aspersive libeling excoriating offending malign defaming libelling disgracing injuring hurting abasing vile malignant reproaching lacking civility bad mannered imperative breezy mannerless off-base put down

Tính từ

Overbearing, dictatorial or authoritarian
domineering authoritarian overbearing autocratic bossy dictatorial imperious arrogant despotic masterful tyrannical coercive oppressive high-handed iron-handed peremptory autarchic bullish haughty authoritative autocratical controlling draconian forceful iron-fisted magisterial officious strict subjugating tyrannic tyrannous arbitrary assertive commanding dominant egotistic harsh imperative imperial insolent pushful pushy regnant severe strong-willed crack the whip in driver's seat on high horse lordly overweening dominating dogmatic cocky opinionated heavy-handed pontifical pompous proud doctrinaire willful wilful cocksure rigid inflexible unyielding dictative undemocratic required mandatory compulsatory exacting obligatory compulsory overpowering repressive Neronian dogmatical throwing one's weight about throwing one's weight around firm clamorous crack-the-whip stern anti-democratic superior bullying throwing weight around presumptuous overproud lording it supercilious high-and-mighty uppity ascendant preponderant snotty prevalent cavalier stuffy disdainful demanding sniffy emphatic insistent adamant intolerant uncompromising entrenched downright unquestionable unchallengeable categorical opinionative unbending narrow-minded self-opinionated opinioned obdurate small-minded unequivocal prejudiced tenacious determined stubborn confident fascistic one-sided obstinate bigoted wrong-headed definite pigheaded formal stiff-necked egotistical fanatical bullheaded absolute totalitarian monocratic czarist tsarist illiberal imposing tough summary disciplinarian cruel rigorous absolutist stringent ruthless self-confident merciless hard lofty powerful brutal unlimited one-party unjust decisive compelling uncontrolled inhuman autarchical ironhanded mean unsparing hard-line solid pitiless stiff rough inexorable relentless self-assured all-powerful self-willed ordering aggressive bidding masterly assured impressive unaccountable unconstitutional single-party unreasonable unrestrained patronizing overconfident dystopian sure of oneself autonomous pushing driving czarlike brusque august patronising judicial stately majestic highhanded dignified regal abrupt strong brisk unassailable no joke flat-out straight out positive absolutistic in charge cast-iron brassbound decided not backward in coming forward fixed certain undeniable finished no ifs ands or buts hard to please classic classical definitive judgelike judge-like heavy overwhelming burdensome crushing fierce murderous trying onerous excruciating bitter unfair hardhanded punitive rugged grim searing grievous hardheaded uncharitable single-minded dour intractable by the book unrelenting resolved dyed-in-the-wool dogged hardhearted hard-nosed browbeating mulish callous hardened extreme ossified formidable hard-core hard-hearted austere ascetic steadfast unflinching drastic pressing unsympathetic dire unforgiving astringent no-nonsense resolute ascetical disciplinary immovable grave disheartening gloomy backbreaking discouraging weighty sombre hefty dismal depressive troubling dispiriting superincumbent bleak worrying distressing troublesome stressful exigent somber taxing depressing confining headache rough going

Trái nghĩa của high and mighty

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