Đồng nghĩa của turning up your nose at


Showing contempt or lack of respect
disdainful contemptuous proud scornful superior haughty arrogant derisive sneering aloof lordly supercilious condescending disparaging disrespectful hoity-toity slighting withering indifferent insolent mocking patronising patronizing snobbish abhorrent dismissive hifalutin highfalutin insulting jeering lofty prideful sniffy snotty contumelious full of contempt uppish antipathetic averse cavalier contemning cool despising egotistic high-and-mighty overbearing rejecting repudiating scouting snooty toplofty unsympathetic uppity high and mighty on your high horse looking down your nose at imperious pompous stuck-up toffee-nosed pretentious overweening conceited presumptuous self-important high-handed huffish huffy bumptious toploftical presuming masterful high-hat peremptory chesty important stiff-necked assumptive self-assertive self-asserting snobby la-di-da egotistical above oneself cocky posh grandiose magisterial fancy-pants snubbing smug scathing perfunctory domineering bossy gracious on high horse vainglorious vain full of yourself puffed up stuffy stooping offhand la-dee-da complaisant standoffish ambitious immodest negative giddy dizzy silliness thoughtless flighty dictatorial commanding airy spurning narcissistic self-satisfied shunning unenthusiastic dimissory belittling denigrating casual curt swaggering tyrannical overconfident unconcerned insouciant uninterested refined despotic authoritarian autocratic wiseguy aristocratic rude uncivil discourteous unceremonious pushy honourable honorable abrupt brusque off glib terse cursory ungracious ostentatious affected take-it-or-leave-it offish pococurante inconsiderate careless snippy inflated boastful bragging poncey windy portentous boasting puffy swanky flaunting self-centred unaccepting la-de-da high-minded self-centered devastating humiliating mortifying blistering stinging biting blasting searing high blighting hurtful swollen-headed big-headed sarcastic crushing self-aggrandizing distant detached reserved full of oneself assuming


Present participle for to dismiss idly with contempt or derision
pooh-poohing dismissing spurning belittling disregarding scorning brushing aside deriding playing down rebuffing rejecting repudiating discounting disdaining slighting mocking ridiculing scoffing at sneering at making little of undermining waving aside wiping making light of sniffing at treating with contempt expressing contempt putting down holding up to scorn dissing snubbing contemning despising disparaging scouting shunning pouring scorn on disrespecting flouting heaping scorn on laughing at misprizing being above jeering at refusing curling your lip at confuting turning down spitting in the face of scoffing taunting pissing on looking down on turning back on gibing avoiding considering beneath one pissing over trashing spitting in the eye of blowing raspberries at laughing out of court abhorring showing contempt for spitting on renouncing turning nose up at giving the Bronx cheer to defying sneering refuting considering beneath you hating making fun of reviling looking down upon holding in contempt running down regarding with contempt undervaluing abominating look down one's nose at turning your nose up at having no use for detesting execrating holding in disdain loathing disliking walking over feeling contempt for ignoring shrinking from finding intolerable looking down nose at cold-shouldering brushing off sneezing at treating as inferior frowning on condemning thumbing one's nose at lookng down at cutting chillin chilling stiffing deploring stiff-arming looking down your nose at disrelishing neglecting eschewing turning one's nose up at feeling contempt wiping out having a down on revolting declining vilipending failing disobeying disesteeming recoiling from disliking greatly finding disgusting feeling repugnance towards disfavoring disfavouring feeling repugnance having a strong aversion to having aversion to having it in for diminishing denigrating deprecating discrediting disowning disclaiming discarding refusing to acknowledge having contempt for telling someone to get lost looking right through giving someone the brush-off casting aside giving the cold shoulder to sweeping aside

Trái nghĩa của turning up your nose at

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