Đồng nghĩa của uncivil

Alternative for uncivil

Trái nghĩa: civil,

Tính từ

Impolite, rude or bad-mannered
impolite rude discourteous bad-mannered disrespectful ill-mannered unmannerly gruff ill-bred impertinent insulting surly ungracious boorish brusque churlish uncouth curt impudent unchivalrous ungallant coarse offhand sharp short sullen tart ungentlemanly vulgar bearish inconsiderate loutish oafish off rough thoughtless uncalled-for unhandsome unladylike unmannered flip fresh offish abrupt blunt gross mannerless uncultured unfriendly unpolished unrefined crude insolent indelicate offensive crass crusty abusive graceless unceremonious insensitive harsh uncultivated uncivilized ignorant bluff indecorous snippy tasteless brash contemptuous unpleasant common uncivilised snappy tactless cheeky disparaging roughneck lowbred disdainful terse audacious unkind contumelious undiplomatic presumptuous derogatory derisive disagreeable raffish incult lowbrow inelegant improper low rugged crabbed insensible bad-tempered ill-tempered uncharitable profane indecent lippy snappish short-spoken grumpy foul bold brusk morose illiberal ill-humoured brief scornful brisk rustic ill-humored insubordinate irritable downright no-nonsense malapert disgracious cocky brutish unsympathetic degrading out-of-line raunchy dour ill-natured blasphemous nasty cavalier hurtful saucy sassy uncomplimentary testy mean foul-mouthed irreverent rough-hewn forward scurrilous unsophisticated base smart-alecky moody sour dirty impatient cross raw obscene filthy direct crabby cloddish clumsy awkward peremptory savage crisp lewd bawdy impure loud wounding immodest inappropriate shameless affronting pert matter-of-fact objectionable brazen misbehaved barbaric caustic nervy grouchy brassy sulky gauche uncaring underbred cheap impetuous ribald cruel clownish unseemly barbarian unfeeling sacrilegious impious glum obnoxious ungenteel touchy truculent arrogant pouting inhuman vituperative short-tempered unsociable aweless slighting barbarous monosyllabic brutal indiscreet petulant smutty pouty outspoken low-bred mopey to the point bad angry loud-mouthed explicit unacceptable plain-spoken off-color upsetting shocking badly behaved abrasive snippety irascible sarcastic denigratory belittling pejorative mean-spirited vulgarian defamatory tacky brazen-faced classless primitive bitter unhelpful cantankerous humiliating hostile crotchety ornery arch wise bold-faced cocksure brassbound inaffable personal unsubtle iconoclastic malicious laconic tetchy blue flippant inhospitable ungainly clodhopping displeasing vicious cussed unthinking unperceptive procacious smart overbearing immoral untactful frank yobbish indignant peevish pithy hard ugly uncompromising unconsiderate intrusive disgusting salacious provocative exceptionable perverse unsuitable inurbane scandalous impolitic philistine gloomy resentful glowering smart alecky stark callous risqué naughty incongruous provoking unamiable irreverential unhallowed ungodly unholy inept heartless provincial hasty repulsive saturnine frowning sourpussed unresponsive uncommunicative vexing reprehensible unsavory vile wanton distasteful catty sordid suggestive unvirtuous censurable ill Neanderthal brooding joyless embittered uptight sulking stroppy unsavoury undesirable unclean querulous out of line in bad taste unchaste X-rated bloody-minded out of humour out of sorts beyond the pale calling a spade a spade ill-behaved uncourteous pointed decisive unfortunate obloquious acerbic earthy lowdown and dirty scatological selfish self-centered clipped businesslike taciturn scathing violent berating reproachful reviling mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish wild succinct concise imperious dusty lacking civility bad mannered plebby mortifying breviloquent vituperatory calumniating barefaced imperative breezy magisterial off-base dictatorial sketchy unfilial profanatory ungentlemanlike Philistine scatologic heathen plebeian depreciating deprecatory uneducated antisocial hooligan backward immature common as muck tough put down parochial slanderous discrediting libellous libelous boisterous severe asocial self-centred tawdry fractious gawky hick hillbilly backwoods heathenish natural forbidding fierce stern stiff austere roughcast grim agrestic cross-grained polite miserly unneighborly prickly scowling choleric slobbish ridiculing biting careless unsettling vilifying unwholesome colloquial sickening unutterable untutored intimidating louring grievous steely shrewish splenetic chippy bilious dyspeptic intolerant flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless hardhanded oppressive unthoughtful heedless unconcerned unmindful deplorable unwelcome abhorrent contemptible insufferable repugnant humourless humorless curmudgeonly unpolitic rash imprudent injudicious unwise inadvisable murderous lowering brass-necked undignified unsmiling moping insupportable intolerable out of order straightforward forthright annoying irritating unfair reckless incautious spiteful untoward stupid bungling blundering maladroit heavy-handed acid prying inquisitive interfering meddling meddlesome nosy incorrect loose inapposite inapt unbecoming wrong candid unequivocal uncalled for unfit unhappy amiss unapt unfitting infelicitous malapropos point-blank off base unaccommodating exasperating speaking as one finds mouthy bald upfront bare simple unadorned malevolent trenchant unvarnished unembellished hard-hitting undisguised unqualified galling embarrassing yokelish bounderish pitiless hard-hearted snide ruthless compassionless ill-advised sardonic taunting satirical uncooperative honest outrageous cold-hearted shabby merciless unamenable obstructive straight-talking not mincing one's words straight-shooting speaking one's mind not beating about the bush pulling no punches straight from the shoulder out of the way out of place out of keeping ungenerous unkindly detestable inflexible unreasonable difficult unobliging trailer-park unchristian hardhearted beastly scoffing sneering inhumane coldhearted hateful cold-blooded sadistic malignant unyielding quizzical ironical ironic derisory uncongenial not nice not afraid to call a spade a spade teasing satiric disobliging contrary debased jeering mocking racy taboo hard-core lecherous profligate ignoble questionable licentious rakish libidinous randy odious colourful adult mucky grubby lascivious grimy off colour gamy near the knuckle spicy colorful nudge-nudge low-down-and-dirty fruity

