Đồng nghĩa của inapproachable

Alternative for inapproachable

inapproachable /,inə'proutʃəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể đến gần
    • (nghĩa bóng) không thể tiếp xúc để đặt vấn đề, không thể đến thăm dò ý kiến

Tính từ

Not easy to approach or communicate with
inaccessible unapproachable unresponsive uncommunicative unforthcoming detached standoffish unsociable stand-offish unfriendly cold frigid frosty chilly hostile cool withdrawn reserved aloof distant cold-eyed antagonistic remote icy wintry gelid hard-eyed arctic chill coldish wintery frozen brittle uncordial clammy unsympathetic cold-blooded antiseptic unwelcoming inimical seclusive contemptuous indifferent withering emotionless glacial unemotional unaffable unamiable unneighbourly solitary reticent unsocial uncongenial reclusive antisocial retiring taciturn private inhospitable introverted misanthropic offish rude asocial unneighborly unclubbable mopish uncivil haughty mopey unbending nongregarious dry brooding distrustful secretive quiet silent standoff scowling suspicious uppity stuck-up buttoned-up shy undemonstrative formal isolated restrained stiff hermitic impersonal retired unconcerned lonesome diffident incurious dispassionate lonely close uncompanionable introvert uninterested deserted media-shy close-mouthed sequestered eremitic demure self-contained apathetic alone guarded modest austere tight-lipped cloistered unfeeling bashful lone closemouthed self-effacing forbidding disdainful dumb lukewarm hermitical independent timid unenthusiastic laconic backward secret insular secluded all alone impassive companionless shrinking friendless supercilious uninvolved stuffy timorous mute meek disinterested singular passionless removed abandoned casual Olympian coy out-of-the-way offhand cautious secluse hermetic segregated sheepish recessive snobbish wooden forsaken eremetic annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent phlegmatic speechless soft-spoken cut off by oneself muted mum mom cynical introspective abstracted unaccompanied clammed up preoccupied stolid stony hermit-like inward-looking hidden ascetic recluse snooty proud self-restrained conventional constrained unfrequented isolate beleaguered blockaded closet quarantined ceremonious separate inhibited off uncurious untalkative anchoritic eremitical covert tucked away laid-back unassuming by itself thoughtful collected laid back personal confidential uninhabited incommunicado unassertive stuck up affectless putting on airs self-sufficient curt off the beaten track shut off wordless screened tongue-tied mumchance buttoned up conservative avoidant individual strait-laced unamicable ungenial half-hearted negative tepid superior unmoved unloving unaffectionate contained uptight discreet hesitant solo sober alienated severe stern monastic close-lipped inarticulate clinical mousy unenthused stoic numb stoical impassible ungregarious uncharitable unhappy hateful depressing indrawn disagreeable hermitlike dour socially inhibited immune staid rigid starchy unexcitable humble contemplative self-absorbed self-interested pensive unrevealing outside aseptic retreated sullen unexpressive sparing dried-up sententious unpassioned abstract temperate spacey spiritless nervous ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed self-centred unkind callous hardhearted cold-hearted lofty non-communicative withdrawing stony-hearted shut away desolate poker-faced hard-hearted self-centered thick-skinned hard-boiled spaced-out unwilling to mix with other people on ice out of it rabbity unexpansive insulated forlorn estranged apart cold fish lone wolf sheltered sceptical insociable arrogant unconnected destitute not forward malevolent jaundiced aw-shucks mean-looking put on airs keeping people at arm's length prim unconversational inhumane pessimistic hushed zipped not forthcoming not talkative voiceless still soundless nonvocal unspeaking to one side short tight-mouthed dark clamlike selfish hating egoistic sarcastic sardonic grouchy egotistical narrow-minded misanthropical mild peaceful sedate composed placid gentle serene noncommittal undisturbed concealed evasive hush-hush skeptical at a loss for words dried up on the QT off the grid one-off sole special unique one only unattended stag sui generis lorn particular on its own

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