Tính từ

Not socially, culturally, or morally advanced
uncivilised uncivilized savage barbaric barbarous wild barbarian uncultivated rude heathen Neanderthal heathenish natural Neandertal primitive rough brutish uncultured uncouth coarse vulgar unsophisticated boorish philistine loutish thuggish crude unpolished uneducated gross unmannered unrefined oafish benighted ill-bred yobbish ill-mannered ignorant ungodly unenlightened nonliterate unholy untamed brutal rugged illiterate churlish non-literate lowbrow slobbish crass vicious in a state of nature provincial unschooled nescient tasteless graceless fierce beastly feral fell undomesticated ferine bestial truculent pagan infidel merciless inhuman cruel undeveloped uninhabited ferocious unrestrained idolatrous aboriginal godless irreligious atheistic agnostic jungli harsh non-believing unbelieving heretical faithless nullifidian nonbeliever profane skeptic sceptic unconscionable impertinent disrespectful impolite uncontrolled discourteous mannerless outrageous wicked beyond the pale impious non-theistic sacrilegious sceptical freethinking irreverent skeptical blasphemous sinful nonreligious iconoclastic paganistic apostate disbelieving nonbelieving atheistical religionless impure immoral irreverential polytheistic apostatical paganish heathenistic debased ignoble nontheistic doubting unreligious incredulous atheous humanistic satanic devilish fiendish infernal demonic diabolical fetishistic adiamorphic undogmatic idol-worshipping icon-worshipping desecrating unorthodox heterodox obscene foul dirty violating indecent filthy unhallowed dissenting nonconformist dissident revisionist schismatic sectarian renegade idol worshipping separatist unconventional out-there dissentient maverick nonorthodox controversial recusant paynim recreant bad iniquitous evil unrighteous depraved reprobate degenerate vice-ridden corrupt debauched dissentive disagreeing deviating miscreant differing misbelieving morally wrong sullied dissolute dissipated decadent perverted unprincipled erring fallen intemperate peccable tainted undevout unspiritual free-thinking

Tính từ

Showing haughty disregard
cavalier haughty offhand arrogant lofty lordly supercilious condescending casual curt disdainful insolent scornful dismissive indifferent insouciant patronising patronizing unconcerned uninterested contemptuous discourteous rude unceremonious abrupt assumptive brusque bumptious chesty cursory glib hifalutin high-and-mighty highfalutin high-handed high-hat huffish huffy imperious important masterful off overweening peremptory perfunctory pompous presuming presumptuous pretentious self-asserting self-assertive sniffy stiff-necked superior terse toploftical toplofty ungracious uppish uppity offish pococurante take-it-or-leave-it careless inconsiderate overbearing proud snooty snotty impolite hasty aloof undignified hurried sudden summary distant cool standoffish unmannerly bold forward overconfident audacious cheeky free brazen familiar pert egotistical overbold fresh cocksure impertinent overfamiliar impudent rash pushy impetuous cocky foolhardy precipitate immodest conceited previous premature overhasty presumptive bigheaded sassy egotistic confident self-confident smug disrespectful improper self-satisfied inappropriate self-assured shameless contumelious too big for your boots brash self-important nervy saucy brassy vain vainglorious high and mighty domineering stuck-up snobbish wise boastful swaggering flip prideful assuming opinionated puffed up unabashed bossy brazen-faced malapert hoity-toity hubristic smart barefaced smart-alecky bold-faced unblushing pontifical self-opinionated narcissistic brassbound arch full of oneself blatant magisterial toffee-nosed affected bragging blustering swollen-headed egoistic egoistical snobby bold as brass swellheaded self-conceited irreverent self-centered brass-necked officious self-centred snippy grandiose stuck up selfish bloated lippy unashamed mouthy arrant know-it-all biggity ostentatious biggety full of yourself assured flippant assertive egocentric autocratic boldfaced defiant aggressive obtrusive dictatorial self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying unembarrassed forceful fancy-pants outrageous procacious elitist intrusive authoritarian insubordinate big-headed sententious smart-arsed thrusting loud tyrannical despotic flagrant out of line smart-assed showy pushful self-righteous pushing smarty self-serving complacent la-di-da orgulous wise guy ambitious stiff bad-mannered meddlesome holier-than-thou blusterous obnoxious ill-mannered strutting in-your-face mocking scoffing sneering pontificating puffed-up hardened abandoned uninhibited depraved profligate bald-faced dissolute incorrigible unprincipled portentous dominating brazenfaced reprobate as bold as brass cold-shoulder unreserved unchaste lewd immoral off-base sure puffy self-aggrandizing crude flaunting jumped up braggart braggy mannerless meddling interfering shocking on an ego trip prying nosy smarty-pants cute smart-aleck facetious insulting over-free nosey oppressive offensive intruding bullish snoopy busy daring bantam protrusive heavy-handed consequential forthright hotshot above oneself hotheaded over-assertive high strident loudmouthed insistent impulsive impolitic inflated unshrinking wanton snippety heedless posh unrepentant bright undisguised swanky indecent stuffy boasting gritty flatulent coming on strong high-minded la-de-da on high horse highfaluting too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots self-respecting putting on airs self-complacent self-flattering self-applauding extraverted bombastic self-loving self-pleased self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted boldface obvious heavy vaunting puffed naughty ballsy mischievous indulgent overindulgent relaxed highhanded amoral arbitrary driven loudmouth indelicate poncey windy throwing one's weight around tolerant free-and-easy high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant indecorous feisty refined combative volatile weisenheiming offensively self-assertive corrupt temerarious daredevil reckless madcap indiscreet undemocratic ill-bred spirited sharp-elbowed remote tony persnickety honourable honorable gracious pleased with yourself overfree overt riding for a fall overoptimistic full of hot air coarse chirpy dapper breezy dashing keen willful rigid inflexible wilful anti-democratic repressive high falutin on one's high horse reserved detached overassertive direct unduly familiar unconcealed transparent impenitent remorseless overfriendly grand spectacular magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated meretricious tawdry flashy spunky gutsy effervescent trashy headlong untactful incautious thoughtless vivacious maladroit on your high horse airy commanding wiseguy aristocratic high-flown temeritous ironhanded dominant not backwards in coming forwards coercive bullying making passes at making advances towards without shame bare-faced undismayed undaunted go-ahead swollen with pride tyrannous autocratical overproud authoritative tyrannic dogmatic heading for a fall throwing one's weight about chatting up lording it iron-handed aweless preponderant imperial imperative demanding regnant ascendant prevalent fearless unawed unflinching crowing flamboyant big self-aggrandising cock-a-hoop poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed unrestrained blowing one's own horn positive certain jaunty smart aleck smart guy smarty pants untimely soon overearly early oversoon too early ahead of oneself too soon

Tính từ

Not friendly
unfriendly hostile antagonistic cold disagreeable chilly sour surly aloof distant inimical unsympathetic cool frosty inhospitable misanthropic uncongenial unsociable aggressive antisocial frigid ill-natured unamicable unneighbourly unpleasant unaffable unkind unsocial unwelcoming quarrelsome reserved stand-offish unapproachable withdrawn disdainful haughty impersonal indifferent nasty severe stern stiff supercilious uncommunicative unforthcoming adversarial adversary antipathetic antiseptic arctic brittle chill clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed coldish discourteous frozen gelid glacial hard-eyed icy impolite jaundiced menacing mortal negative obnoxious rude uncordial ungracious unmannerly wintery wintry cross ill-disposed Olympian starchy acrimonious against censorious combative competitive conflicting contrary disaffected estranged grouchy grudging gruff hateful malicious malignant opposed opposite spiteful uncharitable unneighborly unpromising vengeful warlike not on speaking terms remote asocial ungenerous ungregarious xenophobic offhand unreceptive unfavorable brusque unfavourable short unamiable solitary reticent detached reclusive standoffish retiring taciturn private introverted offish unclubbable mopish mopey inaccessible unbending nongregarious dry brooding distrustful secretive inapproachable quiet silent standoff scowling suspicious uppity stuck-up buttoned-up belligerent vitriolic pugnacious rancorous bitter bellicose catty malevolent confrontational angry wrathful mean venomous militant cantankerous vindictive vicious hurtful truculent adverse virulent scrappy viperous argumentative contentious disapproving opposing biting harsh ornery foul poisonous cruel inconsiderate abusive malign peevish ill-humored bad-tempered ill-tempered ill-humoured anti alien averse maleficent unpropitious intimidating malefic dour down on churlish irritable joyless furious snappy petulant resistant filthy at odds wounding oppugnant irascible grumbling splenetic cranky testy mean-spirited evil-minded resentful uncooperative ill disobliging dissenting oppositional sulky dissident rotten bad tetchy snappish grumpy sullen unwilling reluctant adversative accusatorial difficult oppugning wretched vile querulous stroppy narky ratty shirty fractious allergic soreheaded huffy miffy peckish liverish crotchety curmudgeonly waxy chippy dead set against at odds with set against dissenting from acting in opposition on the warpath in disagreement with at variance with ireful acrid scathing bilious ferocious savage short-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse envenomed pernicious choleric hot-tempered short-fused crabby crabbed indignant irate waspish hate-filled cutting nagging discontented rough sharp caustic hard tough scolding litigious snide captious criticizing backbiting cattish grating shrewish sharp-tongued fault-finding criticising carping complaining vixenish cavilling caviling unfeeling brutal irritating annoying acerbic insensitive curt callous galling pitiless acerb comfortless rubbing the wrong way spiky hard to take abrasive

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